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Partners for transparency issues the second report of "The

log-book of the Corruption" Observatory

104 incident corruption in August 2015, Rations and localities
on the top of the list
Partners for Transparency (PFT) Foundation Issued its second monthly
of the "log - book corruption reports" reports series, which covers the
period from (1- 31) August-2015. The Foundation launched the from
the first of July 2015 an Observatory to track the facts of corruption
that are detected by the media and regulators and concerned
authorities with the investigations, as well as follow-up actions of the
State involved in the case.
The report focused on the monitoring and analysis of legislative and
procedural developments related to the fight against corruption, as
well as inventory facts addressed by various media during the month
of August 2015.
The monitoring process revealed about 104 corruption incident in
August month, 2015, , with an increase of 46% from what was
monitored, in July 2015.
The report revealed that August 2015 did not witness the issuance of
new legislation or laws related to the fight against corruption, but the
most striking feature was the sectoral meetings held in some
provinces and some ministries to discuss plans and perceptions
related to the implementation of anti-corruption strategy. As well as
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various statements by government officials included assurances on

the need to combat corruption, and to link the efforts of development
and attract investment.
The report pointed to a continuation of the "absence" Integrated
legislative interventions that can address the phenomenon of
corruption, Despite the emergence of interest in ministries and
provinces to discuss the implementation mechanisms of anticorruption strategy, however, these discussions and meetings did not
result in identifying any specific mechanisms, or develop specific
plans to activate the strategic.
On the other hand, the Administrative Control Authority and the
Administrative Prosecution Authority are still working almost
unilaterally in this regard, With the continued absence of real actors
and channels for community participation and other parties such as
civil society and the media in the fight against the phenomenon of
corruption mechanisms.
The report revealed that the Ministry of ration witnessed the highest
rate of the facts of corruption during this month with 20 incidents,
then the local authority in the second place with 13 cases, followed by
the Ministry of Interior with 12 incidents, Then the Ministry of Health
with 9 facts, followed by the Ministry of Agriculture with 7 incidents.
The report also revealed that the number of cases under investigation
occupies the first rank corruption within this month, with 64 cases,
after that the issues under trial with 20 incident, followed by issues
that were un investigated yet with 15 incident. Finally, the cases that
have been adjudicated ranked last, with only 5 facts.
It is worth mentioning that the partners of the Foundation for
Transparency (PFT) non-governmental organization, registered under
the provisions of Egyptian law, Take into account the independence
and neutrality "politically" and "ideologically", the Foundation is
working in the framework of the community to help establish and
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apply the values and practices of integrity, transparency, and

accountability, in order to achieve the "humanitarian" comprehensive
development, respect for human rights, and the construction of
system of good governance. And based on its work to the intellectual
and legal framework is closely related to the system of international
protection of human rights, the axioms of social development, and
good governance standards.
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