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Darley Stud

Monday 22 June 2009

Ric Stubbings, John Burgess, Peter Auty, Judy Baker, Annie Robertson,
Kim Fawcus (VBRRA)

Julie Bateman

1. Introductions: Kim Fawcus Community Engagement Co-ordinator

2. Moores Road Reserve: Altona Lions Club have offered to fund the cost of
seating, a barbeque and toilets for the Moores Road Reserve.

3. Andrew Morris: has left message to say that Parks Victoria are delivering
pine logs to him this Wednesday 24th June to Friday 26th June.

4. CFA Submission: Will be put to Darley today in writing. JB to present to


5. Update 1: Judy & John attended meeting with KL and M/Ville. Concern expressed
over the increased incidence of drug use in Years 11 & 12 age range, and
disruption in child well-being among younger kids. Outcome: Graeme Brown
(M/ville) will lead a team including Kim Chadbrand, David Hall (Berry St) and a rep
from Mitchell Shire. There is a strong willingness for all fire affected areas to work
together to provide programmes for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation & Leadership for
kids in Year 11/12 age range and Motivation & Healing for kids P-10 age.

6. Update 2: Pete A & John B met with David Clarke, Paul & Sam @ Jarrara to look at
the physical environment as a site for a Community House.

7. Community House Work Engine:

7.1 John presented draft checklist for community consultation

7.2 Committee identified all relevant players for work engine. These
include the Community House, Hall Committee, Jarrara Committee of
Management, Kinder Committee, FPS, Family Day Care.
7.3 Timeline: Kim & Annie to identify all players in above groups by
Wednesday 24th June. John to write a forwarding letter and explain how
checklists are to be filled out. Letter and checklist to be delivered by
Monday 29th June to all above players. Co-ordinators of community
groups to ensure their members return all documents to them. Co-
ordinators of community Groups to attend the first Work-Engine
Meeting of Monday 6th July @ 7pm @ Rec.
7.4 Kim & Annie to apply to Shire of Murrindindi to get any long term plans
the Shire may have for this area – eg zonings, water, renewable
energy, planning. (Liam McCarthy Comm Dev Officer).

8. New Positions: Ric Stubbings Donations and Accounts (including timber), Julie
Bateman Events, Monthly CRC updates: Judy

9. Annie to organize CRC stamp and logo.

10. Integrated Planning Office: As Flowerdale is only “entitled” to a mobile service

from VBRRA, the committee will move to establish our own IPO.

11. Meetings: CRC will meet each Monday @ 7pm @ John’s.


Fresh Scones, Jam & Cream

Fresh Fruit Platter
Vege Soup & Spicy mini-bread-rolls
Gourmet Sourdough Wedges
Warm Quiche