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ONITY Zt cf NETIC u i RC \ T?_Elochic. chorge * there ove two kinds of elochic Positive charge (+) and negalive hie =) |__* Opposile charges (+ anl-) athact each other. ee ee ee | The force of oftaction or repulsion bekween two charges _|_i8_given_by Coulemb's (aus- This Cw describes net only ba | verti \ i this S Charged _partie(o. 3 | Caolernb's Caw stoles that the firee between hwo prints _____| holding 0 of the charges ond eet oe te the _ of the distance behseen them Date 1 el O4/t2/cH1 = Goulorab's equation: | The forea bekween the fu char. what is Lehveen fhem- If anything other_than empty if oO behween the charges, ____ epsilon naught), and has the valu _¢o. $-85 Alo"? Nuté? : ; i xeplacing the proportional sign cwith o constant of kel 4in€y beepmes > where Qs charge in) eee: Yngor? | €o = permittivity ° ee 7 | q Dates foweah U4/T2/cHt | An elechic charge has on ric Fi it i an_elechostatic n ther ace hric_charge nearby - This means + * ony charged body generates on elochic field- 2 elactvic Fields enly act on charged particlas. Elochic fields ove used fo explain the forces thot ack behween charges. his. moy_seém. pointless if there ore jest two charges — Covlomb's (ous fells oF A rection the farce. + | a whole tion eombinin ___| their eleclvic_ fields. Date ! / U4/T2]/cHt > Elechic field shemth The size_ond —— ——— field is_ measured bri jon + Clachic. field shength Sel os the force lest charge at _any point = The direction fe the elachric field at any int is the gj2_ Small eat change @). The. orit for elactvic field shength is NC or Veit Since. fice is_o. vector and charge is scalar Jreng th 1 ke a ve sishon. eth onaeaeedkn a Date i ! O4/t 2/cHt nee aoa =a lines | Qines ciith arreces)- * The closer together the _lines the shonger the field =| Bel ines. goin in the drecon — dest cr | he. diagrairns belows show elochic fiells for isclated positive_ond negative charges = Date if / U4/t2 fon + fect charge, A. The eladvie field fr such a _ €loctric. field of ahs int ; ____| Chorge con _be_ Lows inverse -Squave a Golomb's lav : The. force ae ore along the Field is: + eg in th the etch iddsh th t i Fax _the_oniformn park ef the field, the eluelvic field ty role! fe: Vaal See = lei piptes of __|Thig shoes the unit for Eis Vow". The_variation of _elaelvie field Date / I U4/T2/cut