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How to Create an Award Notice

1. Log in as Buyer.
2. The Pending Task page is displayed as default. Click Notices submenu.
3. System displays the Notices page.

4. Search for a Bid Notice with Closed Status.

5. Then, click the Bid Notice Title link.
6. System displays the Bid Notice Abstract page. Click Bidders List button.

Note: Ensure that all Bidders are included in the Document Request List (DRL).
Otherwise, add first the Bidder/s in the DRL by clicking the number link opposite the
Document Request List.

7. An Alert Message is displayed. Click OK button.

8. The Line Item window page is displayed. Fill out the required fields.

9. Click Save Changes.

10. Click Close (x) button. The Bidders List page is displayed.
11. Select the Awardee by clicking the checkbox. Then, Click Create Award Notice button.
12. System displays the Award Notice Creation page.

13. Upon completion, click Save button.

14. System displays the Award Notice Abstract page.

15. User may click the following buttons:


Edit : if user wants to modify the Award Notice Details

Post Award : to post the Award Notice

16. Upon clicking the buttons indicated in Step 15, an alert message is displayed. Then, click
Yes button.

17. Line Item window page is displayed. Click Select Link.

18. The UNSPSC window page is displayed. Select a UNSPSC. Then, click Attach button.

19. Line Item window page is displayed. Click Save and Continue button.

20. System displays the Award Notice Abstract page. Click Upload Relevant Documents link.

21. System will display the Relevant Document window page.

22. The following documents should be attached:


Notice of Award

BAC Resolution (e.g. BAC Resolution Declaring LCRB and Recommending


Click Notice of Award link. System will display the page wherein user can upload the
required documents.

23. Click Electronic tab.

24. Click Add button. System will display the Attach Document window page.
25. Click Add File button.

26. System will display the File Upload window. Select a Filename and click Open button.

27. The Filename of the Document is displayed. Click Submit button.

28. An Alert Message is displayed. Click Yes button.

29. Click Save button.

30. Upon saving the attached document/s, the Relevant Document window page will be displayed.
Click checkbox of the Document Name.

31. Click Accept button. Date should be displayed in the Accepted Column.

Note: User should accept first the attached documents before clicking the Close button.

32. Then, click Close Button.

33. System displays the Award Notice Abstract page.

User may perform the following:

Click Save button if the user wants to save the award as Draft. The status will change to
In-Preparation and the user can still modify the Award Notice.
Click Post Award button if the user wants to post the award. The status of the Award
Notice will change to Posted Status.
Click Delete button to delete the newly created Award Notice.