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63854 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

agencies have no readily available any calendar year when this threshold information are necessary for the proper
means of identifying the industry’s was exceeded. performance of the agencies’ functions,
exposure to such loans. Therefore, the For the same reasons, OTS proposed including whether the information has
banking agencies propose to collect on July 31, 2006, to add two new items practical utility;
some Call Report items to monitor the to Schedule LD of the TFR (71 FR (b) The accuracy of the agencies’
extent of use of negatively amortizing 43286). These items would be the total estimates of the burden of the
residential mortgage loans in the amount of (1) 1–4 dwelling adjustable information collections as they are
industry. rate mortgage loans with negative proposed to be revised, including the
The banking agencies propose to amortization and (2) total capitalized validity of the methodology and
collect one memorandum item from all negative amortization on 1–4 dwelling assumptions used;
banks on Schedule RC–C, Part I, Loans adjustable rate mortgage loans. (c) Ways to enhance the quality,
and Leases, for the total amount of E. Call Report Instructional Clarification utility, and clarity of the information to
closed-end loans with negative for Servicing of Loan Participations be collected;
amortization features secured by 1–4 (d) Ways to minimize the burden of
Banks report the outstanding information collections on respondents,
family residential properties. In
principal balance of assets serviced for including through the use of automated
addition, the banking agencies propose
others in Memorandum item 2 of collection techniques or other forms of
to collect two memorandum items on
Schedule RC–S, ‘‘Servicing, information technology; and
Schedule RC–C and one memorandum
Securitization, and Asset Sale
item on Schedule RI, Income Statement, (e) Estimates of capital or start up
Activities.’’ In Memorandum items 2.a
from banks with a significant volume of costs and costs of operation,
and 2.b, banks disclose the amounts of
negatively amortizing 1–4 family maintenance, and purchase of services
1–4 family residential mortgages
residential mortgage loans. The banking to provide information.
serviced with recourse and without
agencies’ determination of the threshold Comments submitted in response to
recourse, respectively. Memorandum
for significant volume would be based this joint notice will be shared among
item 2.c covers all other loans and
on the aggregate carrying amount of the agencies and will be summarized or
financial assets serviced for others, but
negatively amortizing loans being in included in the agencies’ requests for
banks are required to disclose the
excess of a certain dollar amount, e.g., OMB approval. All comments will
amount of such servicing only if the
$100 million or $250 million, or in become a matter of public record.
servicing volume is more than
excess of a certain percentage of the Written comments should address the
$10 million. The instructions for
total loans and leases (in domestic accuracy of the burden estimates and
Memorandum item 2 do not explicitly
offices) reported on Schedule RC–C, ways to minimize burden as well as
state whether a bank that has sold a
e.g., five percent or ten percent. For other relevant aspects of the information
participation in a 1–4 family residential
reporting during 2007, a bank with collection request.
mortgage or other loan or financial asset,
negatively amortizing loans would Dated: September 25, 2006.
which it continues to service, should
determine whether it met the size Stuart E. Feldstein,
include the servicing in Memorandum
threshold for reporting the three
item 2.a, 2.b, or 2.c, as appropriate. The Assistant Director, Legislative and Regulatory
additional memorandum items using Activities Division, Office of the Comptroller
absence of clear instructional guidance
data reported in its December 31, 2006, of the Currency.
has resulted in questions from bankers
Call Report. For reporting in 2008 and
and has produced diversity in practice Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
subsequent years, the determination
among banks. System, October 23, 2006.
would be based on data from the Subject to the reporting threshold that Jennifer J. Johnson,
previous year-end Call Report. The applies to Memorandum data item 2.c,
banking agencies request comment on Secretary of the Board.
Memorandum data item 2 was intended
the specific dollar amount and to cover the entire volume of loans and Dated at Washington, DC, this 24th day of
percentage of loans that should be used October, 2006.
other financial assets for which banks
in setting the size threshold for perform the servicing function, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
additional reporting on negatively regardless of whether the servicing Robert E. Feldman,
amortizing loans. involves whole loans and other Executive Secretary.
The two additional Schedule RC–C financial assets or only portions thereof, Dated: October 20, 2006.
memorandum items are (1) the total as is typically the case with loan Deborah Dakin,
maximum remaining amount of negative participations. The risks and Senior Deputy Chief Counsel, Regulations and
amortization contractually permitted on responsibilities inherent in servicing are Legislation Division, Office of Thrift
closed-end loans secured by 1–4 family present whether all or part of a loan or Supervision.
residential properties and (2) the total financial asset is serviced for the benefit [FR Doc. 06–8982 Filed 10–30–06; 8:45 am]
amount of negative amortization on of another party. Accordingly, the BILLING CODE 4810–33–P; 6210–01–P; 6714–01–P;
closed-end loans secured by 1–4 family banking agencies propose to clarify the 6720–01–P
residential properties that is included in instructions to Memorandum item 2 of
the carrying amount of these loans. The Schedule RC–S to explicitly state that
Schedule RI memorandum item is year- the amount of loan participations DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
to-date noncash income on closed-end serviced for others should be included
loans with a negative amortization in this item. Office of Foreign Assets Control
feature secured by 1–4 family
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

residential properties. Banks with III. Request for Comment Additional Designation of Entities
negatively amortizing 1–4 family Public comment is requested on all Pursuant to Executive Order 12978
residential loans in excess of the aspects of this joint notice. Comments AGENCY: Office of Foreign Assets
reporting threshold for these items are invited on: Control, Treasury.
would report these three items for the (a) Whether the proposed revisions to
ACTION: Notice.
entire calendar year following the end of the Call Report and TFR collections of

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices 63855

SUMMARY: The Treasury Department’s Attorney General and the Secretary of 9. GALLEGO CANO, Juan de la Cruz,
Office of Foreign Assets Control State, to be owned or controlled by, or c/o GAVIOTAS LTDA., Cartago, Valle,
(‘‘OFAC’’) is publishing the names of to act for or on behalf of, persons Colombia; Carrera 3 No. 6–39, El
twenty four newly-designated persons designated pursuant to this Order. Aguila, Valle, Colombia; DOB 26 Feb
whose property and interests in On October 25, 2006, the Secretary of 1956; POB El Aguila, Valle, Colombia;
property are blocked pursuant to the Treasury, in consultation with the Citizen Colombia; Nationality
Executive Order 12978 of October 21, Attorney General and Secretary of State, Colombia; Cedula No. 6272570
1995, ‘‘Blocking Assets and Prohibiting as well as the Secretary of Homeland (Colombia); Passport AF200504
Transactions with Significant Narcotics Security, designated twenty four (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT]
Traffickers.’’ persons whose property and interests in 10. GIRALDO FRANCO, Juan Carlos;
DATES: The designation by the Secretary property are blocked pursuant to the Colombia; Calle 3 Oeste No. 26–12, El
of the Treasury of the twenty four Order. Aguila, Valle, Colombia; DOB 10 Jun
persons identified in this notice The list of additional designees 1971; Cedula No. 16791184
pursuant to Executive Order 12978 is follows: (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT]
effective on October 25, 2006. 1. CANO AGUDELO S EN C, Finca La 11. GOMEZ BUSTAMANTE, Luis
Alambra, Alcala, Valle, Colombia; NIT Alfonso, c/o GAVIOTAS LTDA.,
# 821002095 (Colombia); (ENTITY) Colombia; Calle 1B No. 1–26, Barrio
Assistant Director, Compliance El Prado, Cartago, Valle, Colombia;
Outreach & Implementation, Office of 2. COMERCIALIZADORA DE CAFE DEL Carrera 5 No. 1–82, Obando, Valle,
Foreign Assets Control, Department of OCCIDENTE CODECAFE LTDA. Colombia; DOB 01 Nov 1953; Passport
the Treasury, Washington, DC 20220, (a.k.a. CODECAFE); Carrera 8 No. 23– 4451571 (Colombia); Cedula No.
tel.: 202/622–2490. 09 , Ofc. 903, Pereira, Risaralda, 4451571 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL)
Electronic and Facsimile Availability (Colombia); (ENTITY) [SDNT] 12. GOMEZ BUSTAMANTE, Wilmer de
3. GAVIOTAS LTDA. (a.k.a. MOTEL Jesus, c/o GAVIOTAS LTDA., Cartago,
This document and additional CAMPO AMOR; a.k.a. HOTEL SIN Valle, Colombia; Calle 17A No. 8N–
information concerning OFAC are PECADOS; a.k.a. ‘‘Hotel Sin PK2’’); 15, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; DOB 26
available from OFAC’s Web site Calle 4A No. 21–34 Circunvalar, Jan 1970; POB Aguila, Valle; Cedula
( or via Cartago, Valle, Colombia; NIT # No. 16223940 (Colombia); Passport
facsimile through a 24-hour fax-on 800032092–7 (Colombia); (ENTITY) AH345442 (Colombia); Passport
demand service, tel.: (202) 622–0077. [SDNT] AF002565 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL)
Background 4. GOMEZ MARIN LTDA., Km. 2 Via al [SDNT]
Amprao, Ansermanuevo, Valle, 13. GOMEZ OCAMPO, Davinson (a.k.a.
On October 21, 1995, the President, Colombia; Km. 2 Via al Amparo, ‘‘Gordo’’); c/o GOMEZ MARIN LTDA.,
invoking the authority, inter alia, of the Cartago, Valle, Colombia; Calle 16 No. Ansermanuevo, Valle, Colombia;
International Emergency Economic 1N–74, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; NIT Calle 16 No. 1–58, Cartago, Valle,
Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701–1706) # 800102465–1 (Colombia); (ENTITY) Colombia; DOB 10 Jul 1960; Cedula
(‘‘IEEPA’’), issued Executive Order [SDNT] No. 2470433 (Colombia);
12978 (60 FR 54579, October 24, 1995) 5. INVERSIONES MACARNIC PATINO (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT]
(the ‘‘Order’’), effective at 12:01 a.m. Y CIA S.C.S., Calle 19 No. 9–50, Ofc. 14. HERNANDEZ ARBOLEDA, Sandra
eastern daylight time on October 22, 505, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia; Milena, c/o COMERCIALIZADORA
1995. In the Order, the President Carrera 8 No. 23–09, Ofc. 903, Pereira, DE CAFE DEL OCCIDENTE
declared a national emergency to deal Risaralda, Colombia; NIT # CODECAFE LTDA., Pereira, Risaralda,
with the threat posed by significant 816005011–4 (Colombia); (ENTITY) Colombia; c/o INVERSIONES
foreign narcotics traffickers centered in [SDNT] MACARNIC PATINO Y CIA S.C.S.,
Colombia and the harm that they cause 6. ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA E Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia; Cedula
in the United States and abroad. HIJOS & CIA S EN C, Hacienda No. 42109136 (Colombia);
Section 1 of the Order blocks, with Portugal, Ansermanuevo, Valle, (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT]
certain exceptions, all property and Colombia; NIT # 80018139–3 15. PATINO RESTREPO, Carlos Arturo
interests in property that are in the (Colombia); (ENTITY) [SDNT] (a.k.a. ‘‘Patemuro’’; a.k.a. ‘‘Pate
United States, or that hereafter come 7. CANO ALZATE, Yolanda Sofia, c/o Muro’’); c/o COMERCIALIZADORA
within the United States or that are or GAVIOTAS LTDA., Colombia; DOB DE CAFE DEL OCCIDENTE
hereafter come within the possession or 25 Apr 1957; POB Cartago, Valle; CODECAFE LTDA., Colombia; c/o
control of United States persons, of: (1) Cedula No. 31399608 (Colombia); INVERSIONES MACARNIC PATINO
The persons listed in an Annex to the Passport AH506324 (Colombia); Y CIA S.C.S., Pereira, Risaralda,
Order; (2) any foreign person (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] Colombia; Calle 20 No. 6–30, Ofc.
determined by the Secretary of 8. CANO CORREA, Jhon Eidelber (a.k.a. 1304, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia;
Treasury, in consultation with the Cano, Jhonny; a.k.a. ‘‘Flechas’’; a.k.a. Carrera 8–21, Viterbo, Caldas,
Attorney General and Secretary of State, CARDONA RIBILLAS, Alejandro); Colombia; DOB 27 Apr 1964; POB La
to play a significant role in international Carrera 28 No. 7–35, Cali, Colombia; Virginia, Risaralda, Colombia; Citizen
narcotics trafficking centered in Calle 18 No. 8–16, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; Nationality Colombia;
Colombia; or (3) to materially assist in, Colombia; DOB 13 Dec 1963; POB El Cedula No. 9991679 (Colombia);
or provide financial or technological Aguila, Valle, Colombia; Citizen Passport 9991679 (Colombia);
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

support for or goods or services in Colombia; Nationality Colombia; Passport AF186124 (Colombia);
support of, the narcotics trafficking Cedula No. 16217170 (Colombia); Passport AC455469 (Colombia);
activities of persons designated in or Passport AF133955 (Colombia); Passport PO69381 (Colombia);
pursuant to this order; and (4) persons Passport AC877214 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT]
determined by the Secretary of the Cedula No. 16455750 (Colombia); 16. PATINO TORRES, Juan Carlos, c/o
Treasury, in consultation with the (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] GAVIOTAS LTDA., Cartago, Valle,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 15:25 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00105 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN1.SGM 31OCN1
63856 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

Colombia; Carrera 5 No. 13–10 , Ofc. Cedula No. TI–92013100049 Dated: October 25, 2006.
204, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; DOB 26 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] Adam J. Szubin,
Jun 1971; POB Cartago, Valle, 22. SABOGAL ZULUAGA, Juliana, c/o Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control.
Colombia; Citizen Colombia; ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA E [FR Doc. E6–18279 Filed 10–30–06; 8:45 am]
Nationality Colombia; Cedula No. HIJOS & CIA S EN C, Ansermanuevo, BILLING CODE 4811–42–P
10141042 (Colombia); Passport Valle, Colombia; Avenida 17A No.
AG172869 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) 19–27, Barrio San Jose, Cucuta, Norte
[SDNT] de Santander, Colombia; Paseo 5 de DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
17. RENDON RAMIREZ, Jose Aldemar Julio, Barrio Libertad, San Antonio,
(a.k.a. ‘‘Mechas’’); Carrera 9 No. 10– Internal Revenue Service
Tachira, Venezuela; Calle 30 No. 3B–
07, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; Carrera [REG–209835–86]
45, La Campina, Pereira, Risaralda,
26 No. 80–40, MZ 1, Casa 13, Pereira,
Colombia; Calle 14 No. 30–153,
Risaralda, Colombia; Carrera 13 No. Proposed Collection; Comment
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia; DOB
18–50, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; DOB Request for Regulation Project
28 Aug 1987; POB Cucuta, Norte de
24 Jul 1950; POB Pereira; Cedula No.
Santander, Colombia; Citizen AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
16202349 (Colombia); Passport
AF956905 (Colombia); Passport Colombia; Nationality Colombia; Treasury.
AE182792 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) Cedula No. 22012784 (Venezuela) ACTION: Notice and request for
[SDNT] issued: 19 Jul 2004 exp: Jul 2014; comments.
18. RESTREPO CLAVIJO, Carlos Cedula No. TI–87032853519
(Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] SUMMARY: The Department of the
Umberto (a.k.a. RESTREPO CLAVIJO,
23. SABOGAL ZULUAGA, Orlando Treasury, as part of its continuing effort
Carlos Huberto; a.k.a. RESTREPO
to reduce paperwork and respondent
CLAVIJO, Carlos Humberto); Calle 8 (a.k.a. Sabogal, Alberto; a.k.a. ‘‘El
burden, invites the general public and
No. 4–47, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; Mono Sabogal’’; a.k.a. ‘‘Carequeso’’;
other Federal agencies to take this
Cedula No. 16205322 (Colombia); a.k.a. GUILLEN JIMENEZ, Carlos
opportunity to comment on proposed
and/or continuing information
19. ROJAS FRANCO, Jaime, Colombia; Juan Pablo; a.k.a. SALAZAR
collections, as required by the
DOB 24 Dec 1957; POB Cartago, Valle, QUINTERO, Carlos Alberto); c/o Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
Colombia; Citizen Colombia; ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA E Public Law 104–13 (44 U.S.C.
Nationality Colombia; Cedula No. HIJOS & CIA S EN C, Colombia; Calle 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is
16210083 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) 18 No. 5N–21, Apt. 302, Cartago, soliciting comments concerning an
[SDNT] Colombia; Paseo 5 de Julio, Barrio existing final regulation, REG–209835–
20. SABOGAL ZULUAGA, Daniela, c/o Libertad, Municipio Bolivar, Tachira, 86 (TD 8708), Computation of Foreign
ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA E Venezuela; Caracas, Venezuela; Paseo Taxes Deemed Paid Under Section 902
HIJOS & CIA S EN C, Ansermanuevo, 5 de Julio, Barrio Libertad, San Pursuant to a Pooling Mechanism for
Valle, Colombia; Avenida 17A No. Antonio, Tachira, Venezuela; Calle 30 Undistributed Earnings and Foreign
19–27, Barrio San Jose, Cucuta, Norte No. 3B–45, La Campina, Pereira, Taxes (§ 1.902–1).
de Santander, Colombia; Paseo 5 de Risaralda, Colombia; Calle 14 No. 30– DATES: Written comments should be
Julio, Barrio Libertad, San Antonio, 153, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia; received on or before January 2, 2007 to
Tachira, Venezuela; Calle 30 No. 3B– DOB 22 Feb 1966; Alt. DOB 16 Sep be assured of consideration.
45, La Campina, Pereira, Risaralda, 1965; POB Toro, Valle; Cedula No.
Colombia; Calle 14 No. 30–153, ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments
18505378 (Colombia); Passport
Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia; DOB to Glenn Kirkland, Internal Revenue
AE533626 (Colombia); Passport Service, room 6516, 1111 Constitution
19 Jul 1989; POB Cucuta, Norte de AG496255 (Colombia); Passport
Santander, Colombia; Citizen Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224.
18505378 (Colombia); Passport
Colombia; Nationality Colombia; FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
AC635727 (Colombia); Cedula No.
Cedula No. 22012785 (Venezuela) Requests for additional information or
21171060 (Venezuela); Cedula No.
issued: 19 Jul 2004 exp: Jul 2014; copies of the regulation should be
12773520 (Venezuela); Cedula No.
Cedula No. TI–89071954430 directed to Allan Hopkins, at (202) 622–
94318435 (Colombia); Cedula No.
(Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] 6665, or at Internal Revenue Service,
94318435 (Colombia); (INDIVIDUAL) room 6516, 1111 Constitution Avenue
21. SABOGAL ZULUAGA, Felipe, c/o [SDNT]
ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA E NW., Washington, DC 20224, or through
HIJOS & CIA S EN C, Ansermanuevo, 24. ZULUAGA ALZATE, Diana Patricia, the internet, at
Valle, Colombia; Carrera 3 No. 11–99, c/o ORLANDO SABOGAL ZULUAGA
Ofc. 301, Cartago, Valle, Colombia; E HIJOS & CIA S EN C, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
Avenida 17A No. 19–27, Barrio San Ansermanuevo, Valle, Colombia; Title: Computation of Foreign Taxes
Jose, Cucuta, Norte de Santander, Avenida 17A No. 19–27, Barrio San Deemed Paid Under Section 902
Colombia; Paseo 5 de Julio, Barrio Jose, Cucuta, Norte de Santander, Pursuant to a Pooling Mechanism for
Libertad, San Antonio, Tachira, Colombia; Carrera 3 No. 11–99, Undistributed Earnings and Foreign
Venezuela; Calle 30 No. 3B–45, La Cartago, Valle, Colombia; Paseo 5 de Taxes.
Campina, Pereira, Risaralda, Julio, Barrio Libertad, San Antonio, OMB Number: 1545–1458.
Colombia; Calle 14 No. 30–153, Tachira, Venezuela; Calle 14 No. 30– Regulation Project Number: Reg–
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia; DOB 153, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia; 209835–86 (formerly INTL–933–86).
31 Jan 1992; POB Cucuta, Norte de Calle 30 No. 3B–45, La Campina, Abstract: This regulation provides
Santander, Colombia; Citizen Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia; Citizen rules for computing foreign taxes
Colombia; Nationality Colombia; Colombia; Nationality Colombia; deemed paid under Internal Revenue
Cedula No. 22012787 (Venezuela) Cedula No. 25246532 (Colombia); Code section 902. The regulation affects
issued: 19 Jul 2004 exp: Jul 2014; (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNT] foreign corporations and their United

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