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63010 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

208 / Friday, October 27, 2006 / Notices

Exposure Database (PHED) and the exposure to the amount of chemical DATES: Comments, identified by docket
Chemical Manufacturers Association active ingredient handled); and sample identification (ID) number EPA-HQ-
(CMA) data--were constructed in order size issues (e.g., inter-/intra-worker OPP-2006-0201 must be received on or
to estimate exposures resulting from variability and representativeness). before December 13, 2006.
mixing/loading/applying pesticides. ADDRESSES: Follow the detailed
C. FIFRA SAP Documents and Meeting
The data assembled for use in these instructions as provided under
databases were taken from published ADDRESSES in the Federal Register
literature as well as from industry EPA’s position paper, charge/ document of August 9, 2006.
studies submitted to the Agency. These questions to the FIFRA SAP, FIFRA SAP
databases have been used as the main composition i.e., members and ad hoc
Lance Wormell, Special Review and
sources for estimating occupational members for this meeting, and the
Reregistration Division (7508P), Office
exposures to workers handling meeting agenda will be available by mid
December 2006. In addition, the Agency of Pesticide Programs, Environmental
pesticides for both registration and Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania
reregistration actions. Since the early may provide additional background
documents as the materials become Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460-0001;
1980s, the Agency has been using a telephone number: (703) 603-0523; e-
scenario-based approach in its available. You may obtain electronic
copies of these documents, and certain mail
assessments for estimating exposures for
other related documents that might be SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
occupational pesticide handlers (e.g.,
mixers, loaders, and applicators). This available electronically, at http:// I. General Information
approach is consistent with the and the FIFRA
Agency’s guidelines for exposure SAP homepage at A. Does this Action Apply to Me?
assessment which can be found on the scipoly/sap. The Agency included in the notice a
EPA website at The FIFRA SAP will prepare meeting list of those who may be potentially
ncea/cfm/recordisplay.cfm?deid=15263. minutes summarizing its affected by this action. If you have
Over the years since the issuance of recommendations to the Agency questions regarding the applicability of
the exposure guidelines, there have approximately 90 days after the this action to a particular entity, consult
been scientific issues raised about the meeting. The meeting minutes will be the person listed under FOR FURTHER
accuracy of exposure estimates based on posted on the FIFRA SAP web site or INFORMATION CONTACT.
data developed using these methods. In may be obtained from the OPP
addition, recent protocols for the Regulatory Public Docket at http:// B. What Should I Consider as I Prepare
generation of new agricultural pesticide My Comments for EPA?
handler exposure data are being 1. Submitting CBI. Do not submit this
List of Subjects
generated by a pesticide industry task information to EPA through
force and were reviewed by the Environmental protection, Pesticides or e-mail. Clearly mark
Agency’s Human Subjects Review Board and pests. the part or all of the information that
(HSRB) (see Dated: October 19, 2006. you claim to be CBI. For CBI
hsrb/files/ Clifford Gabriel, information in a disk or CD ROM that
june2006finaldraftreport82806.pdf for Director, Office of Science Coordination and you mail to EPA, mark the outside of the
further information). The board raised Policy. disk or CD ROM as CBI and then
questions concerning the scientific [FR Doc. E6–18036 Filed 10–26–06; 8:45 am] identify electronically within the disk or
merits of the proposed protocols. BILLING CODE 6560–50–S
CD ROM the specific information that is
Given the scientific issues that have claimed as CBI. In addition to one
been raised regarding occupational complete version of the comment that
pesticide exposure estimates and study ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION includes information claimed as CBI, a
protocols, including the recent AGENCY copy of the comment that does not
comments from the HSRB, at this time contain the information claimed as CBI
EPA is asking the FIFRA Scientific [EPA-HQ-OPP-2006-0201; FRL–8101–4] must be submitted for inclusion in the
Advisory Panel (SAP) to evaluate, in public docket. Information so marked
detail, issues associated with certain Organic Arsenical Herbicides (MSMA,
DSMA, CAMA, and Cacodylic Acid), will not be disclosed except in
methodologies used to generate accordance with procedures set forth in
exposure studies and the procedures Reregistration Eligibility Decision;
Extension of Comment Period 40 CFR part 2.
used to develop exposure estimates. As 2. Tips for preparing your comments.
part of the background for the SAP AGENCY: Environmental Protection When submitting comments, remember
meeting, the Agency is developing a Agency (EPA). to:
case study that details the procedures ACTION: Notice; extension of comment i. Identify the document by docket ID
and data the Agency uses to evaluate 6 period. number and other identifying
exposure scenarios that are common in information (subject heading, Federal
agriculture. These data can be found in SUMMARY: EPA issued a notice in the Register date and page number).
the existing Pesticide Handlers Federal Register of August 9, 2006, ii. Follow directions. The Agency may
Exposure Database. concerning the availability of the ask you to respond to specific questions
The following four issues are reregistration eligibility decision (RED) or organize comments by referencing a
expected to be the focus of this SAP for the organic arsenical herbicides Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part
review: Sample collection methods (e.g., MSMA, DSMA, DAMA, and cacodylic or section number.
whole-body dosimetry, handwashing, acid. EPA also issued a notice in the iii. Explain why you agree or disagree;
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

facial/neck wipes, and biological Federal Register of October 4, 2006, suggest alternatives and substitute
monitoring); data needs (e.g., announcing the extension of the original language for your requested changes.
availability of data in the Pesticide comment period by 30 days. This iv. Describe any assumptions and
Handlers Exposure Database); unit document is extending the comment provide any technical information and/
exposure (e.g., relating the amount of period until December 13, 2006. or data that you used.

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 208 / Friday, October 27, 2006 / Notices 63011

v. If you estimate potential costs or ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION information unless you provide it in the
burdens, explain how you arrived at AGENCY body of your comment. If you send an
your estimate in sufficient detail to e-mail comment directly to EPA without
[EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–0857; FRL–8100–2]
allow for it to be reproduced. going through, your e-
vi. Provide specific examples to Notice of Filing of Pesticide Petitions mail address will be automatically
illustrate your concerns and suggest for Establishment or Amendment to captured and included as part of the
alternatives. Regulations for Residues of Pesticide comment that is placed in the docket
vii. Explain your views as clearly as Chemicals in or on Various and made available on the Internet. If
possible, avoiding the use of profanity Commodities you submit an electronic comment, EPA
or personal threats. recommends that you include your
AGENCY: Environmental Protection name and other contact information in
viii. Make sure to submit your
Agency (EPA). the body of your comment and with any
comments by the comment period
deadline identified. ACTION: Notice. disk or CD-ROM you submit. If EPA
cannot read your comment due to
C. How and to Whom Do I Submit SUMMARY: This notice announces the technical difficulties and cannot contact
Comments? initial filing of pesticide petitions you for clarification, EPA may not be
proposing the establishment or able to consider your comment.
To submit comments, or access the amendment of regulations for residues Electronic files should avoid the use of
official public docket, please follow the of pesticide chemicals in or on various special characters, any form of
detailed instructions as provided in commodities. encryption, and be free of any defects or
DATES: Comments must be received on viruses.
August 9, 2006 Federal Register
document. If you have questions, or before November 27, 2006. Docket. All documents in the docket
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments, are listed in the docket index. Although
consult the person listed under FOR
identified by docket identification (ID) listed in the index, some information is
number EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–0857 and not publicly available, e.g., CBI or other
II. What Action is EPA Taking? pesticide petition number (PP) 6E7058, information whose disclosure is
by one of the following methods: restricted by statute. Certain other
This document extends the public
comment period established in the • Federal eRulemaking Portal: material, such as copyrighted material, Follow the is not placed on the Internet and will be
Federal Register of October 4, 2006 (71
on-line instructions for submitting publicly available only in hard copy
FR 58605) (FRL-8097-4). In that
comments. form. Publicly available docket
document, EPA announced the
extension of the comment period for the • Mail. Office of Pesticide Programs materials are available either in the
(OPP) Regulatory Public Docket (7502P), electronic docket at http://
RED document for the organic arsenical
Environmental Protection Agency, 1200, or, if only
herbicides MSMA, DSMA, DAMA, and
Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, available in hard copy, at the OPP
cacodylic acid. EPA is hereby extending
DC 20460–0001. Regulatory Public Docket in Rm. S–
the comment period, which was set to
end on November 9, 2006, to December • Delivery. OPP Regulatory Public 4400, One Potomac Yard (South Bldg.),
Docket (7502P), Environmental 2777 S. Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA.
13, 2006.
Protection Agency, Rm. S–4400, One The hours of operation of this Docket
III. What is the Agency’s Authority for Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S. Facility are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
Taking this Action? Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA. Deliveries Monday through Friday, excluding legal
are only accepted during the Docket’s holidays. The Docket telephone number
Section 4(g)(2) of FIFRA as amended
normal hours of operation 8:30 a.m. to is (703) 305–5805.
directs that, after submission of all data
concerning a pesticide active ingredient, 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
the Administrator shall determine excluding legal holidays). Special Sidney Jackson, Registration Division
whether pesticides containing such arrangements should be made for (7505P), Office of Pesticide Programs,
active ingredient are eligible for deliveries of boxed information. The Environmental Protection Agency, 1200
reregistration. Further provisions are Docket telephone number is (703) 305– Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington,
made to allow a public comment period. 5805. DC 20460–0001; telephone number:
However, the Administrator may extend Instructions. Direct your comments to (703) 305–7610; e-mail address:
the comment period, if additional time docket ID number EPA–HQ–OPP–2006–
for comment is requested. In this case, 0857. EPA’s policy is that all comments
the Monomethyl Arsonic Acid (MAA) received will be included in the docket
Research Task Force, the Professional without change and may be made I. General Information
Landcare Network (PLANET) and available on-line at http://
A. Does this Action Apply to Me?
several growers have requested, including any
additional time to develop comments. personal information provided, unless You may be potentially affected by
the comment includes information this action if you are an agricultural
List of Subjects claimed to be Confidential Business producer, food manufacturer, or
Information (CBI) or other information pesticide manufacturer. Potentially
Environmental protection, Pesticides
whose disclosure is restricted by statute. affected entities may include, but are
and pests.
Do not submit information that you not limited to:
Dated: October 19, 2006. consider to be CBI or otherwise • Crop production (NAICS code
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

Debra Edwards, protected through or e- 111).

Director, Special Review and Reregistration, mail. The Federal • Animal production (NAICS code
Division, Office of Pesticide Programs website is an ‘‘anonymous access’’ 112).
[FR Doc. E6–18035 Filed 10–26–06; 8:45 am] system, which means EPA will not • Food manufacturing (NAICS code
BILLING CODE 6560–50–S know your identity or contact 311).

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