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Course Guidelines and Information

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Spanish II 2015-16
Dear Parents and Students:

(Textbook Buen Viaje II)

Bienvenidos a La Clase de Espaol II! The objective of this course is to continue to

develop each students communicative skills (i.e.: listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in
Spanish. This is a participatory course. In order to learn a foreign language, one must use
the target language as much as possible. Students who participate fully by completing
assignments and interacting in class in the target language should find the course more
enjoyable, learn from their mistakes, and see their work improve. Above all, I hope that
the students will enjoy Spanish and will learn the organizational and thought processing
skills necessary for life after high school. Listed below are expectations for the class.
Required Materials for Class
Materials must be brought to class EVERYDAY
1. Pens/Pencils
2. Three-ring binder (used only for Spanish class)
3. Pack of low-odor dry erase markers and eraser (should be kept in pencil case)
4. Looseleaf Paper (kept in binder)
Homework will be assigned a few times per week. Points will be deducted from the
homework average for each homework assignment that is missed. Students begin the
quarter with a 100 quarter average. Students have until the following day before
homeroom to show me the missed assignment for partial credit. After that they will not
receive credit for late assignments.
Grading Procedures:
Tests and Assessments




Class Participation






Total = quarter grade

Testing Policy / Cheating: Any student seen or suspected of cheating on a test, quiz,
project, or any assessment will receive the grade of 0 and her parents/guardians will be
notified. Any student seen copying homework from another student will receive a 0 for
that homework assignment and it cannot be made up for credit. The student providing the
homework to be copied will also receive a 0. This also includes evidence of an online
translator being used on class assignments.
Class Participation: A students class participation grade is based on each student
participating (being called on in class) 25 times per quarter. Each time a student is called
on in class, she receives 4 points toward her class participation grade. At the end of the
quarter if a student has reached her goal of 25, she will receive a grade of 100 for class
participation for that quarter. Participation points will be deducted for the following:
inattentiveness in class/talking, working on homework while a Spanish activity is in
progress, sleeping in class, or disrupting the class.
The Hallahan Student Handbook will be followed and all school procedures will be enforced
in class. All students must follow the behavior guidelines in place and conduct themselves in
a mature and safe manner at all times.
Extra Credit
Because each students grade should be a true indicator of her performance, it is my policy
to not offer extra credit. I do, however, give frequent opportunities for students to
improve her grades through participation, homework, and informal classroom
Students have the opportunity to earn boletos (tickets) for various classroom
participation activities i.e. going up to the Smartboard to write a sentence or to complete
an activity, providing an answer from her homework, answering a question in class, or
teaching/helping a partner. Each boleto can be applied as one point toward her
participation grade at the end of the quarter OR one point on her lowest quiz grade. For
every 10 tickets that she earns, I will add 1 point to her lowest test grade. Boletos are
only collected at the end of the quarter so it is important to keep them in a safe place
such as a pencil case or pocket of her binder.