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Chaos in cabal controlled financial system creates opportunity for revolution

September 7, 2015
Author: Benjamin Fulford
Chaos and conflict at the very top of the Western financial system has created a unique opportunity to permanently put an
end to Khazarian mafia control of the West. Furthermore, a new group of leaders will be assuming power in the Pentagon
and, if they are able to coordinate with the worldwide resistance movement, humanity can be freed from Babylonian debt
slavery as early as this autumn.
The important thing to drill into the heads of military, police and intelligence officials worldwide is that the West has been
taken over by a group of mass murdering gangsters who need to be arrested and removed from power ASAP.
To put it more bluntly, it must be explained to the military fence sitters that the Khazarian mob has been actively trying to
kill them and their families with manufactured diseases, toxic chemicals, unhealthy food, multiple attempts to start World
War 3 etc. meaning that fence sitting is no longer an option. Self-defense is mandatory.
The anniversary this Friday of the September 11, 2001 mass murder event in New York would be a good time to take
action. All it will take is for all aware members of the military and police in the US and for all governments outside of the
US to demand the immediate arrest of the perpetrators of this crime. Anybody, from Obama on down, who tries to stop
the arrests must themselves be arrested.
In fact, there are already clear signs the US military is taking strong action against the Khazarian mob. Pentagon sources
say the Khazarian JP Morgan bank has been put under military supervision, because it is the operating arm of the
Federal Reserve Board. The pentagon sources explain that JPM handles food stamps or electronic benefit transfer cards
which it could have stopped in order to create food riots. JPM was taken over in order to prevent this from happening.
However, the military are now reporting that much of the JP Morgan money has gone missing. They are now
investigating if Morgan Stanley and Barclays bank are responsible for stealing the money because, if they are, they will
be Lehmanized i.e. bankrupted and dismantled.
An MI5 source in the UK, for his part noted: it is interesting to hear that because Morgan Stanley in the UK is behind the
Iraq Chilcot (whitewash) inquiry into UK involvement in the illegal invasion of Iraq. MI5 also notes that senior UK
power brokers like John Scarlett (former MI6 head) and Jeremy Heywood (UK Chief Cabinet Secretary) are to this day
working with mass murderers Benjamin Netanyahu and the Bush family in trying to maintain Khazarain mob control of
the West.
There is also a massive ongoing financial attack against other Khazarian mob controlled financial institutions. They are
reeling under a combined attack involving US Treasuries dumping (by China), the collapse in oil prices, petrodollar
derivatives losses, zero interest rates (on loans) and demand by exporters for payment in Chinese yuan.
Rockefeller controlled Citigroup is sending its stolen gold and stolen cash to Russia in an effort to prevent it from falling
into Chinese hands, according to Pentagon and Chinese sources. This coincides with statements by Rockefeller bag man
Henry Kissinger that the US should be friendly to Russia. Russia is likely to simply claim the gold as tsarist treasure being
As mentioned in a bulletin issued in August, a clear sign of the intensity of the ongoing financial war was seen when the
Chinese Tianhe-1 super computer was hit with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon on August 12th immediately after
China devalued the Yuan against the US dollar on August 11th.
The Chinese devaluation was used as part of an attack on the derivatives positions of the big Khazarian banks. The
Khazarians responded with a stolen nuclear weapon. Pentagon officials were quick to explain to the Chinese the attack
against them originated with the Khazarian mob and not the US military industrial complex.
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The Chinese have made it clear they are expecting strong action by the US military industrial complex against the
Khazarian mob if they want to avoid war. Such action has already begun, they were told.
The US military, the Russians, the Iranians and their allies are now increasing their pressure on the Khazarian mob and
their puppet state Israel. These three powers are now cooperating to attack the Israeli ISIS proxy army in the Middle East.
Egypt is also about to join the Iranian, Russian, Pentagon alliance, according to Pentagon sources.
A military campaign is now under way by these allies with the aim of cutting off of ISIS oil being supplied from Iraq via
Israel and Turkey. Cutting off these oil export routes would deprive the Khazarians and their ISIS proxy army of their
largest source of funds (other than narcotics).
The Khazarians have already faced a major defeat in the United States in their attempt to stop the ongoing rapprochement
between the US and Iran. The fact the Khazarian lobby, despite a massive campaign, could not get enough votes in
Congress and the Senate to veto the Iran deal is clear proof the Khazarians are losing control of the US political system.
Meanwhile closet Khazarian mobster King Salman of Saudi Arabia arrived in Washington D.C. on September 4th to
demand the return of Saudi Gold kept in the US. He was told by the Americans that if he persisted in his demands his
Kingdom would be broken up. In addition, he was told his country would face severe consequences if it stopped
supplying oil to the US military industrial complex and started selling it to the Chinese instead. Salman was also forced to
accept the Iran deal, the Pentagon sources said.
The situation in Europe is also coming to a head. The massive refugee crisis that is in the news there is being engineered
as part of the long term P2 plan to use a conflict between Islam and Christianity to force a unification of the monotheist
faiths. The plan calls for an escalation of the refugee crisis and the arrival of large contingents of armed ISIS fighters to
speed up the process, according to German second Reich sources.
According to these sources, NATO forces reached a secret agreement to begin going ahead with their New World Order
on September 25th. Some sort of accord will be then signed on December 25th, the sources said. The overall plan is to
collapse the entire present system in order to be able to rebuild from scratch, they said.
The arrival of Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and other power brokers in the US at the end of September,
supposedly to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UN, may well be a sign some sort of world treaty is about to be signed.
Another sign that something highly unusual is going on is the fact the US air defenses on the US East coast are going to
be shut down during the last half of September even as Chinese and Russian naval forces are stationed near the US coast.
The last time such a thing happened was on September 11th, 2001.
Meanwhile in Japan, there are also signs that it is not business as usual. It appears that slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is
working for new handlers. The clearest sign is that Japans government is not only ending any pretense of sanctions
against Russia or Iran, it is also planning to stop using the US dollar in trade with Russia. Japan already trades with Iran
and China without using the US dollar.
In other Japan news, the Yamaguchi Gumi, Japan, and the worlds, largest crime syndicate also split up recently. Sources
inside the Yamaguchi Gumi and in rival gangs say the split up was a local issue not directly related to international events.
Tsukasa Shinobu, the current head of the gang, comes from Nagoya (home of Toyota motors) and resentment against
Nagoya control was building up in Kobe, the traditional base of the gang.
Not only was the Nagoya faction taking over personnel decisions but it was also demanding excessive tribute, according
to the gang sources. It is unlikely this split will lead to war because both factions have too much to lose in the event that
happens, the sources said. The last time the gang split, when the Goto gumi left in 2008, there was no war.
Tadamasa Goto, the head of the Goto gang, now lives in retirement in Cambodia. If a gang war is going to break out,
gangs will evacuate their formal headquarters, disguise their appearance and start killing each other off.

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In a final note to readers, this writer would like to thank his readers for putting up with pre-written reports and allowing
him to take his annual holiday in Canada.

Canada is heading into a general election on October 19th and opinion polls now show the Zionist regime of Stephen
Harper is headed for a decisive defeat. Canada should then be in a position to help liberate itself and its cousins to the
South from Babylonian debt slavery.
Comment: But who is going to do the arrests? - Pentagon?
Benya constantly keeps talking about some mythical arrests and goes as far as to ask the question "but how come they are
not arrested?". But WHO is going to arrest the criminals of the highest level? Who has such an authority and on what
basis these arrests are to be done?
This is one of the most significant things about many of Benya's reports. But the question arises: WHO is going to do
those arrests and on what basis and under which authority? The regular police cop can not simply go and arrest someone,
no matter what. First of all, he needs the ORDER from his superiors, and those superiors in all likelihood are masons or
their corrupt puppets.
Anyone in a position of a major or even captain, not even talking about the top level of the police, is likely to be some
sorts of a pervert and a member of some masonic lodge doing all sorts of voodoo "craft" to boost his pathetic ego. For
example, in the UK, during the investigation of the masonic influence on the police system, a while back, revealed some
simply staggering numbers of masons working in the police. The same thing with the police academies in the USA. The
number and the information about all sorts of sexual and sadomasochistic orgies in those academies is something quite
And about the first and sticky indication of the presence of the evil cults are precisely the sexual perversions, just as
shown in the work of Gregory Klimov, who has spent 50 years of his life studying precisely these subjects. Because
degeneracy, the first stage of which is sexual perversions, is an inevitable and omni-present fact in all the manifestations
of evil.
Historically, precisely the police and military are infiltrated by all sorts of degenerates and all the top positions are taken
out by those. Because the police and military are the main forces of massive control and application of brute force against
the "herd". You can also observe it with the "royal families". One of the main things the heir of the "throne" is taught or
trained in is precisely the military, just as we can see with prince Harry. Nearly every single one of them simply has to
graduate from some military academy and have enough of real life experience in the military operations in the field. This
is one of the most important things and aspects for the future "ruler". He has to have the first hand experience in dealing
with destructive things. Simply because precisely in those situations what is at stake is nothing less then the crown and
total control.
One other aspect of the arrests is that it can be done via limited number of means. It is either the court order, and for that
you have to have at least some active investigation going on, and, therefore, the involvement of some judge, nearly all of
which are the puppets of their masonic/Illuminati puppet masters. Even to conceive the situation that some judge will
issue an order to arrest some highest order criminals borders on fiction.
Very rarely, the highest order criminals are ever arrested throughout the history. Yes, the ARE examples of it, but those
are rather exceptions and not the rule. Because it is nearly impossible to find the non-corrupt judge who is not a puppet.
You can enumerate the honest and courageous judges on your fingers pretty much. Because judge means mason and/or
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Illuminati with pretty high degree of certainty. Because the legal field is one of the most important fields for the forces of
Alternatively, you can do the "arrests" by the military, just as Benya keeps insisting all the time. But it is not a simple
matter. Basically, it means the military coup or revolution of some sort. Military does not do "arrests". It does destruction
and mass murders. Secondly, on which basis the military may do arrests? Understood, in "national emergency" situations
the military may kick in. But then you have to have a declaration of such an emergency, and only the authorized branches
or government or the president may declare such an emergency. Else, we have a military coup in effect.
So, imagine for a moment that Obama declares the "national emergency", after which automatically kicks-in "The Project
Endgame", among other things. What follows then? Can you even begin to comprehend? And WHO is Obama, but a
puppet in the hands of that very ZioNazi banking mafia of satanists? How and by what means are you going to do the
"arrests" Benya keeps talking about all the time?
He keeps talking about Pentagon as some kind of "good guys" and keeps claiming they are doing all these "good" things
on behalf of mankind. But what is the Pentagon in its very essence? What is their "job" and were they trained to do but to
mass murder, destroy, devastate the infrastructure of the "enemy" and things of that nature?
These people were not educated to solve any kind of problems beyond purely military means. They are trained to KILL
and destroy and that is their mentality. Even to imagine that Pentagon is playing the role of some "good guy" is quite a
stretch of imagination. Interestingly enough, if Pentagon and all these warmongers were allowed to have their way during
the Cuban crisis of the 60's, it is not clear we would be around. Thanks to Kennedy and Kruschev that we did not have a
nuclear world war at that time. Because virtually all the Pentagon's "talking heads" kept insisting on the massive nuclear
attack on Cuba. If that would happen, the nuclear response of Russia was simply inevitable.
And with Benya, we have the Pentagon in the clothes of some St. Peter or some other follower of Jesus Christ.
If we pay attention on how many times Benya "flashed" the Pentagon and his "sources" there, it is pretty amazing to see
that any of those "dissidents" in Pentagon are still alive. Because once the head of the state knows that there is some
brewing and opposition going on in the Pentagon, they would be identified and dismissed a long, long time ago, if not
called "the enemies of democratic values" or even "the enemies of the state" or some other nonsense of that kind.
Another thing to mention is that in order for any dissent to exist in Pentagon or any other organization for that matter, you
need a MASSIVE support and coordination. Because revolutions do not happen just because of few "revolutionaries".
They happen only after massive infrastructure is built and made operational and all sorts of massive campaigns of
disinformation had been conducted for years on. You need constant and non-stop disinformation in the media in order to
form the public opinion.
You need to organize and conduct all sorts of meetings at the factories and all sorts of other places. You need tons of
booklets, brochures and all sorts of other disinformation propaganda. Simply because you need to get the support of the
"herd". Without the "herd" no revolution or a major change is possible and will "stick". Even if you manage to topple the
government, if you do not have a wide support of the "crowd", your days are numbered.
In other words, you need an extensive NETWORK and, probably most importantly, "the Plan", and in order for the plan to
exist, you need some "leader", some top level "talking head" zombifying them all with all sorts of ideas, "goals" and so
What are your "goals"? Who will support you? What are you trying to achieve, as far as the "bright future of mankind" is
concerned. Did you even explain to the "mere mortals" what constitutes that "bright future" and why do you peddle it as
something as bright as you present it?
But, most of all, you need the organization and coordination committee of some sort. And you need to conduct regular
secret meetings to coordinate all sorts of activities. And you need to be aware of the fact that your "opposition" movement
will be inevitably infiltrated with the traitors and agents of the same evil you are trying to fight, and they will eventually
work their way up in your organization to the 2nd position, just behind the head of the organization. And they will be the
ones that will whisper all sorts of advices to the head of your organization and will propose all sorts of things and
"solutions" on the secret "board" meetings.
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In other words, this is a massive operation that takes YEARS to build your network, your trusted members and so on and
so forth. You don't create the revolutions or coups within days or weeks. It is simply impossible. And you will also need
financing of all sorts of things.
Basically, this particular report, full of all sorts of wild ideas, is a typical report of Benya, "full of fury and signifying
nothing", at least not that much.
Yes, indeed, pushing the fake money, such as dollars, off the scale of world trade and economy will certainly produce
more results than nearly anything else in this report. Once you push the dollar off the scale, the entire financial stream of
fake "money", fabricated out of thin air, collapses. But it takes time. The dollar "rules" this planet since the WWII and it is
everywhere, in oil and energy, gold and other metals and so on and so forth. Sure, if it only rules the derivative markets
and all sorts of fake money schemes, that is not such a big deal, for as long as you don't tie the REAL things and values to
this fake scheme of imaginary value.
Yes, the days of the ZioNazi satanists and "the dark side" are numbered, but PRIMARILY because of the information
explosion and not because of some "quick fixes". Because once the information flow gains a certain level of strength and
authenticity it becomes impossible to control "the herd", simply because they are beginning to see "the real picture", and
once that happens, they will no longer buy all these lies we see all over the screen.

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