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Consumer Decision Survey Report

Respondent!: Mohammad Andre

Age! !
: 18
Occupation! : College Student

Who is the respondent?


What is the object?

Sport store in Mall

Where did the purchase take place?




What triggered the


-the previous shoes isnt t and comfortable anymore

What function does the

product serve?

-for daily use, as well as a personal identity of style since

shoes are things that visible for everyone to see

-thinks that the previous shoes is old-fashioned

RECOGNITION What are the important
attributes of the product?

-comfort, simple, must be shoe-laced, durable, t, stylish,

and brand matters
-what to buy comes rst, because respondent couldnt
care less about where he should buy the shoes as long as
it meets his personal preferences/attributes

What comes rst, what to

buy or where to buy?

-no, he didnt. His preferences of attributes mostly stay

the same over years, so when looking to buy, he will pick
the shoes that has similar vibe like the previous ones

INFORMATION Did the respondent

search for information?

Is it the rst decision? Is it -no, he was looking for alternatives and it was a careful
one. It took one and half an hour until he decide which
a careful decision or just
one to pick. He claimed that since he didnt collect any
casual one?

information about shoes beforehand, this had to be done

carefully so he wont regret it later

ALTERNATIVES How many alternatives
were evaluated?


-respondent evaluated 5-8 shoes before he came to nal

decision. When evaluating, he looked carefully at every
shoes to make sure there is no defect on the shoes, then
tried every one of them to make sure if any of them ts
his overall preferences perfectly

Who played a role in

decision making? What
are their roles?

-respondents parents played a role, and they act like an

advisor for him. The parents helped him evaluated
every pair of shoes, and giving suggestion about how a
male college students shoes should look like.

How was the nal

decision concluded?

-respondent considered his personal attributes and his

parents suggestion into his nal decision and picked a
certain shoes. Since the parents had high inuence when
picking the shoes, he feels the need to do a trade-off so he
doesnt compromise the whole attributes. Respondent did
say he was a bit disappointed by the design, but he was
satised with all other attributes. That is when this
certain shoes had to be bought.

M. Ray Akbar Mutalibov! !


Marketing Assignment