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Chapter 1

It is 2015 two years later. Pierre Royale and Marie Janvier are still talking. Theyve
kept in touch with each other regularly. They are getting along just fine now that the
storm of love has calmed, and their hearts are quiet. But it wasnt easy, they disagreed a
lot, argued plenty, and always made up quickly. They didnt want to waste any more
precious time. They knew God had given them this moment, and they were going to use
it wisely. Its clear that they truly have an unfinished overwhelming passionate obsession
with one another. (You know the kind, words cant explain). They talk by phone everyday
even if theres nothing to say. Just want to hear you breathe Marie Janvier says to him
often. Pierre Royale just laughs and say Well thank you very much, me too and he ask
about his kids. Tell them I said hello and that I love them everyday Also to give me
a call anytime. Marie Janvier and Pierre Royale are learning each other all over again.
Its been thirty years and a lot has changed since theyve last seen each other.
Marie Janvier is now fifty-four years old and Pierre Royale recently turned fifty-nine.
Pierre asks Marie lots of questions about her self. What size clothes do your wear?
And whats your shoe size? Did you gain any weight after all these years? Marie
giggled softly and said Five, seven and a half and nope. What! Me neither, Im pretty
much the same size also Thats something huh? Pierre continued Are you still sexy? I
remember how incredibly sexy you were back then drove me crazy I was just drawn
to you, couldnt help myself. And Marie replied I look pretty much the same too The
kids, they look exactly like you Pierre They have all of your attributes, its fascinating
and I love it Im gonna send more pictures ok. Sure Pierre said Lots of em I
want photos of everybody. Want to see what Ive missed out on over the years. This
conversation went on for a little while longer and then they said goodbye and hung up the
Their acquaintance now is building a good friendship. Something theyve never known
before as a young couple. They enjoy and appreciate everything about one another. They
reminisce about the early years and their friends and all the new members of their
families. They discover that they have a lot more in common (other than the kids), and
they actually share the same views on certain things. They both agree on old fashion
values when it comes to almost everything. And are not too acceptable about whats
going on in this new age way of living. But indeed are keeping current as things progress
into the future. The days of lack and impossibilities are no longer. Everythings at our
fingertips. What a marvelous time we live in. The world is a different amazing place. Our
generation was and still is one of the most solid and most defiant last of the breed.
Well its summertime here in Texas, and Marie just finished writing and recording a
new song (Cause I Love Ya!) a fun song, easy to dance to. She completed a new book on
(Poetry In Prayer) things the Holy Spirit says to her, and is excitingly launching it into the
world. Inspiration comes easier and things just seem to fit and focus now that Pierres a

part of it. Know what I mean? Its really been good having him involved in a lot of
everyday ordinary decision making ideas. Hes quite brilliant, you know. And Marie
loves discussing business with him. He never seem to have a lost for words (An ongoing
conversationalist) unlike some folks. I guess its also because they have so much catching
up to do. Sometimes they talk very late into the night, (until midnight) and it prohibits
them from getting adequate sleep, eight full hours, duh! Pierre gets up early at 5: am to
go to work.
Every morning Pierre and Marie would send each other a text message of blessings and
well wishes, just touching bases they always say and around lunch time they follow it
up with a phone call. Are you eating healthy? Marie asked. Im trying to Pierre
replied. Be sure to drink your milk, its important that you do Marie constantly says.
And orange juice too Marie added. Ok, wifey, Ill do that Pierre said laughingly. Im
also exercising and taking my vitamins daily He says. Makes me feel good to know
that Marie said. In the evening, after dinner they would watch the same programs on
television (because theyre in the same time zone) particularly the talent reality shows,
and try to choose the winner. It was fun. They felt like young kids again.
Chapter 2
Pierre works at one of the universities in New Orleans as a painter. He loves his
profession and is very proud of it (just like a Frenchman). He tells Marie that he likes
bringing some beauty back into the city, its relaxing and it helps him think of his
childhood. He talks about when he was a kid, how his mother sent him to school each day
dressed in a suit and tie. Yep, everyday He says. And I was a cool little lad too
Shouldve seen me Pierre continued. Marie listened and imagined it all (silently
smiling). Remembering what a privilege it was to know his mom. She was a kind and
gentle soul, and pretty too. Prayed a lot and was nice to everyone. She just loved
spending quiet time in her garden, and she was very proud of her family.
His parents had thirteen children, ten boys and three girls. He mentioned about the time
he was nine years old, and his sisters took him to the lakefront one summer and how he
almost drowned. They werent watching me They werent paying attention He said
angrily. Then he told how he was on the edge of the steps and fell in the lake, went in a
suck hole, had to hold his breath and swim back up. Dont know how I done that, wow!
Things couldve been different Marie. She interrupted him and said God had a plan
He knows the future from the beginning. He also talked about how he wanted to learn
to play the guitar as a young teenager in the high school band.
Pierre and Marie knew they were meant for each other, and knew that this was a very
special thing. Sometimes Pierre jokes and says It was all arranged I had to meet you
and you had to have my babies. And Im so glad that you did you are an amazing
woman. You did a good job Marie starts talking about her childhood memories also. Her
parents had ten children, six boys and four girls. I love Christmas Every year my dad
always bought the same dolls for me and my sisters After about the third time, we
realized that those dolls looked just like us. We just laughed and laughed said Marie.
And in the summertime wed all take a ride to the lakefront and watch my dad fish,

while relaxing off those delicious hot donuts we ate on the way there Theres nothing
like a Tastee Donut Shop, or a McKinzie bakery (Shes now licking her lips).
Pierre inquires more about his son and daughter. Are our kids fat? Do we have
chubby kids? Were they ever fat? No Marie answered. Theyve always been slim
like you and me. Thats good Pierre said. (Its a French thing, and to have small feet is
a Pass Blanc thing). Did they date much growing up? No. Marie said. Theyve
always been more interested in learning. They have a great love for knowledge.
Mustve got that from you Pierre said. Funny, I told them that they inherited that
quality from you Marie replied. Are they racist? He then asked. No! Marie
shouted. How do you know, did you ask them? said Pierre. I didnt raise them to be
And because were Creoles, we are the other race, duh! However Ive always taught
them to Do one thing at a time, get everything done. Love everybody, but trust no one
Its our motto Marie replied. Hmmm, and thats a good motto to live by Pierre said.
Marie told Pierre how their son wanted to be a Monk when growing up, but quickly
changed his mind about it during his first year in college. He came to her one day said
Mammy I like springtime, all the girls come out and they smell nice and Marie just
smiled at him. And she told Pierre about the time when their daughter was in high school,
she came to her one day and said This boy in my class talks funny, (because he was
going through puberty) but every time I turn around to see who he is, he stops talking
Everybody laughs, Woman that is so funny and Marie just smiled at her.
What about you Marie, how do you relax? How do you spend your weekends?
Pierre asked. I enjoy watching the old classic romantic comedies and doing jigsaw
puzzles I also love taking photos of the sky after a rain always looking for the
rainbow Oh yeah, and I like looking outside the window at night, up at the starsjust
beautiful Marie says to him. Do you shop a lot? you women love that stuff Pierre says.
And what about your girlfriends, you keep in touch with them? And Marie replied. I
only go shopping if I really need to, and yes I chat with them from time to time. Mostly
during special occasions, like birthdays and holidays (Shes getting into her pajamas).
You know how that is the older you get, the less time you have for all that talking
Saying as she kicks off her slippers, pulling down the bed and fluffing the pillows. They
stayed on the phone for another half hour. Call you tomorrow, goodnight Marie Pierre
said. Goodnight Pierre, love ya Marie said back at him.
The next day Pierres sitting outside on his porch and does this often after a long days
work. He listens to the radio and put his feet up, sighs and says Ive got through another
day, thank God He pours himself a cold drink and begins to mellow out. Hes thinking
about what hes having for dinner, because he knows Maries going to drill him on eating
healthy. So he orders a pizza and a salad. And just then his sister stops by with a delicious
meal she cooked for her family Hi sis, come on in. Wow. What a pleasant surprise. She
had Fil gumbo and rice, stuffed peppers, French bread, potato salad, and a large slice of
carrot cake. She also had a platter of cheese, crackers and homemade chicken soup. They
bring the packages in from the car and sit them on the table. She helped Pierre put some
of the food in the refrigerator. All this delicious food, what did I do to deserve this?
Pierre asked. Well, was thinking about you thats all and want see how youre doing
She answered. She didnt stay long. Take care yourself she said to him standing by the
door, on her way out. Sure, always thanks sis Pierre said.
twas a tranquil southern day.

Chapter 3

Two weeks later Marie sends Pierre a photo of her self through the phone, of a picture
she had taken a couple of years ago. She uploads it and sends it off (click). Pierres phone
rings and he receives the picture. He quickly give Marie a call, and before she could say a
word she hear him laughing Wow Marie you look amazing, you still look the same
Thanks Marie says. He stares at it. Then Pierre chokes up (emotionally) and says Ive
missed you, girl Ive missed you You look good. Aw man I cant wait to hold you in
my arms again It aint right a tell you all this time gone by.. It aint right. Now
Maries emotional too. And she asks him to send her a photo of himself. He does, but
Maries having trouble receiving it on her end. I didnt get it She said. Try it again.
And he does a few times more. And again she didnt get it. Oh well well figure this out
later, they both agreed. Marie is very excited about seeing Pierres good looks again. Hes
a handsome man and hes the love of her life.
She remember when he was a young man, how the young girls flirted with him each
time he came over to visit her. He was a looker and boy he sure liked all that attention,
with his cool walking self leaning to one side with his cane in his hand. (It was the fad of
the seventies. Every guy dressed like a super fly back then, ha-ha. Everyone had style and
was an artisthallelujah). Couldnt tell him he wasnt fine with his curly hair, big eyes
and cute smile. And what nice teeth he has, big pearly whites just beautiful. She could
kiss him all day. Actually it was him who taught her how to kiss. He was her first French
farmer and how he loved to till his land. Thank God for the memories.
Just recently on Fathers Day she wrote and sent Pierre a poem that read
Thanks for planting your seed in me I know its made you proud. Cultivated this
Creole tree The harvest is, laughing out loud. And he liked it!
Anyway theyre having a great time playing around with this technology. Its
fascinating how suddenly things are done with a push of a button. Wouldve been great to
have this when I toured Europe, back in the early nineties Maries thinking. And then
Pierre asked her What type of perfume you wear? Oh Lord, white diamonds, its the
best She answered. And sometimes I mix it with a fragrance lotion. The brand designed
by that country artist. It gives off an interesting aroma, and it lasts all day Hmmm, my
mother wore white diamonds perfume, it was her favorite Pierre said. And what do you
wear around the house when youre not doing much of anything? I dont know shorts
and a shirt mostly Marie answered. How do you style your hair? continued Pierre.
There are two styles that I like a lot. Both are easy and beautiful, ageless appropriate and
sophisticated. The French braid and the French twist Marie replied. It looks good with
everything Do you wear make up and get your nails done? He asked her. Nope, not
anymore, Ive done enough of that when I was young and was in the entertainment
business. However I do wear lipstick says Marie.

And what about you, how do you enjoy yourself when youre not at work, whats the
day like in your life? Marie asked Pierre. Sometimes I sleep late or just lay in bed until
noon gathering my thoughts I usually do a little laundry and tidy up a bit while
watching television, you know nothing much, then I put my feet up and sit back and
chill out. Be nice to have a woman to take care of me though, you should be here Marie
Pierre says. You get lonely? Marie asked. Yep, but its ok. I like living alone. I could
listen to my radio as loud as I want to and yell at the sports on television. Its got its
benefits He replied. Wish I had a love of my own though, you just fit Marie He said
almost in a whisper.
Now Marie knows that theres a woman in Pierres life. Someone hes been seeing
steady for about twenty years around the same time Marie got married also. Not long
after they were in touch with each other again, Pierre told Marie all about his relationship
with this woman and said that he cares for her very muchand yephe loves her.
Shes a good person and shes got my back He says. And then he said to Marie Youre
the one I really love youre the love of my life. And Marie knows it, she has always
felt it.
He never says much about her except that shes an older woman, and she doesnt like
the fact that Pierres long lost love (The mother of his kids) is in contact with him again
after thirty years. I know it dont seem fair, but it just happened. Could be answered
prayer and Gods destiny for the reason. Its not that far fetched, there are plenty of
stories like ours in the Bible. And God does hear us when we pray, and if the person on
the other end has the same beliefs, then its sure to happen.
Having said all that, yes Marie is still a married woman of twenty years. Her marriage
is a loveless one. She stays because its convenient for her. Shes been sleeping in the
downstairs bedroom for seven years and there hasnt been any marriage activity between
her and her husband since. Not a touch, not a hug. And shes ok with that. Lord knows
she cried about it enough. So she doesnt feel the least bit of guilt about infidelity when it
comes to talking with Pierre. And she hopes that God understands.

Chapter 4
Its Friday morning and Maries getting ready to go to the supermarket to buy some fish
and shrimp to go with the jambalaya dinner shes cooking today. Yep, every family from
New Orleans has a custom made menu for their household. She gets her keys from her
purse and goes out the door. Her phone rings, she looks at it. Pierre sent her a text
message. Ill call him later She says out loud. She arrives at the store and is always
greeted with a big warm smile and a friendly hello from the employees there. She knows
all of their names. And regularly ask about their families. They are the nicest people. The
folks that work at the deli, always give her a little extra of whatever it is that she buying.
Well Marie is on her way home now and when gets inside, after locking the door, stands
in front of the door and prays. Thanking God for a safe trip home again. She does this
everyday and taught her kids to do the same. You ask the Angels of God to watch over
you, and accompany you everywhere you go She would say to them daily. Then she gets

out of those jeans and heels (Two inches only) and put on something more comfortable.
She goes into the kitchen, put the groceries away, washes her hands and starts to cook the
supper. Her phone rings againits Pierre but shes busy and must have dinner ready at
dinner time. She loves singing while she cooks, especially the songs she learned at her
church back home in New Orleans.
Everythings almost done, the fish and shrimp are in the oven, the jambalaya is cooked,
the salad it tossed and the wheat bread is toasted just like she likes it. Shes having her
favorite ice cream buttered pecan for dessert. She yawns and stretches a little and goes
into the bedroom, sits on the bed and return Pierres phone call. Hi She said. And Pierre
answered with excitement in his voice Ive been calling you all day! I need to talk to
you I want to hear your sweet voice He continued. So Marie asked if everything is ok.
And it turns out that Pierre only had a bad day at work. How in the world could that be?
profession is that of a quiet one, it requires lots of focus and concentration. So Marie
comforts him and listens to him. Shes knows hes a little spoiled and she dont mind
giving him the attention he wants. Guess hes making up for those years.
Well its time to eat dinner now and Marie says goodbye and hang up the phone, so she
sets the table and she decides to take a photo of the dinner on her plate and send it to
Pierre. Hell get a kick out of this shes thinking. She sits down to enjoy the meal and
when shes finish, she cleans the kitchen and then retires to the bedroom. Its almost nine
oclock and she gets the notion to send Pierre another photo of herself. Something more
personal and updated, so she goes into the closet and try on different outfits. She doesnt
know what he likes, but have some idea (Shouldnt be too hard, hes a man). She lets
down her hair and put on some lipstick, stands in front of the mirror and snaps the camera
(click). And she sends it. Want to see what he missed out on all these years huh Says
Marie. Hope his heart is strong enough.
Marie love doing this sort of thing, it reminds her of her modeling days when she was
younger. Pierre loved the photo and asked for more. My God youre still sexy, Send me
plenty He said. And it became a routine of hers, (She absolutely adored the flattering)
and made sure to send a new photo every week. And each time the remarks were great,
Pierre would act just like the silly young guy she remembered. He made Marie feel
attractive again. She hasnt felt that way in a long, long time. She liked flirting with an
old love and craved the companionship. He being the father of her kids made it so much
Then one day Pierre sent her a photo of himself at the work place (interestingly that
same day, they sent photos simultaneously, wow!) and when Marie saw it she cried. He
sent pictures to her before, but in each of them hes wearing sunglasses and a hat. And
this time she was able to see his face. She could see his eyes. And to look into his soul
again was a bit overwhelming for her. Its been thirty years. She cried, and cried, and

Chapter 5

The days seems brighter and the nights are spiritually romantic, now that Marie has
seen Pierre again. She finds herself dancing and listing to the classic tunes of the
seventies again. Sometimes shed call him on the phone just to sing in his ear (And when
he doesnt pick up, she leaves a song on his voicemail). Pierre loves it and ask for more
Marie you have a nice voice, you really sing well He says. A compliment of such meant
the world to her (You see, Pierre is the only one that never got to hear her sing, and
wasnt around when she pursued her career) also she had plenty to say in music and was
having the time of her life expressing that to him. She stares at his picture every single
day and sometimes at night before she goes to bed. He looks good and is still handsome.
She could see that hes been through a lot, and is a little rough around the edges. She
knew immediately that he has not been loved properly also.
Marie has to make a very important decision and is now taking a lot of things into
consideration in all the aspects of her life. You see, Pierre is more than just a man she
once new and was supposed to marryhes a family member. And family takes care of
one another. So she started praying over the phone with Pierre whenever he called. He
didnt mind it so much although he wasnt ecstatic when she told him that she raised the
kids as Christians. Being that almost everyone from the French city is born and raised a
Catholic, its the traditional way. (The Cathedrals were all packed with parishioners each
Sabbath, and every year on Ash Wednesday so may more showed up. Youd think the
Pope was coming to town). He got use to this kind of faith and respected that it was our
way of living. Now Marie wasnt at all religious, she just knew that God is real, Jesus is
Lord, and the Holy Spirit lives forever.
That being said, she and Pierre disagreed many times and sometimes it became an
argument. She took great pleasure in telling him off (Because she had to raise the kids
alone) and she always left an outrageous message on his answering machine. And her
favorite was You jive turkey jackass Im not talking to you anymore Hed call back
to leave a message also. I didnt know that you could talk like that and how did you
learn those words? When Marie was ready to speak with him shed say something like
Im fluent in female and I speak it in many dialects. They laughed at it so much, they
couldnt stay angry. They apologize, forgave each other and made up every time
(Behaving like twenty year olds).
And this went on for a while.
A few days later, Pierre called Marie to say this woman hes been seeing is coming
over to his apartment. She comes here to clean the place for me He said. And um
shes going to be here for a few days, ok He continued. Marie listened quietly and
replied Why? Place must be dirty if shes staying that long. Be nice Marie, ok Pierre
says to her. Now you know my situation, Ive been honest and opened with you about
everything He said. Blas, blas, blas Marie said as he was talking. Then the
strangest thing happened. Marie Janvier realized that Pierre Royale sounds a lot like her
father, the words he was using and the way he saying them. The tone of his voice was the
same as her dad. She was clearly hearing her fathers voice. She never realized it before,
so she paid particular attention to this.
While still on the phone, she walked towards the bedroom and went into the closet. Got
an old photo of her father (Of him when he was a young man) from a purse she kept on
the shelf, and looked at it. Yep, she then looked at one of the many pictures Pierre sent
and saw the resemblance. Lord what does this mean? Shes thinking. And she said to

Pierre You sound like my dad. He didnt hear her at first and kept on talking. Pierre
stop it, you sound just like my dad how could that be? She said again. Pierre began to
remind her of her father. Marie and her father were very close. She was always proud of
being a daddys girl. She started remembering all the quality time she got to spend with
him. Then Pierre replied Why thank you Marie, thats a high compliment Its a
special thing when a woman finds a man or knows a man that reminds her of her father
He says. Then Pierre said Your dad was very nice to me, and I loved him.
Maybe this is a sign that Pierre and Marie should make the effort to actually meet with
one another. They did talk about it many times, and Pierre agreed that its easier and more
convenient for him to visit with Marie, but at his age hes a little uncertain about
traveling. Then Pierre says Were stuck, we want to see each other... but were just stuck
in these situations and I need to see my kids again, I pray God make that happen for
me. And Marie replied God has a way of working things out, maybe thats why He
allowed us to come together at this time I would love to see you again. Ive always
imagine holding your hand once more, and to give you a big hug. Thats one of the
miracles Ive prayed for. She heard the sadness in Pierres voice and she wept silently.
Loveits a spirit! Its the one thing that Marie and Pierre held on to. His mother and
her father always wanted to see the two married and raise their kids together.

Chapter 6
I titled this book Clio and Erato because its where we lived when we first met, and I
want to share it with the world. Pierre Royales family lived in a downstairs apartment on
Clio street and Marie Janviers family lived in an upstairs apartment on Erato street in the
same neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is and always shall be a very special
place to me.
I believe God strategically positioned Pierre to sit on the bench in the park that day and
He ordered Maries footsteps (guided me) to walk into my destiny.
Clio and Erato is the continuation story of Frenchbread & Strawberry.
I dedicate this book to Mr. Perry Lee Lawrence, the earthly father of all my children. I
love him always. I had no idea that my life was this interesting until I wrote it down on
To all my readers
God bless and prosper,



Music and musicians
Never get old,
Its a timeless entity
That serenades the soul.
After many years
We pass the baton,
To the young generation
Thats how it lives on.
Were now behind the scenes
And getting it done,
Living in new dreams
And having good fun.
Ya see, we own everything!
Long live music
Long live musicians.


Come into my automobile
And drive it safely for me,
Navigate this machine of steel
As I ride along the street.
I believe in your protection
Each and every single day,
Show me your Godly direction
Bring me back home safe I pray.
In Jesus name, amen.



Sunshine is my face
Rainbow is my hair,
Star is my eyes
Moon is my smile,
Milky Way is my skin
Galaxy is my aura.
Look up, and see me
For I am beautiful.
Sky is my spirit
Cloud is my voice,
Earth is my feet
Wind is my walk,
Orbit is my mind
Space and time is me.
Gaze up, and youll see
For I am perfect, beautifully.
Written by: Kertranka Marie Gordon-Parms


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