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58498 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

192 / Wednesday, October 4, 2006 / Rules and Regulations

and defense services, destined for or progress (RFP) requirements, and this following EPA’s NOX Substitution
originating in Haiti. A denial policy will document clarifies the correct citation Guidance:’’.
remain for exports or imports of defense in the CAA that should have been
articles and defense services destined referenced. Finally, this document is The references in Method 3 in
for or originating in Haiti except, on a modifying several incorrect citations in paragraphs E and F (71697, column 1)
case-by-case basis, for supplies of arms Appendix A of the preamble which to Steps C, D and E are incorrect. The
and related materials or technical addresses calculation of RFP targets. following is the corrected language:
training and assistance intended solely This action is needed so States will have (E) The target level of VOC and NOX
for the support of or use by security the correct version of the Phase 2 rule. emissions in 2011 needed to meet the 2011
units that operate under the command The intended effect is to correct the ROP requirement is any combination of VOC
of the Government of Haiti, supplies of errors in the Phase 2 rule. and NOX reductions from the adjusted
arms and related materials for technical EFFECTIVE DATE: This document is inventories calculated in Step D that total
training and assistance intended solely nine percent. For example, the target level of
effective on October 4, 2006.
for the support of or use by the United VOC emissions in 2011 could be a four-
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. percent reduction from the adjusted VOC
Nations or a United Nations-authorized Denise Gerth, Office of Air Quality
mission, and personal protective inventory in Step D and a five-percent
Planning and Standards, U.S. reduction from the adjusted NOX inventory
clothing, including flak jackets and Environmental Protection Agency, Mail in Step D * * * [Emphasis Added].
helmets, for use by personnel from the Code C539–01, Research Triangle Park, (F) For subsequent * * *. This value is
United Nations and other international NC 27711, phone number (919) 541– subtracted from the 2011 target level of NOX
organizations, representatives of the 5550, fax number (919) 541–0824 or by emissions calculated in Step E to get the
media, and development workers and e-mail at or Mr. adjusted NOX inventory to be used as the
associated personnel. All shipments of John Silvasi, Office of Air Quality basis for calculating the target level of NOX
arms and related materials consistent Planning and Standards, U.S. emissions in 2014. [Emphasis Added].
with such exemptions shall only be Environmental Protection Agency, Mail
made to Haitian security units as Code C539–01, Research Triangle Park, The reference Method 4 in paragraph
designated by the Government of Haiti, NC 27711, phone number (919) 541– D (71697, second column) to Step E is
in coordination with the U.S. 5666, fax number (919) 541–0824 or by incorrect. The following is the corrected
Government. e-mail at language:
Dated: August 31, 2006. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The EPA (D) The target level of VOC and NOX
Robert G. Joseph, issued the Phase 2 Rule to Implement emissions in 2011 needed to meet the 2011
Under Secretary for Arms Control and the 8-Hour Ozone NAAQS on November ROP requirement is any combination of VOC
International Security, Department of State. 29, 2005 (70 FR 71612). The purpose of and NOX reductions from the adjusted
inventories calculated in Step C that total
[FR Doc. E6–16386 Filed 10–3–06; 8:45 am] this document is to correct four
nine percent * * * [Emphasis Added].
BILLING CODE 4710–25–P technical errors in the final rule.
Section E.1.b. of the preamble (70 FR In addition, for all of Appendix A, the
71633; first column) provides term ‘‘ROP’’ should read ‘‘RFP.’’ This is
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION information on the RFP requirements for consistent with the definition of RFP in
AGENCY areas classified under subpart 2 as the Phase 1 rule (69 FR 23974, footnote
serious and above that had met the 15- 32).
40 CFR Parts 51, 52, and 80 percent VOC emission reduction
requirement for the 1-hour standard. List of Subjects
[OAR 2003–0079; FRL–8227–6] The preamble stated that such areas 40 CFR Part 51
RIN 2060–AJ99
would be subject to the RFP
requirements of section 172(e) of the Environmental protection, Air
Final Rule To Implement the 8-Hour CAA. The reference to section 172(e) pollution control, Carbon monoxide,
Ozone National Ambient Air Quality was inaccurate so we are issuing this Intergovernmental relations, Ozone,
Standard—Phase 2; Final Rule To correction notice to clarify that such Particulate matter, Transportation,
Implement Certain Aspects of the 1990 areas would be subject to the RFP Volatile organic compounds.
Amendments Relating to New Source requirements of section 172(c) of the
CAA. The regulatory text promulgated 40 CFR Part 52
Review and Prevention of Significant
Deterioration as They Apply in Carbon at 40 CFR 51.910(a)(1)(ii)(A) (70 FR
Air pollution control, Carbon
Monoxide, Particulate Matter and 71700) correctly references section
monoxide, Intergovernmental relations,
Ozone NAAQS; Final Rule for 172(c)(2).
Ozone, Particulate matter.
Reformulated Gasoline; Correction The final set of corrections are being
made to language in Method 2, Method 40 CFR Part 80
AGENCY: Environmental Protection 3 and Method 4 of Appendix A (70 FR
Agency (EPA). 71696–71697) which addresses Fuel additives, Gasoline, Motor
ACTION: Final rule; correction. calculation of RFP targets. vehicle pollution, Ozone.
The reference in Method 2 to areas Authority: 42 U.S.C. 7408; 47 U.S.C. 7410;
SUMMARY: The EPA issued a final rule covered under 40 CFR 51.910(a)(1)(ii)(C) 42 U.S.C. 7501–7511; 42 U.S.C. 7601(a)(1); 42
on November 29, 2005, which took is incorrect and the correct citation is 40 U.S.C. 7401.
action on elements of the program to CFR 51.910(a)(1)(ii)(B). The following is
Dated: September 28, 2006.
erjones on PROD1PC72 with RULES

implement the 8-hour ozone national the corrected language:

ambient air quality standard (NAAQS or Stephen L. Johnson,
‘‘For areas covered under 40 CFR
standard)—Phase 2. The preamble Administrator.
51.910(a)(1)(ii)(B) and that meet an 18-
contains a discussion of the Clean Air percent VOC emission reduction requirement [FR Doc. E6–16377 Filed 10–3–06; 8:45 am]
Act’s (CAA’s) reasonable further by 2008 with NOX substitution allowed, BILLING CODE 6560–50–P

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