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58590 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

192 / Wednesday, October 4, 2006 / Notices

and therefore has a fully approved Atmospheric Administration, Identifying and realizing the Sanctuary’s
coastal nonpoint program. Department of Commerce (DOC). research objectives; (3) Identifying and
NOAA and EPA are making the draft ACTION: Notice and request for realizing educational opportunities to
decisions for the New York coastal applications. increase the public knowledge and
nonpoint program available for a 30-day stewardship of the Sanctuary
public comment period. If comments are SUMMARY: The Channel Islands National environment; and (4) Assisting to
received, NOAA and EPA will consider Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) is seeking develop an informed constituency to
whether such comments are significant applicants for the following vacant seats increase awareness and understanding
enough to affect the decision to fully on its Sanctuary Advisory Council of the purpose and value of the
approve the program. (Council): Conservation member, Sanctuary and the National Marine
Copies of the draft Approval Research alternate, Business member Sanctuary Program.
Decisions can be found on the NOAA and Business alternate, Public-at-large
member, Non-consumptive recreation Authority: 16 U.S.C. Sections 1431, et seq.
Web site at http:// member and Non-consumptive (Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog
6217/findings.html or may be obtained recreation alternate. Applicants are Number 11.429 Marine Sanctuary Program)
upon request from: Helen Bass, Coastal chosen based upon: Their particular Dated: September 26, 2006.
Programs Division (N/ORM3), Office of expertise and experience in relation to Daniel J. Basta,
Ocean and Coastal Resource the seat for which they are applying, Director, National Marine Sanctuary Program,
Management, NOS, NOAA, 1305 East- community and professional affiliations, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic
West Highway, Silver Spring, Maryland views regarding the protection and and Atmospheric Administration.
20910, phone (301) 713–3155, x175, management of maine resources, and [FR Doc. 06–8469 Filed 10–3–06; 8:45 am]
e-mail the length of residence in the BILLING CODE 3510–NK–M
DATES: Individuals or organizations
communities located near the
wishing to submit comments on the Sanctuary. Applicants who are chosen
draft Approval Decisions should do so as members should expect to serve 2- DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE
by November 3, 2006. year terms, pursuant to the Council’s
Charter. Department of the Army
ADDRESSES: Comments should be made
to: John King, Chief, Coastal Programs DATES: Applications are due by October
26, 2006. Army Educational Advisory Committee
Division (N/ORM3), Office of Ocean and
Coastal Resource Management, NOS, ADDRESSES: Application kits may be AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD.
NOAA, 1305 East-West Highway, Silver obtained from Dani Lipski, Channel ACTION: Notice of open meeting.
Spring, Maryland 20910, phone (301) Islands National Marine Sanctuary, 113
713–3155, x188, e-mail Harbor Way, Suite 150, Santa Barbara, SUMMARY: In accordance with section CA 93109–2315. Completed 10(a)(2) of the Federal Advisory
applications should be sent to the same Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.1),
address. Application materials are also announcement is made of the following
Kuriawa, Coastal Programs Division, (N/
available at: http:// committee meeting.
ORM3), Office of Ocean and Coastal Name of Committee: U.S. Army War
Resource Management, NOS, NOAA,
news.html College Subcommittee of the Army
1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring,
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Education Advisory Committee.
Maryland 20910, phone (301) 713–3155,
Michael Murray, Channel Islands Dates of Meeting: October 26, 2006
x202, e-mail
National Marine Sanctuary, 113 Harbor and October 27, 2006.
(Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog 11.419 Way, Suite 150, Santa Barbara, CA Place of Meeting: U.S. Army War
Coastal Zone Management Program 93109–2315, 805–966–7107 extension College, 122 Forbes Avenue, Carlisle,
Administration) 464, PA, Command Conference Room, Root
Dated: September 25, 2006. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The
Hall, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania
John H. Dunnigan, CINMS Advisory Council was originally 17013.
Assistant Administrator for Ocean Services established in December 1998 and has a Time of Meeting: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.
and Coastal Zone Management, National broad representation consisting of 21 Proposed Agenda: Receive
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. members, including ten government information briefings; conduct
Benjamin H. Grumbles, agency representatives and eleven discussions with the Commandant and
Assistant Administrator, Office of Water, members from the general public. The staff and facility; table and examine
Environmental Protection Agency. Council functions in an advisory online College issues; assess resident
[FR Doc. 06–8468 Filed 10–3–06; 8:45 am] capacity to the Sanctuary and distance education programs, self-
BILLING CODE 3510–08–M Superintendent. The Council works in study techniques, assemble a working
concert with the Sanctuary group for the concentrated review of
Superintendent by keeping him or her institutional policies and a working
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE informed about issues of concern group to address committee
throughout the Sanctuary, offering membership and charter issues; propose
National Oceanic and Atmospheric recommendations on specific issues, strategies and recommendations that
Administration and aiding the Superintendent in will continue the momentum of federal
achieving the goals of the Sanctuary accreditation success and guarantee
Availability of Seats for the Channel compliance with regional accreditation
program. Specifically, the Council’s
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

Islands National Marine Sanctuary standards.

objectives are to provide advice on: (1)
Advisory Council
Protecting natural and cultural FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: To
AGENCY: National Marine Sanctuary resources and identifying and request advance approval or obtain
Program (NMSP), National Ocean evaluating emergent or critical issues further information, contact Colonel
Service (NOS), National Oceanic and involving Sanctuary use of resources; (2) Henry M. St-Pierre, Director of Joint

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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 192 / Wednesday, October 4, 2006 / Notices 58591

Education, Department of Academic 0704–0369, using any of the following Annual Response Burden Hours:
Affairs, U.S. Army War College, 122 methods: 1,535,894 hours.
Forbes Avenue, ATTN: DAA, Carlisle, Æ Federal eRulemaking Portal: Annual Recordkeeping Burden Hours:
PA 17013 or telephone (717) 245–3907. Follow the 97,375 hours.
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This instructions for submitting comments. Total Annual Burden Hours:
meeting is open to the public. Any Æ E-mail: Include 1,633,269 hours.
interested person may attend, appear OMB Control Number 0704–0369 in the Frequency: On occasion.
before, make a presentation, or file subject line of the message.
Æ Fax: (703) 602–0350. Summary of Information Collection
statements with the Committee after
Æ Mail: Defense Acquisition DoD uses the following DFARS
receiving advance approval for
Regulations System, Attn: Ms. Amy provisions and clauses in solicitations
Williams, OUSD(AT&L)DPAP(DARS), and contracts to require offerors and
Brenda S. Bowen, IMD 3C132, 3062 Defense Pentagon, contractors to identify and mark data or
Army Federal Register Liaison Officer. Washington, DC 20301–3062. software requiring protection from
[FR Doc. 06–8475 Filed 10–3–06; 8:45 am] Æ Hand Delivery/Courier: Defense unauthorized release or disclosure in
Acquisition Regulations System, Crystal accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2320:
Square 4, Suite 200A, 241 18th Street, 252.227–7013, Rights in Technical
Arlington, VA 22202–3402. Data-Noncommercial Items.
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE Comments received generally will be
252.227–7014, Rights in
posted without change to http://
Noncommercial Computer Software and
Defense Acquisition Regulations, including any
Noncommercial Computer Software
System personal information provided.
[OMB Control Number 0704–0369] 252.227–7017, Identification and
Amy Williams, at (703) 602–0328. The Assertion of Use, Release, or Disclosure
information collection requirements Restrictions.
Information Collection Requirement; addressed in this notice are available on
Defense Federal Acquisition 252.227–7018, Rights in
the World Wide Web at: http:// Noncommercial Technical Data and
Regulation Supplement; Rights in
Technical Data and Computer Software Computer Software—Small Business
index.htm. Paper copies are available Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.
AGENCY: Defense Acquisition from Ms. Amy Williams, OUSD (AT&L) In accordance with 10 U.S.C.
Regulations System, Department of DPAP (DARS), IMD 3C132, 3062 2320(a)(2)(D), DoD may disclose limited
Defense (DoD). Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC rights data to persons outside the
ACTION: Notice and request for
20301–3062. Government, or allow those persons to
Title and OMB Number: Defense
comments regarding a proposed use limited rights data, if the recipient
Federal Acquisition Regulation
extension of an approved information agrees not to further release, disclose, or
Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 227.71,
collection requirement. use the data. Therefore, the clause at
Rights in Technical Data, and Subpart
DFARS 252.227–7013, Rights in
SUMMARY: In compliance with Section 227.72, Rights in Computer Software
Technical Data—Noncommercial Items,
3506(c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork and Computer Software Documentation,
requires the contractor to identify and
Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. and related provisions and clauses of
mark data or software that it provides
Chapter 35), DoD announces the the Defense Federal Acquisition
with limited rights.
proposed extension of a public Regulation Supplement (DFARS); OMB
In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2321(b),
information collection requirement and Control Number 0704–0369.
Needs and Uses: DFARS Subparts contractors and subcontractors at any
seeks public comment on the provisions tier must be prepared to furnish written
thereof. DoD invites comments on: (a) 227.71 and 227.72 prescribe the use of
solicitation provisions and contract justification for any asserted restriction
Whether the proposed collection of on the Government’s rights to use or
information is necessary for the proper clauses containing information
collection requirements that are release data. The following DFARS
performance of the functions of DoD, clauses require contractors and
including whether the information will associated with rights in technical data
and computer software. DoD needs this subcontractors to maintain adequate
have practical utility; (b) the accuracy of records and procedures to justify any
the estimate of the burden of the information to implement 10 U.S.C.
2320, Rights in technical data, and 10 asserted restrictions:
proposed information collection; (c) 252.227–7019, Validation of Asserted
ways to enhance the quality, utility, and U.S.C. 2321, Validation of proprietary
data restrictions. DoD uses the Restrictions—Computer Software.
clarity of the information to be 252.227–7037, Validation of
collected; and (d) ways to minimize the information to recognize and protect
contractor rights in technical data and Restrictive Markings on Technical Data.
burden of the information collection on In accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2320,
respondents, including the use of computer software that are associated
with privately funded developments; DoD must protect the rights of
automated collection techniques or contractors that have developed items,
other forms of information technology. and to ensure that technical data
delivered under a contract is complete components, or processes at private
The Office of Management and Budget expense. Therefore, the clause at DFARS
(OMB) has approved this information and accurate and satisfies contract
requirements. 252.227–7025, Limitations on the Use or
collection for use through February 28, Disclosure of Government—Furnished
2007. DoD proposes that OMB extend its Affected Public: Businesses or other
for-profit and not-for-profit institutions. Information Marked with Restrictive
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

approval for use for 3 additional years. Legends, requires a contractor or

Number of Respondents: 54,925.
DATES: DoD will consider all comments Responses Per Respondent: 9.6. subcontractor to submit a use and non-
received by December 4, 2006. Annual Responses: 526,797. disclosure agreement when it obtains
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments, Average Burden per Response: 2.9 data from the Government to which the
identified by OMB Control Number hours. Government has only limited rights.

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