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Q.1 Which rule of aircraft rule 1937lays down the
requirements for grants of approval to
organisation(s) engaged.
(A) 133A
(C) 133C

(B) 133B
(D) 133D

(B) 133B

Q.2 This CAR stipulated the genral requirement

procedures & practices to be adehared to by
organisation(s) seeking DGCA approved for
(A) Fuel lubricants

(B) Special Products

(C) Training schools (D) All of these.


(D) All of these.

Q.3 The requirement of manufacturer,

maintenance, continuing airworthiness of civil
aircraft, aircraft components, items of equivapment
are specified in .

(A) CAR-21


(C) CAR-145

(D) All the above.


(D) All the above.

Q.4 Organisations engaged in activities & perform

only after the grant of certificate of approval are
(A) Maintenance
Organization (AO)

(B) Approved

(C) Certified Organization (D) None Of These.

Ans. (B) Approved Organization (AO)
Q.5 An Organisation which is located with in the
territories of India, will be granted approval when it
is in compliance with series.
(A) Series A

(B) Series B

(C) Series E

(D) Series F

Ans. (c) Series E.

Q.6 An Organisation that is located outside the
territories of India will only be granted approved if..
(A) ATA is satisfied

(B) AMO is

(C) DGCA is satisfied


(D) None Of

Ans. (C) DGCA is satisfied.

Q.7 The Approval to organization is based on the
(A) Delegrated system of responsibility
Delegrated system of CAR
(C) Both A & B

(D) None of

Ans. (A) Delegrated system of responsibility.

Q.8 Of which is the role to carry out oversight of
organization activity with a view to detect any
deficancy in the system in adhering to standards &
suggest appropriate corrective action




Ans. (C) DGCA

Q.9 The Civil Aviation Requirement is issued under
the provision of rule..
(A) 133
(B) 133A
Ans. (C) 133A

(D) 133 C

Q.10 This CAR is applicable to all organization

engaged in..
(A) Fuel Lubricants

(B) Special Products

(C) Training Schools

(D) All Of These

Ans. (D) All Of These.

Q.11 Category E is for
(A) Fuel Lubricants & Special Products
Training Schools
(C) Both A & B


(D) None Of

Ans. (A) Fuel Lubricants & Special Products.

Q.12 Which category is for Fuel Lubricants &
Special Products.
(A) A

(B) D

(C) E

(D) G

Ans. (C) E
Q.13 Category G is for
(a) Training Schools
Special Products

(b) Fuel Lubricants &

(c) all

(d) none

Ans. (a) Training Schools.

Q.14 Who has corporate authority for ensuring that
tasks as per the scope of approval of all the
approved organization can financed & carried out
to the standard required by DGCA
(a) DGCA
(C) Both a & b

(B) Accountable Manager

(d) none

Ans. (b) Acc. Manager

Q.15 An org. approved by DGCA & engaged in fuel
lubricants & special products & training schools is
(a) Maintanace org.

(b) renewal org.

(c) Approved Org (AO)

(D) None

Ans. Approved Org (AO).

Q.16 Certificate of Approval means a document
issued to an org. Approved by


(C) as in A & defining the scope of approval

(D) as in B & defining the scope of approval

Q.17 Alchol , apoids,sedative & hypnotic, cocaine

are which substances
(a) Psychoactive substances

(b) chemical

(c) narcotic drugs


(d) non- narcotic

Ans.(a) Psychoactive substances

Q.18 Problematic use of substances causes
(a) causes of mental, social or physical problem
(b) causes damage to environment
(c) causes damage to work place
(d) all
Ans. (a) causes of mental, social or physical
Q.19 Is a management system for programming &
co-ordinating the angoing quality & improvement
efforts of the various groups in an org. in
accordance with the requirement of DGCA &
specify requirement of the org. of customers
(a) Quality control
(c) both a & b

(b) approved
(d) none

Ans. (a) Quality control

Q.20 Quality / Manual will ensure compliance with
(a) airworthiness standard
requirement of DGCA

(b) safety

(c) both a & b

(d) as in C & as per scope of approval
Ans. (d) as in C & as per scope of approval
Q.21 A document accompanying the sale of meets
the airworthiness requirement of DGCA
(a) release note
(c) release note

(b) procedure note

(d) none

Ans. (c) release note

Q.22 on receipt of completed application form
arrangement will be made for a representative of
to visit & inspection the org.
(a) DGCA


(C) BOTH A & B


Ans. (a) DGCA

Q.23Which shall allow DGCA to inspect the facilities
(a) MO

(B) AO

(C) BOTH A & B


Ans. (B) AO
Q.24 Which certificate to an org. indicates the
grant of approval by DGCA
(B) Quality manual
(c) both a & b
(d) none
Q.25 The Quality manual of an approved org. shall
reflect the scope of approval granted by
(a) DGCA

(b) RAO

(c) None

Ans. (a) DGCA

Q.26 Each AO shall display the certificate of
Approved at a prominent place in the org. & it shall
be available
(a) for inspection by the DGCA
(B) for inspection by the RAO
(C) for inspection by the operator
(d) none

Ans. (a) for inspection by the DGCA

Q.27 Org. must insure that approved data
(literature) controlled by the org. is kept
(a) over date
(d) none

(b) up to date

(c) both a

Ans. (b) up to date.

Q.28 A duly qualified & experienced person shall
be nominated to function as.. & also shall be
approved by DGCA
Ans. Quality Manager / DY. Quality Manager / C.I /
Q.29 The Quality Manager / C.I must be directly
responsible to the
(a) DGCA (B) RAO (C) Accountable Manager (d)
All Of These
Ans. (C) Accountable Manager.
Q.30 Before approval is granted the qualification &
experience of the above personnel will be
examined by
(a) RAO (b) DGCA (c) Accountable Manager
Ans. (b) DGCA.


Q.31 The org. must employ sufficient no. of

personnel required for the .. & appropriate to the
approved sought.
Ans. Quantum of work.
Q.32 The org. must ensure that the personnel are
fully of org. policies & procedures
Ans. as detailed in the Q.M.
Q.33 The org. must establish a programme for
conducting refrestor course to ensure compliance
with the above prograph
Q.34 The programme should reflected either in
Q.M. /Training manual & reflected supplementary
procedure manual.
Q.35 The org. shall ensure that personnel are
undergoing periodical
(a) working check
&b (d) none

(b) medical check (c) both a

Ans. (b) medical check.

Q.36 The org. shall ensure that personnel shall not
work under the influence of any psychoactive
substance which might render them .. to work

(a) able

(b) unable

(c) both a & b


Ans. (b) unable.

Q.37 Quality cell :
Product to standard.
Compliance with adequate procedures & practices
stipulated by org.
Q.38 Form of manual should be loose leaf form with
each page bearing
(a) page no.

(b) no. of parts

(c) chapter or section & date of latest issues.

(d) all of these.
Ans. (d) all of these.
Q.39 How many copies of each manual should be
prepared by org.
(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

Ans. 3
Q.40 How many copies of manual shold be return
to org. after indicating approved thereon with
signature office stamp of the Q.M / C.I
(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

Ans. (a) 1
Q.41 Who shall be responsible for revision of the
(a) org.

(b) operator (c) DGCA

(d) none

Ans. (a) org.

Q.42 Approval is normally valid upto
(a) 31 mar.
(d) none

(b) 31 dec.

(c) 1 jan.

Ans. (a) 31 mar.

Q.43 The approved remaining valid depend upon
(a) AO countinous to comply with the requirement
of approval
(b) DGCA being granted access to the facilities of
the AO to determine continued compliance with
this CAR.
(c) The payment of any charges prescribed by
(d) All of these.
Ans. (d) All of these.
Q.44 The applicant desirous of renewing the
approval in case of domastic should apply to.

Ans. Local airworthiness office.

Q.45 The applicant desirous of renewing the
approval in case of foreign.
Ans. DGCA headq.
Q.46 A copy of internal audit report should not
more than.
(a) 30 days
(d) 30 days

(b) 60 days

(c) 50 days

Ans. (b) 60 days.

Q.47 Foreign org. form CA182 D shall be duly filled
at least .. prior to the expirey of the approval.
(a) 30 days
(d) 30 days

(b) 60 days

(c) 50 days

Ans. (a) 30 days.

Q.48 The Q.M/C.I of the org. shall be responsible to
DGCA for.
Ans. The administration & control of all the
activities for which approval is granted .
Compliance with the requirements of its certificate
of approval.
Airworthiness requirements specified by the DGCA
from time to time

Q.49 Who must record all details of all tasks

carried out of maintenance & preservation in a
form accipatable to DGCA.
Q.50 (a) AO

(b) C.I

(c) both A & B (d)

Ans. (a) AO
Q.51 A.O must retain a copy of all inspection
records & any associated data for aperiod of .
(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

Ans. (b) 2.
Q.52 One copy of the documents used in the
system of quality control in respect of the activities
performed, including all incoming certification
documents & released note issued by the org. shall
except where otherwise approved by the DGCA be
retained for a minimum period of .
(a) 1Year

(b) 2 Year

(c) 5 Year

(d) 7

Ans. (c) 5 Year.

Q.53 Release note shall be..
(a) Serially No.
(b) Printed & Serially No.
Both A & B (d) None


Ans. (b) Printed & Serially No.

Q.54 Release note shall be in how many copies.
(a) 1 Copy (b) 2 Copy
(d)4 Copy.

(c) 3 Copy

Ans. (b) 2 Copy.

Q.55 Release note shall be signed by the person
approved by DGCA & name specified in the org. `s
Ans. Quality Control Manual or in terms of
Q.56 If release note is issued & subsequently
varied or cancelead both copies shall be suitably
endorsed by the SIGNATORY.
Ans. (a). Name of the org. or change of ownership.
(b). Location of facilities.
(c). Accountable Manager
(d). Additional location of facilities
(e). Q.M/DY.Q.M/C.I/DY.C.I any other person
approved by DGCA

(f) Facilities equipment, tools, material, procedure,

work scope that could affect approval