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The Connected World

By: Simcha Michael BenYsrael

Having recently come under the wings of the Jewish faith and belief; and
experiencing everything that means being Jewish, I have come to feel that
everything in the world is connected not unlike the James Cameron film Avatar, and
that there is an underlying hint in all humankind of this sacred blessed connection.

In the film Avatar (2009) Eywa there deity, Hashem is in the reality that we exist in.
Though Avatar is only a Film, there seems to be deep connotations that link with the
Abrahamic faiths and more so my beliefs. This is that everything on Earth, every
Human, animal bird, creature of the sea, insect, to the sand, dust, tree, plant and
water has a small shard of Hashem. This is a gift a precious gift from the Devine. In
Avatar the Na’vi people of Pandora could connect through a physical connection in
their hair with animals, Eywa, and their ancestors. In our reality and world when you
go into a forest or bush, look into a young child’s eye, climb to the top of a hill or
mountain and look out over the landscape or just interact with other people or
animals through touch, There is this feeling of a deep connection. Hashem is infinite
and complete power that though letting the world progress still connects us to Him
the Devine. We can feel it walking on grass in the summer or on the beach,
watching the sun rise, watching the effect of the wind, or watching snow fall.
Hashem said that he cannot be contained by heaven or the heaven of heavens.
Hashem is, maybe that is what we have to believe, you see if Hashem just IS
everything, strange I know.

There is a scene at the end of the Dan Brown film Angels and Demons where the so
called G-d particle reacts and explodes with force in the skies above Rome creating
this brilliant view of what I would say looks like a nebula, a force of power and beauty
with lights and colour. In Ramban’s commentary on Torah in his monologue of the
first verse of Genesis that is a number of pages in length there is a portion that stood
out and upon watching the film Angels and Demons another time it practically fired of
the pages. The section of Ramban’s commentary that stood out is where Ramban
starts to discuss the first encounter with a name for Hashem, which is the third word
in the Torah. This name is ELOHIM ‫ אלהים‬meaning Master of all Powers. The root
of the word is EL ‫ אל‬which means Power. Elohim is a compounded word of the two
elements of ‫ אל‬and ‫הם‬, power and them. This is as if ‫ אל‬power were attached to
the word ‫ הם‬them to mean Power of Them, with the pronoun them referring to all
other powers, in other words ELOHIM ‫ אלהים‬means Power over all Powers. Then
the thought and Idea hit me, this depiction of the G-d particle exploding and its
outcome in the sky in the Angels and Demons film is That what Hashem truly is, Not
a Big Bang but an entity that is pure unadulterated power that is in existence and
that has power over all other things that exist in the reality of our world.

So going back to James Cameron’s Avatar film so is it or would it be all that hard for
one to understand that yes there is a connection in all things and we can intimately
interact with everything. Now I went oh my great G-d is that what you truly are? Just
think everyone assumes man is made in the exact image of Hashem that is in a form
that is human. But you see no, that is not it we are made in His image but not
appearance. Hashem has free will and thought as do we, and Hashem has ultimate
power to create anything from something or nothing where we also have power to
create but not on his scale or level and from only what exists like a house or car.
Hashem is this massively huge entity and larger than we could ever fathom, but is
contained not like we are contained in layers of epidermis or skin if you will. Hashem
and we are a contained source of ‫ אל‬power, batteries not included. If you recall the
film The Matrix the robots that ruled the planet used humans as batteries to power
their existence for without them they would surely cease to be operational. So we
ARE created in his image just not how one would assume, Earth is the Real Pandora
and humans are the Real Na’vi people but unlike connecting into Eywa for the Na’vi
with a physical link in their hair, we connect to Hashem through actions and prayer.

Think of the very first time you truly experienced looking in to the stars without the
constraints of back lighting of the cities, the first time you watched nature in a forest
or bush, the first time you connected with something that was natural. That
connection is a solid link that is deep and that part of us that connects to it is our
soul. Our soul is that little piece of Hashem, which are His Power and His Essence
that resides inside of us yet is individually unique. Why can it be a surreal
experience? Simple there is a little piece of Hashem in everything that is in existence
right down to the smallest particle of dust.

Now so like in Cameron’s Avatar, where everything is connected through Eywa, so

too are we in actual reality connected through Hashem. It seems that even though
this connection is strong in all things that we can still, through our free will become
disconnected from the collectiveness of Hashem’s being. An analogy to this is the
Borg Hive Mind from the Star Trek series where all Borg are individual yet one
connected entity. This disconnect is how we get people that truly believe what they
are doing is what is right, with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Usama Bin
Laden, and so on throughout history. It is a disconnect that all are guilty of at some
point and I am not exempt from it for I have felt hate and deceit for others, however I
have repented and chastised myself for ever thinking such awful thoughts. Now why
dose Hashem allow it, how can we stop it? The answer is not at all easy. We all
every human is try, but try at what? The Why Hashem lets it happen is that the
programme that is running Earth 1.0 is under way and running and Hashem cannot
interfere with it when running too much, because this life and existence is to build up
company for Hashem but also as a test of faith that we will want to know Him and
want to do what He wants of us and most of all love and worship Him. This is a test
that all have to face. How do we stop it is no easy task, but I would ponder a few
things. One would be to return to Hashem and the Tanach whatever we believe how

we received it does not matter the at all because it contains everything that we need
to know from cover to cover the good and the bad. How we overcome the bad and
become good in our life. Two would be reunite the Jewish people worldwide with
ONE court with satellites in every country with a Jewish Population this new
Sanhedrin would take over from all the worlds Beth Din’s as the Christians
regardless of denomination band together so to do Jews need to do NOW more than
ever in the same way. That is that yes we express Judaism in different ways but
there needs to be a common ground and commitment across the divisions with
leaders of the divisions getting together in the spirit of Talmudic times at revive Living
Judaism where we bring back enlightened discussions and Sages with new works.
For nearly 300 years we have been in a standstill and there have be breakaways
from the stand still Judaism with people wanting the Connected World feeling of
Living moving Judaism with a few concessions across the faith. Just look at the
happy clappy Christians who practice their faith openly and there connection. The
Jews need to not changing our beliefs in Hashem connect, talk learn and get back to
being a connected family that we are. After all it is the Jews that are to be the light
unto the nations, but how can we be a light when we are in the dark and infighting
within ourselves.

That wall that the Jewish people have built around them needs to be torn down. The
infighting needs to end. The world is looking at us few Jews in the world saying
“these few Jews are Hashem’s Chosen people what was he thinking if they are right
why can then not even get along with each other Jew?” The current situation in
Judaism is for me frightening as how can the Witness People, that Light unto the
Nations going to shine like a beacon if we few in the world are forever saying this is
the right stream of Judaism, instead of looking at the world and saying look whatever
torah says we should do this we should do it no matter how we feel how the bible
came to be instead of ending after the Talmudic era, or that of Rashi, Ramban or
Rambam. This era needs to be reviving the discussions that are in Talmud, it needs
to continue and grow, and it is a different world now one where technology exists.
Judaism needs to grow not in numbers but commitment to the Devine’s Connection
and work together, return to the communities and be welcoming to others and bring
Judaism out of the Middle Ages make it modern and appealing while keeping the
heritage and beliefs or we will lose our youths to the world of sin and torment. We
need not lose Talmud or our great Sages in history but add to those traditions and
create new learned people who will be modern sages. We are in a technologically
advanced world. This world would blow the minds of the writers of the Talmud and
the medieval sages that compiled the great texts all sects of Judaism should hold
dear. All the documents were written for their times but we need new texts to add to
that heritage for the modern age and have it continue through the future.

The Tanach gels together and everything in it complements each other which no
matter how we feel where it came from it has had a Devine compilation, as that
Hashem made sure that the Tanach we have today is what we are meant to have

and learn from. Talmud and the oral traditions are still as vital to life today as they
were when they were written down. What we need a new generation of thinkers and
philosophers to take us forward into the modern world with new laws to add to the
original ones that complement each other for a time that we live in and beyond. We
need rulings and discussions about technology and electricity things that were not
around then but are now. Jews as a whole needs to reconnect to that “Israelite
Hive”, become one people again with a common goal, aim and lifestyle that is
accepting, a people that was last united under King David and Solomon, a Family
that works together to grow and become that shinning beacon of Light and hope to
the Nations. A Family that rise’s together under a common bond that Connection
that Hashem gave to all things in existence that connection we need to reignite and
connect Jew with Jew to return to being Israelites to the Nations to all things that

How can we save the world if we cannot save ourselves from ourselves? All the
tribes of Israel need to band together not to one place yet but band together
worldwide to show all nations look, LOOK yes we were selfish, yes we fought
amongst ourselves but look we came together a reunited family and worship the
creator Hashem with one voice, one heart and as one people and honour Him that is
in everything that exists. Hashem is bigger than we know the Heavens and Heaven
of Heavens cannot contain his being, however he is the one that gave of his self to
give us a piece of him so that we would be connected no matter what our belief is or
who we are even a grain of salt. Life is Sacred and Precious and Life just IS.

Whether people agree with me or not, whether I am right or wrong. I am positive the
Power that IS, fills everything and connects us all together and that is special and
unique as it is all from Hashem and we all should thank him for our existence if we
are able. We rise and fall, we make love and war, and we deal with the good and
the bad. Will there be a day when all will be made right in the world and all that
exists is the good, love and rising up and the worship of the one true Power that is
Hashem. For me I have faith that it will come and I await for that day. For now I will
connect with Hashem and that connection that connects us to prepare for a better