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RAP CMS Data Bridge

• About Acqueon
• The Need
• RAP CMS Data Bridge
• Applications
• Sample Usage
About Acqueon
Acqueon Technologies Inc
• Acqueon Technologies Inc specializes in
developing products and solutions for the
Customer Interaction Management (CIM)
• These products and solutions use
business logic to deliver a distinctive
customer experience by enabling
organizations to not just interact with their
customers – but relate
Acqueon Technologies Inc
• Acqueon products and solutions also offer a
compelling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO),
which is further enhanced by rapid
• Acqueon products and solutions handle
millions of transactions every day at multiple
sites and are implemented across various
verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Retail,
Telecom, Healthcare, and Education among
others, in over 17 countries
The Need
What is Avaya CMS
• Avaya Call Management System (CMS) is an Operational
Effectiveness solution from Avaya
• It offers integrated analysis and reporting to help you keep in
touch with virtually everything that’s going on in your contact
center – whether you want to evaluate the performance of
– Agent
– Group of agents
– VDN’s
– Skills
– Single contact center, or multiple locations around the world.
• Avaya CMS provides robust real-time monitoring and
historical reporting, including custom reporting
• It works with one or more of your Avaya Media Servers and
How Does Avaya CMS Help
• Avaya CMS helps you optimize the
efficiency of your call center by allowing
you to
– Increase call volume without adding staff
– Enhance productivity while keeping close
control on costs
– Recruit and retain top agents
– Support Business Continuity
But Are We Tracking Our
Customer Experience?
• Do you really know what is the experience
of your experienced customers?
• Did your Gold customer spend waiting 5
minutes on the queue and then
• Is your Customer Business Data linked
to your Call Center Reports?
The Solution Is…..
• To bring Business Intelligence to your Call
Center Reports, the answer is RAP CMS
Data Bridge
• RAP CMS Data Bridge links CTI driven
business data with Avaya CMS (ECHI)
based reports
• Gives a complete picture of the Call
Center linked with Business Data
What is RAP CMS Data Bridge
• RAP CMS Data Bridge is the business intelligence
plug-in to Avaya CMS
• Integrates with ECHI (External Call History
Interface) of Avaya CMS to capture “Call by Call”
Call Center Reports
• These “Call by Call” data can be integrated with
the Business Data like “Business Outcome”,
“Customer Type”, etc typically captured by CTI
• Provides Web based Reports with Report
Designer for custom templates
• Designed for quick installation and deployment
How Does It Work?
• RAP CMS Data Bridge is a tool for fetching and
storing ECHI feed from CMS
• Avaya CMS needs to enable the ECHI license
• It can be configured to dump the ECHI files into
the remote RAP CMS machine using ftp
• RAP CMS Data Bridge monitors for new files, and
parses the same and inserts call by call data in the
• Custom Reports are designed using the RAP CMS
Report Designer and viewed using the RAP CMS
Report Viewer
Support Infrastructure
• Avaya CMS Support
– Version 5, 12 and 13
• Database Support
– SQL Server
– Oracle
• Report generation and viewing made easier
• Customer behavior can be analyzed
• Call Center statistics based on business
parameters are obtained
• Call Centers will be able to cut costs by not
investing in other reporting tools – improves
overall efficiency
• As report generation is made easier, Call
Center executives save a lot of time every
time reports are generated – the modules are
designed just once
RAP CMS – Applications
• RAP CMS Historical Report Designer
• RAP CMS Historical Report Viewer
Historical Report Designer

• Create new custom Report templates

• Create entries on the Report Viewer for new
Historical Report Designer
Historical Report Designer
• For the Input
Field parameters
define the mode
of entry
– Text Box for
static entry
– List Box for multi
– Combo Box for
single selection
Historical Report Viewer
Historical Report Viewer
• Historical Web based Report Viewer
• Reports available in Tabular Format
• Provides Reports for all elements provided by
Avaya CMS for individual calls
• For Cradle to Grave Reports for individual
customer calls linked with business data from
CTI servers can be custom developed
• Uses MS SQL reporting engine
• Reports can be exported to pdf, excel, etc
Sample Report
Sample Usage
Call Data Linked with CTI Data
• Customer call related data like “hold time”, “Talk
Time”, etc linked with CTI captured data like
“Customer ID” and “Case ID”
• This is possible using UCID (Universal Call ID) as
supplied by Avaya over the CMS to RAP CMS Data
Bridge and CTI link to the CTI Server
• RAP CMS will store call statistics reporting data for
individual calls with UCID
• Similarly CTI Server should also store CTI captured
reporting data for individual calls with UCID
• To provide cradle to grave reports linked with business
data, custom reports can be developed linking these
two sources of data using UCID
Call Data Linked with CTI Data
GUID CallId Customer ID CASEID UCID UserID AgentID ACWTime AnsHoldTime
9558AF02-68E5-4E65-B0FA-A2ED40F6E4AF 24445557 12341 1291 1088391127346670 56074 56074 3 38
9F68EAA9-17CF-4B98-B424-BD1055F88F65 24445557 12342 3345 1105531127347720 65242 65242 0 22
22F7777C-379A-4133-B904-3EA654079289 24445557 12342 3345 1105741127347740 56074 56074 0 64


CTI Business Data
• Sample Integration showing linked data of
RAP CMS with CTI data like “Customer
ID”, “Case ID”, etc
Tracking Call Transfers

• RAP CMS captures “Call ID”, which remains unique

for a customer interaction across multiple call
segments or when a call is transferred across agents
Thank You
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