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PAPER 1 (Module 1 & Module 2)

Objective Questions

The objects of OSHA does not include .

Below which is not hoist machine under FMA 1967?
Which of the following is not true about Accident Investigation?
A case of near miss is illustrated when
Under the OSHA94, which one of the following acts would constitute
discriminatory against worker because he made a complain on OSH matters.
6. Which of the followings is not an employment injury under the SOCSO Act
7. Which portable fire extinguisher is normally referred to as ABC fire
8. All the statements below are true about General Duties of Employees under
Section 24 OSHA94 except
9. The following are TRUE about good occupational safety and health policy
10.The following are the uninsured costs of accidents EXCEPT
11. Which one is NOT TRUE of OSH training
12. An emergency evacuation plan does not include
13.The following is false about JSA
14. Which of the following is a non-compliance by employees
Short Answers (Subjective)
1. The importance of the Safety and Health Policy for an Employer. State two of
the reasons.
2. State the types of accidents reportable to DOSH.
3. To whom the OSHA Safety and Health Officer Regulation 1997 are applicable.
4. What need to be done during recovery phase after a major accident
5. State the methods of checking the integrity of boiler in term of leakage.
6. Fire services Act 1988 has provision for :7. Near miss definition
8. State two(2) reasons for Accident Prevention
9. State two(2) objectives of ERP

PAPER 2 (Module 3 & Module 4)

Objective Questions
1. What is the most suitable method for evaluating work exposure to air
2. Which statement below describes respirable dust?
3. Guards that prevent a machine from operating when guard is open
4. Asbestos cause the following diseases except
5. Ergonomics is about
6. Ionizing radiation can be controlled by
7. Maximum exposure time limit for 110 dBA

Short Answers (Subjective)

1. The two factors which determined the toxicity of chemical.
2. List down two health risk from excessive heat exposure.
3. List down two factors which effect the effectiveness of general ventilation
4. List down two methods in prevention of traffic accident at construction site
5. List down 2 machine which requires CF as per FMA
6. List down 2 method of Fire spreading.
7. Provide 2 elements which can cause a fire.
8. Excessive electrical load can be avoided by:9. List down two ways of chemical can enter to human body.
10.The two examples of regulations related to use of LEV

PAPER 1 (Module 1 & Module 2)
1. A company with 500 workers involve with producing toxic chemical which can
cause fire, toxic, chemical spillage. Employer requested you as a SHO to
prepare the emergency plan & produces by setting up below groups.
a) Select two of the group and explain on the roll and responsibilities of each
- Emergency Committee
- Emergency Coordinator
- Emergency Organization Structure
b) A chemical spillage has occurred. List down the action to be taken by the
emergency team.

2. A company with 500 workers required Safety & Health Committee. Employer
wanted to set up Safety & Health Committee.
a) The importance of Safety & Health Committee for an employer.
b) List down 5 functions of Safety & Health Committee
c) Describe the composition and explain on the appointment
3. Briefly explain on
a) Proactive Performance Measurement
b) Reactive Performance Measurement
c) Give 4 examples for each one above measurement
4. a) Describe the factors involved in Domino Henrich model
b) Explain in detail on the two factors from the Domino Henrich model.
5. State four(4) duties of employer in OSH Safety and Health Officer Regulation
6. a) Outline 4 duties of Safety & Health Officer
b) As a SHO in company with financial constraint, discuss how you would
convince management to implement safety and health policy


PAPER 2 (Module 3 & Module 4)
Essay (Subjective)
1. During your daily inspection at workshop, you have sighted a lot of amount of
rubbish and scrap materials around the two lathes machine area. Also cutting
fluid was leaking from the lathe machines
a) List and Explain 5 accidents which can occur due to poor house keeping
b) Explain the action plan to prevent for the above condition to reoccur.
2. Briefly explain on Local Exhaust Ventilation.
a) Name two regulation under FMA requires LEV
b) Describe and illustrate the components of LEV
c) What are advantages of using Local Exhaust Ventilation
3. Explain in detail on Cradle to Grave Management
4. a) State 4 ways a person can be injured by machines
b) State 6 types of machine hazards and example of each machine for each
c) What is the definition of Maintainunder FMA 1967?
d) Why do operators tend to remove and continue operate the machine
without guard?
5. a) Below will be the training programme which normally conducted by
companies. Explain these trainings in detail. About 5 different trainings were
listed, cannot remember the trainings.
b) Provide the example of each training.
6. Confine Space
a) Briefly explain on confine space
b) Give 4 hazards in related to confine space
c) What are the causes of oxygen deficiency in confine space
d) Give 4 safety measures before make an entry to a confine space.


Station 1
A lady was carrying drinking glass and jug of water on a tray without holding the
railing at the staircase. She was using uneven staircase steps which caused her to
trip and fall.
a) What caused her to trip and fall?
b) List out 2 hidden cost
Station 2
Sample of Safety and Health Policy
a) Identify the incompliance of the policy requirement
b) What need to be done to correct the above
Station 3
Picture of mobile crane toppled off
a) In OSH 1994 Act which Regulation is applicable for this incident
b) Which regulation is talking about this incident
c) Which schedule is related to this incident
Station 4
Proper lifting of load. Choose either picture A or B
a) Describe on the lifting method.

Station 5
SDS of a chemical

Recommended Fire Extinguisher:

Glove type:
Risk Phrase:
Safety Phrase:

Station 6

Picture of handling of chemical in LEV. First time carrying out this task
a) Describe 3 safety measures which have taken.
Station 7
Picture of unwanted material such as tire, wooden boxes, scrap metal and bin were
placed at the corridor which obstruct the fire extinguisher which was placed at the
corridor and switches for lights.
a) List 2 unsafe condition
b) What can result from the above unsafe condition
Station 8
Four pictures of electrical hazard.
a) List out one electrical hazard of each picture.
Station 9
A picture of air compressor which showing of draw in.
a) Which can cause a draw in either A, B or C
b) List 2 hazards in related to this machinery

Station 10
A crane collapsed in a construction area which caused 4 Indonesian workers died
and 1 supervisor seriously injured. Please complete JKKP 6 for DOSH submission

Industrial (table)
Location (table)
Worker (table)
How many reports to be submitted.