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State University of Medan

Department of Economics

February , 2014

Letter of Recommendation for Aprilia Rumahorbo

Committee of NDHU Scholarship
Department of Administration Business
National Dong Hwa University
No. 1, Sec. 2, Da Hsueh Rd., Shoufeng, Hualien 97401, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Dear Committee of National Dong Hwa University Scholarship Program
I am very pleased to acknowledge that the Aprilia Rumahorbo is a multi - talented man with impressive
achievements in the field that he took. I am also very happy to recommend Aprilia NDHU Rumahorbo for
Scholarship in the Department of Business Administration. I was her professor in a course "Mathematical
Economics" in 2009. I 've known her for four years. She was one of my best students. She is very polite
and has a soul who never gave up. She is the type who dedicate themselves to education. She was very
keen to see an opportunity and she's very easy curious about the material she did not understand. In
addition she is also smart and astute student. As one of her proffessor in the graduate program, I was very
proud of her achievement in the academic field of my courses, where the value is really good and
satisfying in every study that I gave. And I believe she could be more remarkable in its entirety in ther
institution .
I was thrilled when Aprilia Rumahorbo brought a pleasant surprise with her desire to continue her studies
to pursue a master's degree, especially as she also wants to continue to earn a doctorate after completing a
master's program there. Aprilia megenal Rumahorbo for four years I am very confident that he will show
the same enthusiasm for graduate studies as he did before. She critical thinking, has good purpose and
live in a dynamic world and loves what she does. As a student, she's smart, mature, stable, reliable and
highly competent under pressure and stressful situations. She is a student who works hard, and I believe
that she has the right character, motivation, creativity and intelligence to succeed in the professional
activities or research .
Therefore I judge that Aprilia Rumahorbo a highly competent person to continue her studies in the field
of " Business Administration " Department of Business Administration and I support the plan to proceed
to a higher level. And in the future, he wants to work at a research center in a group in your department as
a graduate student. If you give her a chance to work on ther group in your department, I 'm sure she could
publish more papers and completing a master in a few years with great achievements and straightforward
continued her studies to earn a doctors degree .
I am sure that Aprilia Rumahorbo suitable for learning in your department. I highly recommend her for
that she is pursuing studies in your department, and I am confident that she will be one of your
outstanding students

Dr. M. Fitri Rahmadana, M.Si

Assistent Professor of Economics in Department of Economic
The Head of Business Administration Study Programme
State University of Medan
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: Jln. Brigjend Katamso Gg. Kenanga No. 17, Medan,
Province of North Sumatera
: +62 812 6504 0407
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