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NEWS RELEASE 9 March 2010


Hertford Town Council’s six-monthly review of businesses operating in the town centre has shown a
positive picture for the town, with much more encouraging signs than might be expected in the
continuing economic down-turn. The Council's Development and Leisure Committee considered the
findings of the latest survey at their meeting last night (Monday 8th March), noting that at the point it
was taken there were exactly 100 different shops selling a wide range of goods, alongside
beauticians, restaurants, pubs and services such as estate agents and solicitors.

The date of the last survey was 14th September 2009, and the review point of the update was
26th February 2010. At this date 37% of town centre business properties are home to shops selling a
very wide range of goods, whilst 20% are restaurants, cafes, pubs and take-aways. 12% offer hair
and beauty treatments, whilst 23% offer services ranging from financial and property to dentists and
recruitment services. 7% of units are currently vacant, a figure considerably lower than is being seen
elsewhere, with a further 1% under renovation to open as new businesses.

Since the point of the last survey, new businesses which have opened include ‘Peter’s Table’, selling
kitchen and dining ware, the Hertford House Hotel, and ‘Butterfly’ shoe shop.

Cllr Jane Sartin, Chairman of the Development and Leisure Committee, said: "There’s no getting away
from the fact that it’s still a tough time for the retail sector as a result of the recession, but Hertford
continues to offer a wide variety of shops, services and places to eat and drink. The survey identified
exactly 100 shops selling a very diverse range of goods, and this variety is a real strength for our
town. I suspect many Hertford residents would be surprised by what is so readily available on their
door-step, and that they could often avoid a car journey to towns or shopping centres much further

There are continual small changes in the businesses operating in the town centre, and since the date
of the survey a shop unit that has been empty for some time in Maidenhead Street is preparing to
open as a sweet shop, and the former Wiggingtons premises has opened as Caffe Yum, with a focus
on milkshakes, ice-creams and waffles.
Note to Editors

The full results of the survey are below.

Hertford Town Centre Shops/Services Occupying Retail or Business Properties

Accessible to the General Public (As at 26 February 2010)

Shops- Clothes & Shoes

Shops - General Goods

7% 7%
Shops - Food & Drink

13% Shops - Charity

23% Shops - Large Home

Hair & Beauty

10% Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

4% 2% Services - Personal
Services - Finance &
16% 12%
Under Renovation

Empty Units

Key Category Number Number

26 Feb. 2010 14 Sept. 2009
A Shops - Clothes & Shoes 18 18
B Shops – General Goods 60 61
C Shops - Food and Drink 6 7
D Shops – Charity 4 4
E Shops – Large Home Goods/Services – Furniture, Flooring, 9 10
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interior Design
F Hair & Beauty 32 33
G Restaurants, Pubs & Bars 42 40
H Take-Away (exclusively) 11 11
I Services – Personal: Dry cleaners, Shoe repairs, Jewellery 25 24
repairs, Opticians , Dentists, Film hire, Photography,
Printers, Travel Agents, Locksmith, Picture Framers,
Signage, Tourist Information
J Services - Finance & Professional: Banks, Building 33 34
societies, Insurance, Chartered Surveyors, Solicitors, Estate
and Letting Agents, Funerals, Recruitment, Bookmakers,
Auctioneers, Post Office
K Under Renovation 3 5
L Empty Unit 19 15
262 262