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online banking and villages in INDIA

Villages in India are remote and usually marketing executives cover them once in a week
banking sector to do business in these villages which are usually connected through once in week bus
can never do business on every day transaction and it is dangerous also to work in these conditions
usually to do business here banks have to now do online banking as medium as per my judgment
marketing executives when they visit these remote villages can do business if there is facility of online
banking business
through transaction cost and zero balance facility in online banking there are chances of opening up
accounts with villagers
self help groups who do business with each other can easily open up accounts if online transaction is
villagers can easily access utilities of online need based if facility of online bank is possible
online loan facility can easily be given on submission of reports generated through gram panchayat if
online facility is made available through banking
online banking having connections with transportation and other business unit links can easily facilitate
villagers to avail of benefits relished by city bred people if internet is made available

to sum it up
internet online services can save villagers from poverty and benefit them as good as city life

thought of the day

online banking companies and their networking to benefit village communities in INDIA


insight by father to a son in INDIA

When a book can reveal knowledge to a child

why not gain insight of a father to son be got freely through discussions ( friendly manner )

thought of the day

good relations in family ---- happy state of knowledge against evil forces


Reading books innovatively in INDIA

one book
one genres
one topic
one insight
one knowledge
one idea
one answerscript

leads to

different mindset
different areas of specialization
different knowledge hubs
different interaction
different sides of viewpoints

thought of the day

how to live in 24 hours time limit


why elders are important and should be closer to you in 21st century for INDIANS

With sex being rampant present generation are leaving elders and many cases I am hearing
they like doing sex and feel hatred when elders move around and feel like being alone is the case of
present generation
in old movies there was huge knowledge bank of why elders should be closer by in movies
they used to preach certain code of knowledge like

if elders are closer by

loss of limbs , kidneys, and many important parts of economic man can be saved because of joint family
knowledge about olden literature can be shared and experienced with elders coming handy in times of
taking care of elders gives knowledge to middle aged mother and father about their parents and how
medicine comes handy and used when they encounter similar problems when they become aged
taking care of grandchildren and wise living is taught to economic men and women by grandparents
diseases knowledge is prime important knowledge and food preparation and its uses should be known
to present generation ---- this knowledge can be taught only when elders stay with you
purchases for the house and its implementation and health practices can be learnt from elders
knowledge about law and its importance and how to be courageous when encountered with evil force is
got only with wise elders being with economic men
financial news decipheration and knowledge about talk between economic men and elders is important
for present generation to accept elders as part of family and not for old aged homes

thought of the day

unity in the family and readers of books are the ones who would survive in 21st century in post
financial crisis


When state is ungovernable and centre dont know how to get it back on track in INDIA


when state is ungovernable and centre doesnt know how to promote it and feels disheartened that
nobody turned up to become chief minister of that state and administration of the state is going out of

the only solution I could find was

why doesnt centre share finance and assign people work

what happens when finance is shared

all loopholes are covered up and mismanagement of finance is identified

financial budgeting is watched out for and knowledge about the state is known
ungovernable parts of state can be identified with finance being freeflow
money is lost in the shorter range of time but can be got back once state is robust through tourism
short term credit is the basis on which most of the financial crisis of 2008 and before was solved
infusion of capital into job market is the basis of getting business of the state back on track
day to day finance payment can be made to make state government responsible

thought of the day

Short term credit and its uses


short term credit ---- should it be more or less in Indian scenario

it should be in accordance with long term credit OR more than long term credit

if the long term credit for Rs 100 is Rs 10 for one year

and if the short term credit for Rs 100 is Rs 5 for 6 months
long term credit for Rs 100 should be Rs 5 minimum for period of 6 months
short term credit percentage of profit should not be lesser than long term credit for similar number of

hence to say

short term credit for minimum number of months should not be lesser than available long term credit
for similar months even though taken for much longer duration of months under long term credit
if short term credit is taken just like long term credit the interest rate should not lesser than long term
if both short term credit and long term credit have similar interest rates , there is no harm to the
economy giving opportunity to the loanee choice between short term or long term depending upon his
short term credit and long term credit maximum limit per month should not exceed 20% of salary
because maximum of loan taken limit by the economic man is 20% of salary per month
under 70:20:10 basis of expenditure:loan:savings as per the knowledge got from richest man of Babylon

thought of the day :

short term credit and long term credit having similar interest rates for the loanee decision


when a country is run by dictatorship and finance has to be generated for country (INDIA)

Transaction cost of generating revenue

every country is run by economic men

every economic men generates revenue
every generated revenue has to be taxed
every taxation has to be valued by state
every state has to be run for profits
every profit in turn gives stability to country
every country is answerable to other countries
every other country in turn generates import export business
every import export creates balance of payments
every balance of payments removes poverty
every poverty person in return has to do a job
every job has to have public participation
every public participation in turn creates a democratic set up
every democratic set up in turn generates intellectual capitalism
every intellectual capitalism in turn has to have books
every book in turn requires authors
every author has to be paid in the form of royalty
every royalty in turn has to generate cost accountancy
every cost accountancy has to have accountants
every accountant has to know law

every law has to have backing of courts

every court has to have backing of legislature
every legislature in turn has to have constitution
every constitution must have a preamble
every preamble must have administrative personnel
every administrative personnel must follow implicit and explicit knowledge
every implicit and explicit knowledge must have followers
every follower must have a leader
every leader must know group psychology
every group psychologist must be good behavioral psychology
every behavioral psychology must have psychiatrists
every psychiatrist must have a proper medical team
every medical team must have a hospital institution
every hospital institutions must have a union
every union must have a establishment
every establishment must have a builder
every builder must have a worker
every worker must have a wage
every wage must be paid through banks
every bank has a transaction cost

thought of the day

governing bodies are always interlinked to generate transaction cost


what should the government do when civil war breaks in INDIA (Colossus)

formation of Indian congress for solving issues of INDIA after 1857 sepoy mutiny

looking at rich history of India civil wars in our country can easily be solved through colossus


sharing finance
sharing world knowledge
sharing heritage of civil war with negotiation through financial instruments
sharing power through employment generation for the public
sharing economy knowledge by making leaders be part of consultation
sharing world trade by making chief ministers part of books
sharing management issues by making CEOs relish entrepreneurship in middle management of theirs
sharing students management trainees by making students part of PHD database in our country
sharing institutions by making them part of international forums in world through central ministry
sharing farmers knowledge with each other by making them part of salaried employees of country
sharing research institutes by making them part of website owners of our country
sharing banking knowledge by making banking sector integral part of international finance
sharing films by making them integral part of countries sponsorship

thought of the day

jnana yoga and its uses among public of INDIA


Amount of money a citizen should possess in INDIA (Research Paper)

This article depends upon stability of political science

If the politicians are kept intact and philosophy of theirs is implemented automatically inflation in the
society can easily be controlled
Once inflation comes under control and utilities can easily be managed with substitution also available
currency with the public can be easily determined through availability of finance in bank accounts
Amount of money with the public can be determined on the basis of inflation to be expected and as per
me it should be determined on the basis of staple diet of country
If the staple diet of the country is bread and there is no substitution thought out by the public
automatically growing population of the country would lose money
To save the flow of loss of public money farmers are to be advised to grow the staple diet more than
required so that economy has enough money to look at other utilities growth as each utility is also
dependent upon functionality of each other stability of growth of companies who are using the utilities
to keep the economy under control
Hence knowledge about flow of money in the economy is directly proportional to availability of staple
diet flow of utility in relation to its inflation and how political philosophy keeps each other in happy
state of affairs

Thought of the day

Political philosophy ----- staple diet ----- inflation ---- currency flow in the economy
Think on these lines


Amount of money an economic men can get back in his bank balance if there is occurrence of natural
disaster in INDIA

Video conferencing job opportunities in refugee camps

Over a period of 6 years and above huge number of natural disasters have occurred which is very
pathetic condition of the world scenario
I was browsing through few cases and came to conclusion of how to provide employment and bank
balance to these displaced society whose economic men have the capability to earn money but dont
have institutions to cater to

Export them to foreign land by conducting videoconferencing job opportunites and transfer them to
other countries as per need based requirement on competency
Based upon jobs got by them in video conferencing salary package is discussed between the employer
and employee
Once salary is fixed the salary basic is multiplied with 6 months to create a bank account for the
Why 6 months and why not 1 year
Product life cycle of utilities strategy has been used

Thought of the day

Product life cycle ----- is it more than 6 months discuss


Donations made by India and its repercussion on bank balance sheet of the country

interest rate of the nation is increasing to keep abreast with inflation of utilities

if India donates as good as Europe and gets excited because it has huge money with itself
what are its repercussions
once money leaves the abode of country to another country without return back , automatically money
with the banks also have reduced drastically to the country which has donated money
when money with banks reduce and to get profits out of money left bank is left with only one option
only that is
to increase the interest rate to get back the money to original size without affecting inflation of demand
and supply of utilities
demand is automatically directly proportional to amount of money a country has with banks because
banks are the only place till now where maximum transactions of economic men is done
if the country had more money if it hadn't donated money to the other country automatically money
with the country would be more than it is present now with donation taking place
hence automatically to compensate money in near future interest rates are charged
if money is more with the country interest rate would be charged substantially because of huge money
available with the country to manage
now as donation has taken place the country needs money to manage affairs of its citizens
so the country is forced to charge interest rates huge to make economic men a living with social debtors
banks are liable to return back money to the economic men as it is a debtor to economic men
if this scenario is accepted automatically donated money is actually a liability money of banks given
freely to outside country without conditions applied
the other country took it from our country freely
any money freely given to other country doesnt have liability towards its citizens and spend it without
rules and regulations as it was available free which make the money being circulated to the country
given under huge stress of demand for utilities increasing without check
supply of utility always is same and reduces or increases upon efforts made in production department ,
when money is available freely automatically people use it whatever money is charged on the utility
purchased making the county go into hyperinflation

the point I am making is

governance of money is never a donation but a loan sanctioning mechanism to check demand and
supply of money flowing in and out of country with utilities price being kept intact and not wayward
if money is given with interest rate charged substantially, money is valuated in balance of payments and
hence with return back of money in near future , accounting can be charged with minimum interest
rates is my point without huge increase or decrease of bank interest making banking volatile with no
knowledge of inflow or outflow of cash being checked when donations become smooth sale

thought of the day

money freely donated or given interest rate at reduced prices affect both on debtor and creditor
country (Discuss)