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Application Details
Application Name

Ratabase Product Builder V8 SP2



Vendor Name

CGI Technologies and Solutions

Source Media Location

The location where the application install files are made
available for packaging.

\Ratabase\Ratabase V8 Service Pack 2\Source

Note Any other software that needs to be installed in

order for this application to be installed and/or function.
Take note of whether these applications are currently
packaged or in the request queue.


Installation Media Size

( ) No (X ) Yes, they are:

.NET Framework 4.0


The size of the Source folder for this application:.

Note Traditional App packages must be smaller than 2
GB (if there is a limit on the SCCM cache size)
Supported Operating System(2)
Server Connectivity

Database Connectivity

User Preferences
Note any settings or preferences that are specific to the
user running the package

Win 7 32 Bit (x86)

Does this application require server connectivity to
complete the installation or for normal operation?
(X) No ( ) Yes
If Yes, is there a security group to which a user can be
Does this application require database connectivity to
complete the installation or for normal operation?
(X) No ( ) Yes
If Yes, is there a security group to which a user can be
(X) No ( ) Yes, they are:

Mapped drives

Does the machine need to be rebooted after installing

this package and before using it?
(X) No ( ) Yes
(X) No ( ) Yes, they are:

List any network drives that are required by this

Hardware Required

(X) No ( ) Yes, they are:

Does this application require any hardware to install or

Known Issues

(X) No ( ) Yes, they are:

Are there any known issues with this application in the

existing environment?
TASK Information

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TASK0311738 - Please create an Altiris package for

Ratabase 8 Service Pack 2. The vendor build package is
stored i

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Packaging Technology
These questions are intended to help determine how this application should be integrated into the
Licensing Information
License key/file: Provide the name of the file where the
license key information can be found. Also provide any
other information about how to use the license
Maintenance Requirements
Examples include TNSNames.ora and SQL.ini files.
Provide complete information on maintenance tasks
frequency, tasks performed, etc.
Note: If the answer here is Yes, this will probably be a
Traditional App.
Add-Ins for Office, IE, or other apps
Does this application link with other installed
applications as a context menu or plugin?
Note: Applications with plugins may not be suitable for
a ThinApp package

Installation Steps
Step by Step instructions for installing the application:

Execute RatabaseProductBuilder.msi

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License type:
( ) NA ( ) Freeware ( ) Site License ( ) Per Seat
Additional Information:

Are there any files or settings that need to be maintained

outside of the base package?
(X) No ( ) Yes, they are:

(X) No ( ) Yes

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Select <Yes>

Select <Next>

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Check the [] I accept the terms in the License Agreement button and select <Next>

Select <Install New>

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Select <Next>

Select <Next>

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Select <Next>

Select <Next>

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Enter the following information and select <Next>

Install Serial#
Install Password

Select <Next>

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Select <Next>

Select <Next>

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Select <Install>

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Select <Finish>

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Post Install Configuration Steps

Are steps required to configuration or customization this application (post-install) to provide the needed
functionality to the end user?
() No (X ) Yes, they are:

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Once installed you need to copy over the Config file

Files\CGI\Ratabase folder.

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Copy the file to \\C:\Program

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Uninstallation Steps
Step by Step instructions for uninstalling the application:

Go to Control Panel
Add/Remove Programs or Programs and features
Select Ratabase Product Builder v8 Service Pack 2

Click Uninstall
If Dialog box pops in select Yes

App uninstalled.
Testing/Validation Steps
Are there steps we can take to validate this application functions correctly after installation?
(X) No ( ) yes, they are:


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Expected Result

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Status as of



Document Creation


In Progress

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