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Arun Karthick Manoharan

5030 Apt-751 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 E-mail: Phone: 201-850-9399 Website:

Objective To make the best use of my technical, professional and communication skills to serve in a challenging environment and to constantly leverage knowledge.

Education Master of Science in Telecommunications & Networking University Of Pittsburgh *GPA - 3.85/4.00

Expected May, 2010

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, India *Class - First class with Distinction

May, 2007

Work Experience

IT Intern at Vivisimo Inc, Pittsburgh

Jan ’10 – Present

Involving in IT infrastructure development projects and maintaining the web, mail and dhcp servers in the enterprise level multi-tier architecture.

Exploring the versatile capabilities of MOSS in the field of Enterprise Search.

Database Analyst at School Of Nursing-University Of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

Jan ’09 – Present

Involved in Design and maintenance of the Oracle database and Oracle 10g application Server.

Performed functionality, Ready For System (RFS) testing and performance testing for the java application.

Software Analyst at Infosys Technologies Limited, Mysore, India

May ’07 – October ‘08

Responsible for maintaining the most critical application called OSS-MEDIATION of a Telecom Client based at UK.

I was responsible for developing and testing highly critical patches and QA processes. During my tenure I had tested around 75 patches with 99% accuracy. Automated different scenarios for functionality testing which reduced the TAT by 15%.

The application had interfaces with clustered networks across different geographies in EU. I was responsible for communicating with business teams during critical down hours and provided them with Tier I support.

Suggested changes to the QA processes to suit the cultural context, reducing UAT errors by approx. 20% by involving in the Change Management.

IT Training Intern, Infosys Technologies Limited, India

Jun ’05 – Aug ‘05

Involved in developing an interactive banking application using C++ and oracle to facilitate easy maintenance of customer and transaction details in a bank.

Relevant Course Work

Application of Networks

Network Management

Information & Network Security

Network Performance

Network Design

Distributed Databases

Technology Enabled Business Transformation

Web Technologies and Standards

Web Engineering

Technical Skills Programming Languages: VB, PL/SQL, Perl and PHP. Database: Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL server, Basics of Microsoft SharePoint Server. Virtualization Packages: VMware Systems, Linodes etc.

Areas of Special Interests

Cloud Computing* Worked Closely with companies like Rackspace and Amazon EC2 for deploying the applications in the cloud. I was responsible for designing the functional specifications and security features. Also played a key role from a business perspective by representing our development team during initial stages.

Long Term Evolution (LTE)* Performed a detailed analysis of various literature releases of LTE technology by 3GPP community and presented a paper based on the credibility of LTE and effects of transitioning from GSM and CDMA to LTE by envisioning the changes in the backhaul network and as well as the technology.

Distributed Databases My interest towards distributed databases started when I was working at Infosys Technologies wherein my client who was based at UK had servers at various locations across Europe but the data was only 46% replicated. We did a complete analysis on network performance and provided a statistical data that proved effective utilization of networks will be achieved at higher level of replication and distribution.

Linux and Web server Environments Configured a Linux development server virtually and powered a LAMP server system to explore various functionality tradeoffs and performed a complete analysis on the system performance.

Projects & Papers

Learning Abilities by a Speech Enabled Robot” Presented a technical paper based on the concept of Object extraction and Coordinated mechanical arm movement. The paper was awarded 2 nd prize at two different national level symposiums.

Designed and developed a working model of speech enabled robot using Object extraction features in MATLAB and Electronic circuits for the simulation of Coordinated mechanical arm movement.

Replicated and Distributed Database Explored and Implemented various functional and system properties of MS SQL Server in Replicated and Distributed environment which is the main component in cloud computing.

Write Symptoms Study Played a vital role in designing, developing and testing a java application for a research study. Configured and managed the Oracle10g Application and Database server for the web application.

Mediation (BSS-OSS) Worked on various projects at Infosys Technologies Limited for a Telecom Client based at UK. I was involved in development activity using cgi scripting and functionality testing procedures. Received many accolades from client business managers for reducing the work around and rework procedures.

Network Management Managed a virtual private network between nodes in Pittsburgh and Italy using an SNMP based Network Management System. Optimized the usage of network elements across the tunnel and increased the throughput from 75% to 90%.

Course Related Works/Achievements

Awarded Tuition scholarship by School Of Information Sciences - University Of Pittsburgh for all the semesters.

Recipient of the Graduate Student Book Scholarship for all the semesters.

Presented a paper titled “Learning Abilities by a Speech Enabled Robot (LASER)” at two different National level technical symposiums and was awarded 2 nd Prize each time.