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Tim Scott

For the past 5 years, Tim has has focused on analysis and administration and writing stored procedures
for Microsoft SQL Server databases. He has experience working with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and
2012, and Microsoft Windows Server 2008. In addition, Tim has experience writing reports using T-SQL
and XSL-T and implementing them in SSRS.
Tim's most recent accomplishments

Worked with a team to completely re-write SchoolLogic's legacy CSV to VFP conversion suite to
output databases in MSSQL format. Responsible for design and testing of the application.

Participated as the lead analyst for a root-cause analysis of critical performance issue in for legacy
Windows software used by the Calgary Board of Education. 32-bit VFP .COM objects having threads
that create locks and then die without releasing on 64-bit Windows which destroyed data stored the
session state. A custom session manager was employed to mitigate this for Calgary Board of
Education. Recommended architecture changes as well as changes to stored procedures that
successfully resolved a number of issues.

Championed the use of RMM software as a proactive approach to server administration - as

opposed to periodic checkups and waiting for users to report server crashes before responding.

Lead team member for Parkland School District's conversion from FoxPro database and legacy
software to SQL 2008 R2 database. Responsible for every step of the process including planning,
standardized data mapping documents, doing the actual conversion, implementation and testing.
Did on-site reviews of architecture and met personally with the IT department at for every stage of
the project. Was also responsible for on-going maintenance using N-Central RMM software.

Extensive testing on SQL Server 2008 R2 servers, architecture, stored procedures, and application
logic to address performance issues. Implemented changes to resolve issues.

Implemented N-Central RMM software across all of SchoolLogic's hosted and remote clients with a
service contract, as a proactive approach to maintenance.

Maintained successful relationships with system users and owners

Work Experience
SchoolLogic / SRB Education Solutions
2009 to 2014
Solutions Specialist
Database Conversions and Migrations
Maintenance of SQL Server 2008 and SSRS and IIS 7 instances running on Windows
Server 2008 and SchoolLogic applications
Migrations of existing clients using legacy software to current software
Responsible for new client conversions. Met with clients to discuss conversion
procedure and plan the timeline. Supplied conversion documentation to clients and
ensured clients signed off on every step. Mapping client data into required formats to
be imported into our conversion software. Resolved and conflicts that occurred.
Responsible for addressing issues in conversion process. Created a series of
consistency checks (including automatic resolution of problems) that can be run on
any database running SchoolLogic software. Recommended application and database
design changes based on issues discovered during the conversion processes.
Optimized stored procedures. Gave application developers advice on SQL performance
issues and database design.
Wrote SSRS reports for both clients and internal company use
Technologies & Methodologies Included:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

N-Central RMM

Microsoft SQL IIS 6 &7

WildTV Television Network

2014 to 2015
Database Programmer
Worked with team to redesign and re-implement in python the legacy commercial
scheduling software and design more effective database
Worked with devops to create a system for generating automated reports on
commercial airings cross-referenced with the bulk contract requirements in the
Normalizing and fixing issues in existing interim database and migrating data to the
new database formats
MySQL Server

Python 2.6

Django Framework

Django ORM

PHP 5.6


References available upon request.

Skills Maintenance & Education History




Database Administrator Certificate



Microsoft SQL Server Level II



Fall 2015