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Golden Rules of Argumentative Essay

An argument is a discussion involving differing viewpoints. It is a statement, or fact for or

against a point. An argumentative essay is an elementary assignment for all levels of students. In

this type of essay, you have to prove your point. You are changing and challenging the general

opinion. A fine-looking argumentative essay shows your command over the subject under

discussion and capability for powerful arguments. You can construct a pleasing argumentative

essay by following a few simple guidelines.

Set a Target:

In an argumentative essay, you are trying to prove that your point is right. For that, you have to

undermine the already established conventions and doctrines. But, don’t try to win by hook or

crook. Be commonsensical in stating your views. Study the topic from all possible angles. Form

multiple dimensions to your claims. Before beginning an essay, you must have a clear idea about

the matter under discussion. Your destination has to be marked prior to reaching the finishing

point. A correct preplanning alone can lead you to a logical argument.

Mind the Readers’ Mind:

Your attempt is to make the reader accept your point of view. For that, a psychological

understanding of the readers’ mind is essential. Know their pulse. What is the generally believed

notion about your topic should be kept in your mind. You can divert from the generally accepted

ideas only if you are well aware in it. Do a research. Present your version of the issue. No matter

how strange your explanation is. How you proceed to make it believable is of supreme

Choose the Angle

No opinion is one-sided. There are multiple points of view for anything and everything. For the

same reason, there are always rooms for arguments on all. As there is nothing called the ultimate

truth, the generally spread ‘truths’ about a certain topic can be viewed, studied and scrutinized

from a number of different angles. Which stand you opt in the given area is significant. It decides

the direction of your essay. When making your choice, certain things have to be kept in mind.

The area chosen must provide enough scope for arguments. A trivial topic restricts your

proceedings. At the same time, an interesting and relevant topic opens a wide range of

opportunities before you. So it is always advisable to be extra careful in selecting the topic for

your argumentative essay.

Identify your supporting points and opposing views. Provide evidence for your claim. The

purpose of an argumentative essay is to demonstrate that your assertion is correct or more

convincing. The success depends upon how well you present the facts and statistics.

Convince the Readers

The readers are always critical. They will not take anything for granted. A highly advanced

reader community need not take in your arguments if it explains a sophisticated detail

peripherally. Go deeper in to the issue. Support each and every claim with convincing points. A

weakly supported claim will be discharged without a second thought. Find adequate background

information. Make an impression that yours is not a mere claim. It is technically apt and

judiciously reasonable. Such a well-backed assertion will always be readable and appealing.
Examples are always convincing. Give illustrative examples to convey your points effectively.

Different from a descriptive essay, an argumentative essay makes good use of numerical figures.

Statistical data can be a valuable component in your essay.

Make a Draft

Logical organization is the crux of all types of academic writings. How much appealing your

essay is closely linked to how well it is organized. It is in the draft where you first organize the

structure of your essay. A draft is an obligatory aspect of writing process. An argumentative

essay can be collapsed by an illogical sequence of presentation. The points need to be presented

in a certain order. Prior to writing the essay, prioritize the claims. Begin with stunning

interpretations. Proceed aggressively. End up credibly. A well written draft is the father of all

such patterns in an argumentative essay.

Follow the guiding principles. Lay a hand on the sky of excellence.