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About Bach Flowers

The Origin of Bach Flower Remedies
Edward Bach the founder of Bach Flower Remedies was a microbiologist. He was practicing homeopathy for
some-time. He leant how to create nosodes. Its made from cells taken from diseased organs and potentizing
it. He discovered seven nosodes. This would take care of the basic constituency of the patients.
However, he thought Homeopathy is highly cumbersome very difficult. If a patient has time and meets ten
homeopathy doctors, each one of them would prescribe differently for him. He concluded that there should be
a simpler method and any disease both mental and physical, should be able to be handled easily.
His entire last twelve years of his life was spent in wild forest in England to discover those simple remedies he
envisaged. He found 39 remedies, out of which 37 remedies were from flowers, one from spring water and
another one was a combination of remedies.
What is the specialty of Bach Flower Remedies?
Whatever an expression or emotional state may be, there is a remedy in Bach Flower Remedies. Edward Bach
was a pioneer in finding the value of expressions while counselling patients, which was followed by later day
He was able to find subtle difference between emotions and thoughts. For each emotion the thought in the
persons mind could be different from another person. In a depressed state, I might say, I am not lucky. Others

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are getting what they want. I am not getting the same. Another person might say, While others are happy. I
am not happy. Thus, for each and every state, there is a different thinking process for different people.
What is the difference between Bach Flower Remedies and Counselling?
In counselling, you are giving the cause of your problem. Dr Bach says dont try to find, whats the cause. Find
out what the patient says. Find out how he expresses his problem. What are the words he utters when he
enters your clinic? That is very important. Instead, if you start analysing why he talks the way he talks then you
wont find the right remedy.
Choosing the remedies

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First and foremost principle is what the patient says. How he expresses himself. He may be in two or three
states. He might have fear and at the same time be angry too, or sad and angry. May be, he may be fearful and
worrying also.
For each and every expression of the patient, just note down the mental states. This expression is fear, worry,
anger or sadness. Based on those states, you would arrive at 6 to 9 remedies.
You are not the doer
We are always anxious that patient should be alright immediately. That expectation or desire should not be
there. When a person consults you, Bach Flowers takes over you. You are not there. Have the mind set, I am
not the doer. Those points should come into your mind.
If remedies want to go to a person they will go to them or they will go away. Let me give you an example that
happened recently.
A girl approached Shobana for remedies for her interview. Mother came to pick up the remedies. When she
reached home, she found while there were other remedies, the interview pack went home was missing. The




girl came to the centre, picked up the remedies, but failed in the interview.
There is a reason behind it. You are not selecting the remedy. Whenever you think of the remedy, suggest a
remedy or prescribe it, just prostrate to it mentally. Please pray to them and tell them if healing has to happen,
then let it happen.
Do not expect healing to happen immediately. Sometime healing happen some times it doesnt. How come?
Even if somebody doesnt take cigarettes, they get cancer. While somebody who smokes cigarettes, doesnt get
it. There must be some secret codes to the cells to happen or not to happen. The particular point that certain
people are getting or not getting is due to epigenetic reasons. See the power of divinity here.
So have the thought, I am not the doer. The flowers do all the work.
Initial Categorization of Remedies
Bach divided into 7 divisions. Original classification is bit confusing. If you read any book on Bach Flower
Remedies, after completing the book you will be more confused.
I have divided into five groups.
1. Fear four different states of fear, when a person is fearful
2. Worry five states
3. Sadness and depression around ten states
4. Anger some states
5. Behavioural states lack of concentration, postponement, mental fatigue, mental over-enthusiasm,
confusion, indecision.
This way diagnosis is easy.

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