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Std VI 1st semester Computer Assginment(1,2,3,4)

Paper style
Q:1Multiple Choice Questions:
Q:2 True or False:
Q:3 Fill in the blanks
Q:4 Answer in one word.
Q:5 Answer the following:
Q:1Multiple Choice Questions:
1.A program written in the assembly language is called _______ .
a) Assembler
b) Source Program
c) Object Program
2.An _______ converts a high level language program into machines language, line by line.
a) Assembler
b) Compiler
c) Interpreter
3.The program converted into machines language by the translator is called _______ .
a) Source Program
b) Object Program
c) Assembler
4.The term software was first used by _______ .
a) John McCarthy
b) John W. Tukey
c) John von Neumann
5.To free up disk space and help your computer to run faster, use _______ .
a) Windows Media Player
b) Disk Cleanup
c) Windows Media Center
6.The _______ feature allows you to peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows
desktop .
a) Jump Lists
b) Aero Peek
c) Windows Media Center
7._______ is a new feature in windows 7 , which takes you right to the documents, pictures or
websites that you use frequently.
a) Peek
b) Jump Lists
c) Rip
8._______ is a row on a datasheet which consists of a number of fields.
a) Field
b) Record
c) Database
9._______ is the data item which instruct MS Word where to insert the data source
information in the main document.
a) Data Source
b) Merge Field
c) Main Document
10.To create a new Recipients list, select _______ radio button under Select recipients section.
a) Use an existing list
b) Select from Outlook contact c) Type a new list
11. Intersection of a row and a column is called a _______
a) Cell Border
b) table
c) Cell
12. _______ depicts the pattern, colour or then symbols which are assigned to the data series.
a)Chart Area
b) Legend
c) Plot Area
13.______ refers to the positioning of text in a table cell.
b) Formatting
c) Table Style
14. After inserting a table in PowerPoint 2007 _______ tab appears automatically.
a) Table
b) Table Tools
c) Table Format
15. In MS PowerPoint 2007 Chart button is present on the_______ tab.
a) Home
b) Design
c) Insert
16.There are _______ alignment buttons on the Layout tab.
a) Four
b) Six
c) Three
Q:2 True or False:
1.Machine language is the only language, which a computer understands. True

2.Machine language uses mnemonic codes. False

3.Each programming language has its own specific rules and syntax. False
4.Assembly language is regarded as the first generation language. False
5.Compiler converts a high level language program into machine language, line by line. False
6. High level language program has to be converted into machine language by translator
programs. False
7. Programming is the process of writing specific instruction in a computer language. True
1. Windows Mobile software is used to play and organize digital media files. True
2. Disk Cleanup is used to reduce the unnecessary files on your hard disk. True
3. Sound Recorder facility is available in Windows Media folder. False
4. Windows Media Center opens your home entertainment option for digital and on demand
media including TV, movies, pictures etc. True
5. Burning a CD and ripping a CD is one and the same thing. False
1. Data source contains the text that we wish to send to all the recipients. True
2. Field is a column in data source that contains one type of information. True
3. Merge field is the feature that is used to combine a recipient list with a main document.
4. Preview Result option on Mailings tab displays the first record from the data source. True
5. The two main components required during a Mail Merge process are the Main document
and Merge field. False
1. To insert a table in a presentation, we should use Title Slide layout. False
2. Text can be entered in a table by clicking on the desired cell.True
3. Multiple rows can be added in a table.True
4. The border of a table cannot be modified.False
5. When we insert a chart, the data is also display in special window called datasheet.True
6. We cannot delete the entire data of a datasheet.False
7. The text is aligned to the top of a cell by default.True
Q:3 Fill in the blanks
1. A Program is a set of instructions which tells the computer what to do.
2. The development of computer language can be classified into Four categories.
3. Machine language consists of sets of binary numbers i.e, 0 and1.
4. Spacewar was the first interactive computer game.
5. High Level Language uses simple English words and mathematical operators.
6. Assembly Language uses mnemonic codes or symbols.
7. LISP was the first computer language for writing artificial intelligence programs.
1. Microsoft Windows Media Player is used to play and Organize digital media files on a
2. When you rip music, you are Copying songs from a CD to a computer.
3. Windows-8 is the latest version of Windows.
4. Windows Mobile software powers advanced devices that allow the users to Send and
Receive e-mail and browse the Internet
5. In Pictures folder, you can store digital photos, images and graphic files.

1. Main document contains the text that we send to all the recipients.
2. Tab key help us to move between fields while typing the data.
3. The data source can be created in MS Word database file.
4. A Tick mark gives an indication that a record is selected..
1. We specify number of rows and columns in the Insert Table dialog box.
2. Insert Above option is present on the Layout tab.
3. The Shape fill tool is used to apply different background colour in a table.
4. The plot Area is a window with in the Chart Area that contains the actual chart itself.
5. Data series are the bars that show the data value.
6. The Pen Weight tool is present in the Draw Borders group.
Q4: Answer in one word.
1.Kapils aunt was a computer programmer during the 3rd gne ation r of computer
language. Which kind of language was she using then?
Ans: High Level Language.
2.Sumit is trying his hand in java programming but he does not know which type of
language it is. Help him in solving his query.
Ans: High Level Language.
3.Sarita wants to record her voice with help of a microphone which options would you
suggested to her to use?
Ans: Sound Record Option.
4.Kritika has made her project and saved it on her computer. But she forget the location
where she had saved it? Suggest to her the best way to search her project?
Ans: Search box
5.In mail merge, where do we organize data in tabular form along with the field names ?
Ans: In Data Source.
6.Which tab do you select the execute Mail Merge option?
Ans: Tool tab.
7.Which button is used to further select the option for printing her document?
Ans: Finish and Merge > print document.
8.Where do you enter the records that are to be associated with the main document?
Ans: Mail Merge
Q5 Answer the following:
L: 1 Computer Language
1. What do you mean by Machine language?
Ans: Machine language is the only language that computer understand It expressed in binary
number form 0 and 1/Machine language has the advantage of very high speed and very low
memory Utilization.
2. How is Assembly language different from Machine language?
Ans: In Assembly language mnemonic or symbolic codes are used instead of binary number,
Machine language is only language understood by computer while Assembly language has to
be converted into machine language by a translator programs.
3. What are the features of high level language?
Ans: High level language is simple and user friendly language It is the only language which is
machine independent. It is very easy to learn and use the computer language.
4. Differentiate between interpreter and compiler.

Ans: Interpreter and compiler both are translator program to convert a high level language
program into Machine language.
1. Interpreter translates program line by 1. Compiler translates whole program at
2. Its execution power speed is very
2. Its execution speed is very fast
L: 2 More on Windows 7
1. What is Windows Media Player?
Ans: Microsoft Windows Media Player is used to play and organize digital media (Audio and
Video) files on your computer and on the Internet. We can listen to radio stations from all over
the world, play and copy CDs, create our own CDs, play DVDs, and copy music and videos to
a portable devices.
2. How will you rip song from an audio CD to a computer?
Ans: We can rip song from an audio CDs/DVDs to a computer
1. Select Start> All programs> Windows Media Player.
2. Insert an audio CD/DVD into the CD drive.
3. You will see the list of songs present on your CD/DVD, In the windows Media Player.
4. Clear the check boxes next to the song that you dont want to copy.
5. After this click on the Rip CD Button.
6. Click on Rip settings button to make changes in the audio quality, format etc.
3. What do you understand by burning a CD ?
Ans: Burning CD means to copy any data into the CDs if we want to copy a data or file/folder
of software, pictures, or even music and dragging it to the CD/DVD icon in computer folder,
you can create your own CD/DVD.
4. What is Windows Mobile?
Ans: Windows Mobile software powers advanced, easy-to- use devices that allow you to send
and receive e-mail, browse the internet, and with hundreda of application available to extend
the platform, How, When and Where you work is entirely up to you with windows Mobile.
5.How will you display two application windows side by side?
Ans: We can display two application windows side by side follow the step:1. Open paint and
MS Word program one by one. At present, MS Word is Active
6.What is meant by Disk Cleanup?
Ans: If you want to remove the number of unnecessary files from your hard disk to free up
disk space and to help your computer run faster, use disk cleanup.
7.What do you understand by the term mail merge?
Ans: Mail Merge feature is used to combine a data source with the main document. It saves
our time and energy to send letters at multiple addresses. With similar information to a number
of people who reside at different locations.
8.How many documents are combined while using mail merge feature? Name them?
Ans: Mail merge feature combines two documents, one is main document and other is data
source which is associated the main document.

9.What is data source?

Ans: Data source consists of mailing list, for example, name, address, city, pin, telephone
number etc. The data is organized in tabular form alone with the field names.
10. What is a main document?
Ans: Main document is the body of the standard letter to be sent to all recipient is called a
main document.
11. How will you create a recipient list for the main document?
Ans: We can create a recipient list for the main document, follow the steps
1.Type a new list.
2. Select recipient.
3. Click on create option.
4. New address list. 5. Click on customize columns. 6. New enter button.
7. Click on OK button.
12. How will insert a table in a presentation? Explain any two ways?
Ans: To insert a table, Click on New Slide drop down arrow on the Home tab. Select the Title
and Content Layout.
1. Click the Inert table command present on the slide. The Insert Table dialog box will
2. Define the numbers of columns and rows. Click on OK.
13. How will you add rows in a table?
Ans: To insert rows in a table:
1. Place the Insertion point in a cell.
2. Click the right mouse button.
3. Select Insert option and Click on either Insert Rows Above or Insert Rows Below
sub-option. You can also Select any of the option from the layer tab.
14. How you can apply border to a table and change its color ?
Ans. To apply a border :1) Borders button > on the Design tab is used to add border to a table in a variety of ways
2) Select the rows or columns you want to modify.
3) Click on the Borders tools in the table style group .Select all borders option . Border
will applied on the selected rows and columns .
15. How can you apply a new style to a table ?
Ans: - We can apply new style to a table by the following steps
1) To apply a table style , select the table .
2) Click the Design tab to access the table styles and options .
3) Point the cursor over a table style to see a live preview of the style on the slide.
4) Click the More drop-down arrow to view all option.
5) Click on the desired style to select it.
16. How will you align the text the bottom of a cell?
Ans: Alignment refers to the positioning of text in a table cell. Alignment is applied on the
text entered in the cell Align Bottom etc.
1) Select any cell entry.
2) Click on Center Vertically button in the Alignment group on Layout tab. Observe the
change in the text alignment.

17. What is a chart? Name the components?

Ans: Chart is an effective way to display data in pictorial form. Charts make it easier to show
comparisons and growth, relationship among the values and trends in data.
18How will you delete the data of a datasheet?
Ans:Ans. To delete all the data from the datasheet , move the mouse pointer to the blank
button .

19 How will you change the chart type?

Ans: To change the chart type follow this steps:
1.Select the chart. Click on the Design tab.
2.Click on Change Chart Type button in Type group on the Design tab. The Insert Charts
dialog box will appear.
3.Select any Chart type and click on OK. The chart will change into a new chart type.
20Explain how a chart layout can be modified?
Ans: The chart layout can be modified as follows:
1.Select the chart and click on the Design tab.
2.Scroll through the option in chart layout group, or click the More drop-down arrow to see
all the chart layout option.
3.Select any chart layout according to the need.