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Angeles, sharmaine rizzel t.

Ganancias, ronaliz dj.

Ph 1-3
Research proposal
1. Broad
limited/specific topic
a. Cyber crime law
b. Transportation
c. technology
games/ online gaming


social networking sites






2. selected topic: computer games/ online gaming

3. A. What is the research problem or controversy?
The problems that we can see in computer games especially
for the students are, not focusing on their studies; they might
priorities games only, they always lack of sleep and they might
get some violent attitude if that game is something war freak.
Those are just some of the disadvantages that a person might get
not only students but also us who are now exposed to technology
and of course we all know computers and some games on it. But
some researchers found out that games can give us knowledge
because they say that not all online gaming programs are harmful
for us it can also boost our critical thinking and now in our modern
life we have now games that teaches us what is this and that.
B. what do you want to prove?
In this term paper we just want to prove that an online game
helps us enhancing our critical thinking and improves our skills.
Online games, when we hear the word games we get excited and
eager to know what kind of game is that, there are so many
games, there are games that gives information or ideas, like

wordhunter, bookworms, text twist, and many more. It can also

contribute on our vocabulary skills and we know itll be a big help.
C. what is your stand on the issue?
4. Clustering or webbing


It can help us to think

beyond with sense.
It can improve our


It can destroy our

attitude, example it
can make us lazy
because what we
always want is just to
play and play.
It can be a habit.
We cannot focus on
things like studies
and work.

5. What exactly do you want to investigate/ rediscover?

6. Why is the topic interesting / important?
We are in a new generation and as time passes by
technology goes modern and modern as well. Game is a word that
catches our mind because we know that itll be interesting. But
now we cant stop youth making and playing games because they
are used to it. This topic is important to inform what advantages
and disadvantages that we can get through games.
7. How would you like to gather data/ facts?
Through sources from the internet and survey few people.
8. Predict the outcome of the study?

9. How can the end- user benefit from the study?

They will know how games benefit them and also how games
can harm them. With that simple game what you know is that it
makes you feel happy but on the other side it can also ruin you or
can make you be a good thinker.