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Curriculum Vitae


B.Tech , Computer Science & Engineering,
National Institute Of Technology

E-mail ID :
Mobile No.: +91


An Opportunity in the field of Computer Science and Engineering that gives me a

platform to showcase my theoretical and practical knowledge, and develop
experimental and research skills and extend myself to higher work in the field of my
technical interests.
Personal Skills

Acumen for taking responsibility and high interpersonal skills.

Strong willingness to learn new skills and take challenges.
Ability to establish rapport and work in a team.

Educational Qualifications




(Class XII)

National Institute of
Technology ,Durgapur




(Class X)




Areas of Interest

C programming & Object Oriented Programming using C++.

Data structures and Algorithms.
Information Security and Cryptography.
Computer Systems and Networks.
Operating System principles..
Compiler Design.
Computer Graphics
Database Management Systems
Automata Theory

Computer Hardware Assembly

Projects Undertaken

Development of e-summarizer( An auto summarizer tool):

Successfully designed an auto summarizing tool. This project was submitted in the open project
competition of MUKTI-2009,the national level technical symposium of NIT Durgapur.This
project secured the first position in the Open Project Competition.

Increasing Testability in QCA (Quantum cellular automata) circuits:

Currently pursuing a project on Quantum Cellular Automata based Logic Gate design & testing
under Prof. Bibhash Sen; Department of Computer Science & Engineering, National Institute of
Technology, Durgapur.

Intelligent Cache management for Squid proxy server(currently active):

Currently involved in a Project on Intelligent Cache Management for Squid proxy server.
This project has been registered under the EKLAVYA program of IIT Bombay.

Designing of Medical Database:

Successfully completed a Project on Design of Medical
Prof.A.K.Ray(Electronics and Electrical Department) of IIT Kharagpur.



Clustering of Computers in Linux platform:

Successfully completed a Project on Clustering of Computers in Linux Platformat
Central Mechanical and Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), Durgapur.

Creation of a computer generated P2P NetworkModel of file and content category

Successfully completed a project on creation of a computer generated P2P Network Model of file
and content category distribution in a P2P network and studying the behaviour of pseudo-random
queries based on the above network model, under Prof. Bibhash Sen; Department of Computer
Science & Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur.

Roster Automation Problem:

Currently pursuing a project on Software solution to the Roster Automation problem using
J2EE environment under the guidance and cooperation of IBM International.


Submitted a paper on 'Design of Universal Logic Gate for minimizing wire crossings in QCA
circuits' at IEEE INDICON 2009 (Results awaited).
Presented a paper on 'Analysis of Spatial locality in search engines using P2P Networks' at
ICFCA 2010-International Conference on Futuristic Computer Applications (Paper selected, to be
presented on March 20-21, 2010).
Presented a paper entitled FERROELECTRET-The material and its applications at All India
Students Engineering Congress (AISEC)-2008 organized by ISTE.
Presented a paper on Efficient Optimization of number of gates in MV-Inverter based QCA
circuit design using K-maps at International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and

Work Experience and Training

Summer Training on Network

Management and Ethical Hacking:

Successfully completed training on Network Management at XIM, Bhubaneswar. This training

is dealing with Networking Technologies including Server Configuration, Routing, Operating
Systems, Linux, Shell Programming, Internet Security,TCP/IP,
FTP/DNS/DHCP/Samba configuration, Telecommunications and networking.
Seminars and Workshops:

Workshop on Robotics by Technophilia Solutions:

Attended a two day workshop on Robotics organised by Technophilia Solutions, a Mumbai based
firm held at NIT Durgapur. The workshop dealt with wired, wireless, computer controlled and
speech controlled robotics.

Seminar on Service oriented architecture(SOA):

Attended a one day seminar on SOA organised by Accenture held at NIT Durgapur. This seminar
was followed by a group activity dealing with development of SOA model for a particular
business proposal.

Seminar on Open Solaris:

Attended a one day seminar on Open Solaris organized by Sun Engineering Organisation, USA
at NIT, Durgapur.

Seminar on Scientific Computing:

Attended a one day seminar on Scientific Computing organized by the department of
Mathematics of NIT ,Durgapur under Technical Education and Quality Improvement

Technical skills

Programming languages: C,C++,Java,BASH Shell scripting.

Web development: HTML,PHP, Javascript
Databases: MySQL, SQL Server,Oracle 9i/10g
Operating systems: DOS, Windows NT/9x/Me/XP/VISTA,LINUX( Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu,
Tools: Matlab, Microsoft Office, Adobe photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver.


Was among the 0.01% merit certificate holders of AISSE-2003(Class X)

Secured rank-6 in All Assam Maths Olympiad-2004.
Secured First position in the regional level science exhibition-2004(Assam) and hence was
selected for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition.
Was selected in the Zonal level of CBSE Intel Science Quiz-2005.
Presented a paper entitled FERROELECTRET-The material and its applications at All India
Students Engineering Congress(AISEC)-2008 organised by ISTE.
Awarded GradeA in technical quiz in the Inter College Technical Meet-2007 organised by ISTE.
Participated in the regional level Social Science Exhibition.
Secured positions in various Chess and Table Tennis competitions.
Secured merit certificate in Science Olympiad.
Among the top 3 percentile of the AIEEE candidates all over India.


Playing Table Tennis and Chess.

Collecting stamps.
Going through Current affairs.

Personal Profile


: Manoj Kumar Mohapatra

Fathers Name

: Mr.Saroj Kanta Mohapatra

Mothers Name

: Mrs. Babita Mohapatra

Date of Birth

: 01/07/1987


: Male

Current Address

: Room No.-208,
Hall-4, CV Raman Hall Of Residence,
NIT Durgapur,
West Bengal-713209

Permanent Address : Manoj Kumar Mohapatra

c/o Saroj Kanta Mohapatra,
10,Vraj Vihar Apartment,
Languages Known

: English, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali, Telugu.


Dr. Debidas Ghosh,

Computer Science and Engineering,
National Institute of Technology,Durgapur.
Dr. Gopal Krishna Nayak, Professor,
Xavier Institute of Management,Bhubaneswar.
Dr.Suchismita Roy,
Head of the Department,
Computer Science and Engineering,
National Institute of Technology,Durgapur.
Dr. A.K.Ray, Professor
Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering,
Head,School of Medical Science ,

Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur.

Mr. Swapan Purakit
Program Coordinator