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The maximum spacing for vertical

stirrups of shear reinforcements shall not
(a) 0.75 d
(b) 0.45 d
(c) d
(d) 0.6 d; where d = effective depth
2. The minimum percentage of steel in case
of an axially loaded R.C.C. column is given by:
(a) 1%
(b) 0.8%
(c) 0.5%
(d) 0.2%
3. An R.C.C, column may be considered as
short when the ratio of effective length
of column to the least lateral dimension
does not exceed:
(a) 8
(b) 12
(c) 15
(d) 20
4. Minimum super elevation in a curve is
equal to:
(a) zero
(b) 5%
(c) camber
(d) gradient
5. A pavement is classified as flexible or
rigid pavement based on its :
wearing course
base course
sub base
sub grade
6. Corner steel is provided in slab
(a) to resist the bending moment at the corner
(b) to make the slab sufficiently rigid
(c) to resist torsional moment
(d) to prevent displacement of corners
7. In a well seasoned timber, the moisture
content will be in the range of :
(a) 20-25%
(b) 15-20%
(c) 10-12%
(d) 5-7%

8. No deduction is made in the masonry

for the area of opening does not exceed
(in sq m):
(a) 0.10
(b) 0.15
(c) 0.25
(d) 0.50
9. Maximum reinforcement in a column is
(a) 4%
(b) 5%
(c) 6%
(c) 8%
10. Soils which are transported by the running
water are called
(a) aeolian soils
(b) alluvial soils
(c) marine soils
(d) lacustrine soils
11. Soils which are formed by transportation of
the weathered rock materials by the wind are
(a) aeoline soils
(b) marine soils
(c) lacustrine soils
(d) alluvial soils
12. Liquid limit exists in

(a) gravels
(c) silty soils

(b) sandy soils

(d) clayey soils

13. Finer the cement, more is the :


Early strength
Shrinkage cracking
All of these

14. 10. True meridians

(a) are parallel to each other
(b) converge at a point called pole
(c) converge near equator
(d) none-of the above.
11. In whole circle system the bearings are
(a) clock wise from the north point of the
reference meridian towards the line of
sight round the circle
(b) anti clockwise from the north point
(c) with the notations of cardinal points N, E,
(d) none of the above.

12. A negative declination shows the magnetic

meridian to the
(a) eastern side of the true meridian
(b) western side of the true meridian
(c) southern side of the true meridian
(d) none of the above.

19. The following is a Modify command in

(a) Hatch
(b) Line
(c) Polyline
(d) Array

13. If the magnetic bearing of sun at noon at a

in southern hemisphere is 150 the magnetic
declination at that place is
(a) 30E
(b) 30W
(c) 20E
(d) 20W

20. Distance is a
(a) Draw
(b) Modify
(c) Inquiry
(d) Dimension, command

14. Isogonic lines are

(a) lines passing through points having same
declination at a given point
(b) line passing through point of zero
(c) line passing through point having same
(d) line passing through point having zero dip.
15. In survey works declinations varies from time
to time and place to place. The most important
variation is
(a) Secular variation
(b) Annual variation
(c) Diurnal variation
(d) Irregular variation
16. One of the natural factors influencing
camber is :
(a) type of material of wearing course
(b) topography of area
(c) nature of subsoil met with
(d) amount of rainfall
17. Limiting gradient in plains is :
(a) 1 in 15
(b) 1 in20
(c) 1 in25
(d) 1 in 30
18. The following is not a Draw command in
(a) Hatch
(b) Line
(c) Polyline
(d) Array

21. A autocad drawing file cannot be saved as

(a) .dwg
(b) .dxf
(c) .dwt
(d) .docx, format
22. The command which ask line width is
(a) Offset
(b) Polyline
(c) Construction line
(d) Spline
23. The correct syntax to draw line of length 12
units and angle 1200 with horizontal axis in
anticlockwise direction from a point is:

(a) @12 < 120

(b) 12@ , <120
(c) @12 < -240
(d) < 120 @ 12
24. Text is a
(a) Modify command
(b) Draw command
(c) Dimension command
(d) None of the above
25. The symbol can be written in text format
by typing
(a) %%p
(b) %%c
(c) %%d
(d) %%o
26. The default short cut key for object snap on is
(a) F2
(b) F3
(c) F8
(d) F9

28. Leader is a
(a) Draw
(b) Modify
(c) Inquiry
(d) None of these
29. The following is a draw command
(a) Scale
(b) Trim
(c) Array
(d) Region
30. The command which ask Edge is
(a) Rectangle
(b) Polyline
(c) Polygon
(d) Fillet
31. In under-reinforced section :
(a) the depth of the actual neutral axis is less
than the balanced neutral axis depth
(b) the depth of the acual neutral axis is more
than the balanced neutral axis
(c) the concrete reaches maximum
permissible stress first
(d) both concrete and steel reach maximum
permissible stresses simultaneously.
32.The unit of measurement for concrete work in
RCC is in.
(a) m
(b) cu m
(c) 10 sqm
(d) 100 sq m
33. The unit of measurement for steel works in
trusses and its parts is in
(a) M.Ton.11 l
(b) Cm
(c) Numbers
(d) Kilograms
34. While estimating for plastering, usually no
deduction is made for
(a) Ends of beams
(b) Small openings upto 0.5 sq.m
(c) End of rafters
(d) All of the above

35. Number of bricks of size 20 cm * 10 cm *

10 cm required for 100 cubic metres of
masonry wall is
(a) 500
(b) 5000
(c) 50000 (d) 500000
36. The expected out turn of brick work in
cement mortar in foundation and plinth per
mason per day, is:
(a) 1.00 m3 (b) 1.25 m3
(c) 1.50 m3 (d) 1.75 m3
37. One cubic metre of cement concrete (1:
2: 4) is to be mixed by volume. Number of
cement bags required will be approximately
(a) 1
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 11
38. The estimated quantity of cement
required in cement mortar (1:6) per cubic
metre will be
(a) 5.6 bags
(b) 6.4 bags
(c) 6.8 bags
(d) 8 bags
39. One cubic metre of mild steel weights
(a) 1000 kg
(b) 3625 kg
(c) 7850 kg
(d) 12560 kg
40. In a detailed estimate, the provision for
contigendes is, usually
(a) 1%
(b) 3% to 5%
(c) 10%
(d) 12% to 20%
41. Annual rent is generally fixed at of value
of building.
(a) I% to 2%
(b) 2% to 5%
(c) 5% to 10%
(d) 10% to 25%
42. Original cost of property minus
depreciation is
(a) book value
(b) salvage value
(c) rateable
(d) obsolence value
43. A standing advance of fixed sum of
money given to a individual of the
a. Hand Receipt.

b. Imprest
c. Secured Advance
d. None of these


elastic shortening, creep, shrinkage

creep, shrinkage, relaxation
creep, shrinkage, slip
relaxation, friction, creep, shrinkage

44. The PWD form used for First & Final Bill
(a) Form 24
(b) Form 27
(c) Form 25
(d) Form 26

51. The degree of saturation of a soil at its

shrinkage limit is:
(a) zero %
(b) 50%
(c) 75%
(d) 100%

45. The money given by the contractor while

submitting a tender
Security Deposit
Advance deposit
Earnest money
Any one of the above

52. Phreatic line indicates the surface of

seepage water within the body of:
(a) earth dam
(b) masonry dam
(c) concrete dam
(d) coffer dam

46. The top reinforcement at the support

section of a continuous beam shall be
extended from either face of the column
up to a distance equal to :
(a) effective span/3
(b) effective span/6
(c) effective span/5
(d) effective span/8
47. Vicat apparatus is used to determine:
(a) durability of aggregate for concrete
(b) impurities of water for concrete
(c) initial and final setting time of
(d) the strength of concrete
48. For purpose of determining the seismic
force in structure, India has been classified into
several zones and Calcutta falls in :
(a) Zone I
(b) Zone III
(c) Zone IV
(d) Zone V
49. Which of the following materials has the
highest carbon percentage?
(a) Cast Iron
(b) Mild Steel
(c) High Carbon Steel
(d) Stainless Steel
50. Long term losses in a post-tensioned
girder are due to :

53. Maximum size of clay particles is around :

(a) 0.002 mm
(b) 0.02 mm
(c) 0.06 mm
(d) 0.2 mm
54. The maximum deflection in a steel beam
should not generally exceed:
(a) span/325
(b) span/300
(c) span/250
(d) span/400
55. Open channel flow is the one in which
(a) closed conduit is full of flowing liquid
(b) the liquid flowing in a closed conduit has a
free surface,
(c) covered channel flows full under pressure.
(d) the solid boundaries confining the flow are
open at top.
56.The most widely used pump for pumping
sewage is
(a) centifugal pump
(b) air pressure pump
(c) reciprocating pump
(d) none above

57. In a king post truss the number of

vertical post will be:
(a) 1

(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) more than three
58. The defect cup shake in timber occurs:
a. when the tree is over matured
b. when wood dries below fibre
saturation point.
c. .due to excessive frost action on
sap in tree
d. due to excessive frost and fierce
heat of sun
59. To facilitate quick flow of rain water on
R.C.C. flat roof towards spouts it is
usually given a slope of:
(a) about 2 to 3
(b) about 8 to 10
(c) 15
(d) 22
60. With the increase in moisture content
the bulking of sand:
(a) increases
(b) decreases
(c) first increases to a maximum value
and then decreases
(d) first decreases to a minimum value
and then increases
61. In a stair, when rise and tread are
expressed in cms, their sum is :
(a) 25 to 35 cms
(b) 35 to 40 cms
(c) 40 to 45 cms
(d) 45 to 50 cms
62. The type of door commonly used for
garage ad godowns are :
(a) swing door
(b) revolving door
(c) flush door
(d) rolling shutter door
63. No deduction is made in the masonry
for the area of opening does not exceed
(in sq m):
(e) 0.10
(f) 0.15
(g) 0.25
(h) 0.50
64. Residual soils are formed by
(a) weathering of rocks, acted upon by the
forces of transportation.
(b) weathering of rocks, not acted upon by the

forces of transportation
(c) weathering of rocks, sometimes acted
upon by the forces of transportation and
sometimes not acted upon by such forces.
(d) none of the above.
65. In terms of oxide composition, the minimum
percentage of ingredient in the cement is that of
(a) lime (b) magnesium oxide
(c) alumina (d) silica
66. Following compounds can be used as
accelerators except:
(a) CaCl2 (b) CaSO4 (c) NaCl (d) Na2SO4 (e)
67. Addition of pozzolana admixtures results in
(a) improved workability (b) reduction in heat of
hydration (c) increased resistance to sulphate
attack (d) reduced leaching of calcium hydroxide
(e) all of the above
68. Fly ash may be used as (a) a part
replacement of cement (b) a part replacement of
fine aggregate (c)
simultaneous replacement
of cement and fine aggregate (d) an admixture
(e) all of the above
69. The empirical test used for assessing the
workability of fresh concrete is
(a) the slump test (b) the compacting factor test
(c) the vee-bee consistency test (d) the flow test
(e) all of the above
70. The slump of concrete to be transported by
belt conveyors should be
(a) 25-50 mm (b) 50-75 mm (c) 75-100 mm
(d) 100-125 mm (e) 0-125 mm
71 A narrow valley with steep rock sides favours
(a) Gravity dam (b) Arch dam (c) Earth dam (d)
Buttress dam.
72. For wide valley with deep overburden the
most suitable dam is (a) Gravity dam, (b) Arch
dam, (c) Earth dam (d) Buttress dam
73. A gravity dam may fail by (a) overturning, (b)
sliding, (c) crushing, (d) all of the above.
74. Gravity dams are generally provided with free
(a) fall spillway
(b) Ogee spillway

(c) Chute spillway (d) Tunnel spillway.

75. For earthen dams in narrow canyons the most
suitable spillway is
(a) Ogee spillway
(b) Chute spillway
(c) Side channel
(d) Siphon.
76. Bhakra Dam is an example of
(a) Arch dam,
(b) Rockfill dam,
(c) Concrete gravity dam, (d) Buttress dam.
77. As per I.R.C. linear water way for an alluvial
stream is considered as
(a) 8.4

(b) 4.8

(c) 2.8

(d) 8.2

where Q= Design max discharge.

78. As per I.R.C maximum scour depth for multi
span bridge is given by
(a) Dm = 2 x D, (b) Dm = D(W/L)1.56 ,
(b) both a& b, (d) Dm = 1.27D
Where D= normal scour depth, W= Regime
width, L= Design water way.
79.The following can be used for waterproofing
(a) potash soaps (b) butylstearate
(c) petroleum waxes (d) all of the above
(e) none of the above
80.The workability of concrete by slump test is
expressed as (a) mm3/h (b) mm2/h (c) mm/h
(d) mm
89.The tensile strength of concrete is
approximately __________of compressive
strength of concrete.
(a) 50% (b) 20% (c) 10% (d) 5% (e) 1%
90.The standard size of a concrete cube for
compressive strength test is (a) 50 mm (b) 100
mm (c) 150 mm (d) 200 mm (e) 250 mm

water-cement ratio (d) batching, mixing, placing

and compaction techniques (e) durability and
quality control
93.Drainage gallery is constructed to reduce (a)
Water pressure (b) Uplift pressure (c) Silt
pressure (d) Earthquake forces.
94.To prevent development of tension at heel the
resultant force must lie within (a) middle third, (b)
middle sixth, (c) middle half, (d) middle fourth.
95.Erosion of downstream toe of earth dam is (a)
hydraulic failure, (b) Seepage failure, (c)
Structural failure (d) none of the above.
96.Seepage control of earthen dam depends
upon (a) height of dam, (b) Permeability of
foundation material, (c) nature of dam soil, (d) all
of the above.
97.Spillway gates not provided for (a) side
channel spillway,(b) Ogee spillway, (c) Chute
Spillway (d) Syphon Spillway
98.If there is very minimum space available, the
most appropriate spillway provided is-(a) side
channel spillway,(b) Ogee spillway, (c) Chute
Spillway (d) Shaft Spillway
99.Iduki Dam in Kerala is an example of (a) Arch
dam, (b) Rockfill dam, (c) Concrete gravity dam,
(d) Buttress dam.
100.Reynold's number is defined as the ratio of
(a) inertia force to gravity force (b) viscous
force to elastic force(c) viscous force to gravity
force (d) inertia force to viscous force
101. Head lost in friction is governed by (a)
Darcy's law (c) Chezy's law (d) Froudes Law
(e)None of these

91. The cube strength of concrete exceeds the

cylinder strength by (in percent) (a) 10 to 50 (b)
10 to 15 (c) 15 to 20 (d) 20 to 25 (e) 30 to

102.Flow through a pipe takes place due to-(a)

difference of pressure between different
sections of the pipeline,(b) downward slope of
the pipeline (c) both (a) and (b); (d) none of the

92. The choice of mix proportions of a concrete

is independent of - (a) grade designation (b)
maximum nominal size of aggregate (c) minimum

103. Loss due to friction is treated as- (a) minor

loss (b) major loss (c)moderate loss (d)
minimum loss

104.Friction loss through a pipe flow indicates

(a) loss of head due to static coefficient of friction
(b) loss of head due to dynamic coefficient of
friction (c) loss of head due to surface
hardness. (d) loss of flow rate due to surface
hardness of the pipe
105. For complete hydration of 100 kg of cement
of average composition, the mass of water
required, would be (a) 15 kg (b) 25 kg (c) 35 kg
(d) 40 kg (e) 42 kg
106.The cyclopan aggregate has a size more
than (a) 4.75 mm (b) 20 mm (c) 40 mm (d) 60
mm (e) 75 mm
107. With 4 per cent moisture the bulking of fine
sand may be of the order of-- (a) 2 to 5 per cent
(b) 5 to 10 per cent (c) 10 to 15 per cent (d) 15
to 25 per cent (e) 25 to 30 per cent
108.Bulking of coarse aggregate is (a) less as
compared to that of a sand (b) more than that of
sand (c) 15 per cent at 4 per cent moisture
content (d) 25 per cent at 4 per cent moisture
content (e) negligible