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To all in the Uplands Community,

Message from the Principal

It has been a week of two halves this

week, separated by Malaysia Day in the
middle. It has also been a week of
extremes with the Air Quality Index
(AQI) ranging from 29 to 147 and
interspersed with a day of epic rain and

Secondary News
The IB Learner Profile
Year 11 Chemistry
Drama Department
Year 7 Design & Technology
Primary News
International Dot Day
Year 7 & 6 Art Exhibition
Uplands Roar
Boarding House Activities

Upcoming Events

The Haze that has been plaguing Malaysia

recently was not as bad as in Kuala Lumpur where
some school closed for two days but it has brought
it challenges to us such as not being able to have any
outdoor activities and having to close the Reception
Class for two days. I am pleased to say the students
/ children and staff have taken it in their stride and
it has had no significant effect on the learning in
Again it is our pleasure to share a range of activities
in this newsletter from all areas of the school. All
the entries are unsolicited. The students and staff
are very keen to showcase the many talents that can
be found in Uplands School.
Have a great weekend. Dont forget to like the new
Boarding Facebook page to receive regular updates
from the boarders!
Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bristow

I hope everyone had an enjoyable day on Wednesday celebrating Malaysia Day. Just a reminder
that next Thursday the school is also closed due to the public holiday for Hari Raya Haji. There
is one more compulsory public holiday this term where the school will be closed for Deepavali,
on Tuesday 10th November.
The Experiential Learning Programme is just over two weeks away. Heartfelt thanks must go to
the Head of Pastoral, Mr Bill Mitchell and the Head of Years for all of the hard work and efforts
they have put into making these trips a success. I am very pleased with the 97% attendance we
will be having across the year groups in the secondary school and I am sure the students will get
a lot out of the upcoming experiences. I am sure that you are all aware that the week after the
Experiential Learning Programmes is half term, with classes resuming on Monday 19th October.
You will notice on the school calendar that there will be Secondary Progress Reports distributed
on Friday 2nd October with follow up Parent Teacher Conferences taking place on Tuesday 27 th
October. Please note that there will be no timetabled classes whilst the Parent Teacher
Conferences are taking place and it is an expectation that the students attend these three-way
conferences with their parent/s. More information about appointment sign ups will be
communicated soon.
Have a great weekend
Craig Skinner
Head of Secondary

The IB programmes at Uplands School promote the education of the whole person, emphasizing
intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth, with the principle of educating the whole
person for a life of active, responsible citizenship.
The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes and descriptors (on the next page) that define the
type of learner the IB hopes to develop through its programmes. They are also the type of
learners that Uplands hopes to develop, not just through the PYP and the DP but across the whole
All of our primary students are familiar with the learner profile through our hugely successful
Primary Years Programme. Our Diploma Programme students (Years 12 and 13) are also aware
of their importance; the ten profiles can be seen in most classrooms and as wonderful artwork in
the refectory. We have been increasingly bringing the ten learner profiles into the lower
secondary school and they will feature strongly in the upcoming ELP trips.
On our recent IB DP Day, the new Year 12 students were split into groups that then had to work
together to create totems that not only represented their group, but also all ten learner profiles.
Their efforts were so impressive that we have included photographs of all the totems they
created. Can you spot the ten learner profiles in each totem?
Mr Andrew Cartlidge
IBDP Coordinator

Year 11 Chemistry
During the last couple of weeks, Year 11 Chemistry students have been learning about acids,
bases and salts. They have learnt the principles of Titration, a very common lab technique which
requires high levels of precision. They put their skills into practice with the aim of comparing
the strength of two different brands of antacid tablets. If suffering from heartburn, just ask a Year
11 student. They now know which tablets are the most effective in neutralizing stomach acid!!
Arminda Ortiz
Head of Chemistry

In 1980, a Maths teacher in Sydney started a Maths competition for Australian schools. Since then, the
competition has grown to include countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The competition is an
individual, written, multiple-choice test. Uplands students from Year 7 to Year 13 participated for the
first time this year. The students were not selected, neither were they given any preparations for the
competition. Students who did well were awarded an honourable mention certificate while those who
excelled were given gold, silver or bronze medals. Congratulations to the following students who were
awarded medals:

Lim Khai Xi
Oh Mijeong, Teh De Juan, Yoo Seung Eun, Chiu Yean-Hen & Yang Jianing
Kim So Youn, Lee Ewe Jin, Yusuke Konno, Tathagato Mukherjee, Aniket Yadav,
Kim Dong Joo, Teh Min Ern, Ong Jo Xing, Sim Ka Rin, Nicholas Yeo, Tan Khye Lin

Julie Tan
Head of Maths

Over the past few weeks, our New Year 10 IGCSE Geographers have been working on a range of
population issues and topics. They have been collaboratively studying issues related to countries
with a variety of demographic structures. Within this context they have been looking at complex
causes, problems and solutions facing counties that are facing issues due to too many young, or
too many elderly dependents. They have also been discussing case study exemplars where
countries have introduced, sometimes controversial, population policies to address these issues.
Working in groups they have worked with self-motivation, organization, dedication, interest and
enthusiasm. This week we watched some of the completed presentations. The work produced
was outstanding in terms of content, style and presentation. It was interesting, mature, relevant
and thoughtful. I doubt if many Year 10 classes could have bettered the efforts we were able to
see this week. Well done Year 10 Geographers, you can be justifiably proud of your efforts!
As a follow up to this, our New Year 12 IB Geographers are working on a presentation based on
the current migration crisis mentioned in last weeks newsletter. They will be presenting this to
the Year 10 class in a couple of weeks to allow the Year 10 students to learn and model from their
work. Well done to both Year groups for such a positive start to their new courses.
Andy North
Head of Faculty Humanities
Head of Years 12 and 13

Peer collaboration. Four students working online on the same presentation.

9pm on a Saturday night!


Hun Army

Laozi, Ancestor Marissa Victor

Yun, Ancestor
Melina Nabipour
Lin, Ancestor
Divya Ramesh
Hong, Ancestor Alexia Paz Escobar
Zhang, Ancestor Juniel Tan

Will Cartlidge
Renee Saw

Zhen Ong
Lilly Choi
Jane Gay

(Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Dressmakers,
Hairdressers, Groomers, Villagers, Hun Army, Chinese Army)

Fa Family
Fa Zhou (Father)
Fa Li (Mother)
Grandmother Fa

Shan Yu

Mai Kutsuna
Oliver Hojbjerg
Paulina Lee
Isabelle Douthwaite

Chinese Army
Eashan Sharma
Chi Fu
CJ Gabo
Captain Shang Mohammed Hussain
Philip Tan
Umar Faris
T-Man Mukherjee
Jun Choi
Margarita Baggio
Cheongsam Salesperson Cailin Brennan

Emily Liao
Charlize Choo
Chelsea Choo
Jun Choi
Margarita Baggio
Cailin Brennan
Lilly Choi
Jane Gay
Vanessa Gehrig

Congratulations to all of the cast!! After the few rehearsals we have had things are progressing nicely
and it looks like its going to be a fantastic show. Well done to all who have shown their consistency in
turning up to every rehearsal so far!

The Mulan Production Team.


Year 7 Design & Technology

One of the projects in Year 7 is to design and make a small wooden car. In addition to developing
graphical skills, knowledge of materials and ability to manipulate wood, last years students also
had the opportunity to donate their project to the Rohingya Refugee children in Butterworth.
Pictured here are some of those wonderful students and their fantastic designs.
Good design changes lives for the better, and I am certain these skilfully designed cars will bring
at least a little extra happiness to children much less fortunate than ours.
We hope this initiative will continue and look forward to seeing some more wooden cars, from
the current Year 7, on their way to Butterworth in the near future.
Stratford Blyth
Head of Technology

Once again the haze this week has disrupted our programme. The Year 3 visit to Taiping Zoo
planned for Monday was postponed. However, a visit from Eutopia (formerly the Butterfly
Farm) on Thursday brought hands-on learning to the classroom. Enjoy the photos! Next week
is another busy one so please check the events planned.
September Primary Calendar
Monday 21st September Year 5 visit to Georgetown 8:15 11:45am
Monday 21st September Primary Sharing Assembly hosted by Year 2 2:00pm
Wednesday 23rd September Year 4 Youth Park 8:15 11:30am
Wednesday 23rd September - Year 5s Roti Canai stall 12:40 2:00pm
Wednesday 23rd September - Parent Information Evening in classrooms 7:00-8:30pm
Thursday 24th September School Closed Hari Raya Haji
Parent Information Evening:
On Wednesday 23rd September, Primary class teachers invite parents to visit classrooms where
information will be shared about: communication channels, classroom routines, curriculum and
resources. Each class teacher will hold two sessions, the first beginning at 7:00pm and the second
session beginning at approximately 7:45pm. Refreshments will be served in the Refectory at
8:30pm. For those parents who have more than 2 children in the Primary School, you may decide
how you share your time so that you can visit all your childrens classrooms between 7:008:30pm. We hope as many parents as possible attend, to develop a greater understanding of what
learning looks like in your childs classroom.
Sharing Assembly:
Please join us on Monday at 2:00pm for our Sharing Assembly hosted by Year 2.
Future Events
10th - 18th October School Closed Half-term break
Thursday 29th October Primary Halloween Party 5:00-7:30pm
Friday 13th November Year 5/6 Production Penangpac theatre, Straits Quay
Tuesday 24th November An Introduction to the IB PYP for parents new to Uplands Primary
Wednesday 16th December Whole School Christmas Concert 6:30pm
Have a pleasant weekend,
Alison Nicholson
Head of Primary




Year 7 and 6 Art Exhibition

From Monday 21st September, there will be an Art exhibition in the foyer of Year 7 and Year 6
art work. We decided to celebrate creativity by creating an exhibition of work by our students
based on the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who
dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to make her mark.


Physical Education Co-curricular activities

The PE department has been very busy this term starting CCA's in a variety of different sports
and physical activities. From football, basketball, netball and swimming to Latin dance and
many more. Students can choose as many as they can fit into their busy schedules. With at least
six different options available everyday after school, students have every chance possible to
participate in a form of physical activity for the day.
Teachers and coaches are specifically assigned to each activity to make it as fun and active as
possible for all students. There will also be a chance in some of the CCA options for competitive
games against other teams and schools if the students would like to take part in an extra
challenge! Any secondary students still wishing to join a CCA, see the teacher in charge and ask
if there's still space for you to join.
Ruby Marshall
Physical Education Department


Withdrawal Procedure
Admissions would like to remind families who may be relocating in the near future to take note
of the School's withdrawal procedure for refunds. Prior notice, in writing, stating the date and
reason of leaving must be given to the Admissions Office via email: or
please complete and submit the online withdrawal notice form at:
The form must be filled in and received according to the following date for non-returning
students (School/Boarding):
9th October 2015 for students not returning in January 2016
The School will send an acknowledgement upon receipt of the Notice of Withdrawal. If you do
not hear from us within three working days of your submission, please contact the Admissions
Office at extension 106.
Student Pass or Permission to Study Passport Updates for Student Files
We are currently updating all the non-Malaysian students passport information in our system
for the Ministry of Education. For parents who have not yet updated the information at the
beginning of this term, we would appreciate if you could forward a clear copy of the following
page in your child/childrens passport/s:1.
Front page (ID, issued/expiry date)
Student Pass Page (with Ref. No.: BVP/STU/07041//)
Dependant Pass Page (with Ref.: ESD/14201/42242/./) for children below 7 years of age
3. Permission to Study at . stamped page. This is required for children above 7 years of age
holding Dependant Pass or MM2H Pass
You may scan and email to us at or, or pass the
documents to the Reception.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.
Janie M Y Chung


Coffee House Activity Brings Boarders Together

Our boarding students are a special group. And with a new boarding staff in place, there are
plans to develop a comprehensive weekend activity programme to support their interests and
development. One of our key objectives is to build closer relationships.
The 'Coffee House' activity held last week was a hint of things to come. This is an event where
students relax in a mature environment, share each others company, and showcase their
talents, abilities and interests. This 'Coffee House' event saw some poetry, a conjuring trick,
and singing take place. All was accompanied by some tasty beverages and treats and some
great background music.
The next event will certainly see more participation and talent!


Boarders Try Out New Facilities

What would you do with a day off if you were a Boarding Student?
Well, on Wednesday the Principal afforded us a preview of the new boarding houses!
Boarders had a great time as they inspected the new club house with TV room, weight room and
dance/yoga studio. They tried out the pool facilities as well! It was a great opportunity to explore
the new environment.
Once they dried off, it was a short walk to inspect the new residences. Students were shown one
of the nearly finished apartments and briefed on basic structure of rooms and communal study
and common rooms.
Students were encouraged to provide feedback and ideas on layout, facilities and furnishings.
It won't be long now before the students move in to their new 'digs'.
Mr. Andrew MacLachlan
Boarding Parent


Our next social gathering is now confirmed for a PIZZA EVENING at the Golden Sands on
TUESDAY the 6th OCTOBER 6.00-8.00PM. Please, if possible, RSVP to
Please find below our list of Clubs and Contacts if you would like to participate. PLEASE also
note ALL CLUBS next Thursday are cancelled due to National Holidays.
Monday Football 8-9pm on the Astro Turf @UPLANDS-

Monday Titans Netball League 6-9pm in the Sports Hall @


Tuesday Ultimate Frisbee 5.30-6.30pm on the Astro Turf @

Wednesday Basketball


Wednesday Badminton


Thursday Volleyball 4.30pm-5.30pm

Thursday ART & CRAFT 8.30am-11.30am in School Canteen

Friday Touch Rugby 3.00pm-4.00pm


























Saturday Morning Cycling Club, meet outside UPLANDS school

There will be an announcement about TENNIS and PING PONG CLUBS next week. We are
hoping to start both of these commencing the week after. If you are interested in any
SOCIAL or SPORTING activity for UPTA to support or set up please email
Regarding our UPTA COMMUNITY PRIVILEGE PROGRAMME, we are pleased to update
the list with a few interesting additions, and please note some amendments. Please note this
list supersedes previous lists. If you would like us to discuss special discounts with any
Vendors you know that can benefit our community please email

Moving forward, this list will be on our Facebook page and Notice boards, with only the
amendments or additions to be announced on the newsletter.
Please note all the offers below are LIVE now, except for Rasa Sayang, Golden Sands and
Thai Odyssey which due to some administration processes will go live from 21st September,
all with the following common terms and conditions:

All of the privileges (below) are non-transferable and not applicable with any other
ongoing promotions, offers, discounts, sales or package purchases.
To get the discounts below a valid UPLANDS PARENT, STAFF, or TEACHER card
will need to be produced on payment or reservation.


RASA SAYANG CHI THE SPA Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 8888763)
20% Discount on any a la Carte treatment.
Pre-booking essential.
Starting from 21st September
HARD ROCK SPA Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 8868001)
20% Discount on selected treatments.
Pre-booking essential.
THAI ODYSSEY. Gurney Paragon (Tel: 04 2263996) & Straits Quay (Tel: 04 8999488)
10% Discount on any a La Cart Massage Service.
Payment of the bill has to be made with CREDIT CARD only for their internal control.
Pre-booking essential.
Starting from 21st September
25% Discount on total food part of bill excluding Happy Hour.
Applicable to current Culinary Ambassador promotion.
HARIS BAR AND POOL, HOLIDAY INN RESTAURANTS, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 886 6666)
25% Discount on total food part of bill excluding Happy Hour.
Applicable to current culinary ambassador promotion.
RASA SAYANG RESTAURANTS, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 888 8888)
20% Discount on total food part of the bill (A La Carte and Buffet).
Not applicable Eve or Day of Public Holidays.
Starting from 21st September
GOLDEN SANDS RESTAURANTS, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 886 1911)
20% Discount on total food part of the bill (A La Carte and Buffet).
Not applicable Eve or Day of Public Holidays.
Starting from 21st September


HARD ROCK STARZ DINER & PIZZERIA, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 8868001)
15% Discount on total food part of the bill.
HARD ROCK CAF, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 8868001)
10% Discount on total food part of the bill.
068 CHINESE RESTAURANT, 46 Nagore Road, George Town (Tel: 04 2287408)
10% Discount on total bill.
LOKE THYE KEE RESTAURANT, 2 Burma Road, George Town (Tel: 04 2641919)
10% Discount on total bill.
THE HILLSIDE CAF & RESTAURANT Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah (Tel: 04 899
10% Discount on total bill for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner A La Carte Menu only.
Free Coffee or Tea with any Breakfast order between 8am and 10.30am.
Closed on Mondays.
GUSTOS CAF Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah (Tel: 04 890 4012)
10% Discount on total bill, weekdays only.
HEALEY MACS IRISH BAR & RESTAURANT Straits Quay (Tel: 04 890 3477)
Free Coffee 9AM-5PM weekdays only.
10% Discount on total food part of the bill.
UNCLE ALBERTS FISH AND CHIPS, Straits Quay (Tel: 04 890 3407)
10% Discount on total food part of the bill
PITCH AND PUTT GOLF Golden Sands, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 886 1911)
Discount rate of 40RM nett per person.
2 person per card allowed at one time.
Starting from 21st September
ADVENTURE ZONE FOR KIDS Golden Sands, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 886 1911)
Discount rate of 21RM nett per person.
4 children per family allowed at one time. Starting from 21st September
SAND ART CORNER FOR KIDS Gurney Plaza, Gurney Drive (Tel: 016 4972252)
Free mystery gift on any purchase of Art and Craft Or Sand Art Birthday Party package.
Redeem Free Sand Art worth 7RM on your Birthday (subject to ID verification).
Redeem Free Sand Art worth 5RM for purchase of any product worth 50RM and above
on a single receipt.
YOGA SPACE PENANG 98-3-39-B Prima Tanjung Business Centre, Jalan Fettes (Tel: 014 245
20% discount on their drop in price per session (Discounted to 20RM).

DEEPEE TAILORS, Straits Quay (Tel: 04 899 7129)
15% off Tailored Suits.
10% off off the peg items.
ASICS SPORT SHOP, Gurney Plaza (Tel: 04 2266068)
10% off listed prices for Shoes only.
20% off listed prices for clothes and non-shoe items.
LEO BOOKS Island Plaza (Tel: 04 899 8911)
10% off listed Books only.
Not applicable for Rentals.
SAM BATIK HOUSE, I85 Penang Road, George Town (Tel: 04 262 1095)
15% off listed prices
5.4 NORTH HOME DCOR, LIFESTYLE AND GIFTS, 24 Lorong Kinta, Georgetown (Tel: 016
10% Discount on selected lines
HARD ROCK MERCHANDISE, Batu Ferringhi (Tel: 04 8868001)
10% Discount on selected merchandise.
EYECANDY OPTICS SOLUTION, (UK Qualified) 16E Farlum Business Centre, (Tel: 04
25% Discount on all BBGR and KODAK Lenses
20% Discount on all ESSILOR or BESPOKE Lenses
10% Discount on ALL Frame and Lens packages, with a minimum spend of 250RM on
a single receipt.
KIDDO SCIENCE, B-2-10, Vantage Centre, Tanjung Tokong (Tel: 04-899 8487/016-777 8487)
5% off for class fees, and
50% off for registration fee
LOKE THYE KEE COOKING CLASSES, 2 Burma Road, George Town (Tel: 04 2641919)
10% of individual classes
Early bird price for Package Prices applicable at any time to UPTA members.
If you are interested in the UPTA, its Committee, what we do, or need ANY general help about
life in PENANG please email


U11/U10 Football (Uplands vs Dalat


Friday 18 September 2015 (to be

Primary Sharing Assembly hosted by Year 2 2:00pm

Monday 21 September 2015

Parent Information Evening in classrooms 7:00-8:30pm Wednesday 23 September 2015

Hari Raya Haji School Closed

Thursday 24 September 2015

Mid Term Break School closed at 2.40 pm

Friday 9 October 2015

Boarding House closes at 12.00 noon

Saturday 10 October 2015

Boarding House re-opens at 2.30 pm

Sunday 18 October 2015

School re-opens at 8.00 am

Monday 19 October 2015

Primary Halloween Party 5:00-7:30pm

Thursday 29 October 2015

Deepavali School Closed

Tuesday 10 November 2015

U15 FOBISIA Games Dulwich College Suzhou

November 2015


Year 5/6 Production PenangPAC Theatre, Straits Quay

Friday 13 November 2015

An Introduction to the IB PYP for parents new to

Uplands Primary 7:00pm

Tuesday 24th November

Whole School Christmas Concert 6:30pm

Wednesday 16th December

Term 1 ends at 12.00 noon

Friday 18 December 2015

Boarding House closes at 12.00 noon

Saturday 19 December 2015






Orientation Day for all new students morning

Monday 11 January 2016

Boarding House re-opens at 2.30 pm

Monday 11 January 2016

Term 2 starts for all students 8.00 am

Tuesday 12 Jasnuary 2016