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The Middle Easts Leading Source

of Competitive Intelligence
With more than 1,600 users amongst the advertising,
media agency and media owner communities across
the Middle East and North Africa region, Ipsos
Media Monitoring service is by far the leading source
of competitive intelligence here.
Covering 15 countries, the service tracks advertising
activity across all major media types, enabling users to:
Verify campaign appearance
Monitor competitive brand placements
View competitor media schedules
Analyse competitor spend by medium
Compare spending levels by country
Review individual creative executions

Speed and accuracy

We pride ourselves on the unrivalled accuracy of
our service. TV and radio are monitored using Automatic Recognition software where live broadcasts
are digitally captured second-by-second. Recording
and monitoring of stations are both carried out
using this proprietary tool.
It provides a comprehensive set of measures, beginning with the ASR (Automatic Spot Recognition)
log through to the data insertion interface which
manages programme titles and all related details
with their rate cards, price categories and all ads in
order of appearance and advertising breaks.
Magazines and newspapers are monitored by our
dedicated team of 35 people spread over nine
countries. Every day we capture advertising details
from more than 900 publications, 150 TV stations
and 65 radio stations.
Outdoor Monitoring is carried out on a weekly basis,
with our controllers driving around the countries to
check every Billboard, reporting qualitative details
for all Outdoor locations.
No other organisation in the region covers as many
media vehicles as Ipsos MediaCT.
We deliver reports on a daily basis covering activities
on the same day for print media and on the previous
one for TV and Radio. Outdoor is delivered weekly
and Cinema monthly.

Trend data
Our advertising monitoring business was first launched
in Beirut in 1988, followed by services in Syria (1995),
Jordan (1998), Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (2000),
Kuwait and UAE (2001), Qatar and Oman (2002),
Egypt (2005), Iraq (2007), Libya and Sudan (2011).
As a result, we can offer clients more than ten years
of trend data across much of the region.

Statex is our dedicated analytics package for drawing insights from the competitive advertising activity
It is a multi-media, multi-user, multi-currency, multicountry software package, offering users flexible,
fast, adaptable, manageable, powerful and comprehensive solutions.
Various modules enable users to keep an eye on
advertising and media trends, to track their own live
advertising campaigns and to follow their competitors activities on a daily basis.

About Ipsos MediaCT

Ipsos MediaCT helps clients connect to people in
the digital age. We are global leaders in researchbased solutions that connect media, content and
As people view, listen to, read, search for, share and
create content across a growing range of traditional
media and newer digital platforms, companies need
to understand consumer usage and behaviour, the
value of brands across different platforms and how
they can minimise risk in bringing new products and
services to market.
We bring expertise in a wide range of research
techniques to companies in the media, entertainment, video games, on-line services, telecoms and
technology industries.
For more information, please connect with us at:

Daily messages can also alert users to new campaigns

airing for the first time.

Ipsos MediaCT

Leaders in research-based solutions that connect media, content and technology

Sally Rahme
Media Monitoring Director
Ipsos MediaCT
Dekwaneh, Ipsos Bldg.
P.O. Box: 55103
Tel: +961 1 494136
Elie Aoun
Ipsos MediaCT
Dekwaneh, Ipsos Bldg.
P.O. Box: 55103
Tel: +961 1 494136

Ipsos MediaCT

Leaders in research-based solutions that connect media, content and technology

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