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the study of the flow of gases


Pertains to the study of gases at rest.


The study of water depths.

Bernoullis equation
a streamline
Boundary layer
bounding surface
Coanda effects

describes the behaviour of moving fluids along

the layer of fluid in the immediate vicinity of a
A narrow tube or confined flow channel.
the tendency of a stream of fluid to stay attached to
a convex surface, rather than follow a straight line in
its original direction.

Compressibility effects significant density changes caused by the flow of a

Continuum approximation
a continuum

assuming the substance under question is


The mass of fluid per unit volume.


In fluid mechanics means shear thickening.

Drag force

the force a flowing fluid exerts on a body in the flow

Flow coefficient

The difference between the flow coefficient Cv and Kv.

Flow energy

The flow energy is associated with fluid that enters or

leaves a control volume.

Homogenous fluid

A fluid of constant density.


a branch of science and engineering concerned with

the use of liquids to perform mechanical tasks.


the fluid dynamics applied to liquids, such as water,

and oil.


Pertains to the study of liquids at rest.


Not viscous

Lift force
normal to the

Lift consists of the sum of all the aerodynamic forces

direction of the external airflow.


The curved free surface of a liquid in a capillary tube.

Newtonian fluid
function of the

a viscous fluid whose shear stresses are a linear

fluid strain rate.

perfect fluid
Pitching moment

defined as a fluid with zero viscosity

he moment about the side force direction.

Pitot tube
a small tube with its open end aligned into the flow
so as to sense
the full impact pressure of the
flowing fluid. It measures the
stagnation pressure.
Pseudo plastic
Richardson number
ratio of potential to

A dimensionless number that expresses the
kinetic energy.

Rotary current

A tidal current that changes direction progressively

through 360 degrees during a tidal cycle.

in pressure.

a strong pressure wave produced by explosions or

phenomena that create violent changes

Side force

neither a loss nor a gain.

Static hole

a small hole drilled into a wall such that the plane of

the hole is parallel to the flow direction.


A path in a steady flow field along which a given fluid

particle travels.

Surface tension
causes the layer to
constricting it in a

a force within the surface layer of a liquid that

behave as an elastic sheet.
a system for speeding the flow of the fluid, by
cone-shaped tube.

the flow field.

defined as the circulation per unit area at a point in


The moment about the lift axis or lift direction