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SDS 3000 TM


The Subscriber Data Server 3000™ is the industry’s most flexible and scalable distributed subscriber
database for telecom operators. The SDS 3000™ is the ideal back-end database for front-end applications
such as HLR, HSS, AAA servers, application servers, IN platforms and many more telecom and web servers
that require access to an integrated subscriber profile repository. The SDS 3000™ helps improve
time-to-market for new services across any access network, reduces operational costs and complexity of
managing subscriber data in silos, while truly enabling the subscriber-centric personalized experience.
Customizable Subscriber Data Model
The SDS 3000™ is an open database which serves as a
centralized repository for aggregated subscriber data. As part of true next generation networks, the SDS
Operators can control and customize their own subscriber 3000™ is built with a layered architecture and supports
data model using a suite of graphical tools, enabling them distributed, not monolithic, deployments. The SDS
to custom build their relational schemas, tree-views, 3000™ database is scalable to over 100 million
custom operations and triggers, as well as managing access subscriber profiles and 100,000 transactions per
privileges, federation links and namespaces. Such schema second.
modeling capabilities can be used for a variety of operator’s
3rd party data-less applications thus reducing network Mobile Personalization
complexity and deployment time. The SDS 3000™ is the The SDS 3000™ provides new ways of accessing,
proven scalable database powering real-time applications extracting, and finding value from subscriber data, and
such as the Blueslice ngHLR, HSS, AAA and SIP front-ends, thus enables operators to leverage the wealth of
deployed live with mobile, fixed and M2M service subscriber information previously fragmented all over
providers. their network. By simplifying the management of
subscriber data and profiling customer behavior, the
Next Generation Architecture SDS 3000™ allows carriers to exploit real-time data,
SDS 3000™ supports open interfaces including LDAP, SQL deliver monetized personalized services, and even bind
and XML/SOAP, giving access to the Blueslice patented to third party services easily. Today’s operators are
Global Schema, an abstraction layer that unifies relational interested in getting to know their subscribers and
and tree-based data representations. Service providers their behaviors through data mining and data analytics.
have easy access to subscriber data without knowing the Consolidating subscriber data and making it work to
physical database architecture. It also allows for the creation the carrier’s advantage begins with the Blueslice SDS
of a standard user profile across multiple services and 3000™.
policies, and supports both data consolidation and
federation. The SDS 3000™ is built for compliance with
3GPP User Data Repository (UDR) and Generic User Profile
(GUP) standards.
The Converged Subscriber Platform Platform Features
The Blueslice SDS 3000™ is built on the Converged Subscriber Open-standard hardware and OS
Platform 3000™, the next generation subscriber data Advanced TCA PICMG3.0+ and IPMlv1.5 compliant
management platform. The Blueslice CSP 3000™ is the Linux RHEL 3.0 and 4.0
integrated platform for multi-profile subscriber management Distributed software architecture: any process (front-end and/or back-end) can
in mobile, VoIP, Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), and run on any blade
Machine to Machine (M2M) networks. The CSP 3000™ hosts Fault-tolerant platform achieved through High Availability end-to-end
the Blueslice Subscriber Data Server SDS 3000™, a scalable No Single-Point-Of-Failure (hardware and software)
and flexible subscriber data back-end, as well as a range of Stateful hot-standby via real-time checkpointing and state journaling,
subscriber centric applications (front-ends), all accessing the database replication and integrity
converged multi-profile subscriber information via the SDS’s Overload control, fault detection, and automatic switchover
open APIs. Combining an HLR/AuC, HSS, SIP Server, and a Hitless patching and software upgrades, all components hot-swappable
AAA Server, the CSP 3000™ delivers the convergence of Blade configuration in 1+1, n+n, and load sharing
subscriber profiles across 2G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE), 3G (UMTS, Geo-redundancy (active/standby & active/active)and mated pair
HSPA, IMS), and VoIP (Wireline, WiFi, WiMAX) domains, and Hardware
enables centralization of cross-domain subscriber 19” rack-mountable, 12U NEBS-compliant 14-slot ATCA chassis
information in one logical place. Dual redundant 16-port GigE ATCA base fabric switches, with on-board IPMI
Subscriber Data Server Features Dual AMD single board computer blades (48 processors per chassis)
Unlimited scalability, well beyond 100 million subscriber records Filtered dual hot swappable 48VDC power entry modules
Unique dynamic cache & broadcast scaling architecture, without the need for Three front hot-swappable dual-fan trays
a global index
Dual redundant integrated shelf manager / fan controller boards
Subscriber-profile centric (multi-profile)
Platform protocol stacks
In-memory transactional database (fully ACID)
Highly efficient use of in-memory and on-disk copies, with caching for read
operations. SIGTRAN: M3UA, SUA, SCTP
Flexible scaling – including in-service topology changes, and mixed hardware SIP, DIAMETER, TCP/UDP, IP
across the solution RADIUS
Geographically-distributed and redundant architecture (2 or more replicates of User-friendly web craft interface for remote system configuration, monitoring,
each data element) and subscriber provisioning
Unique fragmentation/clustering architecture Bulk subscriber provisioning
Global Schema data abstraction layer Maintenance and provisioning through XML/SOAP and SNMP interfaces
Master-to-slave horizontal replication for maximum performance Small footprint and high density minimizing operating costs
Master-to-master vertical replication for site failure resiliency In-memory relational database allows for rapid data access and supports ACID
transactions (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)
Easily extendible data model via the XML-Schema-Editor
Active/provisioned subscriber management
Dynamic schema editing Platform segmentation (up to six nodes per chassis)
Support a range of data access APIs: XML/SOAP, LDAP, SQL-92, C++ OQL, Subscriber Data Server allows decoupling of applications and database
Supports database events (triggers) and notifications
Highest data integrity/security ngHLR 3000 HSS3000 AAA3000 SIP-AS3000
Supports both data consolidation, data federation, and data partitioning
3rd Party
Can also support external data storage (not just physical, but also other DBs)
Database management and administration tools
Reporting, exporting and statistics toolset
SDS 3000 3rd Party

Transactional provisioning (one single tx for complete profile) 3rd Party

Unlimited number/type of profiles per subscription
Built for real-time access The multi-network, multi-protocol Converged Subscriber Platform 3000™

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The carrier-grade, open standard Converged Subscriber Platform
3000™ is the only converged HLR/AuC, HSS, SIP Server, and AAA Server,
which, together, enable universal mobility across all access networks.
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