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Best Upcoming

Private University in India

Awarded in March 2012

ITM University-Gwalior is established by the State Legislative Act of Madhya Pradesh Govt. under 2(f) of the UGC Act and having Right
to confer Degrees/ Diplomas under 22(1) of the UGC Act for its various courses. ITM University, Gwalior is notified by UGC vide letter
No. F.No. 8-21/2011(CPP-I/PU) dtd. 16.08.11 Recognised by concerned statutory bodies of Govt. of India.
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Vision-Mission-Values.......................................................... 01
Welcome to Itm University.................................................. 02
Itm University Officials........................................................ 05


About Samata Lok Sansthan Trust...................................... 12

About Gwalior...................................................................... 14
Itm University...................................................................... 16
How are we unique............................................................. 20
School of Engineering & Technology.................................. 22
Computer Science Engineering.......................................... 24
Mechanical Engineering...................................................... 26
Electronics and Communication Engineering.................... 28
Chemical Engineering......................................................... 30
Civil Engineering................................................................. 32
Electrical Engineering......................................................... 34
School of Science............................................................... 36
School of Life Science......................................................... 38
School of Computer Applications....................................... 42
School of Nursing Science.................................................. 44
School of Education............................................................ 48
School of Business & Commerce....................................... 50
School of Pharmacy............................................................ 58
School of Hospitality and Hotel Management.................... 60
School of Library and Information Science......................... 64
Training, Augmentation & Placement Assistance............... 68
Approvals & Mous.............................................................. 72
Alumnus 2012 Comments.................................................. 74
Senior Alumnus Speaks...................................................... 77
Corporates Comment........................................................ 78
Overview of Itmu Alumni.................................................... 80
Clubs & Activities................................................................ 82
Itm-Lemon School of Broadcasting................................... 86
Accommodation.................................................................. 88
Itm-Universe Campus Vadodara (Gujarat)........................ 94

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To meet the global need of competent and dedicated human
resource and to contribute to global excellence. To help
evolve leadership in science, technology & management. To
emerge as an international hub of research, development &
consultancy activities. To nurture scientific temper & tolerance
in a multicultural society. To serve humanity through science,
technology & extension activities.

To develop ITM university into a centre of excellence in
education, training, research & consultancy. To create
leaders in the socio-economic, socio-political & technoscientific ambiance. To establish and nurture interinstitutional
and international alliances capable of responding to and
generating new vistas of knowledge and culture analytical
abilities. To promote and nurture curiosity in young minds.

Humanity and ethics blended with sincerity, integrity and
accountability. Productive delivery supported by healthy
competition. Efficiency and dynamism coupled with sensitivity.
To nurture innovation and ability to think differently with rational
creativity. Appreciation of sustainable socio-cultural values
and to feel proud to be a good professional contributing to the
betterment of Mankind and Mother Earth.
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to Itm university


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... nothing gives me more happiness

& satisfaction than seeing smiles on
the faces of young boys & girls as
they enjoy the learning process in the
Campus, make life long friends, work
hard to cope with the challenges of their
curricular & co-curricular schedules and
indulge with vigour in extra-curricular
activities, find time to enjoy life, groom
themselves as fine Ladies & Gentlemen
sensitive to global Arts & Culture, ready
to plunge into their chosen professions
and finally work overtime to care for
their immediate & Global family and see
that Mother Earth and all its inhabitants
are saved from catastrophic human
I do believe of these young people
becoming ethically right, successful &
enjoy their lives to the fullest...

Rama Shankar Singh


At ITM University, Gwalior, we seek self-motivated individuals who

You will have the proud privilege of being the second batch to have

believe in charting their own methods of learning, who take full

taken admission in ITM University. Even though the University has

advantage of the opportunities, and are willing to contribute their

been established one year back, the promoters and the core team has

very best. They will join a rewarding network of scholars, advisors,

more than 15 years of experience to run the premier institute in the

academia and alumni who have attained some of the most coveted

fields of engineering, management, nursing, life sciences, computer

positions in the industry and society in India and abroad. Education

applications, education and other disciplines of higher education.

at ITM University is filled with challenges and rewards limited only

It is pertinent to outline, as how this University is different from others.

by the boundaries of your energy, imagination and the willingness to

Quality teaching learning processes, innovative scholastic mix to deliver

take challenges. We believe in involving our students as collaborators,

the up to date syllabus in most effective way, promotion of research

stakeholders and colleagues; after all there is so much to learn from

activities and above all faculty quality are the main parameters which

each other both within the classroom as well as outside.

makes us different from others.

ITM University campus is ever bubbling with creativity of world

We believe that the emphasis on the above will ultimately reflect on

renowned Artists in different disciplines interacting with our students.

the culture, values and the quality of the students and the alumni in

Scholars, Heads of Govts., Noble laureates & Vice-Chancellors keep

the future. With a commitment to excellence, we strive to be amongst

visiting us at regular intervals to guide and inspire students and staff.

the first choice of students and place where students are challenged to

The campus is perceived as hub of academic & artistics activities with

reach their highest potential.

no parellel around.

We believe that personal integrity and pursuit of excellence in all

I invite you to be a part of the fraternity in these challenging yet

endeavors are at the heart of success and that ideas are consequential

promising times and contribute towards creating a harmonious,

and that taking action produces result.

peaceful and rewarding future.

I welcome all of you to share our goal of attaining personal and

professional excellence. Enjoy your stay and enrich yourself and the

Kanupriya Singh
Managing Trustee


Ruchi Singh
Trustee & Vice-President
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The pursuits of knowledge and understanding are regarded as vital tools

ITM University owns its buoyancy to three fundamental principles

for self- betterment and the betterment of the humanity. The pursuit is

which are part of its DNA: its dedication and commitment, quality and

not limited to your chosen subject but also includes knowledge and

performance and its ability to provide the highest level of satisfaction

understanding of other cultures, other times and of course ourselves.

to its stake holders specially students and parents.

We do hope that your stay at ITM will give you umpteen opportunities to
acquire, test and share knowledge and to develop your abilities to think
rationally and critically while acquiring depth in your chosen field.
You will soon realize that the University provides you an ambiance
that encourages the learning process, stimulates your curiosity and
sharpens your intellect. The academic programmes in the University
have been designed to ensure an outstanding educational value with
a wide selection of courses and flexible scheduling. Your teachers are

As a testimony of our commitment to quality and excellence, ITM

University has been awarded as the Best Upcoming Private University
of India by leading research agency Brands Academy and Business
school of the University is ranked among top 40 B schools of country
by leading magazine careers 360 (outlook). In a short span of an year
the University has been accredited by an internationally renowned
accreditation agency IAO, USA specially on the basis of its innovative
courses, pedagogy mix, processes and outcome based assessment

fully aware of the tortuous path of acquiring knowledge and are ever


willing to help and guide you in your journey towards excellence. We

Our quest to become a Premier University has been a continuous

hope that you will discover the excitement of learning, the importance
of individual integrity and commitment to work ethics and the joy of
sharing and helping while simultaneously making lifelong friendships.

process. We are in the process of establishing Centres of Excellence in

some of our schools in first phase, which will add a different dimension
to the total learning process. These centres of Excellence will be

We are confident that the years you spend with us will reaffirm your

equipped with uncomparable world class facilities.

choice of joining ITM. Your achievements as our alumni will indeed

I personally welcome you to experience the world class learning system

delight all of us.

in the most aesthetically designed campus to reap the difference it could

We welcome you in the ITM family and wish you a rewarding carrier.

make to your future career.

Prof. R. K. Pandey

Daulat Singh Chauhan


Managing Director

ITM University Officials

Visitor (Kuladhyaksha)
Shri Ram Naresh Yadav

His Excellency the Governor of

Madhya Pradesh

Chancellor (Kuladhipati)
Mr. Rama Shankar Singh
Managing Trustee

Mrs. Kanupriya Singh Rathore

Vice-President & Trustee

Mrs. Ruchi Singh Chauhan


Ms. Palak Singh

Director (HR)

Mr. K.G.S. Chauhan

Dean (Management)

Dr. A. G. Naolekar

Board of Advisors
Prof. A. R. Kidwai

Ex-Governor, West Bengal and Bihar,

Ex-Chairman, UGC

Dr. M.N. Buch

Chairman, National Centre for Human

Settlements and Environment, Bhopal

Mrs. Nirmala Buch

Mr. Tirthankar Banerjee

Director, HP India

Mr. Amit Agarwala

Founder & Chief Architect, Amdale

Software Technologies

Mr. Bhagesh Choubey

Sr. Vice-President, Citi Bank N.A.,


Prof. A. N. Mitra

Former Prof. & Head, Physics Dept.

Delhi University

Dr. Neil Kemp

Consultant to British Council,

New Delhi

Mr. Daulat Singh Chauhan

Hony. Chairperson, Centre For Women

Development Studies, Bhopal

Advisor to Chancellor

Prof. N. Ravichandran

Prof. R.D. Gupta

Director, IIM, Indore

Eminent Poet & Art Critic,

New Delhi

Vice Chancellor

Prof. P.B. Sharma

Prof. Shiva Prasad

Managing Director

Prof. R.K Pandey


Dr. Omveer Singh

Dean (Engineering)

Dr. L. M. Saxena
Dean (Life science)

Dr. J.L. Bhat

Dean (Physical Science)

Dr. Y. M. Gupta
Dean (Computer Applications)

Dr. B.M. Singhal

Shri Ashok Vajpai

Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Technological


Dean of Academic Affair & Prof.

Physics, IIT Mumbai

Prof. S.G. Deshmukh

Prof. Vikram Kumar

Director, ABV-IIITM, Gwalior

Mr. T.S. Rangarajan

Senior Consultant, TCS

Mr. Pankaj Mittal

Chief Technology Officer & Sr.

Vice-President, Impetus Technologies

Dr. Chandan Choudhary

Chairman, Invigorare Solutions Ltd.

Prof. Ashok Ambastha

Udaipur Solar Observat Organisation,

Dept. of Space, Udaipur

Dr. P. Trivedi

Vice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi

Technical University, Bhopal

Prof. Yogesh Upadhyay

HOD, Commerce Dept. Jiwaji

University, Gwalior

Dr. Prem Aggarwal

Prof. National Heart Institute,

New Delhi

Prof. Rajiv Lochan

Director, National Gallery of

Modern Art, New Delhi

Prof. P.C. Jain

Principal, Shri Ram College of

Commerce, Delhi University, Delhi.

Dr. M.M. Roy

Director Central Arid Zone Research

Institute, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Former Director, SSPL, Delhi

Presently at Centre for Applied
Research in Electronics, IIT Delhi

Dr. Santosh Mehta

Dr. P. K. Gupta

Dr. K. Kaitha

Distinguished Scientist,
Head Laser Biomedical Applications
& Instrumentation Division, RRCAT,

Dr. P. S. Pathak

Former Director, IGFRI, Jhansi, U.P.

R.A.K. College of Nursing,

New Delhi
Principal, NIMHAMS, Bangalore

Dr. G.S. Reddy

Principal, S.N.D.S., Indore

Dr. (Col.) Archana

Principal, R.D. Memorial, Bhopal

Itm university gwalior | 5

Governing Body of ITM University, Gwalior


Sh. Rama Shankar Singh

Prof. R.K. Pandey

Chancellor, ITMU

Eminent persons nominated by the sponsoring body

Sh. Daulat Singh Chauhan MD, ITMU
Prof. R.D. Gupta
Advisor to Chancellor
- -
Prof. Yogesh Upadhyay
HOD, Jiwaji University
- -
Distinguished persons nominated by H.E. Governor of MP
Dr. Raj Kumar Jain
Former Professor, DU
Dr. Neelima Chandel
Prof., GRMC, Gwalior
- -
Shri Ashok Vajpeyi
Eminent Poet & Critic
- -
Representative of the State Govt.
Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
OSD & Secy., AFRC
Member Secy. Dr. Omveer Singh Registrar, ITMU

Board of Management of
ITM University, Gwalior

Prof. R.K. Pandey

Vice Chancellor

Representative nominated by the sponsoring body

Sh. Manoj Goyal
Chartered Accountant
Sh. Ajay Khatri
Financial Advisor
- -
Representative nominated by the State Govt.
Dr. Rakesh Shrivastava
OSD, Govt. of MP
Sh. Ashish Dongre
Principal, SVP Polytechnic
- ,, -
Senior most professors of ITM University, Gwalior
Dr. J.L. Bhat
Professor & Dean
Dr. Y.M. Gupta
Professor & Dean
- -
Senior most teacher of ITM University
Dr. L.M. Saxena
Dean, Engg.
Dr. B.K. Singh
- -
Member Secy. Dr. Omveer Singh Registrar, ITMU

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Dr. V. K. Saraswat
Director General - DRDO
Scientific Advisor - Minister of Defence, GOI
Secretary - Defence Research & Development, goi

After successful launch of Agni-5 Dr. Saraswat came to ITM University for interaction with students, meeting on collaborative research and his felicitation by
H.E. Governor of CG, Eminent Retina Surgeon Dr. P. N. Nagpal, Urdu poet Shri Sheen Kaaf Nizam & Mayor of Gwalior city Smt. S. Gupta.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

president of India
Delivering Prof. Satish Dhawan memorial lecture during NSI-31 at ITM Gwalior Campus.

Also seen on dais are Dr. Balram Jakhad, Governor of MP, Shri Shivraj Singh, Chief Minister, MP & Vice Chancellors, Dr. P. B. Sharma and Dr. Sirohi.
8 | Itm university gwalior

Dr. Roger Kornberg

Nobel laureate
Dear students, faculty and staff of this fine university in Gwalior. It has been delightful, stimulating and
memorable to visit and discuss science with you today. I wish to encourage your interest and enthusiasm
for science. I hope to assist you further in your efforts in the future. All good wishes.
Roger Kornberg
Dept. of structural biology, Stanford school of medicine, Stanford University CA 94305, USA

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(Computer society of india)

national students convention at itm, gwalior

9-12 march, 2011

Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister of State, Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India, Shri Tirthankar Banerjee, Director of HP, Dr. Chandan Choudhary, CEO IFS, Shri Amit
of Amdale along
with Chancellor Shri Rama Shankar Singh, MD Shri Daulat Singh Chauhan & Dr. R.D. Gupta, Advisor to Chancellor at the inauguration of
10 | ItmCEO
National Students Convention which was attended by CEOs & Directors of 8 major companies of IT industry.

TIMS 2012

(technology innovation

& management of sustainable resources)

5-7 february, 2012

Padmashri Dr. M. C. Sharma, Eminent economist Shri Nitin Desai, Dr. Sati, Director ADROE, Dr. R. K. Pandey, VC-ITM University
and other dignitaries at 3rd International Conference on Climate Change on 5th February 2012.

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(Sponsoring Body of ITM University, Gwalior)

ITM Campus is one of the most happy and happening campuses in India
12 | Itm university gwalior

surrounding area of ITM University. It also supports and helps the

In 1997, the Trust established ITM- Gwalior after the approval of

under Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwa Vidyalaya (Sthapana Evam

AICTE.The Institute is NBA Accredited and enjoys the status

Sanchalan) Adhiniyam 2007. After complying to all the norms and

of the top ranking engineering institution in the State. The Trust

procedures mentioned under the Act ITM University-Gwalior was

established ITM (MCA) Gwalior in the year 2000, Institute of

established in May 2011 by M.P. State Govt. under section 2(f)

Information Technology & Management (IITM) in the year 2002.

of UGC Act and notified in the M.P. Gazette (extra ordinary) after

The MBA & MCA programmes were also introduced in 2006-2007

receiving the assent of His Excellency the Governor of M.P.

amata Lok Sansthan Trust is well known for its welfare activities

related to education of illiteracy & backwardness and promotion of

humanitarian activities of other NGOs.

education in districts of northern MP.

In 2009 Trust proposed to establish a World Class University

and 2007-2008 respectively with an intake of 60 students in each

course. The Trust also established Institute of Allied Sciences &

The Trust has added another feather in its cap by establishing

Computer Applications in the year 2000 which is NAAC Accredited

Technical Campus by the name of ITM Universe-Vadodara (Gujarat)

now & institute of Nursing Science Studies & Research at Gwalior

duly approved by AICTE from the academic session 2011-12

in the year 2002, ITM College of Education in the year 2002, ITM

for academic programme in Engineering, MCA, Management &

School of management in the year 2008 and ITM-School of


abou t sls t r us t

Business in the year 2010. More than 9000 students are currently
studying in the campus. It is the most happening educational
campus in North and Central India. A super speciality medical
hospital is also being established by the Trust.
Trust is involved in promotion of Visual & Fine Arts and is
instrumental in annual Artists camps, exhibitions, symposiums &
documentation of contemporary paintings & sculptures.
The Trust has been providing medical aid to the villages of the
Itm university gwalior | 13

about gwalior

Beautiful Gwalior Fort built by Tomar Dynasty

14 | Itm university gwalior

Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior

walior is a historical city in the heart of India, situated in the

trains and is easily reachable to Tajmahal, Khajuraho group of

State of Madhya Pradesh. The Ancient Indian Classical School

temples depicting all facets of life is 4 hours journey by road.

of Music Dhrupad was fine tuned here under Tomar dynasty and

Mitawali & Padavali has a group of 108 ruins of temples and is 20

spread to various parts of India to acquire local flavours. It is also

Kms from Gwalior. Orchha is 100 Kms from Gwalior and is treat for

known as The City of Music. The legendary musician Tansen

weekend trips as the village still carries old time feel with palaces,

also belonged to Gwalior and became one of the nine jewels

temples, cenotaphs and ruins along the banks of Betwa River.

of Emperor Akbars Court. Tansen innovated many complex &

beautiful Ragas.

Modern Gwalior is new educational hub and bustling city with a

population of over 1.6 million. It is centrally located 317 Kms from

The city has perhaps the richest musical tradition among all the cities

Delhi and 400 Kms from Bhopal. It is well connected with Delhi,

in this great country starting from Tansen, Baijubabra, Hassukhan,

Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad

Haddukhan, Krishnarao Pandit, Bala Saheb Puchhwale, Chote

by trains, road and by air from New Delhi and Jabalpur.

come to the living legends Malini Rajurkar, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan,

ITM University itself has visitors from all over the region to see

the list is endless.

its vast collection of sculptures and paintings as well its most

ITM University carries forward the tradition and is applauded for

applauded Amphitheater, which is hub of cultural activities.

its efforts to preserve and promote the Indian Classical Music. It

Industrial history of the Gwalior dates back to later part of 19th

holds a music festival annually, which has gained popularity in the

Century when Birlas established their Textile business. The well

entire country.

known Grasim & Gwalior suiting brand was born in this city. Gwalior

Gwalior has beautiful large fort palace built during Tomar dynasty
who were connoisseurs of Art & Music. Exquisite stone works can
still be found here inspite of immoral plundering by vested interests.
Agra is 110 Kms from Gwalior and 11/2 hours journey by express

has kept pace with time making it emerge as a vibrant city of

Madhya Pradesh. The City has attracted major corporate houses
like Cadbury, Kodak, SRF, J.K. Industries, Crompton Greaves, Flex
Chemical and Atlas Cycle Company.
Itm university gwalior | 15

abou t gwalio r

Bahyya Puchhwale, Bande Ali Khan, Shankar Rao Pandit and to

itm university, gwalior

Hundreds of original paintings, etchings and signed prints add to the aesthestics of the campus
16 | Itm university gwalior

More than 150 monumental sculpters

are exhibited in the campus

TM University is a multidisciplinary university with an

higher authorities in this Campus. Each student expresses through

international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching

ITMs various clubs. In 100 Acres sprawling lush green environs

across the academic spectrum covering the physical and life

of Vindhyachal ranges, the beautiful campus of ITM University

sciences, engineering, management, commerce, fine arts, social

is the most Happening & Happy campus in this part of India,

sciences, arts, medicine, nursing, education etc. It intends to be at

attracting Scholars, Nobel laureates, Artists, Heads of States & top

the forefront of learning, teaching and research. It seeks to sustain

Corporates to mingle & interact with more than 15000 students of

and enhance its excellence as an institution of higher learning

different streams. We look forward to make an indelible mark on

through outstanding teaching and world-class research so as to

human society at large.

produce well-rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide

leadership within the societies they serve.

Changing the World

ITM University-Gwalior was established by the Act of State

scholars, and change agents, building upon and strengthening

Legislature, M.P. as notified in the official Gazette (extra-ordinary)

its intellectual, cultural, social and scientific and technological

of the State Government in May 2011. ITM University-Gwalior,

dimensions. We intend to ask tough questions, engage the world

is sponsored by Samata Lok Sansthan, a registered charitable

around us, and pursue knowledge with rigor because we believe


in the transformative power of ideas.


Shaping Minds

ITM University-Gwalior Campus is a delight to see. One sees

We intend to offer a rich learning environment where outstanding

hundreds of original works of Art permanently displayed in

students and scholars from around the world are continually

common areas & monumental sculptures in marble, granite, mild

challenged and inspired to do their best possible work. An

steel or stainless steel in open areas. There is so much of world

atmosphere that thrives on free and open inquiry and literary

class curricular & extracurricular activities throughout the year

criticism. Our programmes are designed for its emphasis on

that the city folks of the region eagerly awaits for each event. The

critical thinking and broad interdisciplinary exposure to the full

largest Amphitheatre of India at ITM Campus is witness to ever

range of intellectual discovery. We intend to break down artificial

bubbling energies of youth. There is no barrier between students &

disciplinary barriers.
Itm university gwalior | 17

i t m unive r si t y

Our faculty and students serve as pioneers, discoverers, teachers,

Students in the ITM University have to face rigorous academic work

Inter-disciplinary Approach

that excites and stimulates them to push the frontiers of knowledge

We believe that collaboration across disciplines will be key to

further. We seek outcome in the form of knowledge to bear on the

future advances. The teaching & learning pedagogy encourages

worlds great challenges.

multidisciplinary initiatives in areas of science, engineering

and technology and management. A curriculum that is

Creative Flexibility and Freedom

interdisciplinary presents content, skills and thinking processes,

The University provides a rich and varied academic environment through

and assessments through exploring connections amongst

choice based credit system, modular approach, cafeteria approach

the disciplines. Our method helps to take students to a new

multiple entry and exit, industry based credits, students exchange

awareness of the meaningful connections that exist among the

etc., that ensures opportunities for both intellectual development and


the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills. It is designed in

a manner that offers students necessary competencies to face the


challenges of the new economic world order.

The importance of education and educational co-operation in the

development and strengthening of stable, peaceful and democratic

Our programmes are showcase of flexibility, predictability and

societies is universally acknowledged as of paramount importance.

transparency. All our courses are based on a credit system which

Many of our academic programmes are conducted in cooperation

creates a more flexible learning environment and offers more

with internal collaboration. We are making endeavours to further

academic freedom for students. Our learning system is designed

extend this network with other well recognized Universities of the

where credits could also be acquired in non-higher education

globe in the domain of dual degree, research, training, student

contexts, including lifelong learning.

exchange, faculty exchange and placement of students. Student

and faculty exchange programme with other Universities of globe

Our approach is based on learning outcomes when defining and

offer rich exposer and opportunities. Additionally, we are proud

describing courses, and promotes the validation of non-formal

of our research linkages with well recognized laboratories of the

and informal learning in accordance with the generally agreed


principles of higher education

18 | Itm university gwalior

Industrial Interface

activity outside the lecture. Students beyond their classroom will

ITM University has the highest footfalls of industrial leaders in

have countless opportunities for involvement and extracurricular

central regions. A number of CEOs visit every year to share their


experiences. We have an enviable track record of highest number

of placement in central regions. Since experts from industry are at

Community Connect

our Board of Studies, our curriculum gets rich inputs from them,

The University intends to connect with community in partnerships

which eventually helps in fine-tuning learning processes and

that serve the community and train futures policymakers,

shaping students. TCS, Infosys, HP, Wipro and HP are few flagship

technocrats, social workers, business leaders, artists, and social

companies who are regularly visiting our campus.

and political leaders. The University has taken up courses in

diverse fields with particular regard to their application in industry,


commerce and services. ITM University acts as conscience keeper

High standards at the University are the result of the learning

of the city of Gwalior. Quite often social issues are taken up on the

opportunities offered, resources, experienced faculty, rich

streets for awareness among the masses.

libraries, museums, State-of-art laboratories and latest softwares.

Our faculties have exposure to international learning systems and
are defending their research at the best international scientific
forums. We are also coming out with international journals in many
largest library in central region, well equipped class-rooms and
large inventory of softwares. All combined, offers an unparalleled
learning environment.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Campus life offers and endless feast to your mind. We offer a wealth
of sporting and cultural activity at the University. Initiatives ensure
that aspiring performers enrich their education with a high level of

Candle march organised by ITM University against incidents

of atrocities on women
Itm university gwalior | 19

i t m unive r si t y

disciplines. We are also proud of our state-of-art laboratories,

how are we unique


he concept of evolution of ITM University is inculcated with

ITM University with its consistent and persistent efforts is making

a specific objective and a meaningful purpose. The university is

outright attempt to upside down the academic pyramid. Almost all

catalised to have a bold new vision in developing and delivering

the academic system resemble a pyramid with a high quality tier

mechanism of various curricula of studies so that young minds

at the top and a massive sector at the bottom, however need of

are appropriately educated and trained to undergo an experience

the hour is to broaden this tier. Adopting active mode of teaching

that would challenge their current perspectives and assumptions,

learning process so that class room teaching is objective, exciting,

induce innovation in thinking and leadership, establish new skills

effective and participating, formulating internationally accepted text

and talent, develop judgment and instill a sense of responsibility.

book based syllabi, developing discipline specific basic courses,

inducing self-learning modules and projecting laboratory courses

Articulation of critical thinking, practical implementation of thought

not only for reinforcement of known facts but enhancing the natural

are the core ethos of academic pedagogy of ITM University. As a

talent of students, are some of the measures undertaken by the

result students would learn to organize their own thinking, seek

university to strive desired and fruitful objectives.

multiple dimensions, to be reflective and appreciate basics of

arguments such as deduction, induction and reasoning. All this

To achieve all the above ITM University has developed some out

can be achieved only when young generation is well equipped

of the box academic activities, pedagogy mix and assessment

to accept the challenge of exponential growth of scientific

processes which are as follows.

knowledge. Through its mission and vision ITM University is whole

heartily committed to train young generation so that they are truly

1. Inclusion of branch specific workshops in the first year

well informed on the one hand and become immensely talented

curriculum: Traditionally all the students of every branch have to go

in imaginatively using the tool, on the other. However neither

through a course on mechanical workshop in the first year which is

knowledge nor skills can be fruitful without deep commitment. This

irrelevant for modern courses like computer science, electronics,

is met by mediating on the reality hidden behind phenomena, a

Information technology etc. At ITM University we have introduced

fact or an event with the urge to understand the truth and not to be

branch specifics workshops instead of common course on

satisfied with mere fact viz to think out of box. Think big and think

mechanical workshop so that students are exposed to the basic

beyond is what is being fusioned in the cultural inheritance of ITM

elements and components and the functions of equipments of the


field which are covered in detail in future semesters.

20 | Itm university gwalior

2. Inclusion of courses developed by Industry in regular curriculum

Cambridge University CAD Studio Randstad India Limited

spread in different semesters: At ITM University are have involved

Think Lab, IIT Mumbai Innovent Technology

professionals from top Industries of different fields to develop all

most all the courses so that the students are trained as per real

6. Up-To-Date and Innovative curriculum: Curriculum of different

requirement of the core Industries. In departments like CS, IT &

courses is developed by a Committee Comprising of senior

ICT some courses are fully developed by Industry like Infosys

professors from the best Institute (IIT, IIM, NIT etc.) and top

and those courses are included in the regular curriculum to make

Industries of the respective fields. The Committees have ensured

students Industry ready by the end of seventh semester.

that the courses should he Up-To-Date and Innovative catering

to the future requirement of globally renowned Industries and

3. Option for students to complete a program in slow pace:

research Institute.

At ITM University we are committed to serve all the sections of

student community. We believe that it is our one of the objective to

7. Continuous Assessment System (CAS): ITM University is first

make weak excess exposed students competent to compete with

to adopt Continuous assessment system which is being adopted

academically better students. This can only be done by facilitating

by IITs, IIMs and best universities of world. All programme are

weaker students to complete the program with slow pace so that

offered using Choice Based Credit System, Modular Approach,

they can devote more time on basics as well as advance subjects

Multiple Entry & Exit option and Semester/Trimester system.

and hence increase the understanding of the subjects which are

important to their field.

8. Hub of Innovative and industry based courses that thrives

on interdisciplinary & flexible approach: ITM University is the

4. Predictive academic calendar: At ITM University the academic

Hub of Innovative and industry based courses that thrives on

calendar is announced in advance for each semester/ trimester

interdisciplinary & flexible approach. Courses offered on a wide

so that students can plan their entire semester in advance. The

spectrum of knowledge continuum ranging from engineering,

academic calendar is followed strictly and is monitored at the

sciences, management, commerce, social sciences, arts etc. The

highest level. As a result of it all the academic as well as other

unique teaching-Learning process at the University is a rich mix

activities are completed well on time, exams are conducted as

of lectures, workshops, field studies, cases, role plays, practicals,

scheduled and timely results are announced. The practice of

projects, etc that offers a ecstatic learning experience.

following academic calendar strictly results in timely completion of


9. Biggest






activities: ITM University is a Biggest Centre of co-curricular and

5. Option of doing Augmentation programs (Certificate) on

extra-curricular activities which are very important for over all

campus with major Industries of different fields: ITM University has

development of students. 30 experts from industry and research

active MOUs for providing certificate augmentation programs on

institute interacted with students of the University. ITM University

campus as for requirement of industry. ITM has MOU with following

is the preferred destination for performance of world renowned

companies for training.

artists like Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Girja Devi,

Kala Ramnath, Palash Sen and Rock Bands like Indian Ocean,

HP (Hewlett Packard) GCE India Rockwell Automation, USA

Euphoroia, Bandish, Aryans and many more.

Itm university gwalior | 21


of Engineering & Technology

he School of Engineering & Technology established under

the auspices of ITM University in May 2011, offers the following

diploma, Graduate and Post-graduate studies in Engineering:
1. Doctor of Philosophy; Ph.D (2 1/2 years minimum)
(i) Civil Engineering
(ii) Mechanical Engineering
(iii) Electronics & Communication Engineering
(iv) Computer Science Engineering
(v) Information Technology
(vi) Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
2. M.Tech ( 2 years full time):
(i) Computer Science
(ii) Information Technology
(iii) Measurement & Control
(iv) VLSI
(v) Chemical Engineering
(vi) Electronics & Communication Engineering
3. B.Tech + M.Tech (Dual Degree 5 years Integrated) :
(i) Civil Engineering
(ii) Mechanical Engineering
(iii) Electronics & Communications Engineering
(iv) Computer Science & Engineering

Inquiry and interaction is the key to learning at ITMU

22 | Itm university gwalior

(ii) Mechanical Engineering

(iii) Electrical Engineering
(iv) Electronics & Communications Engineering
(v) Computer Science & Engineering
(vi) Information & Communication Technology

The university has provided for a large number of Curricular, Cocurricular and Extra-curricular activities in which they are not only
participating but organizing with the advise and guidance of faculty

Research Areas

(vii) Bio-Technology

Civil Engineering

5. Diploma in Engineering :

2. Construction Management

1. Structural Engineering

(i) Civil Engineering

3. Risk Management in Construction projects

(ii) Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

(iii) Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

The Teaching Learning Process is flexible with emphasis on

Industrial Engineering: Logistics Engineering & Supply Chain

continuous assessment, Credit, Grade and Grade Point system.

Management / Quality & Reliability Engineering & Management

The school is equipped with state of art laboratories, Lecture

Room, Library and other facilities.

Product Design / Product Management / Materials/ Inventory


The research environment is gradually building up in Nano-

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Technology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mechanical Engg.

Control and Communication Engg. : Advanced control systems

The faculty members are dedicated and are participating in

and Digital Communication. VLSI and Embedded systems

National/International Conferences and have to their credit a good

number of publications.

Computer Science and Engineering

Security in Vehicular Adhoc Network

Few Research Projects have been sanctioned and are in the pipe

Data mining


Computer Network
Itm university gwalior | 23

school of engg . & t ech .

(i) Civil Engineering

A group of students after placement in a MNC

4. B.Tech/B.Tech (Hons.) (Four year full time) :

computer science engg.

& information communication

ITMU Campus has more than 1500 computing machines on LAN, WAN and on Wi-Fi.
24 | Itm university gwalior

Large number of Video Lecture are

part of library of ITMU

Scope and Placement

The courses offered in the Department are aimed at preparing

G6 Series proliant servers from HP with latest configuration. The

students for a career in any of the main areas of Computer Science

Department maintains separate servers for Database, File, Print

Engineering & Information Communication Technology where they

and Web. Required application softwares, system softwares and

can put to practice the knowledge acquired during the study.

hardware, including internet and Wi-Fi connectivity on around 250

Through rigorous theory and laboratory practices, the students


are equipped to seek position in an organization engaged with


and software development applications. Our

students have been placed in companies like TCS, Mphasis(EDS),

Hardware Trouble shooting and Maintenance cell caters to the

needs of all the departments of the entire ITM University.

Hexaware, Infosys, Torry Harris, Persistent, Accenture, Libsys,

The R&D cell is constantly striving for research in some of the

Amdale, HCL, Unilogic, Applabs, Zensar, Syntel, and Shriram

niche areas in information & communication technology.

Value Services Pvt. Ltd., Wipro, Satyam, IBM, Mahindra.

Major Facilities

The Department is assisted by a well maintained Departmental

library for references.

Well equipped laboratories with specialized labs of Database,

Programming lab, Project lab, Network lab, Computer Graphics
& Multimedia and Linux lab. Licensed softwares like Microsoft
Campus Agreement which includes Windows XP, MS Office, MS
Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, MSDN. The Department is having
other softwares like Oracle 9i, Linux 7.2, Windows NT, Windows
2003 Server Enterprise edition, Win proxy, Turbo C++, Java etc.
The Department is having two dedicated leased lines of 4 Mbps
for high speed internet connectivity throughout the labs & 15
broadband connections are used as a backup and fault tolerant
internet connectivity. The Department is having high-end G5 and
Itm university gwalior | 25

compu t e r science engg .

The department has following features:


26 | Itm university gwalior

Mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering.

& CAM, Energy Conversion System & Thermodynamics, Basic

It practically interfaces with all branches of engineering. There is

Mechanical engineering and Engineering Graphics supported

hardly any product which does not need mechanical engineering

by high end workshop and Design & Simulation Application

to plan, design provide facility, produce & control the quality. The

Software ProE, HP autodesk inventor etc. Some of the above

branch, therefore, has continuous demand whether the product

labs are prepared as per the need. Seminars and Workshops

is electronic gadget, electrical energy, telephone instrumentation

take extra mile in the search of quality subject knowledge.

& petrol refineries. The course curriculum of undergraduate

The Department organizes regular seminars, workshops and

programme of Mechanical Engineering includes Fundamental

training programmes aiming at the specified subject knowledge

of Thermodynamics, Kinematics of Machines, Machine Design

of the specialized kind. Regular industrial visits are organized to

& CAD, Mechanics & Material Science of Engineering Materials,

expose students to the real life working environment of todays

Energy Conversion Systems, Production Processes & CNG

industry. They are provided with the opportunities to explore the

machines, Dynamics of Machines, Manufacturing Processes,

learning methods of tomorrows industrial environment. These

Fluid Mechanics, Simulation & Modeling, Production Planning

activities add the technical know how of the functioning of the

& Control Engineering, Turbo Machinery, Automobile & Nuclear

industries to the subjective knowledge.

Power Engineering, RAC-Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

University, Heat & Mass Transfer Processes, Cryogenic

The Department has a separate library for reference to faculty and

Engineering, Industrial Tribology and Industrial & Tool Design.


The aspect of maintenance is also dealt by mechanical


The latest books on each subject which are published by Indian

and foreign publishers are available for reference. The latest hand

Major Facilities

books containing up-to-date data and other technical information

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has well equipped

are available. Video lectures from the best faculty of the national

labs of Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, Strength of

institutions of repute are available for faculty and students. The

Materials, Fluid mechanics, Refrigeration & air conditioning lab,

journals & e-journals and the library software management add to

HMT lab, Mechanical vibrations lab, Automobile engg. Lab CAD

the research base facility.

Itm university gwalior | 27

m E chanical E nginee r ing

Scope and Placement


and Communication Engineering

28 | Itm university gwalior

Electronics Engineering is an engineering discipline which uses

the scientific knowledge of behavior and effects of electrons to
develop components, devices, systems & equipments that uses
electricity as a part of driving force. The on going bewildering
transformation of quality of our lives is due to recent phenomenal
growth in electronics, communication technology and technological
convergence. Many a super smart electronics gizmo is hitting
the market everyday which hitherto, used to appear in science
fiction only. Smaller and more complex electronic devices are
replacing the bigger ones.Thus, as never before, a situation
has arisen where a strong scientific manpower with technical
background is needed to meet the growing challenges in the field
of electronics for its research, development and applications.
To achieve this, our energies are directed towards blending of a
sound understanding of fundamental science, engineering and
technological aspects of electronics. Graduates & Post graduates
in Electronics & Communication Engg. have opportunities in Govt.
& private companies for installation, operation and maintenance
of electronic equipments and systems. Defense, space and
other large research organizations employ electronics engineers
in design and development of complex devices and systems for
signal processing and telecommunication. Industries involved in
design and fabrication of devices, integrated circuits, embedded
systems, electronic equipments etc. also provide large scale
placements for engineers with this specialization.
Knowledge of computer hardware, networking equipments and
communication systems enables electronics engineering graduate
to annex an edge in the IT job market. The skills and understanding
developed in the course enable them to be preferred, as software
professionals in IT companies. The students of ITM Group of
Institutions have been placed in companies like TCS, Infosys,
Hexaware, Accenture, HCL, L&T, Infotech & Government agencies
like DRDO, BEL, ISRO, NTPC etc.

circuits. Keeping track of the rapidly changing technology there are

latest & modern equipments in Microprocessor & Microcontroller
lab such as Universal Development Board for ATMEL, PIC, INTEL
microcontroller, in Antenna & wave propagation lab. such as
Motorized Antenna radiation pattern generators with antennas
used for Mobile Communication. Students learn about real life
networking environments, making them immediately productive
upon graduation and prepared to take on variety of communication
& IT roles in the lab of Optical Communication which has LASER
& LED sources, Microwave Engineering, TV Radar Lab and Digital
Communication which has TDM trainer, CDMA, GSM & ISDN
trainer, Computer network lab with network simulator software.

R & D and Major Project Lab

There are exclusive labs for carrying out research and development.
These labs have important soft wares like Tinapro MATLAB, EDA
software, Multisim, PCB wizard, Lab view, Cadence and Xilinx. For
design of Integrated circuits, a new backend tool HEP1 from Mentor
Graphics is available. One can design own IC and directly give it
to foundry for manufacturing. PCB for Minor & Major project and
also circuit after research can be developed into PCB Lab which
has all equipments like Photo contact, PCB art work film maker,
curing machine, Photo resist dip, machine, PCB drilling machine,
machine Roller timing machine and proto die developer.

Departmental Library
The department has its own reference library with 350 titles, digital
lectures from IITs & IISs from NPTEL. Also there is access to all
national & International journals through INDEST.

Major Facilities
The laboratories of department have a strong ethos of practice
influencing theory and practical. The laboratory set up which
includes Tinapro software alongwith Electronics and Digital Circuits
& network analysis trainer aim to develop problem solving skills by
emphasizing the application of conceptual understanding & use
of analytical & experimental tools to solve problems in electronic
Itm university gwalior | 29

E lec t r onics & communica t ion engg .

Scope and Placement

chemical engg.
biotechnology Engineering

30 | Itm university gwalior

Chemical Engineering
The academic programmes in Chemical Engineering have been
designed to provide the basic understanding of the materials
for human needs and of products like fuels, cement, industrial
chemicals, fertilizers, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals products,
cosmetics, paints, adhesives, insecticides, pesticides and
various consumer goods. The Postgraduate course in Chemical
Engineering provides in depth exposure in the areas like material
and energy balance, fluid mechanics, fuel technology, fluid particle
mechanics, material science & technology, organic process
technology, computational methods in chemical engineering.
Energy environment ethics & society, Mass & Heat Transfer
Machanisms, Chemical engineering thermo dynamics, Advance
Chemical engineering thermo dynamics, chemical process control,
Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Equipment Design,
Transport Phenomena, Bio-process Technology, Process Modeling
& Simulation, Process Engineering & Costing, Environmental
Engineering, Petroleum Process Technology, Process Piping
Design. The main objective of the course is to prepare the

and Exclusive Bio- Process Technology Lab & Computer lab.

Some lab are established and some are prepared as and when
the need arises. The department arranges the industrial training
& industrial visit & software training with industrial application
specially used in chemical Engineering. The department facilitates
to the student to fabricate their project in the college level.

students for viable employments in various chemical industries.

Department Library

At postgraduate level the students are given an exposure in areas

Chemical Engg. deptt. has its own departmental library with approx.

related with modeling of chemical process advanced process

500 books of different authors & publishers for both undergraduate

Dynamics & Control, Advance chemical reaction engineering,

& postgraduate students

Safety & Hazards Management and also electives like industrial &

Biotechnology Engineering

municipal solid waste Management, Modeling of Pollution control

Biotechnology programme is a fusion of biology and technology

systems & chemical process plant design polymer technology.

emphasising the synergy between the living microscopic world

The main objective of the course is to provide students with an

and the industrial technology. The academic programme covers

opportunity to apply fundamental principles to the solution of

courses in applied biology and engineering. The students are

problems. This will includes the ability to make an informed

given intensive exposure to biochemistry, Chemistry, Virology,

decision on the choice of the method for tackling a given problem,

Immunology, Genetics, Microbiology, Plant tissue culture, Animal

the communication of ideas and results of scientific investigation

tissue culture, Drug designing, Bio informatics, Genetic Engg,

and the use of scientific literature.

RDT, Bioprocess Engineering, Health and Medicine, agriculture

Major Facilities
The department has well equipped labs of Fluid Particle
Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, fuel Technology, Mass Transfer,
Heat Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Process
Control, Material & Energy Balance, Environmental Engineering


etc. The emphasis is on a quantitative analysis

and systems-oriented engineering approach to life sciences.

Engineering graduates in Biotechnology offers are employed in
R and D labs, as well as in corporate sectors involved in Medicine
and Healthcare, Animal husbandry, Agriculture and Environment
industries and many more.
Itm university gwalior | 31

C hemical enginee r ing

advanced Bio-technology, Advance Transport Processes, industrial



32 | Itm university gwalior

Scope and Placements

The academic programmes are designed to produce Civil

Graduating students have a wide scope for placement

Engineers of global standard who can meet out the present

in construction companies, power sectors and in various

and future requirements of construction industry, research

organizations for construction and maintenance works. They

organizations and academic institutions. Programme emphasis is

may also opt for post-graduate programmes (M.Tech./MBA) to

on deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of

pursue higher study, giving opening for teaching or placement in

creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering and

research sectors. Some students opt for entrepreneurship

the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary

depending upon their interest.

such a way to create an environment leading to research and

Major Facilities

consultancy in the department. Along with the basic knowledge

The laboratories of the department are well equipped with latest

of various subjects of Civil Engineering, indepth knowledge of the

equipments & softwares. It possesses separate computing

related subjects is also imparted to the students. The awareness

facility also. The department also possesses the latest softwares

regarding new technologies and developments in the area of civil

for planning and design of civil engineering structures. The

engineering is the integral part of the programme. Special thrust

department has well qualified faculties at different tiers and

is given to the concept of eco-friendly construction with minimum

student-teacher ratio as per the guidelines of AICTE. Laboratory

energy consumption. Students are offered a subject Camp Survey

staff is also adequate in number and well experienced. The

in pre-final year in which they have to collect the field data required

classrooms of the department are spacious, well ventilated

as the design input for various civil engineering structures such

and well equipped with the teaching aids. The department

as buildings, bridges, roads, airports etc. for Industrial training,

also possesses its own seminar hall where the expert lectures,

students opt major construction companies and organizations

project presentations by the students or routine presentations

such as L&T, Gamon India Ltd., National Highway Authority of

by the faculty members are conducted. Faculty members have

India Ltd, National Hydro-Power Corporation India etc. In final

been provided comfortable and separate cubicles with adequate

year, students are assigned to work on some live projects to have

space so that they may interact with the students during leisure

the exposure of construction sites or may go for design projects,


depending upon their interest.

Itm university gwalior | 33

civil enginee r ing

in nature. Teaching learning process has been planned in


34 | Itm university gwalior

Scope and Placements

Industries involved in design and fabrication of devices, integrated

Electrical Engineering is one of the core branches of Engineering.

circuits, embedded systems, electrical equipments etc. have also

that deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics

provide large scale placements for engineers with this specialisation.

and electromagnetism.

Installation and maintenance of electrical equipments & machines

used for health care in hospitals, equipments & systems for

The field first became an identifiable occupation in the late

instrumentation and control in process industries automation systems

nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric telegraph

of assembly line in production industries, etc. are also handled by

and electrical power supply. The academic curriculum has been

electrical engineers. Knowledge of computer hardware, networking

designed to provide an indepth exposure and training to the

equipments and communication systems enable engineering


in electrical power devises and systems, power

graduate helped them to annexe an edge in the IT job market. The

transmission and motor control, analog and digital electronics,

skills and understanding developed in the course enable them to be

control systems, microprocessors, signal processing and

preferred, as software professionals by IT companies.

telecommunications. The courses on Electrical energy systems

encompass the study and design of electrical transmission

Major Facilities

systems, electrical machines and variable speed drives; high

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department is equipped

power electronic converters and high voltage engineering. This

with different Electrical Machines i.e. Induction Motor, Synchronous

requires engineering on a grand scale, such as power distribution

Motor, DC Generator & DC Motor, Equipments and Softwares

in across the country. Power generation from renewable resources,

required in the field of Electrical Power, Electrical Machine,

such as wind and sun, and electrical transport, such as battery

Instrumentation, Control System, Digital Electronics, Power

electrical vehicles etc. Electromagnetic systems - are diverse and

Electronics, Electric Drives, Network Analysis, and Microprocessor.

complex, ranging from the study of the electromagnetic effects of

Software packages like MATLAB, P-Spice and My Power Simulator

motors and electrical insulators to radio and radar antennas, radio

is available for simulation of models and prototypes of modern

waves and visible light (fibre optics). The scope of study ranges

electrical power system and various electrical machines.

from undergraduate introductory courses to world class research

at post graduate and doctoral level. A course on computer systems
is also included to train the students to design and implement
design and construction of microcomputers built to control almost
every electrical appliance, from automatic irrigation systems to
autopilots for aircraft.
Graduates in Electrical Engineering have opportunities in
Government and private companies for installation, operation and
maintenance of electrical equipments, electronics equipments and
systems. Defence, space and other large research organisations
employ electrical engineers in design and development of complex
devices and systems for signal processing and telecommunication.
Itm university gwalior | 35

elec t r ical enginee r ing

computers and digital electronic systems. This field also covers the

of science

36 | Itm university gwalior

he School of Science of ITM University offers the following

Post graduate programme:


Designing, Synthesis, Spectral characterization, DNA Binding,

M.Sc. Petroleum Technology

Nuclease activity and Antimicrobial activity of Schiff Bases and

M.Sc. Physics

their metal complexes. Schiff base and their metal complexes

M.Sc. Chemistry

have variety of applications in biological, clinical and analytical

M. Tech. Material Science

fields. The interaction of Schiff base transition metal complexes

Ph.D. Programmes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

with nucleic acids is a major area of research due to the utility

of these complexes in the design and development of synthetic

Research and Development

restriction enzymes, chemotherapeutic agents, spectroscopic

Research programme leading to the Doctoral degree in physics,

probes, site specific cleavers and molecular photo switches.

chemistry and mathematics are offered. The research interests

Coordination Chemistry, Metallopharmaceuticals, Synthesis of

cover a broad range of multi disciplinary areas of current global

interest. A brief highlight is given in below:

Experimental Physics
Nano Science and Technology
IR detectors
Solar Photovoltaics
Thin/Thick Film Technology
Nano Sensors

Bioactive molecules.
Theoretical studies on Biologically Active Compounds using
Quantum- Chemical Methods like Semi-empirical, Ab initio &
Density Functional Theory.






nanoparticles using single-source molecular precursors.

Supramolecular chemistry, Membrane mimmetic chemistry,
Liquid membrane technology, Chemical sensors & biosensors.
Synthesis and Processing of biodiesel.

Magnetic Nano structures

Synthesis of semi conductor nano structures, nano composites,
opto electronic devices, metal oxide sensors
Scanning Probe Microscopy, Laser Confocal Scanning
(Optical Microscopy), Low temperature instrumentation (TSDC,

Fracture Mechanics: Theoretical and numerical methods are
used for finding the fracturing process of structures.
Operational Research: Optimization and reliability theories.

Resistivity, Photo-conductivity, Thermopower), Shape memory

Major Facilities
Spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Polarimeter, Electrophoresis Unit,

Theoretical Physics

U.V. Transilluminator, Flame photometer, Flash point apparatus,

Particle Physics, High Tc superconductivity, Reformulation of

Visco meter, Bomb calorimeter, Cloud and Pour point apparatus,

classical Electrodynamics (Divergence free) and its extension

Abels flash point apparatus, PH meter, Turbidity meter, Melting

to quantum Electrodynamics, Study of physical system of

point apparatus, Magnetic, stirrer, Tabletop centrifuge, Abbes

low dimensionality (nano scale), Conceptual development of

Refractometer, Water bath incubator shaker, Essac weight scale,

quantum mechanics, quantum information theory & quantum

Electro oven / Micro wave oven, Muffle furnace, Electric stirrer,


Aniline point apparatus, Kjeldhal apparatus, Spin coater, Ultrasonic

Computational Nano science/ab initio studies

cleaner, Digital electronic balances, Lux meter, Compressor.

Itm university gwalior | 37

school of science

alloy, Nano-bio interfaces.


of Life Science

38 | Itm university gwalior

he School of Life Science of ITM University offers

undergraduate, post graduate and Ph. D programmes: The

courses offered are:
B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology,
M.Sc. Biotechnology,
M.Sc. Microbiology,
M.Sc. Food Technology,
Ph. D in Biotechnology, Microbiology & Environment Science.

Chemistry: - Synthesis of bioactive agents, Processing of biodiesel,

Physico chemical analysis of water.
Biotechnology: - Phytoremediation, Genome profiling, Abiotic
stress, Antioxidanty activity and regulation of metabolic disorders.
Isocynates and redox signaling.
Food Technology: - New product Development, Shelf life
Microbiology: - Herbal remedies against opportunistic Candidial

The Curriculum in B.Sc. & M.Sc. is structured to provide a common,

infections, Antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants, Characterization

broad-based foundation, imparting fundamental concepts and

of bioactive component from actinomycetes and its antimicrobial

principles in Life Science through lectures, tutorials, discussions

spectrum, Bioremediation of waste water, Bacterial degradation of


petroleum contaminated soil.

presentations. The curriculum has a significant practical

Life Science. Students seminars and assignments are designed

Major Facilities

to be highly challenging, which paves way for the students to bring

The School of Life Sciences has well equipped laboratories for

out their intellectual and interactive skills in analyzing scientific

Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry

problems. The students are required to do research as part of their

with advanced central instrumentation facility including PCR

curriculum and submit a project.

Machine, ELISA Reader, UV Spectrophotometers (Double

Beam), Visible Lab Scale Spectrophotometer and Calorimeter,


Binocular Microscope, UV Torch, Transilluminator, Fermentor

Major thrust areas of research are:

(2L) Electrophoresis Units (Vertical and Horizontal), Laminar Air

Zoology: - Melonophore response in Fishes.

flow chamber Incubators, BOD clinical, high speed refrigerated

Botany: - Weed management, Elevated CO2 & forage Crops

centrifuge machines etc.

Environment Science: - Allelopathy, environmental auditing and

environmental ethics
Itm university gwalior | 39

school of life science

component that trains students in experimental skills essential to


of Life Science

40 | Itm university gwalior

Academic activities
International, National conferences, workshops and co-curricular

offers various facilities to member Institutions through resource

activities on regular basis are held Further, millennium lecture

sharing of about 200 on line journals and 2 lakh books and other

series, industrial workshops, orientation and training Programmes


are conducted on regular basis.

by eminent scientists/academicians throughout year. The aim of

organizing millennium lecture series is to highlight latest trends in
the concerned subject and to initiate interaction of students with
eminent academicians of national and international repute.
Member Professional Body: - The School of Life Science is
institutional member of Biotech Research Society of India (BRSI),
Library: - The Institute has well stocked library with more than
15,000 books comprising of text books and reference books. The
latest books published by reputed Indian and foreign publishers
are available for reference. The Library is fully computerized. The
Library subscribes reputed scientific journals & magazines related
to Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, and
other allied science. The library has internet connectivity with
access to scientific journals, video Lectures of eminent scientists.
The Library also subscribes to science research abstract index
of India. The Library being member of consortia of DELNET

Training & Placements

The Dept. of Life Sciences has been fully devoted in guiding students
to get placements for project training at national level research
Institutes/Universities. This has resulted in their placements for
project work in highly specialized research organizations. The list
for the last three years is as under: AIIMS, DIPAS, BARC, BMHRC,
Bhopal; CIMAP, Lucknow; CDRI, Lucknow; ICGEB, New Delhi; NII,
New Delhi, NCCS, Pune; IGBI- New Delhi; Choithram- Indore; JNU,
New Delhi; Dabur- Ghaziabad; NCL- Pune MP State FRI- Jabalpur:
ITRC- Lucknow: NCRRH- Nagpur: RRL- Jammu: Cadbury India
Ltd: NEERI- Mumbai: Parle Bailey, NIPCR- Delhi: JALMA- Agra:
Span Diagnostics, DAVV- Indore: Dr. Morepan Lab.
The students earning their degree from the Dept. of
Biotechnology & Microbiology have found their employment in
reputed organizations like- Ranbaxy, Medicaps, ITC, PEPSICO,
Coca-Cola, Panacea Biotech, Span diagnostics, Zydus Cadilla,
Alfa Pharma, Claris Pharma, Novartis, UDCT Mumbai, Beijing
University- China, Torino University, Abacus Health Care, Amrita
Herbals, Nestle, Inova Pharma, IMTECH- Chandigarh, SAB Miller
India, Britannia.
Itm university gwalior | 41

school of life science

Millennium Lecture Series: - In this series lectures are delivered


of Computer Applications

42 | Itm university gwalior

14. Elective courses that bridges the gap between industry

requirements and academia.
15. Projects based on elective courses so as to develop expertise
in one specific area.
16. Communication skills orientation and personality development
programmes incorporated in the scheme of examination to
make that course compulsory.
17. Hands on experience in most of the courses of computer
applications so as to impart practical knowledge in the
relevant field.
18. Research based dissertation in final semester to expose



BCA (Honors) BCA (Honors) + MCA MCA Ph. D.

Salient Features
1. Highly qualified experienced Faculty.
2. Admission through common entrance test at different levels.
3. MOUs with Industries / Institutes of National / International
repute for Training and Placement.
4. 360 development of personality through various curricular,
co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
5. Curriculum co-evolved with experts from industry and
academia from all over India.
6. Specialized computer labs with latest H/W and S/W.
7. Digital Library with access to National /International journals
and video lectures of eminent professors.
8. The medium of instruction is English only.
9. Credit based continuous evaluation system to allow the
students to assess their progress more frequently.
10. To help students in planning their courses of study
and for getting general advice on academic programme,
a certain number of students are assigned to a Faculty
member who are called their Faculty Advisor/Mentor.
11. Provision to learn extra courses (non CGPA Category) to be
mentioned on the grade card.
12. Provision of registration in contact courses for grade
13. Grade system used for results to minimize the stress level of
the students.

the students to recent developments in their field of interest

under the guidance of competent faculty members.

Major Thrust Area for Research at SOCA

1. Image & Video Processing
With the availability of digital imaging devices, users world-wide
generate and collect vast amounts of image and video data, and
digital visual content has become an integral part of our everyday
life. Our research targets in this area include intelligent search
and browsing functionality, as well as techniques for extracting
higher-level semantic information directly from the visual content.
Potential research topics in this area include:
Image and Video Indexing, Retrieval & Browsing Visual
Classification & Concept Detection Text Recognition in Image
Document Counterfeit Detection.
2. Data & Web Mining
With the exponential growth of the information, the field of data
mining has emerged as one of the important area of research.
Further most of the information is now made available through
World Wide Web to the users at a single mouse click, which has
resulted in a new area in data mining that is web mining. The
main aim to conduct research in this area is to facilitate correct,
relevant and efficient retrieval of information form the web. The
major areas in this field covers:
User interest modeling for fast retrieval of information Re
ranking of web search results Multilevel clustering models for
web data analysis.
Itm university gwalior | 43

school of compu t e r applica t ions

offered in the School


of Nursing Science

44 | Itm university gwalior

he school of Nursing Sciences of ITM University offers

methodologies like Audio visual aids, hospital visits and

undergraduate and post graduate courses. Courses offered are

educational tours, seminars and presentations, internal tests,

M.Sc. Nursing (20 seats) B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing (60 Seats), Post

quiz, guest lectures, workshops and group discussion to equip

Basic B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing (40 Seats) and General Nursing and

the students with the capacity to carry out independent nursing

Midwifery. (60 Seats).


Objectives of the programme


The school of nursing sciences endeavours to achieve its noble

The strength of the faculty members who are specialized in the

aim through the following objectives that are being implemented

different disciplines is 10.

of basic principles of the techniques and methods used in nursing

M.Sc. Nursing

and making the students understand the intricacies of nursing

2 Year programme that prepares student to practice across all

care). Developing skills and necessary aptitudes for planning

health care settings. It combines theory and practice of nursing with

and implementing comprehensive nursing care.

general education in the humanities and behavioral, biological and

physical sciences. This programme also prepares for leadership,

Training them to think and act independently and responsibly as

management and more independent roles, such as clinical nurse

an individual nurse. Teaching them to work as team members

specialist, nurse practitioner, educator, guide and researcher.

and nurturing in them the spirit of co-operation with their fellow

M.Sc. Nursing is preferably required for military nursing, public

workers and the hospital administration for the welfare of the

health nursing. Forensic nursing and School of nursing.

patient through the care of the sick, prevention of diseases and

promotion of community health.

Specialty Area Number of Seats

Obstetrical and Gynaecological Nursing


Programme Structure

Medical Surgical Nursing


The programme uses wide range of interactive teaching

Community Health Nursing

Itm university gwalior | 45

school of nu r sing science

during the training of the future nurses (imparting the knowledge


of Nursing Science
B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing
A four year programme that prepare the student to practice
across all health care settings. The course of study combines the
theory and the practice of nursing, with general education in the
humanities and behavioral, biological, and physical sciences.
The B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing programme offers students experience
in major settings where health care is delivered. M.Sc. Nursing
programme prepares for leadership, management and more
independent roles, such as clinical nurse specialist, nurse
practitioner, educator and researcher.

Post Basic B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing

Two year programme that prepare the student to practice across
all health care settings. The course of study combines the
theory and the practice of nursing, with general education in the
humanities and behavioral, biological and physical sciences.
The goal of this programme is to prepare nurses who are able to
function efficiently and effectively, as a member of health care team
and who are qualified to meet the nursing needs of the people
in the society. The nurse is competent to practice in the home,
hospital outpatient clinic, work place, school and community.
The programme provides a basis for further development and
continued learning of the graduate.

46 | Itm university gwalior

Faculty members are working in following research areas:

and clinical facilities. It has a teaching faculty of highly educated,

1. Perimenopausal syndrome.

experienced and dedicated persons.

2. Weaning
3. Knowledge and practices of nursing personnel towards


administration of chemotherapy and management of its side

Fully equipped different laboratories of nutrition, fundamental of


Nursing. MCH, Anatomy, community health are available.

4. Growth & Development of children under 5 year of age of


working and non working women.

Library contains a vast selection of books dealing with the

Academic Activities

principles, techniques and practices of nursing, general books,

Workshops, lecture series, seminars, symposium, conference

magazines and professional journals. The library is being

and co-curricular activities are held on regular basis.

continuously upgraded as per the necessity of the courses and

strength of students. Students can also utilize the digital library

Member- Professional Body

available in the campus.

The School of Nursing Science is institutional member of Student

Nurses Association of India which is incorporated with Trained

All major Libraries and Universities of world can now be

Nurses Association of India, New Delhi.

accessible from the Digital reading room of the Central Library

and downloading facility is also available through fast printers.

Hospital Name No. of Beds

KDJ Hospital, Morar


Maheshwari Hospital


Grover Hospital, Morar


Mental Hospital, Gwalior


P.H.C. Thatipur


C.H. C. Dabra


Training and Placements

The training and placement cell looks after the placement activities.
Students have been placed in Apollo Hospital, Vishakhapatnam
and various reputed hospitals of India.

school of nu r sing science

Clinical Facility

Snehalaya Child Rehabilitation centre

Physical Facilities
School of Nursing has an excellent teaching and training faculty
with well- equipped classrooms and labs and a well furnished
Housed in world class building of more than required builtup area
as per norms of INC. It is well equipped with all the educational
Itm university gwalior | 47


of education

Dr. P. B. Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Technological University addressing to a group of students & faculty.
48 | Itm university gwalior

he School of Education of ITM University offers undergradu-

ate course in education (B.Ed), with intake of 100 students.

The Teaching learning methodology

The Teaching learning methodology aims to impart the knowledge
and skills to the students. It is highly practical and focused on
the current need of teachers training. Besides theory classes,
the curriculum is designed with academic tours, seminar
presentations, project work (in the area of interest) as an integral
part of the course to inculcate research aptitude, analytical skills,
communication skills, team work abilities among the students, and
practice teaching in school.


Still Camera, Audio Cassettes and Computers for teaching of

Major thrust areas of research conducted by faculty is stress


management, and Job satisfaction among teachers.

Language Lab

The language lab is well equipped for teaching English & Hindi

The school has good infrastructure. Facilities such as well equipped


technical equipments in education technology lab, psychology

Musical Instruments

and science lab. The Campus of the School enjoys an eco-friendly

Dholak, Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar, Tanpura, Bango etc. are

harmonious environment which gives the right ambience for learning.

available and are used every weekend.


Academic activities: Seminars, Workshops are held regularly,

The well stocked library has more than 7000 titles which includes

to enhance skills in students. Orientation programme, special

latest books, journals and e-library.

lectures by eminent academicians are also held.

Computing Facilities

Hostel Facilities

The School has well equipped computer labs.

Boys hostel is available within the campus. While for girls students
there is a safe and hygienic hostel within the city.

Psychology lab
There is well developed Psychology Lab for psychological tests

Play Ground

with latest techniques.

A lush green play ground for outdoor games and indoor games is

Science Lab
Physical science, Chemistry and Biological Science apparatus are

Training and Placement Cell

available in the Science lab.

In order to keep a regular liaison with government, semi-government

and private schools/colleges, Training and Placement Cell provides

Educational Technological Lab

information regarding job and trainings, and assists in placement

Projector (over head) TV Set, VCR, Video- Cassettes, Loud Speaker,

of students.
Itm university gwalior | 49

school of educa t ion

lecture halls, comprehensive library, up to date laboratories, and


of business & Commerce

50 | Itm university gwalior

A. Undergraduate Programme

M.B.A. in Banking and Insurance (Two Years, Six Trimesters)

Honors Programmes

Masters in Personnel Management (Two Years, Six Trimesters)

B.B.A. / B.B.A. (Hons.) - 3 years, Six semesters

Eligibility: Graduate or Postgraduate in any discipline with at least

B.Com / B.Com (Hons.) 3 years, Six semesters

50% marks in aggregate.

Eligibility: Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent

with 55% marks in aggregate from a recognized Board of School

III. Programme for Working Executives

Education from any stream.

Executive M.B.A. (2 years, Four semesters)

Eligibility: Graduate or Postgraduate in any discipline with at least

B. Postgraduate Programmes

50% marks in aggregate and 03 years of working experience.

M.B.A. Two Years, Six Trimesters

IV. Integrated Programmes

with electives (dual specialization) such as:

Integrated B.B.A (Hons.) + M.B.A. (Five Years)


Integrated B.Com. (Hons.) + M.B.A. (Five Years)


Human Resource Management

Operations Management

IT Enabled Services

International Business

Eligibility: Graduate or Postgraduate in any discipline with at least

50% marks in aggregate.
II. Specialised Programmes
M.B.A. in Supply Chain Management (Two Years, Six
M.B.A. in Marketing Research (Two Years, Six Trimesters)

Eligibility: Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent

with 55% marks in aggregate from a recognized Board of School
Education from any stream.
M.B.A.+M.Phil. in Management+ Ph.D. (04 Years Integrated)
Eligibility: Graduate in any discipline from a recognized Indian/
Foreign University/Institute recognized by AICTE with minimum
55% or equivalent grade.

C. Research Programmes
Ph.D. in Management Full Time
Eligibility: M.B.A. with minimum 60% marks
ITM started management programmes since 2007. The growth
Itm university gwalior | 51

S chool of business & C omme r ce

I. Generic Programme


of business & Commerce

of management stream at ITM has been a hallmark of rapid
progression in central India. In this short time span, around
2000 students have shaped their careers by joining innovative
graduation and post-graduation programmes offered here. In
2011, after ITM has been accorded the status of a University, a host
of programmes have been launched, with an intent to groom them
for middle level positions in esteemed business organizations. We
are intellectually better than 90 percent of management institutes

of the country (Business Standard 2010). In a short time span of

03 years, we were accorded A grade (Business India 2010). We
are the first in Madhya Pradesh to achieve this feat in such a brief
time period.
Now after the establishment of ITM University, ITM School of
Management is a part of ITM University. The basic intent of the school

is to impart quality management education at Undergraduate,

Postgraduate and Doctoral research levels.

Pradesh - sprawling over 125 acres lush green campus.

Largest campus placement opportunities in the region.
3000 capacity amphitheatre, terrace cafeteria, roof gardens an eco-friendly habitat.
Air conditioned seminar halls, library and computer labs and
WiFi campus.
Highest industrial interface in the region (more than 10 CEOs
visited during last year).
Case based pedagogy - cases developed by Harvard Business
School, Darden School of Business & Richard Ivey School of
Business used.
Unique Pedagogy -25% weightage to field work in every paper.
Only private educational entity in Madhya Pradesh to have a
licensed SPSS (PASW) 18.0 & MATLAB
The campus is enriched with 3000 online International journals
and magazines via EBSCO.
In-house international journal of management- International
Journal of Management and Cross Cultural Research.
Faculty members have presented their research papers at
Harvard University, IIMs, IITs, ISB Hyderabad etc.

Salient Features
Credit based programme spread over six trimesters with
classroom interaction.
Intellectually better than 90 percent of B Schools ( Business
Amongst a few bunch of B- Schools to attain A grade within
03 years (Business India 2010)
The biggest state-of-art infrastructure in the state of Madhya

52 | Itm university gwalior

Collaborations with Staffordshire University and Greenwich

University of U.K.

A host of teaching and learning techniques are used to impart
knowledge and skills to students in the University. A mix of lecture,
case analysis, simulation games, role plays, seminars, group

discussions and field work is used to groom conceptual, analytical

The intent to increase their skill set in order to increase their

and decision making skills of the students in order to prepare them


to face the challenges of the complex business and organizational

environment. The students have to write a project report in one of


the trimesters in post-graduate courses, which exposes them to

HP India Pvt. Ltd engages itself in various operations of IT Training in

indepth knowledge of their interest area.

India offering IT courses for professional, individuals, corporations,

Universities/Colleges and public in general. We have engaged

Flexible and Modular Curriculum

HP to provide Behavioural Training. Behavioural Training includes

All the programmes have been designed by experienced

English training, soft skills training and campus preparation. The

educators and academicians, making them totally student- centric.

duration of the course is MBA-120hrs (I year) and 90hrs (II year).

and modularity built into the programmes. Integrated courses

Global Career Education (GCE)

(UG+PG) are well suited to the students who have pre-fixed

Logistics & Supply chain management training by GCE a California

career goals. These programmes optimize on teaching-learning

based multinational Support Systems:

processes while maintaining focuses on target goals.

Continuous Assessment System (CAS)

A student is evaluated for his performance in a subject in a
continuous manner during a semester. Due weightage is given to
class participation, seminars, workshops and project works.

Students Augmentation
Under the augmentation process there are two types of
programmes:(1) Behavioural Training
(2) Managerial Skill Training

Itm university gwalior | 53

S chool of business & C omme r ce

A student can optimize his/her achievement utilizing the flexibility


of business & Commerce

54 | Itm university gwalior

Digital library with 45 PCs have been established with collection

The Central Library of the University has more than 86075 books

of expert lectures, presentations, reports and access to the other

with 8712 titles and 3000 CDs & DVDs on Computer Science,

lectures from the institutes of national repute. An exclusive multi-



media room has been specially dedicated for the in-house use

Electronics & Instrumentation, Mechanical, Chemical, VLSI,

from our rich store of more than 3115 web lectures on around 120

Humanities, Education, Biotechnology, Literature,

etc. Well

topics with the facility of continuous upgradation. These lectures

maintained spacious reading rooms are available for reference to

are available in the digital as well as web form. Almost all of these

various journals, books, magazines and newspapers. All students,

lectures are prepared by the faculty of IITs and IISC Bangalore. The

faculty members and employees of the organization are entitled

facility is first of its kind in the state. The students can get access

to make use of the library facilities on taking library membership.

to literature through following e-journals subscribed by Central

The organization library is computerized with the support of

Library with following links:




Soul & E-Granthalaya software packages which is an integrated

multi-user library management system that supports all in-house

1. IEEE <http//>

operations of the Library. Both the softwares consist of modules

2. Springer Electronics & Computer <>

on acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serial control and Online

3. Science Direct <>

Public Access Catalogue.

4. ASTM Digital Library <>

5. J-Gate Engineering <>

The library being the member of Consortia of INDEST and DELNET

6. J-Gate Management <>

offers various facilities of members institutions though resources

7. Springer Mechanical <>

sharing. The library also provides Research & Development project

8. McGraw Hill Access <>

updates through various institutional repositories of IIMs and IITs.

9. EBSCO Management <>

The library has introduced internet service through 2 mbps leased


line to the members of the library. An exclusive online facility with


Wi-Fi connectivity has been installed to facilitate students and

Password: universe (only for gale engineering)

faculty pursuing their higher studies at M.Tech & Ph.D level.

11. ASCE <>



Itm university gwalior | 55

S chool of business & C omme r ce



of business & Commerce

56 | Itm university gwalior

by experienced Trainers with Industry Background and Expertise

ITM University, School of Business has signed an MOU with

Randstad India will Provide placement assistance to the students

Randstad India Limited. In a dynamic business environment,

who will undergo the training programme

students of Management Studies find themselves constantly in a

insightful appreciation of what a trained workforce is capable of, has

Modules for Masters in Business


drawn upon the experience of its trainers to develop holistic learning

Communication Skills Building Self Confidence Basic Etiquette

solutions that are tailor made to suit the specific requirements of

and personal grooming Time Management and goal setting

candidates and prospective organizations. Randstad India is No.1

Assertiveness and positive attitude Values & Ethics Creativity

HR Service Provider in India, headquartered in Netherlands and

Decision Making and Problem Solving Business Etiquette

has a wide presence in India.

Communication Skills Entrepreneurship and Leadership

race against time to achieve their objectives. Randstad, with its

Project presentation, marketing SWOT Team Building Conflict

The Highlights of the MOU with Randstad

India Limited

and stress Management

Training Solutions that are modeled around three business critical

Flagship Programmes

HR imperatives talent management, leadership development

Industry Orientation Course Management Development

and organizational effectiveness.

Programmes (MDP) Situational Leadership Neuro-Linguistic

Randstad India will understand our objectives and develop

Programming (NLP) Coaching and Mentoring and Outbound

customized learning solutions that are aligned to these



Expected Outcome of the training sessions:

ITM University School of Business & Randstad India will work to

train the students from the MBA stream in each Trimester starting
from the 3rd to 5th Trimester in the campus for enhancing their
employability skills. Specific skill building modules relevant to
the workplace are prepared and conducted by Randstad India
Limited for the batches. The Training Programmes are conducted

Preparing students for placements Identification of their strengths

and development areas An opportunity to work towards bridging
the gaps through training sessions A road map for students to
identify career paths that are best suited to their personalities
Preparation on critical attributes and attitudes that give students
the competitive advantage to face career challenges
Itm university gwalior | 57

S chool of business & C omme r ce

MOU with Randstad India Limited


of Pharmacy

58 | Itm university gwalior

The School of Pharmacy offers the following academic programmes:

1. B. Pharma (Four year, 8 semester, full time)
2. M. Pharma: Pharmaceutics

(Two year, four semester full time)

3. Ph.D Programmes
The minimum eligibility for admission to the B Pharma programme
is 10+2 from a recognized Board,with Physics, Chemistry and
Mathematics/Biology. Similarly for admission to the M Pharma
programme, the student must possess B Pharma degree from a
recognized University.
Pharmacy is a promising course for those who seek alternatives to
medicine. It comprises of subjects mostly related to medicine. The

experiential placements and business skills programmes provide

pharmacy industry of India is quite large and is growing in time.

our students with a well rounded and professionally relevant

Increase in the number of nursing/old age homes, pharmaceutical

pharmacy degree, putting them in high demand. The course

firms and hospitals within in our country have augmented the

covers subjects like Human anatomy & Physiology, Drug oriented

scope of this field. The students after earning their degree can

inorganic and organic chemistry, Bio-chemistry, Microbiology,

seek employment as a Pharmacist in Hospitals, Health Centers,


community pharmacies, Drug Control Administration, Educational

chemistry, Pharmaceutical engineering, Pharmaceutical Analysis,

Institute, Sales and Marketing Department, Food and Drug

Pharmaceutics etc. The teaching, learning and evaluation pedagogy

Administration, Food and Cosmetic industries, and as R&D

is flexible, based on credit and grade system. The knowledge

personel in pharmaceutical industry etc. Those who would like to

and skills acquired during the academic programme enables the

start their own businesses can do so by registering with the State

students to embark on a successful career as a pharmacist.

companies and research organizations abroad require talented



The courses offered at M.Pharma level are aimed towards

graduates in the Pharmacy sector.

specialization in particular pharma sector. The course content

The School of Pharmacy has state of art laboratory facilities so

Pharmacognosy, Biotechnology Drug Design Pharmacokinetics

that the students can acquire practical hands on experience in all

etc. The PG programmes are highly research oriented giving

the relevant branches of the discipline. Besides, the School has

exposure to the state of art development in drug design, nano-

a Central Instrumentation laboratory equipped with sophisticated

medicines and related emerging areas. A Masters or a doctoral

equipments including FTIR, UV Vis nIR spectrophotometer,

degree holder in the field of pharma is normally absorbed in

HPLC,Flame photometer, CHN analyser etc.The academic

research work, to develop new useful drugs, in laboratories and

programmes in Pharmacy have been designed to cover the

in production work in pharmaceutical industry.The other career

entire spectrum related to the study of medicines and their use.

options are available in the field of academics, R & D scientist

The pharmacy degree course is vocationally orientated with a

(Basic / Applied research), CRO (Clinical Research Organization)

focus on the knowledge and skills need of future pharmacists.

or Production. A pharmacy professional can also work as a

The entire course work is designed to provide opportunities to

production person (chemist, officer, executive, manager, vice-

students to come into contact with different aspects of pharmacy

president), involved in the production of bulk drug & intermediates

and broaden their experience. Innovative teaching, clinical and

or formulations and dosage forms.

covers product development,research methodology, Advanced

Itm university gwalior | 59

S chool of P ha r mac y

Pharmacy Council (SPC) after their degree. Many multinational




60 | Itm university gwalior

Hospitality Industry & Career Prospects

Why hotel management ?

The Hospitality Industry is growing at an increasing pace and

With the advancement of technology the whole world is becoming

contributes a significant amount to the economy of India. This

one big village. The development of road, rail, sea and air

dynamism is going to be on the rise for years to come and that

transport has made it possible for millions to explore and enjoy

is why students are viewing this industry as placement oriented

the planet. In addition to positions in hotel Industry, lucrative

with lucrative career opportunities for a long time to come. There is

a lot of demand for professionals who are well qualified and thus
suited for this particular field.
The Hospitality Industry consulting firm predicts that by year 2014
the number of hotel beds will increase phenomenally all over the
world but move so in developing countries like India. Additionally,
it also says that the hospitality sector requires 40 to 50% more
professionals to bridge the present shortfall. Therefore, students

managerial opportunities exist in a wide spectrum of areas like

entertainment complexes, theme parks, cruise liners, sporting
events, conferences, expositions, meetings etc. all around the
world. The flourishing aviation industry opens up a whole world of
opportunity before hospitality professionals.

Avenues for the students

A student who has earned a degree or diploma in hotel management
can work in the following sectorsHotels and Restaurants
Airline Catering and Cabin Services

can be assured of employment opportunities in Indian as well

Cruise Ship Hotel Management

as international hotels. International hotel chains like Hilton, Best

Catering departments- shipping companies, banks, armed

Western, Carlson and Le Meridian are building new and modern

forces, and railways

5 to 7 star hotels in cities of India. In the competitive market, all

Club Management

big hotel chains are also paying good money for retaining well

Hospital Administration and Catering

groomed professionals. In fact since the last 3 years, the salaries

Hotel & Catering Institutes

have also increased by 43%. Hospitality students can, thus, look

Forest Lodges

at a bright future with more employment opportunities and better

salary. Starting a career in the sector, a Bachelors degree holder
will be at first working as a management trainee.

Course Offered
1. Bachelor of Hotel Management.
Duration: 3 years (Six Semester) full time.
Itm university gwalior | 61

S chool of hosp. and H o t el M gm t.

sector. A degree in hotel management will be able to provide you



62 | Itm university gwalior

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is the largest service industry globally in terms of
gross revenue and foreign exchange earnings. It is also one of the
largest employment generators in the world. It has been a major
social phenomenon and is driven by social, religious, recreational,
knowledge seeking and business interests and motivated by
the human urge for new experience, adventure, education, and
entertainment. Tourism is both cause and consequence of
economic development. It has the potential to stimulate other
sectors in the economy owing to cross-synergistic benefits and
its backward and forward linkages. Travel and Tourism one of the
worlds largest foreign exchange earner among industries, provides
employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly
through many associated service industries. Indian tourism offers
most diverse products globally. The countrys rich history, cultural
heritage, beauty, diversity of religion and medicine fascinate
budget and luxury travelers. Tourism in India has registered

Course Offered
1. Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Administration
Duration: 3 years (Six Semester) full time.

significant growth over the years. This has been led by growth in
both leisure and business tourism. Rising incomes, increasing
growing airline industry along with improvement in travel-related
infrastructure have supported industry growth. Tourism holds
immense potential for the Indian economy. It can provide impetus
to other industries through backward and forward linkages and
can contribute significantly to GDP. Travel and tourism is one of the
largest industries globally, both in terms of size and employment
($5.4 trillion and 8.6 per cent of the global workforce).

The Employment generator

The scope of travel and tourism is truly immense: in the last six
years, it has created 11 million jobs and has the potential to
create another 37 million jobs (estimated by the NSSO, Ministry of
Tourism) of the 120 million projected requirement by 2020.

World Class Infrastructure

At ITM University we benchmark only against the best
institutions around the world. Our faculty and senior team
travel all over the globe to learn and imbibe the best practices
so that we can give a solid foundation for learning.
As part of this endeavor, we have airy and fully natural light
supported classrooms that provide the most conducive
atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. While
the libraries at our campus are equipped with over 1,00,000
books, periodicals, national and international journals, CDROMS, covering all aspects of academic studies and research
material. The hi-tech labs act as ideal training grounds for
budding professionals that allow students to experiment and
bring to practice what they have learnt in theory. We have

For India, the right approach would be to come up with such

state-of-art labs (kitchens) for Hotel Management Courses

a workforce for the Industry so that they are able to tap the

and in campus guest house with morethan 50 beds where

opportunities of the future and are able to contribute to the

students gets real time exposer to improve their skills.

Economic development of our country.

Itm university gwalior | 63

S chool of hosp. and H o t el M gm t.

affordability, growing aspirations, increasing globalisation, and a


of library and information science

64 | Itm university gwalior

Librarianship as a Career

Assistant Librarian, Deputy Librarian, Scientist (Library Science/

Libraries are now universally recognized as important social

Documentation), Library and Information Officer, Knowledge

institutions. No community is considered complete without a library.

Manager/ Officer, Information Executive, Director/Head of Library

The gradual spread of the concept of democracy, the extension of

Services, Information Officer, and Information Analyst.

education, the intensification of research activities, and the rapid

increase in production of recorded and e-knowledge, have led to

Courses Offered

the expansion of libraries and the development of their services.

The Department offers the following programmes:

a separate discipline in the universe of knowledge. The management

of these libraries needs persons with good academic and professional
qualifications Proficiency in one of the natural sciences, social sciences
or the humanities is helpful in the professional development of a
librarian. needs young men and women with a sense of dedication
and a spirit of service. Those intending to enter the library profession
should satisfy themselves that they possess the necessary academic
qualifications and the sense of vocation that would enable them to
work successfully as librarians.

opportunities. Today there are number of career prospects in

Library and Information Science. The qualified professionals are
employed in various libraries and information Centers. Trained
library professionals can find opportunities for employment both as
teacher and as a Librarian. In fact, it is possible to choose the kind
of library to suit ones interest and background. In Librarianship,


Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.).

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.) course
will be a full time course of one academic year of two semesters.

Master of Library and Information Science

A one-year full-time course after the Bachelor of Library and
Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.).

Librarianship as a profession provides a variety of employment


A one-year full-time course leading to the degree of Bachelor of

Information Science leading to the degree of Master of Library and

Why Library & Information Science ?


Bachelor of Library and Information Science



The Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.) course
will be a full time course of one academic year of two semesters.

Eligibility Conditions
Candidates seeking admission to the course shall satisfy the
following conditions:
Itm university gwalior | 65

S chool of lib . & info . science

Librarianship is a growing field, which has by now attained the status of


of library and information science

66 | Itm university gwalior

In Library Networks.

with at least 50% marks in aggregate of any Indian University or

In the newspaper libraries.

institute recognized by the University as equivalent or any Open

In News Channels.

University such as MP-Bhoj, IGNOU. However the graduate

In the Libraries of Radio Stations.

degree should be with (three years of regular study after

In the Databases provider firms.

passing 12th class examination of (10+2) scheme or appearing

In publishing companies for preparing Index, abstracts,

or equivalent or (10+2+3) year system or equivalent.

Candidate who is appearing or has appeared for Final year of
any degree examination during the current academic session
as a regular or a private candidate can also apply for admission
on provisional basis.

Avenues for the students

A Student who has earned a Bachelor or Master degree in Library
& Information Science can work in the following sectors:
In School, College, Universities;
In Central Government Libraries.

bibliographies etc.
In various digital library projects like Digital Library of India etc.
In Training Academies.

Why ITM University?

ITM University Library is one of the largest library space in the state.
University has been continuously enriching updating library in both ways
(print as well as online) with big number of book and online resources.
Digital library was developed by University with 45 Pcs enclosure multi
media room has been especially dedicated for the in house use from
rich on line store of web lectures, journals and e-content.

In the training centers of banks.

Well maintenance spacious reading rooms are available with

In National Museum and Archives;

reference section consisting of various journals, books, magazines

In NGOs working in different areas.

and newspapers.


ICFRE, etc.
In Business Houses.
In Foreign Embassies and High Commissions.
In International Centers like WHO, UNESCO, UNO, World Bank etc.
In the libraries of Ministries and other government departments.
In National Level Documentation Centers.

The university library is computerized with sound & E-granthalaya

software packages which is an integrated multi-user library
management system. Both the softwares consist of all the modules
required for complete automation of the library.
Nevertheless to say that we have one of the best faculty available in
the schools to shape the future of handling library professionals.
Itm university gwalior | 67

S chool of lib . & info . science

Candidate should be a graduate/post graduate in any discipline

training, augmentation
& placements (TAP)

When the winds of change comes some build walls and others wind mills.

Group photo of some of the students placed in TCS.

68 | Itm university gwalior

Faculty Training under Wipro 10X mission

under progress

Purpose of education is to
replace and empty mind with an
open one.

Learning & Support Systems

is a first of its kind of tie-up with some of the worlds leading players

Need of TAP CELL in an educational institute:

like Rockwell Automation which has only one and first tie-up with

to analyze the gap between formal education & skills required by

The TAP Cell of ITM University has timely identified the gap &
introduced a unique model of providing Augmentation & Training
on required skill sets which can complement the formal education.
The programmes are structured on the basis of feedback from
leading industries, academics & research institutions in different

any educational (private as well as govt.) institute in the country.

TAP Cell has been established with clear objective of providing
assistance to students in following activities:
1. Placement assistance
2. Training: TAP Cell is responsible for arranging training
programmes with the help of Industries on the skill sets required
to succeed in placement interviews. After detailed discussion
with project co-ordinators of different departments, professionals


from Industries and senior academicians, following areas are

In order to conduct the programme professionally, companies

the activities related to training and augmentation programme.

of international repute from relevant fields were identified & after

scrutiny on quality benchmarks they were assigned the very
important task of Training & Augmentation.
The Institute has introduced a rare model of involving the students
in process from selection of industry to execution of complete
programme. This adds immensely to the managerial & professional
skills development of students and transparency in the complete
process. It is worth to mention here that all the augmentation
programmes results in professional certificates by the respective
company with grading, based on performance of the student. This

short listed for the purpose of training. The document high lights
3. Communication skills
4. Analytical aptitude, logical reasoning and basic Mathematics
5. Personality Development
6. Workshop on topics relevant to branch as per requirement of
7. Practice session
As a follow up action, the following activities will also be
1. Mock test (online as well as manual) to test the analytical
aptitude and logical reasoning etc.
2. Mock group discussion
Itm university gwalior | 69

T r aining , augmen t a t ion

In the last decade with the growth of industry, there came the need

training, augmentation
& placements (TAP)
3. Mock personal interview
4. Guidance for last minute preparation for the expected
companies, so as to meet the requirement of the industry/
Initial months took rigorous efforts & counseling of students to
become a part of training & augmentation & after 8 months of
initiation, today 80% of the present lots of students of different
courses are undergoing these programmes. The industry has

welcomed the initiative & given a very positive feedback on

the basis of the quality of students recruited by them. TAP Cell
regularly invites feedback from industry, academics & research
organizations to improve upon the programme.
The outcome of all these efforts is not just the employability of
the student but a holistic growth & development which converts
them into positive, productive professionals who can be a part of
National Building.

S. No.

(Engg. &

Technology Training


Dot Net, Java, RDBMS, Software Testing,


Hewlett Packard Educational Services


Dot Net, Java, RDBMS, Software Testing,


Hewlett Packard Educational Services


Micro-controller-8051, Embedded system, AVR Programming, RTOS Programming, Telecom protocols,

Mobile Telephony, Robotics

Think Labs (TRI Technology) incubated by SINE, IIT Mumbai

involved in R&D and creating services and product in the field of
Robotics, Embedded systems and Telecommunications.


SCADA, HMI, PLC, Networks, Drives, 3 Months


Rockwell Automation India Global leader in process automation

technologies, providing certification of international repute.


Auto, CAD 2D, 3D, Inventor, Unigraphics, Ansys, Autodesk Certification

Cad Studio, CADD Centre ATC for Autodesk & Innovent Engineering Solutions P. Ltd. ATC for Ansys


AFT, EDSA, Piping Solution, Win SIM (PSS), Auto CAD

Neon Infotech
An Engineering application software and services company dealing in piping and equipment design, Electrical design, visual data
access and collaboration tools.


Dot Net, Java, RDBMS, Software Testing,

N+, Redhat Linux, MCSC, SCJP, MCSD, CCNA

Hewlett Packard Educational Services

70 | Itm university gwalior

Certified by

Faculty Training under Wipro 10X mission

under progress

Training & Augmentation Programmes by Corporates for BE/MCA Students

Behavioral Training is common for all branches:
a. Soft Skills-60 hours

b. English-40 hours c. MOCK/GD/Pl-60 hours

Augmentation Programmes for MBA/BBA/BCA/BCom/BSc/MSc Students





Communication Skills; Fundamentals; Logical Reasoning; SPSS

Tools; MS-Excel; Supply Chain Management; KM; Entrepreneurship; Optional-(NCDEX; IFRS; Recruitment Process Training;
Reliance money Training); Workshops



MS-Excel; Access; PowerPoint; SEO; Soft Skills; CRM;



Tally; SEO; Soft Skills; NCDEX; Optional-Kesdee/IFRS



Soft Skills; C; C++; ASP.NET; java & SEO


BSc (Nurs)

IELTS; Soft Skills; English; MS-Excel, Power Point; Internet


BSc (Biotech)

Soft Skills; English; Computer Basic with Internet; Detailed Technical workshops on Instrumentation; Mock GD/PI preparation;
Research Viva

HP & Concerned Cos.


Communication Skills; Basics of Computer; Internet Browsing;

Carrier oriented workshops; Technical Workshops; Expert Lectures; Mock interviews; Research Oriented Viva; Minor Projects

HP & Concerned Cos.

The upcoming training companies are

Cisco, Oracle.
Apart from these trainings & placements of the students the TAP CELL also conducts Faculty Development Programme in collaboration with
corporates like TCS, Infosys and IBM etc.
Itm university gwalior | 71

T r aining , augmen t a t ion

S. No.


Govt. of India

University Grants Commission

AICTE, Ministry of HRD,

Govt. of India, New Delhi

Indian Nursing Council

Govt. of India

Delhi Technological

International Accreditation

Govt. of
Madhya Pradesh

IIT, Kharagpur

Indian Space Research

Organisation Govt. of India

National Assessment &

Accreditation Council

National Council for Teacher

Education, Govt. of India

72 | Itm university gwalior

Hewlett Packard

Major Recruiters where our students have been placed

Top Notch National & Multinational


ICTS, Satyam, Avista, BSNL, Convergent, Silicon Valley Software.

Infosys Technologies, Igate-Patni, Accenture, Wipro Technologies,

Industries, Suvi Info, CSE Technologies, Tata Infotech, Simcon,

IBM, Cognizant Technologies, Genpact, HCL Technologies, TCS,

Telerix Communication, CMS, C-Sam, ITECH, CSE, Web Com,

Techmahindra, Reliance, Dell, Persistent, I-Flex, Bharti Telecom

Wipro Spectramind, KPIT Cummins, Zensar, L.G. Hotline, Libsys

Torry Harries, Reliance Infocom, I-Flex, Bharti Telecom, Silvasa

Corporation, FCL Technologies, Synergy Info System, Lauren

Core Companies

Information Technologies, Software Pradigms (I), Info Beans

Mphasis (An EDS Company), GE, Mahindra British Telecom,

Systems, Unilogic Software.

Sapient, Gatesix, Modi Group, Honeywell Automation, Moser Baer,

Robert Bosc, Motorola, Godrej Consumer, Neon Infotech, Apex

Biotech Pharma Companies

Technologies, MU-Sigma, AMW, Apollo Tyres, Birla soft, Ericsson

MED Source Ozone Biomedical-Nagpur, BGP Biofertilizer-Punjab,

India Pvt. Ltd., Eicher Motos, Envirogeo Synthetics, Heidelberg

Terumo Perumo Penpol-New Delhi, Zydur cadila-Ahmedabad,

Cement, L&T, Rolta India Ltd., Grasim Industries Ltd. NIIT Smart

Fourrc Pharma-Delhi, care Pro Biotech Ltd., Medicaps Pharma-

Server, Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd, Godrej, HCL Infosystems,

Indore, Galaxi Hotel-Gurgaon, Milcore Gwalior, Sumatzu, Torhvin-

Paragon Infotech, Uflex, Parle, HCLs Educational Services, Paruthi

Delhi, Aurbindo Hyderabad, Span Doaghnortics Surat, Novartis

Engg, Hewit, Sunshine Oleochem Pvt. Ltd., Quark, Red informatics

Pharma, Ankleshwar, Omgene Biosciences Surat, Dr. Morepan

& Services, Theikos, Ocean Ship Maritime Services, Web Tek Labs,

Laboratories Parmanu, Claris Life Sciences, 3AAR Marketing, Span

Phoenix Maritime Ltd, Bharat Oman Refineries Ltd. (BORL), BINA,

Diagostics, Alfa Pharma, Claris Pharma, Novartis, UDCT-Mumbai,

Brittania, Sabmiller India-Banmore, Q.C. Micro, Glenmark-Goa,

Beijing University China, Torina University, Abacus Health Care,

Zydyus-Cadilla, Coca Cola, Pepsi, ITC-Varanasi. Indian Airforse,

Amrita Herbals, Nestle, Inova Pharma, Brindavan Beverages, J.B.

Indian Army. DRDE Gwalior, Videocon, J.K. Tyre, Diamond Cement,

Mangharam Gwalior,.

Kalpataru, Daman Deep Alcholal, Birlasoft.

IT Sector Companies

ICICI Prudential Life Ins, Shaw Wallace, India Bulls, Indian Express,

Sysbiz Technologies, Amdale Software, Amdocs, Alcatel South

Gati,Shoppers Stop, Endorasoft Solutions, Landmaark, Unicon



Investment, Dolphin sourcing pvt ltd, Antal international Network,

Impetus Infotech, Intex Technologies, Diaspark, KPIT Cummins

PropTiger, Hazel Infotech, Lilliput India, Amdale, Unimark Remedies,

infosystem, Libsys, ramco Systems, Synel, Zensar Technologies

Prometric, Endue Enterprises, ICICI Securities, SBI Cap Securities,

Ltd, Applabs, Teletech, IBM Daksh, Aircon, IBS, ICICI Infotech,

Live tipsMarket Research Pvt Ltd, ING Vysya Bank,,

Saffron, Sahara Computers & Electronics, Aster Technologies,

Asian Paints, Karvy Stock Broking Ltd.





Itm university gwalior | 73

commen t s
2 0 1 2

ITMU groomed me to become a

talented individual and provided
me the opportunity to work at
Varun Khemariya
Placed in IGate-Patni

ITMU with its learned faculties,

rigorous training programmes
technical as well as soft skills
and various plat forms for
extracurricular activities have led
to my all round development &
propelled me by giving a dream start
to my career with Infosys.
Srijan Nirgun
Placed in Infosys

ITMU, one of the best & awesome

place for fun, love, studies, events,
personality development, growth
& everything A huge platform
which provides an individual huge
opportunities & growth so as to
improve ones growth &personality.
Today I am an Infosian because I
was anITMite.
Anita Chhabra
Placed in Infosys

ITMU gave me my dream job at

IGate-Patni. I am still Celebrating
My Dreams.
Mitali Dubey
Placed in IGate-Patni

ITMU gave me dreams, also the

power to realize them. Being at
Infosys is the best part of my life
and this is all possible due to
ITMUFor me ITMU is the place
to be.

Shelja Dwivedi
Placed in Infosys

Anuj Gupta
Placed in Infosys

Whatever I have achieved is not just

individual it is also an effort from
my ITMU. ITMU has given me an
awesome learning experience, a great
job and some wonderful friends.
ITMU rocks.
Richa Deogaonkar
Placed in IGate-Patni.

ITMU is one of the dreams, place

where one learns to achieve them.
For me its the place where I have
developed myself and proved
myself. In one word I can only sayHEAVENLY. I only wish to be a part
of ITMU always.
Abhishek Agarwal
Infosys & Cadbury India Ltd.


Being in Infosys, I realized that ITMU

is the only place which made me the
person who iam today. I extend my
gratitude towards all my teachers &

ITMU is one of the best

Institutes of Central
India which provides
best academics, better
placement opportunities,
best faculties & the best
training too. Thus ITMU
thinks best & gives best to
the students.
K. Iyshwarya
Placed in Infosys

Am indebted to my father for living,

but to my teachers for living well.
What accounts for my success are
the constant motivating faculties
ofITMU. I am thankful to TAP
Cell for providing me such great
Shobhit Singh
Placed in L&T Infotech& IAF

ITMU provides everything on the platter to

students. ITMU have academics, training,
placement and co-curricular activities as
its base. It is proven that ITMU is better
than the best. It is the best place which
gives recognition to talents and helps in
identification of the self. ITMU has the best
infrastructure, excellent placements, training
sessions and The Best Education.

It has always been a pleasure to be

a part of ITMU, where I developed
myself from a student to professional.
Hats off to ITMU.
Mahima Shawrikar
Placed in Infosys

Mradul Jain
| Itm university gwalior
Placed in L&T Infotech

These 4 years have been the most

wonderful phase of life and I will
never ever forget them. Thank you
everyone from ITMU & thank you
ITMU. I wish I can relish these 4
years once again.Proud to be an

ITMU has been

supportive throughout
my four-year journey
and this is what has
helped me to achieve
my goals.

Pranav Singh
Placed in Envirogeo Synthetics.

Prachi Bhatnagar
Placed in Syntel

I feel very lucky as a student of

ITMU. It provides us a platform
for all round excellence, great
campus, friendly faculty & good

4 years at ITMU were like a full

life journey. Ill never forget the
wonderful time spent over here. Im
lucky to be a part of this ever-happy
and happening campus of ITMU.

Tanu Shrivastava
Placed in IGate-Patni

Rahul Kumar
Placed in Cadbury India Ltd.

The kind of environment ITMU

provides has been the sole reason
for my holistic development. Proud
to be an ITMite.
Hina Goyal
Placed in Infosys

ITMU gave me a big opportunity

to be a part of my dream company
INFOSYS, thats a big name. Feels
proud to be a part of my ITMU.

I had a tryst with my true potential here

at ITMU and it throttled me toward my
success. My placement at IGate-Patni is
attributed to the grooming which I have
received here at ITMU.

Im grateful to the institute and

management who had faith in
me and helped me in getting
placed through campus drive.
This platform given to me is
unforgettable, a step towards
creating my own identity. A special
thanks to the TAP Cell & IT Dept.
of ITM for working day and night
for bringing such opportunities in
my way.

Nandini Pradhan
Placed in Infosys

Charu Mathur
Placed in IGate-Patni

Anshuman Shrivastava
Placed in Virtusa

It gives me immense pleasure to

say that ITMU has provided a
goodplatform, which made me
reach this position of being in
my dream company IGate-Patni.
To me ITMU is my second home,
which gave me buddies, great
career which I will never forget
all through my lifetime.Thanks to
all my teachers who supported me
in getting placed in IGate-Patni.
Proud to be ITMite.

Proud to be a part of ITMU, which

gave me lot of opportunities.
Due to hardwork, determination,
co-operation of teachers, parents,
TAP cell, HP and Rockwell training
made me placed in a big name
Deeksha Saxena
Placed in IGate-Patni

ITMU is a great campus with World

Class Art & Sculptures. It is a splendid
place of fun & frolic too. I have
enjoyed some great moments here. This
campus is happy & happening, sporty
and above all progressive.
Abhishek Mishra
Placed at IBM

Meenakshi Gupta
Placed in IGate-Patni

Shikhar Mishra
Placed in Syntel

The facilities provided at ITMU

have helped me to transform my
goals into achievement.
Sakshi Ranadive
Placed in IGate-Patni

Priyanka Mahadane
Placed in IGate-Patni.

The aspect of ITMU which I

appreciate is the multifaceted
development of a student along
with the ideology of Think big,
Think beyond. I pledge to take
this legacy along with me while
engrossing into the Corporate
Himanshu Jha
Placed in Infosys

I may move apart but nothing will

diminish the role ITM has played in
my life. The awesome campus with
so many amazing events happening
throughout the year brought me closer
to ITM and helped me explore myself to
the depth I never reached. During the
last 4 years ITM has grown not just in
size, buildings and numbers but also
in stature, as a place of true learning.
Not to forget the most amazing friends
I made. They have made this the most
difficult of goodbyes.

Getting placed in L&TInfotech is like

dream come true to me. Myefforts,
parentsblessings, teachers fruitful
assistance helped me achieve my goal.
I would therefore express my gratitude
towards the active placement cell of ITM
for my success.

Dulcie Agrawal
Placed in Infosys

Naman Kapoor
Placed in L& T Infotech

ITMU gave me all opportunity to

be placed in Infosys. I am very
grateful to ITMU. ITMURocks.
Arubha Bhatnagar
Placed in Infosys

Itm university gwalior | 75

alumnus 2 0 1 2 commen t s

ITMU gave me the platform to show

my dedication towards studies. I am
really thankful to ITMU

ITMU has given me great

experiences. I cherish each and
every moment spent here. ITM
gave me the right direction to my
talent &hard work. Proud to be

commen t s
2 0 1 2

ITMU, the most wonderful phase

of my life, where I made friends for
life time, found my dream & also
achieved it. These 4 years have been
the prime time of my life and I can
never ever forget them. Love to be a
part of ITMU.

Proud to be aITMite.ITMU campus has

transformed my life into a real pearl and
fulfilled and cherished all my dreams
come true in reality.
Meenal Tripathi
Placed in IGate-Patni.

Tanvi Goyal
American Megatrends India Private

My journey of life in ITMU was

outstanding. ITMU has transformed
me from a boy to a man who
stands on his feet. For Faculty and
Management, Students are the top
most priority. Thanks to ITMU for
supporting me all these 4 years.
Special thanks to the TAP Cell for
giving ample opportunities to me for
getting placed.

ITMU has inculcated a

purpose in my life and I
am really proud to be a
part of ITMU.
Kritika Saraswat
Placed in Syntel

ITMU is one of the best learning place in

MP and I am very proud to be a part of it.
It gave me a wonderful opportunity to get
myself placed in Infosys. Thanks to ITMU.
Hina Agrawal
Placed in Infosys

Abhishek Mathur
Placed in Impetus

Apart from giving an engineering

degree,ITMU prepares each student
for a high- flying career. Excellent
infrastructure, supporting staff and the
wonderful management are all its assets.
I feel great and lucky to be a part of my

Being an ITMite, I have reached the

state where I stand out of the crowd
as a technically strong person with a
charismatic personality.
Kaustubh Khot
Placed in Cadbury India Ltd.

What I came is not what I am, ITMU has

not only provided me with a world of
opportunities, but has given me a chance to
meet myself, the self I wouldnt have explored
without the trainings &Learnings. Which
ITMU has provided me with its world class
labs, faculties & Management. Whatever I
may achieve in my life ITMU will always be
there in my heart & soul.

Sarita Mishra
Placed in Infosys

The kind of exposure that ITMU

provided through training,
practice sessions and seminars has
helped me to get transformed into
professional.. This will help us to
adapt to the corporate environments.
The department, TAP Cell and
Management has been supportive.
Priti Khosla
Placed in IGate-Patni

Mahim Raj Gupta

Placed in IGate-Patni

There are certain things that I only got

in ITMU. With all its lush green campus
accompanied with some supreme art work,
ITMU has enhanced my aesthetic sense to a
great extent. I have really been quite lucky
to have been a part of some class events
that have boosted my confidence and have
enabled me to carve a niche out of myself.
With ITMU I have actuallyCelebrated
Surya Sarathi Bhattacharya
Placed in Infosys

ITMU is one of the best Educational

Hub in this part of India where the
personality of each and every student
is groomed in such a way that they
stands up to the expectation of
Todays modern IT market.
Harsh Kumar
Placed in IGate-Patni

76 | Itm university gwalior

I am very thankful to ITMU because it

made me the way I am today, I developed
my skills here. ITMU gave me wonderful
opportunities. Thanks a lot once again.

I would like to thank ITMU from the

bottom of my heart which gave me a
platform to polish my skills and talent
whether it may be in our academics
or in curriculum. Really it was a nice
experience to be a part of ITMU family
and finally my special greetings to all the
future engineers who are hard working
and having passion to do something new.
ITMU is having the SPARK.

Deeksha Jain
Placed in Infosys

Arun Dhiman
Placed in Envirogeo Synthetics

My life was all about career growth and over all personality development with encouragement of
mentors. Those wonderful deeps and the vast campus has helped broaden our minds. ITMU acted
as base of my cover. It is place where I got knowledge opportunities. Education success along
with a chance to keep my hobbies alive. Through ITMU Campus Placement I got a chance to be
in Infosys Ltd. It all happened within the walls of sweet memories called ITMU.
Sudhanshu Soni
Placed in Infosys

There are five base pillars which

make ITM different from other
institutions. They are Ambience,
Academics, Training, Placement
and Co-curricular activities, which
proves that ITM is better than the
Best. For me its my second home
which gives me sweet memories,
sweet buddies, great career which
I will never forget whole of my life.
Hina Gupta
CSE Final Year ITM
(Placed in Satyam & Leads

Think Big but take pleasure in

every small accomplishments.
Surbhi Khandelwal
CSE ITM - Final Year (Placed
in Infosys/Satyam)

Placed in Accenture

...This college is not merely an

institute for me. It is a Gurukul. In
a small city like Gwalior this college
provide us facilities comparable
to Metros and gives us a platform
to expose our skills. Apart from
technical education, this college
also focuses on campus oriented
education. From 2nd year onwards,
students are made to prepare to face
the realities of life...

The pre placement sessions

arranged by TAP Cell greatly
benefited me. Developing the basics
was given priority.
Dipti Singh
EI - ITM (Placed in TCS)

The interview preparation training

arranged by TAP Cell was the most
valuable part of my success.

The special aptitude train & CC++

sessions arranged by TAP Cell helped me
to crack the online test & technical round
of TCS.

Nischal Bhargava
EI - ITM (Placed in TCS)

Vartika Kaul
EC - ITM (Placed in TCS)

...ITM is Institute for Talent

Manufacturing. ITM is the best
place which gives recognition
for ones talents, and helps in
identification of oneself. It has
the best infrastructure, excellent
pedagogy, and best placements.
For me, studying in ITM was an
unforgettable experience and will
always miss the golden years of my
life that I have spent here and I am
proud to be an ITMITE...
Varun Bedi
Placed in TCS, Techmahindra &
Mphasis an EDS Company

...ITM Gwalior has provided

me a sound technical
knowledge of my stream, a
very good placement in Top
renowned IT Companies and
above all, over all personality
development through various
curricular & co-curricular
activities. I feel proud &
honoured to be an ITMITE...

Swarnim Kulshreshtha
CSE Final Year - ITM
(Placed in Infosys/Satyam)

Ankit Dixit
Placed in Infosys, Mphasis &
Torry Harris

one cannot imagine a state-of-art campus like ITMU. It is one of the best university in our
current educational world. After studying in this GuruKul, I got confidence and courage to
compete with outside world not only in the field of education but also socially, professionally and
personally. The experience gained from this GuruKul is still reflecting in me while facing and
competing in corporate world. This institute really taught me how to live life and most important
provide me the way to face the world. This University should be defined or named as ITM
GuruKul. It was, it is and it will always be my second home.
Shikhar Saxena
Batch : ITM 2008
Placed in TCS, Satyam & Torry Harris

ITM goes beyond giving us an

engineering degree. It prepares us
for a high-flying career as a top
techno personnel. An ITM student is
equipped to lead, no matter where
he/she goes. It creates cognizant,
competent and confident techno
leaders; individuals who will make
a difference in their chosen field
of work and the society they live
in; professionals who will cherish
and uphold the values of integrity,
efficiency, simplicity and hard work.
Beenu Suri
EI Final Year ITM (Placed in
L&T Infotech)

| |7777


ITM, a place where a student

enters as a ordinary person
but leaves as a milestone
setter to embark new heights
in the professional world. They
rightly say Think Big , Think
Beyond & I would like to
add to this what I have learnt
here Dream High, Believe in


Rohit Pratap Singh Sikarwar

Placed in TCS, Infosys &

senio r

...I loved being here at ITM. These

four years were fantastic from every
point of view. Ill surely miss this


Very good experience, good

infrastructure, competent staff.
Helped us in organizing online
test in neck of time. Thank you
for that. Wish you all the best
for the future.

Qualities of some of the

students are superlative.
Initiatives must be taken to
improve communication skills;
a noted observation came
across during the interview.

Vivek Joshi

Jyoti Varghese


Tata consultancy services

Absolutely wonderful hospitality,

heartwarming. We are pleased to
say that ITMU has done a fantastic
job starting from arranging
to hospitality. Special thanks
to ITMU.It has such a bright
prospective and has a great vision
to succeed.

Mr. Abhinav Prakash

Executive, Talent Search, Birla
Soft Ltd.

It is heartening to see a
set of educationists with a
foresight to come up with
such an excellent facility
for engineering and allied
sciences. It is great service
to students from non-metros
in providing high quality


Satyam computer services Ltd.

The first thing I noted here,

students are really disciplined.
The campus is having a nice
ambience. The training and
placement dept. is extremely
coordinating and efficient. As we
have come with a new dimension
and idea the University has really
welcomed us and this significantly
indicates that the entire
management is very innovative
and this will help the students in
future. All my best wishes.

I think ITMU is the only good

university in the Gwalior,
because of the huge campus
with the good environment.
All the students are too good
especially girls of this institute
are very challenging towards the
career in marketing.

(B2B Portal Ahmadabad)

We were glad to see the

infrastructure. Also we could
observe the initiative taken by the
Training and Placement division
in grooming their students and
get them placed.

P. Mohan

Dy. Manager HR
Shriram value services,

We are glad to see such great

infrastructure& hospitality of
both faculties and students. It
was a good experience with
ITMU. Hope to be here next
time. No industry can survive
without a aim& goal and I could
see and feel ITMs aim & goal.
My best wishes for ITMU

The overall experience

was very good. ITMU
holds very good potential
which Indian IT industry
needs. I wish all the best
to the entire ITMU in
future too.

Warren Geard Tueel


Bharat Gupta


Anand Malhotra

Tata Consultancy service

Executive Director, Ocean Ship

Marine services Pvt. Ltd. Pune

90% of the students have

excellent communication.
Students feel they have been
given excellent atmosphere in
this institute.

Jolly Balan

The trip to ITMU sums to be

successful as we are able to find
good talent in the campus.

Dharmendra Chouhan
Pratik Jain

Very good infrastructure

and support from ITMU.
Amazed by the hospitality
of the management, T&P
cell, staff and student.
Overall, excellent
co-operation from the
institution towards
placement activities.

Tinu K. Mathew
Infosys Limited,

Very good college & campus.

Supportive management &
staff to make sure all their
students gets placed in reputed
firms. Communication and
interpersonal skills of the
students are Awesome.

From the feedback from the

students, I have noticed that
the students are 200% happy
with ITM in terms of faculty,
infrastructure etc. The students
of ITM would definitely create a

Mr. Imran Sharif

Ramana Kumar

Igate Patni, Hyderabad


IGate-Patni, Hyderabad
7878| |Itm

Great campus with bright

students and enthusiastic
management team

Timi Kwatra

HR-Manager, Virtusa

ITM campus is amazing; people

are very co-operative and open
to learn. ITM is a new Gurukul
system. I like the transparency
and the support that top
management provides to all the
students. Canteen food is good.

Vikram Patil
L&T Infotech

Best campus we visited

in recent times

Rajesh Murthy

Mr. Kiran C. Vaidya

Practice Head-SAP BASIS
L & T Infotech Ltd.

It was a marvelous
experience conducting
campus in ITM U. Ambience
created for students is
wonderful. Hope the vision of
the founder will be fulfilled in
years to come.

Mr. S. S. Mohanty
Unilogic Software Pvt. Ltd.

Initiative taken by the

management in grooming the
students for the process was very
good and encouraging. Students
can improve in terms of their
Core Conceptual knowledge.
The entire process was managed /
co-ordinated in a wonderful way.

Ms. Gency Varghese

HR Manager
TCS, Mumbai

ITM U has an excellent

infrastructure and the involvement
of the promoter director is
exemplary. The members of the
staff take pride in their institution
which goes well for the Institution.
Facilities for extra co-curricular
activities are also excellent. I wish
the institution its staff and students
to keep up their good work and
establish a name for themselves in
educational sphere as a centre of

Mr. Sanjay K. Singh

GM Planning & Development State

Bank of Indore

A Very nice experience with

full of co-operation and

Ms. Vincy

Extremely impressive
infrastructure. A good team of
officials with a good vision for
the institute and the students.
The students look eager to learn
and grasp things and with the
given atmosphere in the institute
the students will definitely be
groomed into good professionals.

Ms. Shazia Siddiqui

HR Manager, Infosys

This is our first visit to ITM U

and it was a great experience.
The hospitality is fabulous. The
knowledge level and skill set of
the candidates are remarkable.
We wish the very best to the
college and its candidates.

Mr. Sumeet

HR Manager
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.,

Excellent arrangement.
Personal level support from
staff members. Request to
arrange this kind of fair very

The campus, the faculty

members and even the spirits
shown by students was very
delightful and encouraging for
us & for our company too.

Mr. Daljindar Singh

Ms. Ritu Mehrotra

CMC Computer Ltd.


ITM U has got a very beautiful

campus. One is delighted to see
such good infrastructure in a small
town like Gwalior. ITM U launch of
an FM station is an innovative and
commendable step to reach out to
the students and citizens of Gwalior.
We look forward to have long term
relationship with ITM. We wish ITM
good luck in all its future plans.

Mr. Sanjeev Singh

Libsys corporation


HR Manager
THEIKOS, Gurgaon

Mr. Manoj Singh

Excellent infrastructure,
aesthetics are very impressive,
Students knowledge
level is up to the mark.
Improvement can be made in
communication, vision and


Mr. Rajshekar K

Overall experience with the

candidates was good and found
some really good resources for

HR Manager
Honeywell Automation (I) Ltd.,

It is indeed an amazing
experience at ITM for
conducting campus interviews.
Arrangements and planning is
perfect with hospitality. Thank

We got more what we expected.

Industry specific academic
training is really resulting and
fruitful. We can see this in ITM

Mr. Kiran C. Vaidya


Practice Head-SAP BASIS,

L & T Infotech Ltd.

Technically we have found the

students of ITM U quite strong
with fundamentals and latest
technology. It was an honor
and pleasure to conduct the
campus and meet all the folks.
We wish you all the best for
future endeavors. Thanks for
all hospitality.

Mr.Harmeet Singh

HR Team, TCS, Mumbai

Excellent staff with a

warm smile makes you
feel important. A home
away from home.

Joe Pipe

Hewlett Packard India


Manager Recruitment
Suvi Information System Pvt.
Itm university gwalior | 79


It is indeed an amazing
experience at ITM U for
conducting campus interviews.
Arrangements and planning is
perfect with hospitality. Thank

i t mu
ove r view

alumni meet pune


ITMU Alumni stands for certain values in the campus. Help and
encouragement are the prime values of our alumni association
and it always act as a bridge b/w the students,Management
and the former students.
ITMU aims at training the young minds to be leaders in all
walks of life and to serve their fellowmen in justice, truth & love
so ITM Alumni Association aims & collaborate towards this
venture effectively, preparing the students to become ethically
and socially conscious men & women. Alumni Association
also exposes its members to fine delicate aspects of Human
life and to be fully aware of Quality quotient.

Joining the Alumni Association

As on April 2012, there are large number of members in our
association out of which some are life members & the rest
are under the category of new graduates. This year alone
327 students enrolled themselves as new graduates. We
encourage all our outgoing students to enroll their names into
the association and to become a life member for which they
visit or
and look for information on registration, events, news, appeals,
announcements, awards, archives, link & photo albums.
Our ever active ITM Alumni Association planning to revive
region wise chapters by organizing Alumni meets in different
regions. So far we have chapters in
Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata USA
UAE Pune Delhi Vadodara Ahmedabad Nagpur
Bhopal Lucknow Nasik Muscut Jaipur Chennai
London Singapore Sydney
A Mega Alumni Meet & Reunion is planned to be organized
in the month of October 2012 a day before Diwali, a special
time to come back to campus reconnect with old friends,
exchange experience, know what is happening at ITMU and
have a lot of fun with friends & families in ever bubbling Happy
& Happening Campus i.e ITMU Campus, Gwalior.

80 | Itm university gwalior


alumni meet delhi


Itm university gwalior | 81

ove r view of i t mu alumni

alumni meet mumbai

clubs & activities

3 day long ITM Sangeet Sammelan is held on first weekend of March every year.
82 | Itm university gwalior

ITMU is an active chapter of spic-macay

within the campus and suggests ways & means to reduce carbon

Art Club

is being prepared with the help of Eco club and will be implemented

Art Club members minutely watch & learn the process of Art

within next 3 years.

he University encrases club activities run by the students

and faculty member. Some existing club activities include:

creation at different campus & symposiums of sculptors held at

contents responsible for so much harm & damage to the Earths

eco-system. A road map to convert the campus into green campus

ITM and occasionally meet to discuss the finer nuances of Art. In

Dance Club

this process a subtle sensitivity about appreciation of Art develops

The club members learn the various forms of Indian & Western

amongst the students leading to blooming of artistic aesthetics

dances & practice to fine tune and perform.

and sensibilities.

Yoga & Meditation Club

Music Club

A nice space named as Zero Gravity has been created within

Music Club members not only listen to the classical concerts &

ITM Campus for meditation & Yoga where any one willing to join

rock-shows but create their own bands and perform and showcase

the regular club can come & try to attain equilibrium of the mind &

their own talent at various forums.

the body. Occasional activities to de-stress the students through

Literary Club
It is dedicated to students sharing literary interests. The purpose of

Project Club

this club is to offer a relaxing and intellectual platform for students to

Students make projects of their choices and integrate with other

exchange ideas, emotions and theories on select reading through

members of the club to make functional & indigenous

creative writing, debating and quizzing. The wall magazine is a


reflection of the literary skills of the students. The editorial board

conducts regular competitions to encourage these talents.


Debating Club
Articulation and elocution is promoted through this club. Students

Eco Club
The club takes care about the ecology & environment issues

choose the topics and debate in front of cheering audiences of the

students leading to development of confidence & speaking skills.
Itm university gwalior | 83

clubs & ac t ivi t ies

Yoga & breathing exercises are organized.

clubs & activities

An unusual happens at ITMU - the energy of young audience captivates the performers
84 | Itm university gwalior

Science Club
ITM University has established Science Club to organize various
activities throughout the year. The objective of this is to stimulate
interest in sciences activities among students. The club provides
opportunities to students to develop the innovative ideas and

Theater club
This year the beginning of theater club was well received not only
by budding theater artists but also by the audiences & spectators
from the city.

The students of the club show great enthusiasm towards colours,

forms & ideas in the painting club.

Film Club
Film club not only shows good world cinema by organizing
international film festivals in the Campus but also inspires students
to create films on the issues of their choices.

Pakistani rock band JAL in concert

Itm university gwalior | 85

clubs & ac t ivi t ies

Painting Club


school of broadcasting

86 | Itm university gwalior

ITM-Lemon School of Broadcasting is an Institute established to

train young professionals in the field of communication and sound
technology used in radio broadcasting and radio jockeying. The
certificate course offered by the institute emphasizes on technical
knowledge, hard & soft skills required to become a complete
radio professional. The certificate is awarded in collaboration
with ITM University, which is one of the prominent names in the
field of engineering, management and other disciplines of higher
Radio being the only audio medium requires proficiency in verbal
provides them celebrity status in the city and hence their overall

comprises of students of colleges and young professionals working

communication skills play an important role in their success.

in different fields. Various programmes of radio station are planned

ITM-Lemon school has designed the programme keeping in

keeping youth in mind hence requires lot of input, feedback and

minds the aforementioned point the feature of overall personality

involvement of student community. The students of ITM University

development is unique in comparison to other institutes providing

are regular visitor to the station and popular RJs of Lemon regularly

similar courses. Many students and professionals joins this course

give their performance in the ITM University campus with the help

only to develop their communication skills as it is the foremost

of outdoor broadcasting technology possessed by the station.

quality required to achieve success in any profession. Unlike other

Lemon radio with the help of students and prolific faculty of ITM

radio schools courses, this course is very extensive, providing

University broadcast many programmes to educate the people of

specialization in following area.

city who are from different segments of society. The students of

1. Radio Jockey (Radio Presenter)

ITM University specially from engineering and management field

2. Sound Production

undertakes their summer projects with Lemon. Recently a case

3. Copy writing

study on radio industry was conducted by management students

4. Music & traffic management through specialized softwares

of ITM University with the assistance of Lemon. Lemon has become

5. Event management

a house hold name in the city of Gwalior because of its quality

With the recent growth in the number of radio stations in the country

and educative content and very popular social and entertaining

& the possibility of announcement of the 3rd phase scheme by

activities like Imman ka Asar and Ab Ayga Maza where more

the Govt. of India to establish more radio stations in the imminent

than 8 lacs people of Gwalior-Chambal region participated through

future, there will be a huge demand for thousands of professionals

SMS: one of the ground level activity Banega Kya has been listed

in this industry and hence would create ample opportunities for the

in Limca Book of world Records. The major participants of all

pass outs of the Institute.

the above activities were students of Gwalior city. Various youth

icons of the entertainment industry like Sunidhi Chauhan, Hema

Suno Lemon 91.9 FM Radio Station

Sardesai, Shaan, Palash Sen, Raghu Raman, Abhijit Sawant were

Suno lemon 91.9 FM is the most popular FM radio station of

interviewed by the station and communicated the success mantra

Gwalior City. The main target group is of 16-35 age group which

and success story to the youth of Gwalior.

Itm university gwalior | 87

school of b r oadcas t ing

part of communication skills but the popularity of radio Jockeys


88 | Itm university gwalior

One of the key contributors to an intensive & effective learning
experience is living in campus. A boys hostel with the capacity of
500 beds students hostel is located within the campus from the
University. The hostel is well equipped with basic recreation & indoor
sports facilities that provide students with homely atmosphere to
strengthen the feeling of belonging. A semi mechanised and
hygienic mess & dining facility accommodating persons at a time
has also been created. A girls hostel having capacity of 200 beds
is under construction and at present located in leased premises
in the city. Transport facility is provided to hostlers for outings
to the city. It is planned to convert the entire University campus
into a fully residential campus for students and staff in the next 3
years. Construction for residential is in full swing at ITM University

Gym & Health Club

accommoda t ion

Only healthy body can support healthy mind is a well tested proverb
for all time. To put this into practice the University has established
a state-of-art gym & health club in an area of around 11000 sq.
ft. The Club has 31 workstations of highest quality comprising of
Jogger/Cycle/Leg pull machine/Abdominal/Butterfly/Leg press/
Shoulder press/Bench Press/ Twister/Wrist curl with multigym
facility supported by requisite audio system. Gym is also supported
by locker facility to keep their belonging for regular users.

Itm university gwalior | 89


One of the Coffee points at ITMU campus

90 | Itm university gwalior

Residential Accommodation for Faculty

MHCC has a well equipped clinic with required equipment & 5

A well equipped residential complex has been constructed having

beds for in house patients apart from one ambulance which is

independent apartments furnished with modern amenities.

availability round the clock.

Guest House

Coffee Points

A well furnished Guest-House is attached with faculty residences

Apart from structured teaching and learning schedules, the

to accommodate guest faculty and prominent personalities visiting

University has provided platforms for relaxation, exchange of

the University. It provides a homely ambience and environment.

views, and free discussions among students and faculty alike

by establishing coffee points. These points are also instrumental

Sports Complex

to arouse the thinking blended with objectivity and utility among

The University is developing a state-of-art Sports Complex having

young ITMites over a cup of coffee.

the facilities for basket ball /hockey/football/cricket/indoor games

and ultramodern gym. High tech stages for performing arts are

Bank Branch & ATM Facility

also being constructed. Sports Complex is likely to be operational

A UCO Bank Branch is situated within the campus. Just close to

in the year 2012-13.

the main gate of ITM State Bank of India has its ATM facility which
is accessible by all major debit/credit cards. Some more ATM

Medical Health Care Center (MHCC)

outlet are likely to be installed shortly.

Center (MHCC) with a view to facilitate a holistic development of


mind & body for an all round progress of our students. The Center,

The institute has employed round-the clock security stationed on

thus, provides preventive, promotive as well as curative health care

campus. Apart from providing the security of the campus it also

services with a view to ensure positive health for all the members

renders its services to provide all possible support to the residents

of ITM family. A full time specialist doctor is stationed 24*7 hrs.

for their safe and comfortable living.

Who conducts the regular health check-ups and provides medical

attention as and when needed.

Each student is insured compulsorily under road traffic accident

policy and under group insurance scheme by ITM University.
Itm university gwalior | 91

accommoda t ion

ITM University has an in-house modern Medical Health Care


Full Time programmes at ITM University, Gwalior

school of
engineering &

*School of


Code Duration

B.Tech./*B.Tech. (Hons.)
Civil Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Mechanical Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Computer Science Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Information & Communication Technology
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Electronics & Communication Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Electrical Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
10+2 in Science Stream with 50% Marks
Automobile Engineering
10+2 in Science Stream with 50% Marks

4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years
4 Years

B.Tech. + MBA / B.Tech. (Hons.) + MBA

Mechanical Engg. & Industrial Management
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Information Technology Management
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Electronics & Comm. Tech. Management
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Biotechnology Management
10+2 in Science Stream with 50% Marks

5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years

B.Tech. + M.Tech. / B.Tech. (Hons.) + M.Tech.

Electronics & Communication Engg.
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Computer Science Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Information & Communication Technology
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
Mechanical Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks
10+2 in Sciences Stream with 50% Marks
Civil Engineering
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50% Marks

5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years

Computer Science Engineering
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Information Technology
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Civil Engineering
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Measurement & Control
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Mechanical Engineering
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
VLSI Design
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Embedded System
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Chemical Engineering
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Nano Technology
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Materials Science
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks
Industrial Production Management
B.E./B.Tech. with 55% Marks

2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years

Civil Engineering
M.E./M.Tech. with 60% Marks
Mechanical Engineering
M.E./M.Tech. with 60% Marks
Electronics & Communication Engg.
M.E./M.Tech. with 60% Marks

Civil Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Mechanical Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Computer Science Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Information Technology
10th Passed & PPT
Electronics & Communication Engg.
10th Passed & PPT
Electrical & Communication Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Electrical Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Electronics & Instrumentation
10th Passed & PPT
Chemical Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Automobile Engineering
10th Passed & PPT
Industrial Production Management
10th Passed & PPT

3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
3 Years

B.Tech/B.Tech. (Hons.) Lateral entry (all above branches)

A. 3 Years Diploma in any branch of Engg. with atleast 50% marks from a Institute recognised by State Board of Tech Education.
or B. Must have passed 1st year of B.E./B.Tech. in any branch with atleast 50% marks from any college/institute affiliated to
central/state university. or C. B.Sc. with atleast 50% marks from any central/state university, with physics and mathematics at
intermediate level (except for biotech engg.) werein intermediate with physics, chemistry, math/biology/computer science are
also eligible.
M.Sc. Nursing (Medical Surgical Nursing, Obstetrical
Gyne. Nursing, Community Health Nursing)
B.Sc. Nursing with 1 Year Experience
B.Sc. Nursing (Hons.)
PCB & English with 45% Marks
Post Basic Nursing
After GNM with R.N. & R.M.
10+2 (Science with 40%)


2 Years
4 Years
2 Years
31/2 Years

note: Annual Course Fee includes Admission Fee,

Prospectus Fee, Tuition Fee, Examination Fee (does not
include re-examination fee), Enrollment Fee, Sports Fee,
Library Fee, Club Membership Fee and Laboratory Fee.
But it does not include Hostel Fee, Transportation Fee,
Caution Money and any other fee that is not part of Annual
Course Fee. Caution Money is refundable.
Caution Money: 1. B.Tech (Hons. / B.Tech) / M.Tech.
(Integrated) / M.B.A. (Integrated) / M.Tech. / M.Sc.
(Nursing) / B.Sc. (Nursing) / Post Basic Nursing / GNM
/ B. Pharmacy / D.Pharmacy / B.C.A. / M.C.A. / B.Sc.
(all disciplines) / M.Sc.(all disciplines) / B.C.A. / B.C.A.
(Hons.) / B.Optom. / M.B.A. / M.A. Education - Rs. 5000
(Refundable). 2. B.Ed. / B.Com. / B.Com. (Hons.) / B.B.A.
/ B.B.A. (Hons.) - Rs. 3000 (Refundable) 3. Ph.D. Rs. 8000 (Refundable)
4. For Hostel rooms: Caution
money is 10% of the tariff.
Transportation Fee - Rs. 12,000 per Annum.
Notes: 1. ** For Integrated programmes first 3 years
Under Graduate fees and rest 2 years Post Graduate fees
will be charged 2. *B. Tech (Hons.) fees will be 10,000/(per annum) more for Pre -Final year and Final Year
3. Duration of Ph.D programme will be as per ordinance
and UGC norms 4. Re-examination fee Rs 500/- per paper.
Important: ITM University, Gwalior runs all its regular
fulltime programmes at its Gwalior campus. There are no
franchisees or study centers anywhere. 75% attendance
in all courses and adhering to UGC norms is mandatory.
Fees of each course is determined on the basis of norms
as specified by Hon. Supreme Court & no commercialism
& profiteering is involved. Capitation fees is not charged.
All payments are on due receipts. Any complaints of
violation of these should be immediately reported to ViceChancellor/Managing Director/Registrar.



school of

B. Pharmacy
D. Pharmacy

10+2 in Science Stream with 50% Marks

10+2 in Science Stream with 50% Marks


4 Years
3 Years

school of lib.
& info sc.


B. Lib with 50% Marks


1 Year


Graduation in any Stream with 50% Marks


1 Year

school of

10+2 in any Stream with 50%
BBA (Hons.)
10+2 in any Stream with 55%
MBA (Dual Specialization in International Business, HR, Marketing, Finance,
Operation Management, IT, Retailing, Marketing Research,
Supply Chain Management)
Minimum 50% Marks in UG/PG
MBA (Retailing)
Minimum 50% Marks in UG/PG
MBA (Finance)
Minimum 50% Marks in UG/PG
MBA (Executive)
Minimum 50% Marks in UG/PG

3 years of experience
**BBA (Hons.)+MBA
10+2 in any Stream with 55%
Ph.D in Management
Minimum 55% Marks in PG


3 Years
3 Years


2 Years
2 Years
2 Years


2 Years
5 Years

school of

B.Com. (Computer Application/Taxation)

B.Com. (Hons.)
B.Com. (Hons.) [for CA pursuing students]
**B.Com. (Hons.)+MBA

10+2 in any Stream with 45%

10+2 in any Stream with 55%
10+2 in any Stream with 55%
10+2 in any Stream with 55%


3 Years
3 Years
3 Years
5 Years

school of

BCA (Hons.)
**BCA (Hons.)+MCA
Ph.D in Computer Applications

10+2 in any Stream with 45%

10+2 in Maths Stream with 50%
10+2 in Maths Stream with 50%
10+2/Graduation in Maths with 50%
MCA/M.Sc.(CS,IT,Maths) with 60%


3 Years
3 Years
5 Years
3 Years

of life

B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotechnology

10+2 in Life Science/Maths/Agriculture with 50%
M.Sc. Biotechnology
B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Micro-Biology, Botany, Zoology 70
M.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. in Zoology, Agriculture, Forestry or any

Branch of life Sciences with 50%
M.Sc. Food Technology
B.Sc. in Science/Home Sc./Forestry/Agriculture with 50% 72
M.Sc. Environmental Science & Technology
B.Sc. in Science/Life Sc./Engg./Forestry/Agriculture with 50% 73
Ph.D. Biotechnology / Microbiology
PG in Relevant Subject with 55%
/ Environment Science

school of

M.Sc. Petroleum Technology

Ph.D. in Maths/Physics/Chemistry

B.Sc. in Science/Agriculture with 50%

(Chemistry as ancillary Subject)
PG in Relevant Subject with 55%

school of

M.A. (Education)

B.Ed. with 55%

Graduation in any Stream with 55%
10+2 in any Stream with 50%

school of
medical &

M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology

B. Optom. (Bachelor of Clinical Optometry)

B.Sc. with Biology as an essential

B.Sc. with Biology as an essential
10+2 in Science Stream with 50%

school of


school of
Hospitality &


school of law LLB (Integrated)

Code Duration

3 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years


2 Years


2 Years
1 Year
2 Years


3 Years


3 Years
4 Years

10+2 in Science Stream with 50% marks


5 Years

10+2 in any Stream with 45%

10+2 in any Stream with 45%


3 Years
3 Years

10+2 in any Stream with 50%


5 Years


multi-disciplinary campus
vadodara (gujarat)

ujarat is Indias fastest developing State with

extra-ordinary rate of growth in double digits,
higher than Indias Average growth rate and equaling
Chinas rate of growth. Every year billions of INR & U.S.
dollars are being invested by Indian Entrepreneurs and
through huge FDI inflow. Good law & order situation,
respect for entrepreneurial spirit, and Gujaratis love
for fun-filled life has brought the state to the iconic
level of Golden State of India (Swarnim Gujarat).
Big strides in infrastructural development along with
high levels of employment in manufacturing sector
is giving rise in demands for skilled manpower for
Industries & Service sector which is to be provided by
Educational Institutes & Universities.
The need of the hour is to raise the bar of Quality
of Education in Gujarat to the level of World Class.
Therein lies the reason why Samata Lok Sansthan
Trust decided to put in the efforts to establish a Multidiscipline, Technical & Higher Education Campus at
From the academic session 2011-12, the engineering
courses at UG level (BE) in streams of Computer
Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication
Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Masters Course
of Management (MBA) have started after due approval
of AICTE, State Government & Gujarat Technical
University. Approval of School of Architecture, Art &
Design (ITMU-SAAD) and MCA is in process for UG
Courses in Architecture & City Planning and in PG
Courses of Computer Applications.
94 | Itm university gwalior

ITM Universe Campus at Vadodara is situated on the

bank of Vishwamitri River amidst orchard greens of
Mangos & Sapodillas (Checkoos) owned by the trust
at village Paldi, on Halol highway. The Campus is 20
minutes drive from Vadodara Airport and is in pollution
free natural surroundings near Dhanora Lake. An
industrial growth centre at Halol, 19 Kms from the
campus, is coming up with huge investment and
potential for jobs. ITM Universe through its UG level &
Polytechnic students will also cater to the manpower
needs of Halol Industrial Area.
Initially, the ITM Universe Vadodara Campus phase 1 has
been constructed on 50 acres land in phased manner.
It started in September 2010 and will continue till 2015.
By the end of 2015 this campus will have more than 5 lac
square feet of constructed institutional area and other
additional amenities spaces. The famous Vadodara
School of fine arts will find its contemporary reflection
in the campus by permanent display of paintings &
sculptures in its various academic & amenity spaces.
Nov., 2011 the campus buzzed with the presence of
well known modern and contemporary sculptors from
different parts of the world and India, creating their
best in various materials. These monumental sculpture
and painting within the campus have added another
dimension to the learning environment. ITM Gwalior
is known all over India for its co-curricular and extracurricular activities of high standard especially in the
field of Hindustani Classical Music, Literature and
Poetry, making the whole learning process holistic
in its approach. Cutting edge technologies and best
practices of management ITM Vadodara will see same
emphasis on these vital policies.



approved by aicte, COUNCIL OF

ARCHITECTURE & the state govt.
affiliate of gujarat technical
university, ahmedabad

Itm university gwalior | 95

ITM University, Gwalior felicitated Dr. V. K. Saraswat for successful launch of Agni-5 missile in august presence of H. E. Governor of Chhattisgarh State and other Eminent professionals.

96 | Itm university

Application for Registration/Admission

S. No.

1. Name of the School (Faculty)

: .................................................................................................................................

2. Name of student Mr./Ms.

(In Block Letters)

: .................................................................................................................................

3. Date of Birth

: .................................................................................................................................

4. Fathers / Mothers / Guardians

Name & Occupation

: (a) Father.................................................................................................................

5. Address & Phone No.

: .................................................................................................................................

: (b) Mother................................................................................................................

6.. Permanent Address
: .................................................................................................................................
and landline Phone nos.

7. Email and Mobile nos. of Parents

: .................................................................................................................................

8. Nationality & Category

: .................................................................................................................................
(OBC, SC, ST, UR or BPL)

9. Branch of Study / Courses / Programme

(In order of preference)

: (1) ...........................................................................................................................
: (2)............................................................................................................................

10. Optional Subjects

: .................................................................................................................................

11 Educational Qualifications

: .................................................................................................................................

12 Record of Education (for last four years)

: .................................................................................................................................

Examination Authority

Examination Passed



% Marks

Note: A) Admission strictly on merit basis. B) Registration fee is non-refundable provided the applicant is granted admission in any of the available branch/
courses opted by the student in column no. 9 above. C) Registration fee after deducting processing fee is refundable only in the case institute is not able to provide
admission in the branch/course opted for in column no. 9 above. D) Original documents of students shall be returned in the last year of the course.
I shall not claim any refund of fees under any circumstances whatsoever and shall deposit the entire course fee in case of withdrawal from the course.
I hereby declare that the statements made in this form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have read in detail the rules and regulations of the University
regarding attendance, discipline and schedule of payment of fees and agree to abide by them.

uksV% d izosk p;u izf;k ds vk/kkj ij gksxkA [k vkosnd }kjk pkgh xbZ czkap@dkslZ esa laLFkk }kjk izosk u ns ikus ij gh jftLVsku Qhl ls izf;kxr Qhl
dkVdj ykSVkbZ tk;sxhA x fo|kFkhZ ds eq[; nLrkost dkslZ ds vfUre o"kZ esa ykSVk;s tk;asxsA
eSa fdlh Hkh fLFkfr esa czkap@dkslZ NksM+us ij tek dh gqbZ Qhl ykSVkus dh ekax ugha d:axk@d:axhA eSa ,rn~ }kjk lwfpr djrk@djrh gw fd bl QkeZ esa fy[kh
xbZ tkudkjh iw.kZ:i ls lR; gSA eSaus mifLFkfr] vuqkklu vkSj Qhl tek djus laca/kh ;quhoflZVh ds lHkh fu;e ,oa krsZa foLr`r :i ls i<+ fy;s gSa vkSj eSa mlls
lger gwA

Signature of Father/Mother/Guardian

Signature of the Applicant

Date :

recent colour

Fathers / Guardians Undertaking

My Son / Daughter / Ward ......................................................................... is seeking registration for admission with my consent and in the event of his or her
being admitted to the School (faculty) under the aegis of ITM University, Gwalior, I will be personally responsible for:

His / Her good conduct and behaviour during his / her stay at the University.

(2) Return of books issued to him / her by the University.


Any other liability related to his / her stay in the University.


His/her zero involvement in cases of ragging of any student.

Further, I undertake to pay his / her fees on time (as per schedule of the University notified through Notice Boards), hostel, canteen dues and other expenses
in the campus and on educational tours. I also agree that he / she will submit to the discipline of the University as administered by the concern authority. I
shall also submit and affidavit as formatted by statutory authorities regarding menace of Ragging.

Place :

Signature of Father/Mother/Guardian

Date :

Undertaking by the Student

1. I declare that I have not been debarred from joining any educational institution or rusticated from the Institution / University / Board last attended.
2. I declare that all the statements made in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I clearly understand that if any of the statements is subsequently found untrue, my admission to the University would stand cancelled.

3. I have read the prospectus and instructions incorporated therein carefully.

4. I have satisfied myself that I fulfill the minimum educational, physical, moral and medical standards and that I agree to be dismissed from the University
if found deficient in these standards during the course of my stay in the University.
5. I agree that admission may be granted to me on the conditions stated in the latest edition of the prospectus / syllabi prescribed by competent authorities
of the university and modifications thereof as may be made by the authorities of the University.
6. I have read the rules, regulations & code of conduct as prescribed by ITM University in this brochure. I promise to abide by them and those that may be
made in future, for the admission to the University and its hostel. I also promise that I will do nothing inside or outside the University that will interfere with
its discipline and dignity & reputation of the University.
7. I totally agree to abide the University rules of attending classes & labs. as per rules and that my examination form may not be forwarded to the University
in case I fail to attend minimum 75% of total classes & labs.
8. I understand that I have to pay full fee of course (in any case) once admitted as per schedule of the University and agree to pay the fees as desided by
the University from time to time.
9. I shall never involve in any case of ragging student. I agree that if I am found guilty in any kind of ragging of students, my admission shall be summarily
cancelled and University will be free to hand over my case to the Police for legal action.

Place :

Signature of the Applicant

Date :

Worlds Largest Human Smiley

created on 7th February, 2012 by students at ITM University Campus, Gwalior
during KRONOS 2012 for Guinness book of World Records.

University, B-School & School of Engineering & Technology Ranked at 7th position in the country by (ICMR Survey 2012).
Life Science Courses BBA, BCA accredited by NAAC, Govt. of India
ITM University, Gwalior is considered at number one position for seeking admission - career 360 (Outlook).
B-School intellectually better than 90% of the country - Business Standard.
Ranked among top 40 B-Schools of India (only one in the region)- Outlook.
Accredited by IAO, (International Accreditation Organization) USA.
Awarded in March, 2012 Best Upcoming Private University in India by Brands Academy.

New Institutional Block of ITM University, Gwalior

Highest number of faculty with M.Tech & Ph.D in the Region

More than 50% faculties are trained by Infosys & Wipro
Flexible programmes Based on choice based credit system
Curriculum co-evolved with renowned Industries / Corporates
Faculty members have presented their research papers at Harvard University, AMA, IIMs, ISB, IITs
Teaching learning process based on IITs, IIMs etc
Excellent background of an experienced Training, Augmentation & Placement Assistance cell of ITM Group working with highest
success rate in the State.Placements in MNCs & Core technology Companies.

All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be

reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, now known or hereafter invented,
including photocopying and recording, without permission in
writing from ITM University, Gwalior.
Ban on Ragging
It is brought to the notice of students & other stake holders
that Ragging is totally banned in all Institution / Schools of
ITM University run by Samata Lok Sansthan Trust at Gwalior &
Vadodara and anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting
of ragging is liable to be punished as per directions of Hon.
Supreme Court of India and directions of UGC & AICTE
as hosted on their web-portals. Such Elements involved in
ragging shall be handed over to Police for Lawful action.
ITM University Campus
N.H. - 75, Jhansi Road
Gwalior, (M.P.) - 474 001-INDIA
Telefax : +91-751-2440058, 2432988
Contact: Ph. 0751-2440057, 2440059, 2440065
Mobile : 09425308942, 09425308939, 08989103318
310, 3rd Floor, Aashiyana Tower
Exhibition Road, Patna-800001
Mobile : 09691878730, 09415588408,
08989103317 Ph. 0612-6570458
Regional Office - North India
181, GF, Saini Enclave
Vikas Marg Extn. Delhi-110092
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Flat # 244, 2nd Floor, Karnani Mansion,
27A Park Street, Kolkata 700017
Mobile : 09163316015, 09163316016, 09163316017
Regional Office - west India
Dhanora Tank Road, Paldi Village,
Halol Highway, Taluka Waghodia
Vadodara- 391510, Gujarat, India
Ph.: 02668-291991, 275508
Telefax : 02668-275504
Email :
Price : ` 1000/US$ 30/UK 20

102 | Itm university gwalior

This brochure is for a broad view of the University & its policies. However, the ITM
University authorities do not take responsibilities for any typographical errors during
printing of the brochure. Some policies can be changed due to changing dynamics
of Education scenario of the country which may be the effect of decisions of Statutory
bodies, Govts. & Honourable Courts of Law. ITM University, Gwalior has the authority
to review its decisions & policies in larger interest of the students, faculty &/or the
University. While designing this, brochure few photographs of Institutions run by our
Trust has also been used for better visual effect only.

All pictures of students, faculty, labs, classrooms, campus and other locations in this brochure
(except the photographs on page 58-63 and historical monuments) are actual and belong to ITM Campus, Gwalior.
Design, Process & Printing: Archana : ph. 011 26810747/48
Itm university gwalior | 103

c elebrating

drea m s

The University, B-School and School

of Engineering & Technology
Ranked at 7th position in the Country
(by ICMR Survey 2012).