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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Server Documentation

Document Updated As Of: October 11th , 2012; 3:00PM PST

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Retrieve App ID 220070. During the beta you will need to request a key from Torn Banner Studios to
access (email technical contact). After we release, the tool will be released to the general public for free.
How to Launch:
Run UDK.exe with the following target:
UDK.exe MAP_NAME?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver
Available Map Names :
Objective Mode:

recommended 16-24
recommended 16-24
recommended 18-32
recommended 16-24

Team Deathmatch:

recommended 8-16
recommended 16-24
recommended 8-16
recommended 6-12
recommended 24-32+
recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16

Last Team Standing:


recommended 8-16
recommended 16-24
recommended 16-24
recommended 24-32+
recommended 6-12
recommended 16-24
recommended 24-32
recommended 28-32+
recommended 24-32+
recommended 16-24
recommended 16-24

King of the Hill:


recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16

Free For All:


recommended 8-16


recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16
recommended 6-12
recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16
recommended 8-16

Available Settings (UDKGame\Config):

DefaultGame.ini or PCServer-UDKGame.ini
Under the [AOC.AOCGame] section we have the following configurable settings:
MapList List of map names that the server will cycle through
Perspective Lock Lock players into one perspective
o PLOCK_None Players free to use first-person or third-person
o PLOCK_1P Forced to use 1st person
o PLOCK_3P Forced to use 3rd person
fServerTeamDamagePercent Amount of damage players will do to their teammates.
bEnableVoteKick Allow users to vote kick
bEnableVoteChangeMap Allow users to vote change map
bEnableVoteResetMap Allow users to vote to reset the map
bOnlyAdminsCanInitiateVotes Votes can only be started by admins
bOnlyTeammatesCanVoteKick - If true, only teammates can start a vote kick.
bOnlyTeammatesAbstainsCountAgainstMinimum - When counting the number of people who
voted vs. those who abstained, do we only count abstains from teammates of the player in
question? (Like a soft version of bOnlyTeammatesCanVoteKick; enabling both simultaneously is
fVoteMinAmountNonAbstainers - The minimum proportion of people who must have voted for
the vote to be successful (0.0f to 1.0f)
fVoteSuccessThreshold- The minimum proportion of people who must have voted Yes out of the
total number who voted for a vote to be successful (0.0f to 1.0f)
fVoteDurationSeconds - The length of time that a vote is held for before it's tallied and decided
fVoteTallyUpdates - Number of updates to show in chat before the vote is completed. If there's
2, they happen at 1/3 and 2/3 through the vote.
fVoteEnactDelaySeconds - Time to delay before enacting what was voted on (only for map
fVoteTimeBetweenVoteKicksAgainstSamePlayer - The minimum time between successvie kick
votes against the same player
fVoteTimeBetweenVotesFromOnePlayer - The minimum time between successive votes
initiated by the same player
fVoteKickBanDurationSeconds - Duration for which a kick vote's temporary ban lasts
bForceTeamVOIP Whether or not VOIP is forced to be limited to only talk to teammates
bRankedServer Ranked server or not (experience + weapon unlock points not counted on unranked servers)
bAutoBalance Whether to use the auto-balance provided by the game or not
fAutoBalanceInterval- How often the autobalance fires.
Under [Engine.AccessControl] (you can add this section if it doesnt exist)

GamePassword password request to join the server

AdminPassword password to get admin access

Under [URL]
Port Port the server uses. Should be unique for each server. (can also be modified via the
port ### in the command line)
PeerPort Port. Should be unique for each server.
Under [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]
MaxInternetClientRate maximum rate at which the server will send data to a player (in
Under [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.OnlineSubsystemSteamworks]
bUseVAC Whether to use VAC or not
QueryPort Port to use for Steam. Should be unique for each server.
Other Important Command Line Arguments
There are options you can add after UDK.exe MAP_NAME?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver.
-multihome=IP_ADDRESS -- Allows you to bind to a different IP address.
-Port=#### -- Changes the port the server uses.
-QueryPort=#### -- Changes the query port Steam uses for this server.
-log=FOLDER_NAME\LOG_NAME.log -- Allow you to change the folder into which all the server
log files are saved.
-configsubdir=FOLDER_NAME Allows you to change the folder from which config files are
loaded from.
-maxplayers=### -- Sets the maximum players allowed into the server.
Important Console Commands
o votekick
o votechangemap
o voteresetmap
o Adminlogin - followed by the server's admin password, allows you to log into a server as
an admin.
o Adminlogout - Logs out as admin
o Admin - Followed by any command executes that command on the server.
o Adminkick - Kicks a user. Requires you to type their whole name right now, which kind
of sucks. It's a built-in command.
o Adminkickban -Kicks a user and permanently bans them (i.e. puts their IP/NetID in the
config file). Also a built-in command.
o Adminchangemap -Changes to a different map. Be sure the map actually exists (see the
map list), otherwise you may crash your server.
o AdminRestartMap - Restarts the map.
o AdminChangeTeam -Swaps a selected player to the opposite team.
o AdminChangeTeamDamageAmount - Change team damage amount on-the-fly; from
0.0 (no damage) to 1.0 (full damage)