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Ang inyo rang timan-an sa agency fees is that an individual

check-off authorization is not required for agency fee even
on non-union members..
Bar questions kining can Rogelio object to the deduction?
Take note: Requirements for a valid levy (2); and valid check-off(1)
Employers refusal to check off is not ULP not all violation of the
CBA is ULP only those gross in character - flagrant refusal to
comply with the economic provisions.. e.g. benefits, leave credits
Union members refusal to pay union dues ground for disloyalty if
payment is stipulated in the CBA
2. Reportorial requirements:
Under DO 40-03, failure to comply with reportorial requirements not
a ground for cancellation of registration but a ground for delisting
3. Title 5 Coverage
Right to self-org - enjoyed by all employees
1. to choose and join a union
2. to cancel membership therefrom
limitation; when there is a union security clause
Difference between workers assoc vs labor org = purpose of its
Workers assoc not for collective bargaining
Labor org for collective bargaining
Managerial employees, not eligible to join, form, assist (a labor
organization ONLY)pwede sa workers assoc annaaaahhhh!!!!
Supervisory employees are allowed but not eligible to be under the
same CBA as with the rank and file but allowed to be under the
same federation..
It is in the functions being performed.. there should be no
conflict of interest.. Should not be confidential employees wherein
they have knowledge in management policies in the field of labor
relations must have necessary access to such confidential
information and not merely incidental..
Free exercise of religion superior over right to self-organization e.g.
INC members cannot be compelled to join a union even with closed
shop agreement

Foreign workers strictly prohibited from joining union except aliens

working in the country with valid working permits, reciprocity, facts
certified by DFA

EO 180
Applicable to government workers (agencies, instrumentalities,
GOCCs with original charter) not covered by the labor code
Take note:
1. differentiate Government EEs right to self org from private
a. private sector includes the right to deal and negotiate
with employer re conditions of employment because
these are fixed by law
b. the right to perform concerted activities such as strikes
2. memorize section 3 and 4 re: limitations, employees with no
right to strike
3. sec 13 terms and conditions of employment; fixed by law
nonnegotiable; not fixed by law negotiable
4. petition to congress for negotiations re terms and conditions
for employment
strike = temporary stoppage of work as a result of labor dispute