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: 14th August 2015

Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea Cellular- The 3 biggest telecom players in India have unsurprisingly
have managed to generate a combined revenue share of 71.3% of the total revenue for financial
quarter that ended in June, 2014. They alone account for 56.5% of total subscribers in India at the
end of Q2, 2014, according to the report by HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Pvt.

r Market
Share (%)


Bharti Airtel






Idea Cellular









Bharti Airtel Limited is a provider of range of telecommunication services. The Companys
product offerings in India include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line
services, high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) broadband, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV),
DTH and enterprise services, including national and international long-distance services to
carriers. In the rest of the geographies, it offers 2G, 3G wireless services and mobile commerce.
The Company operates through the Mobile Services, Telemedia Services and Airtel business
segments. The Mobile Services segment offers voice and data telecom services provided through
wireless technology in India; Telemedia Services comprise voice and data communications based
on fixed network and broadband technology, and the Airtel Business covers end-to-end telecom
solutions provided to Indian and global corporations.

Airtel is the first Indian telecom service provider to achieve Cisco Gold Certification.[5] It also
acts as a carrier for national and international long distance communication services. The
company has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which a connect to Singapore. As of
January 2015, Airtel has 228.25 million subscribers with a market share of 23.25% in the Indian
wireless market.

Airtel was named India's second most valuable brand in the first ever Brands ranking.


Products in the marketing mix of Airtel

The company provides a wide array of products and services in order to retain the maximum
number of customers. The following is a list of its products:
Airtel Pre-paid services

Blackberry Wireless Handheld

Airtel Post-paid services

Value added services like instant balance inquiry, caller line identification, 24 hour
recharge facility, multimedia messaging service, call wait & call Hold, Caller divert, Airtel Live
SMS based information services

Voice mail services

Hello tunes, Ring tones,

Ringtones and hello tunes offers

Easy post-pay bill payment solutions

Enterprise Solutions


Bharti Airtel is planning to reduce billing charges starting tonight of its post-paid after they
exhaust their 3G and 2G data limits, a move that will increase stickiness with existing subscribers
and push more prepaid subscribers to post-paid, which brings higher margins and revenue for the
Under the new plan, if a 3G data customer with Rs 250 rental exhausts 1 GB data limit, then
another 1GB of 3G data capacity will be added to his quota for Rs 250. This way, customers can
add up to three times of their data capacity in the plan, people familiar with the development said
For example, a customer on 1 GB plan can go up to 3 GB and a customer on 2 GB plan can go up
to 6GB, following which data services will be discontinued.
In 2G, on a Rs 150 plan that gives 1 GB data benefit, will give the customer three times than what
he signed up for.

"The 'pay as you go' rate is being eliminated," one of the people said.
The move is likely to push up 3G adoption among existing data users who have so far kept away
due to high tariffs. A person familiar with the development said that the lack of fear of bill shock
will encourage more data usage on Airtel's network, which will help the company to increase its
average revenue per user as well over a period of time. The company's ARPU in the JanuaryMarch quarter was Rs196

Similar offers will be extended to 2G customers, but company officials say that they will be
limited to select 2G and 3G customers. Airtel will inform its 3G data customers using 1GB data
plans and above through SMS notification, starting from midnight. Going forward, all 3G data
customers will be able to leverage benefits from this pricing change.
As it simplifies pricing and billing processes to bring more transparency, Bharti Airtel will be able
to reduce subscriber churn over a period of time, company executives and analysts added.

Airtel has a wide & effectively spread channel structure all over India. The channel structure is
simple and effective. Complications are kept out in order to make the overall process very
effective and efficient.

The above figure illustrates the channel structure at a regional level. This has been generally
scaled down for better understanding of the structure.

The distributors include one who handles 1) Provisioning 2) Documents 3) Operation back up 4)
Field sales executives.


While Winning with People is our core strategy in a competitive business landscape,
sustainability remains a constant in all our services. We believe in responsible growth that
encompasses socioeconomic empowerment, environmental sustenance, resource conservation,
while encouraging innovation and efficiency.


Airtel engages in aggressive marketing strategy ranging from traditional print media to social
network marketing.
However, the companys recent rebranding efforts bombed in the market and were not received
positively. The company also engages in large scale TV and print advertising. The company
frequently uses big celebrities who endorse the services. The company also managed to create its
signature tune from Oscar winning musician A.R.Rahman which has become one of the most
downloaded tunes in India
It is also interesting to note that even such seemingly redundant activities like providing
wallpapers and screensavers to computer users has proved a very effective marketing strategy.
The company also offers special discounts and offers to its subscribers.
Apart from that Airtel has been hiring several figures from Bollywood right from the legendary
Amitabh Bachhan to Vidya Balan as their brand ambassadors. The God of cricket, Sachin
Tendulkar too has been a part of their advertisement campaigns too. The advantage of Airtel is
that I go regional with its advertisement efforts.
Some salient points about the promotions of Airtel are:
Uses ATL and BTL activities

Makes an effort to go regional

Recent rebranding effort has failed in the market


Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers. Our obsession is to win customers for life
through an exceptional experience.

We aim to work towards our vision, driven by our values of AIR - Alive, Inclusive & Respectful.
We are alive to the needs of our customers. We act with passion, energy and a can-do attitude to
help our customers realize their dreams. Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit drive us - if it
cant be done, well find a way.
Airtel is for everyone - we champion diversity, recognizing the breadth and depth of the
communities we serve.
We do this by having an open mind and embracing change.
We live the same lives as our customers, sharing the same joys and the same pains. We never
forget that they are why we exist. We act with due humility, always open and honest, to achieve
mutual respect.

Vodafone is one of the worlds greatest telecommunication brands.
Vodafone India Ltd. is the second largest mobile network operator in India by subscriber base,
after Airtel. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has approximately 173 million
customers as of September 2014. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular
phone coverage throughout India with better presence in the metros.
The company employs over 65,000 staff worldwide and enjoys a generous customer base of 130
million. The business is in operation in 31 countries worldwide. Despite the competition from
similar companies, Vodafone, in India is growing tremendously as a company like in other parts
of the world as it tries to roll out its identity into new markets. In fact, the company is already
listed in the New York Stock Exchanges, thus, this has helped it in gaining global recognition.
Vodafone India operations widened its base in the year 2007 when it bought majority of stake in
Hutchison Telecommunications of Hong Kong for $11 billion. In India, it operates as a joint
venture with Essar. Vodafone Indias domestic partner is the Piramal Group, which has its 11%

Vodafone is the second largest player in telecom operator in India after Airtel, with a market share
of 22.95%

Telecom Operator

Subscriber Market Share


Revenue Market Share (%)




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Vodafones products and services are available directly, via Vodafone stores and country specific
Vodafone websites, and indirectly via third party service providers, independent dealers,
distributors and Retailers, to both consumer and business customers in the majority of markets
under the Vodafone brand.


Vodafone distribution channel in India normally contributes roughly 85-90 % of total business
volumes. The distribution Model comprises basically comprises of three entities1. A distributor who is given a territory to service.
2. A Distributor FOS (Feet on Street on payroll of the distributor) who is appointed by the
distributor to service a particular area of his overall territory.
3. A Retailer who is an entity who purchases stock from the distributors. Through the FOS of
his area) and sells it to the end consumer.


The gateway simply plugs into your broadband line, boosting your 3g signal right through
your home. It's also small, so you'll hardly notice it's there.
Headsets & headphones
Flex arm cradle
Tal k i n y o u r c a r - w h i l e y o u r h a n d s s t a y f i r m l y o n t h e w h e e l . T h e
Vod a f o n e c a r c r a d l e i s designed for any handset. Just attach the suction cap
to your windscreen, or clip the cradle to your air - vent. No mess. No tools. No

Memory cards


Postpaid and prepaid services


Vodafone Launched iPhone plans on 17 January 2015 with Vodafone 6K and 10K plans
for iPhone 4s,5s,5c,6

M-Pesa, branded as M-Paisa (the paisa being the largely unused subunit of the Indian
rupee), was launched in India as a close partnership with HDFC bank in November 2011.
Vodafone India had partnered with both HDFC and ICICI, ICICI launched M-Pesa on
April 18, 2013.

Voice messages

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication allows businesses to automate the capture
of data, perform real-time diagnostics and repair and to control assets remotely.

Business managed services

As customers look to improve their efficiency they are increasingly looking to Vodafone to
take control of their technology for them.

Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net brings together fixed and mobile communications in one system. It
means that every user can have just one number for their desk phone and mobile, and one
voicemail box for their messages.

Vodafone Money Transfer

The Vodafone Money Transfer system is available in three countries with 13 million
customers moving US$3.6 billion during the year.

A: monthly price plans
B: pay as you do plans

C: call charges while going abroad

D: pay monthly call charges
E: business call charges


Vodafone India has launched a special monsoon offer for

all Mumbaikars. Under this monsoon offer, Vodafone will
offer free 3G internet to all those who buy select Samsung
smartphones and use either a prepaid or a postpaid
Vodafone connection
Vodafone India wants to celebrate Diwali with its
customers via its Diwali sale. It is now offering 80% off at
its data, SMS, voice and bonus cards to its prepaid
customers of the Delhi and NCR region.


E f f o r t s t a k e n t o b o o s t s a l e s b y v o d a f o n e ( t h e zoo zoo series):
Vodafones new series of advertisements feature lovable white, large-headed creatures that have
attracted more than 28,500 fans on face book. They are so cute, they remind me
of Casper who was my favourite cartoon.
Vodafone launches phones for the poor
From now onwards millions of people all through the world could access mobile phones for the
first time with the release of Vodafones first ultra-cheap own-branded phones..
Vodafones tie-up with b.e.s.t & railways:
As a part of the customer relationship management Vodafone came out with a unique
plan of providing its customers with utmost ease of paying their bills on the railway platforms &
in the buses.


Vodafone uses the occupation aspect in the demographic category of segmentation. They
divide their users as consumer and business. On their website these two segments are
The business users are offered company solutions, machine to machine solutions and allot
her end to end business connectivity solutions. The consumers on the other hand area gain
segmented as follows

The company provides different plans, tariffs and offers to different customers depending
on the state that they come from.

Behavioral (User Status):

The users are further segmented depending uponwhether they are postpaid users or
prepaid users. Separate plans are then providedto each user depending upon their category.

Vodafone is adopting a multi segment targeting. They are targeting the high end user,
lowend user, the business professional as well as the common man


successful Marketingstrategy followed
Vodafone in order plan for the future and in wake of
mobile number portability decided to distinctly
identify its value added services by launching the
Zoozoos campaign during the Indian Premier
League 2 (IPL-2). Cricket is considered to be a
religion in India,
and Zoozooz captured attention of nearly two billion people during the IPL. People
eagerly waited for breaks between matches to see more stories about Zoozoo. Zoozoos
have been successful in giving Vodafone a makeover and establishing maximum brand
presence. It is anexcellent example of a well-laid out marketing strategy. It was a fresh and
innovative conceptand Vodafone wonderfully promoted their services by creating different
stories featuringZoozoos. There were no celebrity endorsements. The charm of the Zoozoo
was itself a greatself-marketing strategy and they were instant success among masses.
Within few days,Zoozooz created a huge audience for them, giving a boost to the
Vodafone brand.People were already in awe of those cute and lovable characters, but the
curiosity heightenedwhen Vodafone disclosed that Zoozooz were not animated, rather
humans were playing thosecharacters. People were hungrier to know about their favorite
Zoozooz.In the second phase, after the release of these ads, Vodafone promoted these
characters onsocial media sites, which was another wise decision. Zoozoo fan clubs are
there on socialnetworking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, Twitter, and many more,
where they have ahuge followings. Now Vodafone has announced to launch the Zoozoo
goodies like zoozootoys, zoozoo mugs, zoozoo keychains, zoozoo t-shirts, etc

It has also pinned its future on the sale of superfast fourth-generation mobile networks, or 4G.
Vodafone to launch 4G services in five circles in 2015
Vodafone has taken the lead on improving its network, earmarking billions for investment in
Europe and across its emerging market operations in a bid to get ahead of its rivals

vodafone plans to invest around 19 billion pounds over the next two years, which includes the
money assigned as part of its investment programme called Project Spring.
That will bring core earnings down to a range of 11.4 billion pounds to 11.9 billion pounds for
2015, from the 12.8 billion pounds it recorded in 2014 - itself down 7.4 percent. The forecast for
2015 was well below the average expectations of 12.5 billion pounds by analysts, according to
Reuters data.
"Full year 2015 is an interesting one for Vodafone as the company makes substantial investments
in order to make a clearer distinction between the quality of its network and the competition,"


Our 2015 enterprise strategy is based on six pillars: accelerating our converged offers;
consolidating our lead in M2M; growing Vodafone Global Enterprise and our Carrier
Services businesses; leveraging our hosting capability; and offering cloud-based software
as a service. Our enterprise customers range from small office-home-office (SoHo)
businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises (SME), through to large domestic and
multi-national corporates (MNC).

Idea Cellular, commonly referred to as Idea, is an Indian mobile network operator based
in Mumbai, India. Idea is a pan-India integrated GSM operator offering 2G and 3G mobile
services. Idea is Indias third largest mobile operator by subscriber base. Idea has a market share
of 16.36% with 159.20 million subscribers as of April 2015.
During its inception in 1995, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Group and AT&T Wireless each held onethird equity in the company. Following AT&T Wireless' merger with Cingular Wireless in 2004,
Cingular decided to sell its 32.9% stake in Idea. This stake was bought by the remaining two
stakeholders equally.

With revenue in excess of $5 billion; revenue market share of nearly 18.2% (as on Q4FY15);
and subscriber base of over 165 million, Idea is one of the top 3 mobile operators. Idea is the
sixth largest mobile operator in the world, based on number of subscribers in single country
operations (GSMA Intelligence). Idea carries a traffic of over 2 billion minutes a day.
Idea has a deep rooted network across the length and breadth of the country comprising of over
1,49,196 cell sites covering 7,513 towns and 3,63,580 villages as on Q1FY16.


Idea Post-Paid

Idea Pre- Paid

Idea Internet Data card

Idea STD booth phone

Idea PCO Coin box

VoIP International call cards

VoIP Leased Internet Line

HDFC Bank RD/FD Products


Pricing strategy and Implementation

One of the main impact of increased competition is the price wars among companies which result
to lower their prices (1paise per second), to survive in the market. Idea should also follow the
same pricing strategy to remain in the market because customer who choose idea for low price
will else move to other low price mobile service providers which is further aggravated by soon
with introduction of MNP (mobile number portability) where customer don't require to change
their number. However financial implications of pricing model will affect the overall profitability
of company.
This turn down is mainly determined by two factors: reduced tariff and customer is billed on per
second rather than per minute because previously when a customer talked for 10 seconds he was
charged for one minute but now if the customer calls for only 10 second then he will charged for
10 second only. These low levels of margins are not sustainable in the long term, where after
some time they have to increase their prices to sustain in market. Although Idea can pick up on its
profitability by reducing operating costs. Idea should try to focus on its major rural market by
reducing prices and keep loyal to brand.

Idea Cellular operates in all 22 service areas/circles parts where more than 76% revenue comes
from areas like Delhi, AP, Gujarat, MP, UP, Haryana, Kerala

The medium of service distribution is as follows:

My Idea and Idea Zone: The direct retail shops from Idea which provide all services from buying
new connection to pay bills recharge topups, plan change, buying wirless services or idea
products. These outlets are located within the city area to cover maximum users.
Local Retailers: The authorised distributors of Idea services located anywhere in the city. They
only provide services like new connections and recharge top ups but not deal in services special
like lost SIM replacement, customer complaint handling etc. At some of these shops, there are
facilities for bill payment and cheque drop box.
Internet: The Company can also obtain all information from Idea website.Custmoers can also pay
their bills, buy top ups.

Idea Cellular currently segments its customer profile into 2 basic groups
1) Prepaid Customers
2) Post-paid Customers
Prepaid Customers are generally the personal use customer group i.e. non institutional. This
segment accounted for around 80% of the customer base (2008 figures) and the remaining 20%
was accounted for by the postpaid customer base.
The customer base is also segmented into groups according to the monthly revenue generated:
The segmentation here is done as:
1. VIP customers: These are the customers who form the VIP group as the name suggests and
comprises of MPs, MLAs, industrialists and other high profile customers. These are given
high attention in services as they are key to implementation of services across their
2. Corporate Customers: These are the customers having more than five connections to their
name and generate revenues in excess of Rs. 10000 a month. These are usually
institutionally driven connections and are post-paid customers. Service quality in terms of
Value Added Services provided including preferential customer service treatment is
provided to retain these high value accounts.
3. Platinum Customers: These are the customers whose current monthly expenditure on Idea
Cellular Services is in excess of Rs.1500 per month. The revenue generated from these
accounts includes Voice, Data and VAS services. Around 60% of these are from the post-

paid group while the remaining 40% are from the pre-paid group. Institutional Customers
account for around 70% of the post-paid base while the remaining are the personal usage
4. Gold Customers: These are the customers providing revenues to the company
betweenRs.1000 and Rs.1400 a month. The pre-paid base is again smaller in this segment
accounting for nearly 35% of the customers. A healthy split is found between personal and
institutional usage customers.

Silver Customers: This customer group provides revenues in the range

of Rs.750 toRs.999 to Idea Cellular each month. Pre-paid user group is in the range of
around 55% while institutional sales account for around 80% of the post-paid group.
6. Medium Volume users: These are the customers generating between Rs.220 to Rs.750each
month. Prepaid customers form around 65% of the group while this group accounts for
approximately 30% of the whole customer base of Idea Cellular.
7. Low Volume customers are the customers generating revenues less than Rs.250 per month

Most of the mobile companies are providing almost same type of services with few modifications.
In this case it is really important to position your brand as best as possible and for this the best
idea is to promote the brand with best multimedia campaign and market communication. The
objective of campaigns is to communicate the customer various new plans, their features, and
Message and Creative strategy:
Idea has developed the whole marketing communication around social issues. The use of brand
name "Idea" in its tagline "An Idea can change your life" is well placed.
It mainly follows two different strategies of creating brand awareness and creating and loyalty for
brand purchase intention:
Transformational appeal: To create brand awareness, they emphasize to stir up emotions that
will motivate purchase especially in rural areas. For example: a 90-second advertisement, where a
girl is denied to join the school because of non availability, Abhishek Bachchan who is the
principal of the school comes up with idea of starting mobile classes. The students will gather
around a mobile to learn the lessons and teachers communicate wirelessly. To make interest, they
just showed only a 10 second teaser for first few days and after creating a curiosity among the
audience they aired full 90 second commercial.
Informational appeal: To create and facilitate brand purchase intention, idea designs campaigns
which elaborate product attributes or benefits. In such kind of campaign major attributes like call

rates or other benefits such as free talk-time or value added services are highlighted. To fulfill this
end they go for product comparison ads

Market Position and Branding:
Brand Strategy:
"Innovate. Stimulate. Liberate."
The telecom industry is growing at a very rapid pace. As per the Ansoff Product (book details)IDEA going along with the Market Development Strategy. Main focus of Idea is to target new
markets for e.g. :rural area of India. Idea mobile provides affordable and reliable services with
efficient and stable network in count to, innovative and customised products that set free
customers from limitations of time
The different ad campaigns based on "An Idea can change your life" (finally a ad series called
"what an idea sirji") mainly focused towards creating new ideas, raise awareness and provide
solutions to social issues which brings the presence of Idea's network in depth everywhere across


Strategy for next year:
Following the traits, mobile market could reach maturity in next 5-6 years where then
differentiation should base only on the services mobile companies provided. So for coming years
Idea mobiles should concentrate more on urban market as well with new service offering as
presently Idea is more concentrate to rural market. The following could be some new features
they should consider.
Setup more and more My Idea stores, and Idea Zones which help them to directly interact with
the customers provide better solutions to theory requests. Because of India law for security norms,
process for applying new connection is still manual; Idea should try to ease the process to increase
the customer experience.

Tata DOCOMO is an Indian cellular service provider on the GSM, CDMA and platform-arising
out of the strategic joint venture between Tata Teleservices and NTT Docomo in November 2008.

Founder: Ratan Tata

Founded: November 2008
Parent organization: NTT DoCoMo, Tata Teleservices
Tata DOCOMO is an Indian cellular service provider on the GSM, CDMA and platform-arising
out of the strategic joint venture between Tata Teleservices and NTT Docomo in November 2008.
It is the country's sixth largest operator in terms of subscribers (including both GSM and CDMA)

Tata Tele Services' market share in the state has expanded to 9.2% in the second quarter from
8.4% in the first quarter of the current fiscal
Tata Indicom in April 2009 , crossed the 35 million subscribers mark in the wireless category with
an overall subscriber base of over 36 million.
Tata Teleservices is #2 in terms of market share in Delhi NCR region with a subscriber base of 5
In November 2008, Japanese telecom giant NTT Docomo picked up a 26 per cent equity stake in
Tata Docomo, a subsidiary of Tata Teleservices, for about 130.7 billion (US$2.0 billion) or an
enterprise value of 502.69 billion (US$7.7 billion). NTT DOCOMO announced on 25 April
2014 that they are going to sell 100% of their shares in Tata DOCOMO to Tata Teleservices and
exit Indian Telecom. The reason for exit is because of huge loss of $1.3 billion.
In February 2008, TTSL announced that it would provide CDMA mobile services targeted
towards the youth, in association with the Virgin Group on a franchisee model basis. By April 1,
2015, all Virgin Mobile CDMA & GSM customers have been migrated into the umbrella Tata
Docomo brand (Tata Indicom for Delhi NCR)

Tata-Docomo also launched its first mobile handset in September2010

Enterprise Data
o Wireline
o International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)
o Global Ethernet
o VPN Services

o Global MPLS VPN Services

o Video Services
o L2 Multicast
o Managed Video Connect
o Wireless Data
o Photon
o 3G

Broadband and Landline

o Broadband & Wired Internet
o Fixed Landline

It having attractive tariff plan: TATADOCOMO having 1paisa /sec it is applicable for both
prepaid and postpaid
Tata Docomo appears to be banking heavily on its tariff plans the company offers a 1 second
pulse instead of the usual 1 minute pulse that other telecom operators were offering. This means
that consumers are charged on a per second basis, instead of a per minute basis, and end up saving
money on unused seconds. A fifty little application How much can you really save on
Docomos website explains how this works. Rs. 0.01/second is a marked change from the Re
1/min and Rs. 0.49/min charges that usually apply.
voice based services are also being priced with a per-second-pulse: 24 hour music and voice chat
are priced at Rs. 0.02/second. Caller Tune search service Genie is also being priced at Rs.
The new pricing strategy from Tata-Docomo has changed the rules of the GSM game, which is
dominated by AirTel and Vodafone
Tata Docomo now charges per website for Mobile Browsing!

Tata Docomo, the youngest among telecom players in India to offer GSM, is Presently banking on
its services to garner visibility and a share in the telecom pie. The launch of Tata Docomo also
announced the intention of the brand to associate with the thought do. Tata Docomo, for the first
time in the country, offered pay-per-second billing; though other telecom providers have followed
suit since.


As a telecom service provider company DOCOMO core product is its SIM card and
services. It adopts many sales promotional mix tools to capture the market. The main tools
which, company has adopted to promote sales are:
Sales promotion and CSR
Events and experiences
Public relations and publicity
Direct marketing


Tata Teleservices provides mobile services under the following brand names:

Tata DoCoMo (CDMA & GSM mobile operator, wireless broadband)

Virgin Mobile (CDMA & GSM mobile operator)

T24 Mobile (GSM mobile operator)

Network coverage
Tata DOCOMO operates in 19 telecom circles and offers services on GSM and CDMA platforms.
Mobile services are available in the following telecom circle.
Telecom circle
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
Maharashtra & Goa
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
Bihar & Jharkhand
Himachal Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

Telecom circle


Uttar Pradesh (East)

Uttar Pradesh (West)
West Bengal
Jammu and Kashmir
With effect from 17 June 2013, Docomo does not offer postpaid services, on both CDMA and
GSM, in Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and West Bengal (except Kolkata)

To achieve the objective we decided to address the 3G campaign from a complete 360 perspective
covering each and every touch point of the consumer. The strategy was to present content and
communication from Tata DOCOMO to any user on the internet where ever he may be and
engage him with interesting programs devised to build a hype around Tata DOCOMO 3G while
exciting him to shift to 3G services.


Telecom service provider Tata Teleservices aims to increase its active customer base in the state to
1.51 million by the end of March, 2015, said a company official.
.VISION: We will leverage our strength in executing complex global scale projects to make
leading edge information and communication services affordable by all individual consumers and
business in India. We will offer unparalleled value to create customer delight and enhance
business productivity.


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