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Corporate Communications Investor Relations Public Relations

Integrated Services Enhance Awareness





Public Relations
Exposure, Success,

Public Relations
As part of TTCs PR ESP program, we generate
exposure and publicity for clients across professional
industries on a rolling basis from target media outlets.
TTC generates exposure for clients in key international
markets and vendors while raising client exposure to
potential new opportunities and markets segments.
TTCs approach to media outlets are specifically tailored for
each client, vendor and market.

Public Relations
Effectively manage Client image through comprehensive
communications, media relations and crisis communications.
Generate feature stories in national mainstream news publications
and appearances on network and cable news channels.
Develop influential communication strategies and tactics that
educate the media and public about TTC Clients.
Leverage TTCs expertise to elevate the awareness of our Clients
products or services in the market with the highest impact results.

Public Relations

Daily communication with media regarding TTC Clients.

Enhancing Company Communications.
Integrated and Competitive Communications.


Continuous Media Relations.

Internet and Online Publicity Programs.
Providing Editorial Services.
Developing Compelling Internal Communications.
Conference and Speaking Engagement Facilitation.


Strategic Corporate Counsel.

Customer Collaboration.
Timely Crisis Communications.

Investor Relations
Exposure, Success,

Investor Relations
Targeting and Liaison with the Financial/Investment Community.
Communicating with the investment community to implant each
individual clients story.
Generating competitive interest while elevating that clients

Our goal is to facilitate the key dialogue between the client and
its target investors. We contact investment professionals
throughout North America, and where applicable, investors from
around the globe.

Investor Relations
Increase Shareholder Value
Generate comprehensive sell-side research for Clients securities
and stocks
Enhance institutional buy interest in Clients securities
Develop interactive on-line campaigns targeted at retail and other
professional investors
Employ a consultative approach to investor relations and corporate
communications by effectively communicating Clients story to
Wall Street and other financial community professionals

Investor Relations
Corporate Positioning and Communications.
Investment Community Targeting specific to Clients Industry and
Company Goals.
Revealing Market Intelligence.
Financial Media Relations.
Shareholder Management Services.
Strategy Consulting.
Valuation Analysis.
Investor Conference and Speaking Engagement Facilitation.
Timely Crisis Communications.
Offense Driven Stock Watch.

President: Vic Allgeier

With over 30 years of serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 multinational corporations to many
leading small cap growth companies, Allgeiers professional expertise concentrates on developing
communications strategies for publicly owned and pre-IPO companies in various industries, with
concentrations in technology, industrial growth and manufacturing.

Mr. Allgeier has implemented a wide variety of proactive corporate visibility programs for clients in
addition to providing ongoing strategic counsel and communications supporting mergers and
acquisitions, litigation, regulatory issues and technology breakthroughs. In addition to numerous
analyst days and other event-driven investor forums, he is credited with coordinating one of the first
LED investor conferences in 1998.

Mr. Allgeiers previous experience includes Founding Partner of The Carson Group, a privately-held
financial information organization specializing in global shareholder research and related investor
relations and advisory services which had annual revenues in excess of $50 million. In 2000, Thomson
Financial (now a division a Thomson Reuters) acquired Carson Group. Earlier, he served as Vice
President of Georgeson & Co., a leading provider of proxy and corporate governance advisory services
to corporations and shareholder groups, and The Carter Organization.

Senior Partner: Bob Gamon

Over 25 years of experience in investment management and promotion with significant

international business experience in small and large sized companies.

Successful history of business development, entrepreneurialism and diverse ventures.

Consultant to senior managers and directors in varied industries including financial and media
around the globe.

Conducted competitive intelligence inquiries for one-quarter of Fortune 500 companies.

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