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To all in the Uplands Community,

Message from the Principal

It is hard to believe we are only a

fortnight away from the Mid Term
Holiday in October.
August and
September have flown by as we have
made the usual blistering start to the
academic year.

Secondary News
Year 7 Science
PSAT Year 11 & 12
Year 7S Poems
Tips for Managing Exams
Primary School News
Experiential Learning Programme 2015
Lip Sync Battle kicks off a fun
weekend in Boarding
The IB Learner Profile
Inter-House Photo Competition
Upcoming Events

Next week we will be making final

preparations to the Secondary School Experiential
Learning Trips before we start the very exciting
week away from school. (Please refer to the letter I
wrote, earlier this week, to all Secondary Parents
about the effect of haze on the daily activities on the
trips should the air quality change during the week.)
Regular activity updates will be sent from each of
the trips. These updates will be posted on Facebook
as they arrive!
It has also been a very busy period in the Primary
School. Please read the Primary News section find
out more about their activities. If you have not
already done so, do come and view the Year 6 & 7
Art in the Foyer. A selection of pieces have been
included in this weeks newsletter.
Have a great weekend!
Yours sincerely,

Matthew Bristow

Today sees the end of Week 6 of the current academic year and it is has been another broken
week, with the public holiday for Hari Raya Haji taking place yesterday. I am currently in the
process of preparing a proposed calendar for the next academic year and I hope to be able to
publish these dates after half term.
We continue to have many visits from various universities throughout the world. It is extremely
important that all students in the senior year levels (Year 10 and above) start to think about what
tertiary education they wish to pursue and also where they would like to do this. These visits
give the students the opportunity to gather more information about each university, as well as
information in regards to the availability of scholarships.
A gentle reminder that Secondary Progress Reports will be distributed on Friday 2 October with
Parent Teacher Consultations taking place on Tuesday 27 October, between 8:00am and 3:30pm.
The online booking process will be communicated to you over the coming weeks. Please take an
active interest in your childs education and make appointments with their teachers to discuss
their effort and attainment.
Next Thursday we will be holding a Parent Information Evening for Key Stage 3 (Years 7 9)
between 6:30pm and 8:00pm. This will take place in the Block F MPH with our Head of
Curriculum & Assessment, Mr Paul Rose, and the Key Stage 3 Coordinator, Ms Easton,
presenting information about the curriculum and assessment, including the reporting levels.
We look forward to seeing you there next week.
Have a great weekend
Craig Skinner
Head of Secondary School

For more information:

As this will take place during the half-term holidays, please register individually if you wish to
participate. It is FREE.
Justine Bell, Head of English; Julie Tan, Head of Maths; Michael White, Head of Science

Year 7 have been studying a Unit of work on cells in living organisms. They started off by looking
at pre-prepared slides of a range of animal and plant cells. They then prepared their own slide
of onion cells by taking a very thin layer of onion skin, staining it, and then placing it on a
microscope slide. This procedure is quite a tedious operation as can be seen from the photos.
Seeing real cells for the first time was a new and rewarding experience for the students.
Michael White
Head of Faculty Science

PSAT - Limited Spaces available

We still have a few spaces available for this highly recommended preparation for the SAT test.
For those considering going to the USA for University, and some in Singapore, this is HIGHLY
RECOMMENDED. The SAT is changing in May of this year, and this will be the first test to
prepare and give a view to the new version. Email or see Mr. Mitchell by Wednesday of next
Bill Mitchell
Head of Pastoral, Universities & Careers

In English, 7S students have been looking at some poems to begin the year. What better way to
begin a year?
The Melbourne poet, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, has been providing inspiration. In his wonderful
collection Selected Poems 1956 1994, there is a small section entitled The Bits and Pieces which
contains a selection of poetic descriptions of everyday objects: Emu, Nectarines, Telephone, to name
a few. You can find them all at the Australian Poetry Librarys website.
7S students have been writing some bits and pieces poems of their own. Their intimate
observation, control of rhyme and sophisticated use of imagery and metaphor have been terrific
to observe. Enjoy!
Thanks again
James Butterfield
English Teacher

This is the third article offering guidance on study, revision and exam preparation. As you
already know, pupils in years 10 to 13 will be receiving some coaching and guidance about study,
revision and exam preparation as part of their PSHE lessons this semester.
Mr. Johnston (School Counselor) and Mrs. Bush (Learning Support) have submitted 3 articles
each a fortnight apart in the newsletter which aim to provide parents with a summary of
information given to the pupils in PHSE so that they can support their child at home to study
and revise effectively.
The articles were entitled:

Tips for effective Study (Friday 28th August newsletter)

Tips for effective Revision (Friday 11th September newsletter)

Tips for Managing Exams

Exam Skills
The countdown to exams.
The countdown to exams starts at the beginning of the school year and for many subjects course
work starts before this in previous years.
The wise student knows this and studies accordingly. This means:

Pay attention

Ask Questions

Discuss your work

Keep up with assignments

Produce quality work

Organize your work

All these things contribute in a small way to better exam performance and revision.
It takes lots small brush strokes to paint a picture
The run up to exams
As exams get closer a student needs to adopt a more disciplined attitude. This helps in two main

Planning and preparation for the exam

Managing stress and increasing confidence

Both of these things will increase your performance and results.
Adopt a positive mental attitude toward your exams.
Stress has a detrimental effect on your ability to recall information and perform at your best.
However the right amount of vital tension is also useful to enhance your performance.

Positive ways to think about exams is to treat them as:

Your opportunity to show people what you know.

Your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and skills.

Turn fear into excitement and turn anxiety into vital tension to help mentally prepare.
Closer to exams
Shift the balance of study time toward exam preparation.
Consider the following
Social life

Put it on hold for a while

Reduce nights out and late evenings

Plan the rewards you will give yourself after the exams
Exam preparation

Adapt your schedule

Let your friends know

Let your family know

Look after yourself

Eat, drink and sleep well

Take exercise

Plan your down time

Study time and revision as exams get closer (refer to previous articles)
By now you will know what exams you are actually taking. Make sure your schedule allocates
time to each exam subject. Create the best revision schedule you can.

Divide your time up logically

Build in down time / breaks to give your brain a rest.

Study hard topics as well as easy ones

Stop study at a reasonable time

Be self-disciplined

Use the time productively (e.g. ask yourself Is working with friends helping?)
The best schedule in the world is useless unless YOU use the time effectively.
YOU are the person who will make the difference for YOU
Use a variety of study and revision methods (see previous articles)
Exam preparation
Know the exam format
A good start is to know the exam format. Knowing what to expect will reduce stress, and being
familiar with the format will help build confidence.
Make sure you know exactly what is required for each exam. Ask your teacher Practice the
The format could include:

Multiple choice

Short answers



Oral presentation
And many more.
When you know the format be prepared and practice:

Establish how many questions there will be.

Be familiar with the vocabulary used.

Work on the pace required to complete the exam

Identify areas you need to develop.

When working through past papers

Become aware of the questions that challenge you most

Become aware of questions where the wording is not clear to you.

Seek help from your teachers to improve your understanding.
During the exam period
Know when and where to be
Have your timetable handy and let your parents or dorm staff know your schedule too (as back
Be mentally and physically prepared on the day
Go to bed at a reasonable time, make sure you sleep well, make sure you are fed and hydrated.
Arrive in plenty of time for your exam, bring all the equipment you will need for the exam and
go to the toilet before the exam.
These simple steps help reduce stress on the day. Be relaxed and focused - your preparation will
help ensure you are ready.
Arriving to an exam late or ill prepared will increase stress unnecessarily.
An important reminder
Beware of cramming
Cramming is the equivalent of stuffing your body before a sports event. If you stuff your brains
with too much information at the last minute it does not have the processing time it needs to
recall information efficiently. This increases the chances of a mental block in the exam.
Furthermore the crammed information disappears quickly after study anyway. Cramming is
usually a fear response to lack of preparation and is usually a fear inducing, sick making, waste
of time.
(Tony Buzan memory expert)
In the exam
Exam Technique
Go into the exam with a positive attitude. This is your opportunity to showcase what you know
Take your time

Read the instructions on the front sheet of the paper


Understand the instructions

Follow the instructions
Know what questions to answer
Know where to put your answers.

Use Reading time

Read the paper through

Plan your approach

Identify questions you can answer immediately

Work at a steady pace

Not too fast / too slow

Work consistently and persistently

Work steadily and methodically

Start with straight forward questions

Dont dwell on those you cant do move on

Return to the harder questions later

Work through each question in a structured way.

Stay composed and work accurately

Read the questions carefully (underline or highlight key words)

Give yourself time to answer

Allocate time for the question

Answer the question carefully

Write neatly and legibly

Draw diagrams large and accurately
Read back your answer and consider how well it answers the question

Stay composed

Stay alert and focused

If you become short of time stay calm note the main points of remaining questions
If you finish early check your work thoroughly
Never leave the exam early

If you are stuck

Calmly go to the next question

Return to the unfinished question later
If you are really stuck make an informed guess

Multiple choice questions

Eliminate the answers you know are wrong

Beware of careless mistakes
Read the instructions / questions carefully

After the exam

Give yourself a small reward

Look ahead positively to the next one
Avoid worrying reflections e.g. talking to friends afterwards.

Above all
Give it your best shot, perform as well as you can and prepare as well as you can.

Exams are important but they are not the only key to a successful future.
In-School Supports
If you experience exam stress to a level which adversely affects your performance do
something about it early. You can ask for support in exam (stress) management by
contacting Mr. Johnston (School Counselor)
If you need support to develop practical exam management skills (study, revision,
organization, scheduling etc.) you can contact Mrs. Bush (Learning Support)
For subject related issues please speak to your teachers or tutors.
In each case, if you need support the sooner you can address your needs the better.
And Finally
We hope this series of 3 articles was useful for you as both students and parents in
helping you think and plan for your important exam years.
David Johnston School Counselor
Merissa Bush Learning Support


This week it was the rain causing disruption to our programme. On Wednesday, Year 4 students
were unable to visit the Youth Park as planned however a back-up plan was put into action and
the MPH replaced the Youth Park. Special thanks goes to Gillian Gray for sharing her expertise
with the children in Year 4. On Wednesday evening many parents came to visit classes to learn
more about what the PYP looks like in the different year groups. In November we have planned
an Introduction to the IB PYP Parent Information Session designed specifically for parents who
are new to the programme.
Year 3 have re-scheduled their visit to Taiping Zoo on Thursday, 1st October. Year 6 will present
their Fashion Parade on Thursday 1st October at 10:30am in the foyer. Parents are invited to
attend. On Friday morning, 2nd October year 6 students plan to visit the Batik Factory in Teluk
Future Events
Thursday 1st October
Thursday 1st October
Friday 2nd October
10th - 18th October
Thursday 29th October
Friday 13th November
Tuesday 24th November
Wednesday 16th December

Year 3 visit to Taiping Zoo

Year 6 Fashion Parade 10:30am foyer
Year 6 visit to Batik factory, Teluk Bahang 8:45 11:30am
School Closed Half-term break
Primary Halloween Party 5:00-7:30pm
Year 5/6 Production Penangpac Theatre, Straits Quay
An Introduction to the IB PYP
for parents new to Uplands Primary 7:00pm
Whole School Christmas Concert 6:30pm

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Alison Nicholson
Head of Primary


I enjoyed visiting the Mosque and learning about how Muslims pray. I
enjoyed eating roti canai and drinking teh tarik. I like walking around
and smelling different foods. Lastly, I enjoyed listening to the man from
the Mosque reciting in Arabic language.
Johanne 5s
Ive learnt that the Buddhists burn joss sticks to pray to their Gods, there
are different sizes of joss sticks. The Muslim kids have to learn the Arabic
language, reading and writing so that they can read their Holy Book
because they have to memorize it.
Vridhi 5s




Indonesia and Thailand

The Experiential Learning Programme is only two weeks away, and I hope you are feeling as
excited as I am! All the opportunities for adventure, community service, forging stronger
friendships and a stronger sense of community, belonging and personal growth! How could we
not feel enthusiastic? Personally, I'm a strong proponent of experiential learning as it offers the
students the opportunity to learn through experience and reflection upon that experience. As
John Dewey, the American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer once noted: We
do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting upon experience, and that's exactly the
opportunity we want to create for Uplands' students. Please keep in mind that an important
function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the
significance of his life to him- or herself and as well as to others. I sincerely hope that this year's
Experiential Learning Program is a firm step in that direction.
Having mentioned the above, there are a few logistical matters I'd like to share to avoid confusion
and misunderstandings.
The flight details for the Year 10 trip to Bintan, Indonesia are as follows:
We shall be meeting 2 hours prior to departure at Secret Recipe; a place which is situated at
the Departure Hall of Penang Airport and is easy to spot and recognise. I shall be there waiting
for you.
The flight details for the Year 11 trip to Krabi, Thailand are as follows:
Flight Details:
AK6111 05OCT
AK868 05OCT
AK869 09OCT
AK6118 09OCT





Likewise, Mr. Skinner will be there awaiting you 2 hours prior to departure time at Secret
Upon return, please pick your children up at the airport in a timely manner. Also, make sure to
inform a staff member from Uplands before taking your child with you.
During our trip, you can contact the school if you have any queries related to our trip. The trip
leaders and school administration will be in contact at all times.


Next, for those who havent done so as yet, please remember to complete the request for
information through SurveyMonkey:
For year 10:
For year 11:
The SurveyMonkey login is:
Please complete the surveys as soon as possible as the information is crucial for the insurance.
Finally, please allow me to ask you once more to pack lightly as your children might have to
carry their luggage for quite a distance before reaching their accommodation.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through
Thank you.
With kind regards,
Kim Derudder
Head of Year 10 & 11


Year 12 Padang residential trip 4-9 October 2015
TRAVEL BAG-preferably a Rucksack ( Not huge suitcase, recommend 10kg max)
Small carry on bag


Flight details;
Fly Penang-KL-Padang
AK6111 04OCT PG-KL 0835 0935
AK405 04OCT KL-PDG 1325 1330
AK404 09OCT PDG-KL 1355 1605
AK6128 09OCT KL-PG 1935 2030
Sunday-Tuesday will be spent at Echo Homestay, Harau. The best source of information
regarding the homestay is via TripAdvisor.
Wednesday and Thursday we will be staying at Nuansa Maninjau Resort; website,

Year 12 Trip- The program and outline of activities

Trip outline:
Day 1, Sun 4 Oct, arrive in Padang, go straight to Harau with stops in between
Next 4 days, until Wed afternoon, we do a mix of adventure activities and CIP:
Waterfall trek
Night trek
Flying fox into village pool
o Build road
o Paint houses (potential house repair)
o Paint chairs in local school + interaction
Day 4: Wed 7 Oct: late afternoon, go to Maninjau, check into Nuansa
Day 5: Full day at Maninjau
Day 6: go home.
More details:
Day 1. Sun 4 Oct. Drive from airport to Minang Kabau village, see beautiful traditional Minang
Kabau houses at the lunch stop. After lunch, drive to Indonesias old historic capital, Bukittingi,
and see the Japanese tunnels and Panorama Park. Following this, we drive to Harau Valley,
check in at Echo home stay, dinner, night briefing.
Day 2. Mon 5 Oct. After breakfast full day CIP (construct volleyball field and do road building).
After dinner we do a night walk.
Day 3. Tue 6 Oct. After breakfast half day CIP until lunch time.

Plan the public game on day 4 together with the local people
In the afternoon we divide the group in 2:
Group A. Flying fox +waterfall trek.
Group B. Bamboo rafting
After dinner camp fire Jagung Bakar, Pisang Bakar (BBQ corn and banana)
Day 4. Wed 7 Oct. After breakfast:
Group A. Bamboo Rafting
Group B. Flying fox +waterfall trek.
After that, organize a carnival game on the new volleyball field!!
After this event we go to Nuansa hotel, stopping on the way at Lawang Panorama and Sungai
Landir Panorama.
Check in to Nuansa hotel.
Day 5. Thu 8 Oct. After breakfast agriculture trek with breathtaking panoramic views over one
of the worlds most beautiful lakes.
After lunch back to Nuansa hotel rest and afternoon play football and games with local kids team.
We will add local cooking here also to the mix!
Day 6. Fri 9 Oct. After breakfast early morning drive back to Padang.
Andrew North
Head of Faculty Humanities

Year 8 and 9 Experiential Learning Trips

As we draw closer to the week of our trips can I remind you of a few key details that you need
to be fully aware of before we travel.
Departure from school is 6.00am Monday 5th Oct. Please drop your child off at the main school
entrance no later than 5.50am please with their travel bag (soft bag please) and day bag with
snacks and drinks for the first leg of the journey to the Perhentian Islands. The students can bring
some money to purchase additional snacks during the journey if they want to.
Arrival back at school will be 4:30pm Friday 9th October. Please collect your child promptly from
the main school gates.
Girls need to dress conservatively in long board shorts to the knees and no thin-strapped t shirts.
Sun cream will be essential as is an old set of clothes to wear on the day they renovate a local
village house as this involves painting.
Departure from school is 7:30am Monday 5th Oct. Please drop your child off at the main school
entrance no later than 7:15am please with their travel bag (soft bag please) and day bag with
snacks and drinks for the first leg of the journey to Merapoh. The students can bring some money
to purchase additional snacks during the journey if they want to.

Arrival back at school will be 4:00pm Friday 9th October. Please collect your child promptly from
the main school gates.
Bring a sleeping bag, small pillow and ground mat (labelled with name) in addition to a soft
travel bag and their day bag. Bring a second pair of shoes as one day their feet will get wet. Bring
a torch for the evenings and long trousers and tops might be preferable to avoid scratches and
If you as parents have any last minute questions please dont hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer your queries. We do have back-up
plans for pollution and wet/ stormy weather but I can assure you your children will have a great
time and I know they are all very much looking forward to the experience.
Ms Collis
Head of Years 8/9


Boarding students competed in the first lip-sync battle in the boarding house this year. The
majority of students were involved, if not in performing then in judging, hosting and organising
the music for the event.
Six acts battled it out in the first round to go through to the final. The three finalists, who had to
present a second song, were MNSS, (Michelle, Natalia, Selina and Sydney) Joe, Joel and YiYang,
plus Jackson C and Soon Aun. It was extremely close, but the judges decided that Jackson and
Soon Aun had all the makings of lip sync champions, closely followed by Joe, Joel and YiYang,
with MNSS hot on their heels in third place. I must say a huge thank you to all of the boarders
for getting involved and giving us all an entertaining evening.
It was also NGs last evening with all the boarders together, as on Sunday morning she left
Uplands School and Boarding House to join her family in Canada. It was great to see her friends
come to say goodbye to her and we all wish her the very best for the future.
The fun continued on Sunday afternoon when the majority of boarders showed off their bowling
skills at Penang Bowl in Georgetown. The students had a great time bowling, laughing, eating
and drinking and generally enjoying themselves.
Next week will see Friday night Movie Night then a great trip to Jump Street for an afternoon of
trampolining with Miss Marshall.
Lynne Pearson
Boarding House Parent



The IB programmes at Uplands School promote the education of the whole person, emphasizing
intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth, with the principle of educating the whole
person for a life of active, responsible citizenship.
The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes and descriptors (on the next page) that define the
type of learner the IB hopes to develop through its programmes. They are also the type of
learners that Uplands hopes to develop, not just through the PYP and the DP but across the whole
All of our primary students are familiar with the learner profile through our hugely successful
Primary Years Programme. Our Diploma Programme students (Years 12 and 13) are also aware
of their importance; the ten profiles can be seen in most classrooms and as wonderful artwork in
the refectory. We have been increasingly bringing the ten learner profiles into the lower
secondary school and they will feature strongly in the upcoming ELP trips.
On our recent IB DP Day, the new Year 12 students were split into groups that then had to work
together to create totems that not only represented their group, but also all ten learner profiles.
Their efforts were so impressive that we have included photographs of all the totems they
created. Can you spot the ten learner profiles in each totem?
Mr Andrew Cartlidge
IBDP Coordinator





Our next social gathering is now confirmed for a PIZZA EVENING at the Golden Sands on
TUESDAY the 6th OCTOBER 6.00-8.00PM. This is more of a social occassion compared to our
Coffee mornings, and Children are also welcomed.
Please, if possible, RSVP to
Please find below list of Clubs and Contacts if you would like to participate:
Monday Football 8-9pm on the Astro Turf
Monday Titans Netball League 6-9pm in the Sports Hall @
Monday Softball 4.30-5.30pm on the Astro Turf
Tuesday Ultimate Frisbee 5.30-6.30pm on the Astro Turf @
Wednesday Basketball 7pm-9pm in the Sports Hall @
Wednesday Badminton 5.40pm-7.00pm in the Sport Hall
Thursday Volleyball 4.30pm-5.30pm in the Sports Hall
Thursday ART & CRAFT 8.30am-11.30am in School Canteen
Friday Touch Rugby 3.00pm-4.00pm on the Astro Turf @
Saturday Morning Cycling Club, meet outside UPLANDS school
There will be an announcement about TENNIS and PING PONG CLUBS soon, sorry for our
delay. We are hoping to start both of these from the week after next. If you are interested in any
SOCIAL or SPORTING activity for UPTA to support or set up please email
Regarding our UPTA COMMUNITY PRIVILEGE PROGRAMME, please find the following
additional restaurant who has agreed to partner with us and extend privileges to our members
from today. The offer is subject to the same terms and conditions as before (i.e. not in
conjunction with other offers, and showing Uplands card upon payment or reservation):
Grumpiez Green Pepper Mexican, No. 27 Jalan Sungei Kelian, Tanjung Bungah, (Tel: 04 890 5880)
10% Discount on total bill, weekdays only.
If you are interested in the UPTA, its Committee, what we do, and for ANY general help about
life in PENANG please email

Mid Term Break School closed at 2.40 pm

Friday 9 October 2015

Boarding House closes at 12.00 noon

Saturday 10 October 2015

Boarding House re-opens at 2.30 pm

Sunday 18 October 2015

School re-opens at 8.00 am

Monday 19 October 2015

Primary Halloween Party 5:00-7:30pm

Thursday 29 October 2015

Deepavali School Closed

Tuesday 10 November 2015

U15 FOBISIA Games Dulwich College Suzhou

Thursday 12 to Saturday 14
November 2015

Year 5/6 Production PenangPAC Theatre, Straits Quay

Friday 13 November 2015

An Introduction to the IB PYP for parents new to

Uplands Primary 7:00pm

Tuesday 24th November

Whole School Christmas Concert 6:30pm

Wednesday 16th December

Term 1 ends at 12.00 noon

Friday 18 December 2015

Boarding House closes at 12.00 noon

Saturday 19 December 2015

Orientation Day for all new students morning

Monday 11 January 2016

Boarding House re-opens at 2.30 pm

Monday 11 January 2016

Term 2 starts for all students 8.00 am

Tuesday 12 Jasnuary 2016