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70 a. All the repairs, not covered by the bye-law No.

shall be carried out by the members at their cost. The
expenditure of the internal leakage due to toilet, sink
etc. should be borne by concerned flat holders, with the
consent of the society.
i. Water Charges : On the basis of total number
and size of inlets provided in each flat.
ii. Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the
building/buildings of the Society: At the rate fixed
at the general body from time to time, subject to
the minimum of 0.75 percent per annum, of the
construction cost of each flat for
meeting expenses of normal recurring repairs
iv. Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the lift,
including charges for running the lift : Equally by
all the members of the building in which lift is
provided, irrespective of the fact whether they

use the lift or not.

v. Sinking Fund : As provided under the bye-law
No. 13(c).
vi. Service Charges : Equally divided by number of
vii. Parking Charges : At the rate fixed by the
general body of the society at its meeting under
the bye-law No. 84/85.
viii. Interest on the delayed payment of Charges: At
the rate fixed under the
bye-law No. 72 to be recovered from the
defaulter member.
ix. Repayment of the installment of the loan and
interest: The amount of each - installment with
interest fixed by the financing agency.
x. Non-occupancy charges: At the rate fixed under
the by-law No. 43(2)(iii)(c)
xi. Insurance Charges: The built up areas of each
flat, provided that if there is increase in the
insurance premium due to storing any specific
goods in any flat, used for commercial purposes,
the extra burden of insurance premium shall be
shared by those who are responsible for such
increased premium in proportion of the built up
areas to their flats
xii. Lease Rent: The built up area of each flat.
xiii. Non-Agricultural tax: The built up area of each
xiv. Education and Training Fund: Rs. 10 per Flat/unit
per month
xv. Election Fund: Equally by the members and as

prescribed by the Election Authority in the Rules

made thereof and as decided by the General
Body meeting of the Society
xvi. Any other charges: As may be decided by the
general body of the Society
(b) The Committee shall fix in respect of every flat the
society charges on the basis laid as down under the
bye-law No, 69 (a).
Committee to fix
Charges in respect
of every flat at its
The Secretary of the Society, shall prepare bill/demand
notice in respect of the charges of the society payable
by members on the basis of the bye-law No. 69 (a) and
issue the same to all the members on or before the date
fixed by the Committee in that behalf. Every member of
the Society shall pay the amount mentioned in the
bill/demand notice in full within such period as may be
fixed by the Committee.
Payment of the
Society's Charges
72. (a) A Member shall be deemed to have committed default
in payment of the charges of the Society, if the payment
mentioned in the demand notice/bill is not made within
the period as prescribed under Section 73CA of the Act.
The Secretary of the society shall bring the cases of
defaults in payment of the Society's charges to the
notice of the Committee for taking further necessary
Review of the
of defaults in
payment of the
charges of the
(b) In case of default by member in payment of
maintenance and service charges, the committee shall

initiate a recovery proceeding under section 91 or

section 101 of the Act
A member shall be required to pay simple interest at 21
percent per annum or such fewer rates as fixed by the
general body of the Society, on the dues to the Society,
from the date the amount was delayed till its payment

remains unpaid by the member within the period as

prescribed under bye-law No. 70.

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- 70 .
Compound interest----Simple interest-------------

chakriwad interest
saral interest