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Notices Federal Register

Vol. 71, No. 3

Thursday, January 5, 2006

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER attention of the council may file written identified in the Final Results of Review
contains documents other than rules or statements with the Council staff before section of this notice.
proposed rules that are applicable to the and after the meeting. EFFECTIVE DATE: January 5, 2006.
public. Notices of hearings and investigations,
committee meetings, agency decisions and Dated: December 27, 2005. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
rulings, delegations of authority, filing of Robert L. Vaught, Hilary Sadler, Esq. or Maureen
petitions and applications and agency Forest Supervisor, Humboldt-Toiyabe N.F. Flannery, AD/CVD Operations,
statements of organization and functions are International Trade Administration,
examples of documents appearing in this Agenda U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th
RAC Meeting Street & Constitution Avenue, NW,
Washington, DC 20230; telephone: (202)
Diamond Valley School, 2/09/2006 at 6 482–4340 or (202) 482–3020,
I. No old business. Background
Alpine County, CA, Resource Advisory
Committee (RAC) New Business On September 1, 2005, the
I. Discuss approval and funding process. Department published the notice of
AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA. initiation of the sunset review of the
II. Discuss, rank, select and approve
ACTION: Notice of meeting. antidumping duty order on magnesium
project proposals for FY 06.
from China pursuant to section 751(c) of
SUMMARY: Pursuant to the authorities in III. Review monitoring requirements.
the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (‘‘the
the Federal Advisory Committees Act IV. Schedule monitoring field trip.
Act’’). See Initiation of Five–Year
(Pub. L. 92–463) and under the Secure V. Schedule next meeting.
(‘‘Sunset’’) Reviews, 70 FR 52074
Rural Schools and Community Self- Adjourn (September 1, 2005). On September 16,
Determination Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106– 2005, the Department received a notice
393) the Alpine County Resource [FR Doc. 06–61 Filed 1–4–06; 8:45 am]
of intent to participate from US
Advisory Committee (RAC) will meet on BILLING CODE 3410–11–M
Magnesium, LLC, the domestic
Thursday, February 9, at 18:00 at the interested party, within the deadline
Diamond Valley School for business specified in section 351.218(d)(1)(i) of
meetings. The purpose of the meeting is DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE the Department’s regulations. The
to discuss issues relating to domestic interested party claimed
implementing the Secure Rural Schools International Trade Administration interested party status under section
and Community Self-Determination Act 771(9)(C) of the Act, as a manufacturer,
of 2000 (Payment to States) and [A–570–832]
producer, or wholesaler in the United
expenditure of Title II funds. The Pure Magnesium from the People’s States of a domestic like product. On
meetings are open to the public. Republic of China; Notice of Final October 3, 2005, the Department
DATES: Thursday, February 9, 2006 at Results of Expedited Sunset Review of received a complete substantive
18:00. Antidumping Duty Order response from the domestic interested
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at party within the deadline specified in
AGENCY: Import Administration, section 351.218(d)(3)(i) of the
the Diamond Valley School, 35
International Trade Administration, Department’s regulations. The
Hawkside Drive, Markleeville,
Department of Commerce. Department did not receive a response
California 96120. Send written
SUMMARY: On September 1, 2005, the from any respondent interested party to
comments to Franklin Pemberton,
Department of Commerce (‘‘the this proceeding. As a result, pursuant to
Alpine County RAC coordinator, c/o
Department’’) initiated the sunset section 751(c)(3)(B) of the Act and
USDA Forest Service, Humboldt-
review of the antidumping duty order section 351.218(e)(1)(ii)(C)(2) of the
Toiyabe N.F., Carson Ranger District,
on pure magnesium from the People’s Department’s regulations, the
1536 So. Carson Street, Carson City, NV
Republic of China (‘‘China’’). See Department conducted an expedited
Initiation of Five–Year (‘‘Sunset’’) review of this order.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Reviews, 70 FR 52074 (September 1,
Alpine Co. RAC Coordinator, Franklin 2005). On the basis of a notice of intent Scope of the Order
Pemberton at (775) 884–8150; or Gary to participate, and an adequate The product covered by this review is
Schiff, Carson District Ranger and substantive response filed on behalf of pure primary magnesium regardless of
Designated Federal Officer, at (775) the domestic interested party, and a lack chemistry, form or size, unless expressly
884–8100, or electronically to of response from respondent interested excluded from the scope of this order. parties, the Department conducted an Primary magnesium is a metal or alloy
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The expedited (120–day) sunset review. As a containing by weight primarily the
cchase on PROD1PC60 with NOTICES

Meeting is open to the public. Council result of this sunset review, the element magnesium and produced by
discussion is limited to Forest Service Department finds that revocation of the decomposing raw materials into
staff and Council members. However, antidumping duty order would likely magnesium metal. Pure primary
persons who wish to bring urban and lead to the continuation or recurrence of magnesium is used primarily as a
community forestry matters to the dumping. The dumping margin is chemical in the aluminum alloying,

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