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Question 1:

A student assumed at least an average package of 7 lakhs p.a. He selected 14

colleges of his choice to see whether his assumption is correct or not. (n=14)
H 0 : 0 = 7
H 1 : 1 < 7

Question 2:
Another student wants an average package not less than 8 lakhs p.a. And he has
a list of 35 colleges where he wishes to apply. He wants to see whether these 35
colleges will meet his criteria or not. (n=35)
H 0 : 0 = 8
H 1 : 0 < 8

Question 3:
A student from North India is in dilemma. He has never been to South India. So
he is planning to pursue MBA from any good college situated in South India. But
he is also considering the return on investment factor. He will go to South India
only if the return on investment is greater than North India.
H 0 : s = H
H 1 : S > H

Question 4:
Since there are only few MBA colleges in Eastern part of the country, an MBA
aspirant from East India is planning to go to the western part. But his decisions is
also depended on the average salary package. Whichever region offers him
higher package he will go there.
H 0 : W = E
H 1 : W E

Question 5:
Data was observed across the 4 regions of India. A student from Kolkata does not
want to go away from his region (East). He expects that he will get at least 20%
of total B-schools in Eastern region. Whether the actual proportion meets his
expectation or not?
H0: pp = 0.20
H1: pp < 0.20
Question 6:

Aanya and Maurya are having a conversation about the number of B-schools
they have in their respective cities. Aanya who is a resident of Mumbai believe
that her city has larger proportion of MBA colleges than Bangalore. But Maurya
refuses her. Rahul helped them in conducting the hypothesis testing at 5% level
of significance to see that the argument given by Aanya is true or not.
H0: PM = PB
H1: PM > PB

Question 7:
A student is aiming on the top B-schools of India. He is of the view that the
average salary package given by these colleges is around 12 lakhs p.a. He
consulted Rahul on this, to the which Rahul told there are many factors onwhich
the final package depends as the location of job, applicants work experience etc.
hearing this he decided that a deviation of 2 lakhs on average package would be
acceptable for him. What are the choices he has.?

H0: = 2
H1: 2

Question 9:
On Pagalguy an online discussoin forum for MBA aspirants came acroos few
queries as below:
1. Dear SIR , I just cleared the cutoff, even if I get into a B-school performing
well in GD/PI will my low percentile hamper my final placements
2. Eventhough my percentile was low I got into a college with sports quota,
will this effect my placements , what is the relation between CAT
percentile and Packages.?
Reading these kind of question a student comes in dilemma and went to Rahul
seeking some help how will he help him?
Question 10:
A student while choosing a b-school for his post graduation was inclined to do it
from the metro cities only . he was confused which city to choose provided the
colleges have better average sallary. He asked Rahul on this, what could be the
best answer Rahul would have given.?
Question 12:
It is considered the older an institution the better. In the present scenario where
every thing is more or less a profit and loss statement so how can educatoin be
left over, A Student out of his curiosity wanted to know if there exist is any
relation between the Age of the school and the return on insvestment it

H0: age= roi

H1: age roi
Question 13: Supradeep an MBA aspirant may get a scholarship from an NGO if
he gets into a public b-school. He was thinking what chance he stands given he
performs well enough on his exam percentile. He made a wild guess of 40% of bschools in nation to be public. Is he good on this guess.?

Question 14: A freshely graduated art student wants to persue higher studies in
management, he is now planing to appear for MBA enterance examination ; once
he graduates he expects a salary package of more than 7 lakhs INR. What is the
possibility .?