SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championship
March 25th 2011
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows®XP

SP2, Windows®Vista

or Windows®7

SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championship can be configured to make the most out o
f your
PC s capabilities.
For a satisfactory gaming experience, your PC requires the following minimum
Processor: Intel 2.4Ghz or similar
Hard disk space: 3 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA® Geforce 7600 or ATI® X1600 or higher (it must be able to
manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory.
Online Gaming: Broadband internet connection
To enjoy the full graphic potential of SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championship i
t is
advisable to use a PC with at least the following specifications:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher.
RAM: 2 GB on Windows®XP , 3 GB on Windows®Vista and 4 GB on Windows®7
Screen: 19" LCD Wide Screen or bigger.
Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce series 8800 or higher, ATI® Radeon HD4850 or
higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of
display memory.
Laptop versions of these cards are not fully supported.
Supported peripherals:
Microsoft Official Xbox 360 Controller
Logitech Wingman Rumblepad
Logitech Dual Action
Saitek P880
Saitek P2500
Logitech Wingman Force 3D
Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick
Logitech Wingman Attack
Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro


Make sure your PC has at least 3 GB free space once the game is installed. For your convenience the addresses are listed here: ATI: http://ati.exe in the list of installation process. . Make sure your PC has at least 512MB of dedicated video memory. files and double-click on it to start the Install to run the installation and follow to successfully install the game on your computer. 29900. ******************************************************************************** GETTING STARTED . Please make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card (see the video cards section below). make sure that it is configured in a way that allows the game to communicate through said ports.Uncheck "Anti aliasing" (FSAA). whether they are receiving or sending data: TCP Ports: 28910.Video Cards It is highly recommended to check your video card manufacturer's website and download up to date drivers for your card. 3. Select the installation wizard guide will start automatically.HOW TO PLAY ON MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS? ******************************************************************************** If you are playing on a PC that has the "minimum requirements" configuration: 1. If you have enabled the Autorun option. . UDP Ports: 27900. 27901. 29901.com/support/driver.Set screen resolution to a lower value. Go to the "Video Settings" section of SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championship s launcher: . 5. 2. 4. the game installation on the CD/DVD-ROM icon in the Find Setup. double-click "My Computer" or "Computer" menu. If you have a firewall available. The Game may run on systems equipped with video cards with 256MB of display memo ry. Please close all unnecessary background applications. 28900. ******************************************************************************** PLAYING THROUGH A FIREWALL OR A ROUTER ******************************************************************************** This game uses the following ports for online play. 33766 ******************************************************************************** TROUBLESHOOTING ******************************************************************************** Some in-game visuals and audio effects may vary in appearance based on your hard ware configuration and settings.html . anyway stability is only vouched for the lowest supported resolution (640x480) a nd minimum graphical effects. Go to the "Config Graphics" section of SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championshi p s launcher: .Uncheck all options. 6. Otherwise.******************************************************************************** Insert the game disc into your CD/DVD-ROM Drive.amd.

ENTER key doesn't work On certain ACER laptops when the NUM LOCK key is ON the ENTER key is not recogni sed.com/Default.intel.nvidia. Certain firewall settings may prevent you from sharing your photos.HDA (High Definition Audio) drive rs please make sure that your speakers or headphones are connected to your PC befor e you launch the game. Please make sure you are using correct firewall settings. . .microsoft. please change your resolution and/o r visuall effects from Game Launcher.mspx .Audio "Audio device is not working properly or is not ready": if your PC uses UAA (Universal Audio Device) .Photo Sharing The photos that can be uploaded online require a minimum resolution of 1280 x 72 0 and certain visual effects turned on. Processor speed and manufacturer . You can also send an e-mail to customersupport@blackbeangames. as our support representatives will be unable to assist customers whose computers do not meet these criteria.com Also please make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Whenever you contact the Technical Support Department. If you want to change your settings. ******************************************************************************** SUPPORT ******************************************************************************** Please visit our website http://www.com/ .com/windows/windowsmedia/default. . You will not be able to upload any photos that do not comply with these requir ements.com Intel: http://downloadcenter.Multiplayer Please make sure you signed into GAMESPY with an active account name and passwor d http://www.gamespy.Videos playback Please make sure that you have installed the latest version of Windows Media Player http://www. as specified in the section PLAYIN G THROUGH A FIREWALL OR A ROUTER available above.com/ and navigate to our support page to find the right contact for your country. as specified in the Game Launcher dialog .ALT+TAB Using the ALT+TAB key combination to switch between applications may cause problems. Please make sure the NUM LOCK key is OFF.aspx .blackbeangames.Nvidia: http://www. please include the following information or have it available if you are calling: Complete product title (including version number) Exact error message reported (if applicable) and a brief description of the problem you're encountering.

This product contains software technology licensed from GameSpy Industries.emotionfx. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. do not try to imitate or reproduce any of the riding movements shown in this game. ******************************************************************************** Disclaimer about the capturing and sharing of photo SBK2011 ******************************************************************************** The User acknowledges that the sharing of all photographs captured from the vide ogame SBK®2011 2011 FIM Superbike World Championship ("Photos") is in sole respons ibility of the person from which such Photos originated. Inc. ethnically or otherwise objectionable. bikes. FIM Supersport World Championship. GameSpy and the "Powered by GameSpy" design are trademarks of GameSpy Industries. WSS and STK10 00 teams. And remember: when riding a motorbike in real life. defamatory or libellous. www. Misano and I mola races. harmful.a. The Infront logo identifies the official WSBK® experience throughout the game. harassing. motorcycles. This means that the User.p. Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Published by Leader S . threatening. truthfulness. Leader Spa in no way can control the Photos transmitted via Internet by the User and therefore does not guarantee the lawfulness. WSS. raciall y.com Motorbikes included in this game may be different from the actual ones in shape.a. honesty and qual ity of their using by the User. © 1999-2011 GameSpy Industries.p. by way of example.l. SBK®2011 FIM Superbike World Championship © 2011 Leader S. FIM Superbike World Championship. or otherwise transmitted or distributed through Internet. All manufacturers. names. colour and performance. Superpole® ar e registered trademarks of Infront Motor Sports License S. Developed by Milesto ne S. Superstock. Superstock 1000 FIM Cup.Amount of RAM Operating system Video card that you are using and amount of RAM it has Maker and speed of your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive Type of sound card you are using ******************************************************************************** Copyright Information ******************************************************************************** SBK® teams. invasive of another's privacy. published. riders and calendar are based on 2010 Silverstone. Please. is solely and exclusively responsible for any Photos uploaded. This game represents a riding simulation of a highly dangerous professional sport. .l. loss a nd liabilities occurring as a consequence of their using.r. riders and calendar are based on the 2011 season. for any damages. obscene. abusive. vulgar. SBK®. The User agrees not to use the Photos to: a) create contents that are unlawful.r. sent via e-mail. always ride it safely. Black Bean is a registered trademark of Leader S. Under no circumstances and for no reason Leader Spa will be responsible for the using of such Photos by the User and.p. This product is powered by the EMotion FX character animation system Copyright © 2001-2011 MysticGD.a. bikes. with trained professional riders. not Leader Spa. Inc. brands and associated imagery featured in this game are trademarks and/or copyrighted mate rials of their respective owners.

its representatives. disclose and remove by Internet the Photos. which may result from any Photos transmitted or posted by the User in violation of the rules governing their use and the rights of third parties. . c) create any contents that infringe any patent. trademark. Leader Spa and subjects from the same designated. to minors. any applicable law or regulation a nd legislation. However. d) violate. trade secret. The User agrees to bear all risks associated with the use of the Photos and he a cknowledges and accepts the right of Leader Spa to store. The User represents and warrants to indemnify and hold harmless Leader Spa and t he subjects connected with it or controlled by it or from whom they are controll ed. in any way. reserve the discretio nary right to remove any Photos that violates the rules defined above. employees and its partners from any liabilities. intentionally or unintentionally.b) create contents that cause damage. copyri ght or other intellectual property rights and/or intellectual property rights of third parties. includ ing reasonable attorneys' fees.