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ISSUE: The misuse and abuse of immigration to undermine Australians their job security.

Below I have quoted from 2 pages of the BHURAT TIMES September 2015, an India nationals related
magazine published in Melbourne, which I view expose the abuse of the appeal system regarding visas,
where the sponsor (nomination) was invalid, but the applicant nevertheless can protract litigation, and it
appears to me this is a modus operandi applied to stay longer in the Commonwealth of Australia. No that
is what the system is for seems to be the view of an immigration agent, but to me it is an abuse of litigation
and courts time, and must be curtailed! And one has to question what is so special about being a Nursery
Person which can be simply someone sweeping the floor, if it comes to that? Indeed, most of the
professions alleged seem to be ordinary professions and with our unemployment rate surely there are
ample of unemployed who may suit the job. Is it perhaps that the immigration lawyers and immigration
agents can make a small or large fortune out of applicants and so why care about fellow Australians? Let
us be clear about it (xxvii) immigration and emigration; & (xxviii) the influx of criminals; were designed
to give the Commonwealth of Australia full legislative powers to prevent undermining Australians job
security and prevent criminal elements to enter. Ss51(xxvi) was actually also included in the constitution
regarding British subjects of India, as it then was. Indeed European language test was used, even Dutch,
for applicants, obviously to prevent them to pass the language test. Now we have gone absolutely mad to
the other end of the scale to have an influx of people whose skills are generally that of a lot of the
unemployed. What we need is a Government with balls who actually represent our interest!
CECA (Career Education Consultancy Australia claims (Page 2 BHURAT TIMES that Some of our
successful clients of Employment Sponsored Visa in total: 1 Mechanic, 1 Spray Painter, 6 Cooks, 1
Pastry cook, 2 Restaurant Managers, 1 Chef, 1 Transport Manager, 2 Restaurant Managers and then to top
it off 1 Nursery Person. Being: (Male) Nichhatter Sing 03-10-1989 (Mechanic), (Male) Adnan Muhammad 2901-88 (Spray Painter), (Male) Sanjay Kumar Parasher 04-04-1970 (Cook), (Male) Ganesan Thirumoorthy 21-71985 (Cook), (Male) Amritpal Singh 15-05-1986 (Cook), (Male) Mandeep Singh 10-04-1983 (Restaurant
Manager), (Male) Mandeep Singh Nisant Chandel 25-06-1983 (Chef), (Female) Pawwandeep Kaur 25-10-1989
(Cook), (Female) Gurvinder Kaur Sandhu 15-07-89 Transport Manager, (Male) Hardikkumar Govindbhai Patel
(Cook), (Female) Niralben Pastel 3/122/83 (Cook), (Male) Harkawal Singh 20-12-90 (Pastry Cook), (Male)
Hiteshbhai Patel 19/05/70 (Restaurant Manager), (Male) Meet Patel 28/03/91 (Nursery Person)

BHURAT TIMES Sept 2015, Regional migration without Sponsorship? Page 3 by Devendra Kushal
It is known that permanent migration to Australia has got many streams and amongst skilled migration streams
the Australian government has a program, particularly for regional Australia where a skill possessed by an
applicant if in demand is required by an approved sponsor - the business approved by the department can make
the applicant eligible for permanent residency.
Amnadeep Singh Aulakh went to court to challenge the deicion (sic) of the department of Immigration and Border
Protection for refusing his application for Permanent Residency (PR) Class RN visa
As stated above, the Nomination application by Shail Neela Pty Ltd was refused by the department and this the
application by Amandeep - which was inherent live only because of that nomination had to die its own death.
I would have told him not to waste any money said a Melbourne based immigration agent. Such applications
are made - in many case deliberately for the applicant to buy time as they are working here two-three
shifts making money and sending money home thick and fast In most cases, they know the outcome at the
time of lodgement (sic) and it manifests in their prosecution of the case which mostly is in person or no
appearance at all. It helps them in their plan, she added.
That makes it abuse of process?
No that is what the system is for, she added taking a dig at things..!

This correspondence is not intended and neither must be perceived to state all issues/details.
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