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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Blaj Alina Simona

Highschool: La Salle Pildeti
Grade: 9-th, Instalaii i Electronic i automatizri
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Describing Clothes
Unit 7: Fashion
Textbook: English My Love
Number of students: 26
Time: 50 minutes
Type of lesson: Lesson of fixation of knowledge and of developing skills and abilities
Skills: reading, writing, speaking
Materials: pictures, worksheet, blackboard
Techniques and methods: group work, conversation, individual work
Information about the language to be used:
- vocabulary: items of clothing, adjectives describing clothes, the order of adjectives
Objectives of teaching:
- to give examples of adjectives describing clothes
- to describe what they are wearing
- to describe what the persons from the pictures are wearing
- to read a text about someones favorite item of clothing
- to answer some questions about the text
- to write about their favorite item of clothing
Stages of the lesson activities:
Starting the lesson (1)
The teacher greets the students and asks them if anybody is missing.
I. Warmer: Checking previous knowledge (5)
The teacher asks the students what kinds of adjectives are used to describe clothes and
writes the types of the adjectives on the board.
The teacher tells the students that they are going to do a group activity in which they
have to write as many adjectives describing clothes as they can using all the alphabets
E.g.: A- attractive, amazing, astonishing

B- beautiful, boring, big

After they are finished the teacher asks them to write some of their adjectives on the
II. Formulation of the subject (2)
The teacher tells the students that during this class they are going to use their previous
lessons (vocabulary related to clothes, adjectives describing clothes, the order of
adjectives) in order to learn how to describe clothes.
III. Revision of the theoretical part of the problem (5)
The teacher asks the students what they are wearing in order for them to practice their
vocabulary about clothes and then she asks to describe one item of their clothing using
3 adjectives in the right order.
IV. Practice (35)
Activity 1 (10) Vocabulary activity
In the same groups in which they worked at the beginning of the lesson the students
have to describe what the pupils from the pictures are wearing.
Activity 2 (10) Reading activity
The students have to read a text about somebodys favorite item of clothing and then
they have to answer the questions.
Activity 3 (15) - Writing activity
The students have to describe their favorite item of clothing using the helping
questions. After they have finished writing their text the teacher asks them to read
what they have written.
V. Setting homework (1)
The students have to describe another item of clothing using the helping questions.

Ending the lesson (1)

The teacher appreciates the students performance by encouraging, praising and giving
them marks.

Describing clothes
1. Read this text and answer the questions below:
My favorite item of clothing is a dress. This is not a dress for a formal event but its
just a summer loosely dress.
It is a knee-length, sleeveless, black dress with a small pink flower pattern. I think it is
made of cotton mixed with some polyester. This mixture makes it is not only
breathable, but also very easy to care for. It doesnt need dry cleaning, or ironing and
it dries very fast when you hang it after washing. I got this dress from Ross in Las
Vegas. Although I cannot remember how much I paid for it, I dont think I had to pay
over $20 for it.
I love this dress because it is very comfortable, it makes me feel relaxed in hot
summer days and it always reminds me of the summer days spend in Las Vegas.
1. What is the writers favorite item of clothing?
2. What are the adjectives used to describe the item of clothing?
3. Where did the writer get this dress?
4. How much did the dress cost?
5. Why does the writer love the dress?
2. Now write a similar paragraph about your favorite item of clothing. Include
this information:
What is it?
What is it like?
Where did you buy it?
When did you buy it?
How much did you pay?
Why do you like it?