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To : The Dr In Charge

From : Patients Daughter

Dear Dr,
Sequence of Events for your easy reference and
records :
15/6/2015 - Father was brought to SGH Emergency Dept as
he had difficulty breathing with wheezing sound.
Treatment :
X- Ray Done Besides a lot of Phlegm stuck to his lungs,
no other abnormalities.
His lung was very tight so he had difficulties breathing.
He was on inhaler treatment a few times the 4 to 5hr
period he stayed in the Emergency ward to dissolve and
throw out the phlegm.
He felt much better after this Treatment & was
Prescribed Salbutamol to use till his appt to see the
Lung Specialist.
22/6/2015 Visited Lung Specialist, A/Prof Loo Chian Min. Dr
Prescribed Seretide to be used in addition to Salbutamol.
Also, we had to do a few tests before the next appt on
Test Done:
13/7/2015 CT Chest, High Resolution
27/7/2015 - Lung Volume (Plethysmography). Also, Pre & Post
Bronchodilator Spirometry
27/7/2015 - A/Prof Loo Chian Min said based on the results
from the above Tests everything is normal & he is unable to
pinpoint as to the cause of Fathers breathing difficulties.

- During this period father was not having breathing

difficulties. Dr advised us to visit the polyclinic if
problem recurres .
- Also, advised father to take Pneumonia
Vaccination as a pre-cautionary measure. ( Done
at Bukit Merah Polyclinic )
- Father was Discharged from SGH.
- Dr also advised both Seretide and Salbutamol can
be discontinued.
From around 17/8/2015 we observed the same symptoms
showing up. No running nose but terrible cough with phlegm.
This developed into breathing difficulties with wheezing sound.
8/9/2015 Went to polyclinic and the DR remarked as
The Lung is clear. Phlegm is more in the throat region. She
said although now that Father is cleared from any
abnormalities relating to the Lungs at SGH, the symptoms
showing up could be due to some other issues like the Heart
etc .
Advised us to bring father to A&E if breathing difficulties
persists even after taking her prescribed medicine which
included antibiotics as well. ( Mum has brought the medication
prescribed by the DR ). During this time Father is also taking
the Salbutamol. However, not very regularly as the Dr advised
him not to use it unless absolutely necessary. Drs view is that
this is not the solution to fathers problem as he does not have
lung related issues.
Father is an active person. He goes every day for the exercise
program organised near his block. However, now taking a few
steps is already making him pant for breath.
All his other health related issues like High Blood Pressure,
Cholesterol and Diabetics are all under good control.

Father is alone at home in the mornings when everyone is at

work. We are concerned of any mishaps occurring in our
Kindly advise us what would be the Best course of action to
take for Fathers breathing difficulties.
Thank you.