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Clasa a VIII-a
SUBIECTUL I Reading comprehension


Everybody knows about chewing gum. It is the sweet substance people chew but do not
In the early days people were told chewing gum was dangerous. They were warned not to swallow it
because their intestines could stick together and that could cause death.
Chewing gum is very popular today. Its history started 150 years ago.
A Mexican dictator, General Antonio Lopez Santa Ana, believed that chicle, the dried juice of a
tree, could replace rubber. The tree grew in many parts of tropical America. It was like a rubber tree.
The General asked an American , Thomas Adams, to experiment with this material, but he failed.
He could not make rubber from chicle. When he finished the experiment, Adams, still had huge
quantities of that material and he wondered what to do with it. He looked for the General, but the man
had returned home to Mexico.
One day, when he was in a store, Adams saw a little girl buying a piece of wax to chew and he got a
great idea. He remembered he had seen the General chewing small pieces of his strange material.
Adams told a store owner about this and the man agreed to sell small balls made of this stuff. He sold
hundreds of balls for one cent each and asked for more chicle The chewing gum industry was born.
The first chewing gum had no flavour. Later Adams put licorice in his gum.
Other gum companies made different flavours. Spearmint was added by a man called Wrigley.
Today, plastic is used to make a lot of gum.
A. Choose the answer that will complete the statement to make it true according to the reading:
(2.5p x 6 = 15p)
1) It was believed that chicle
a) was dangerous to health
b) could replace rubber
c) was good to chew
2) General Antonio Lopez Santa Ana
a) tried to experiment with chicle but he failed
b) asked an American to experiment with chicle
c) tried to find the rubber tree
3) The new material the General tried to use
a) was wax
b) was rubber
c) was the dried juice of a tree
4) Thomas Adams
a) had seen the General chewing small pieces of wax
b) had chewed some of the stuff himself
c) had seen the General chewing small pieces of his strange material
5) The first chewing gum
a) had no flavor
b) had different flavours
c) contained spearmint

6) Wrigley
a) added licorice to his gum
b) used plastic to make gum
c) put spearmint in his gum
B. Give full answers to the questions about the text:


x 6=15p)

What did the Mexican dictator try to do?

Whom did the General ask to help him?
Was Adams successful with his experiment?
What did Adams see one day and what did he remember?
Whom did Adams tell about his idea and what happened?
What flavour did Wrigley add to the gum?


English in Use

40 p

1. Choose the correct answer:

( 0.5px20=10p)
1.How long did you wait/do you wait/have you been waiting for Tony? Since 6 oclock.
2. The man had run/was running/had been running for hours and he needed a rest.
3. Please, give me further/farther/far information about this case!
4. A: Im really hungry .
B: I am going to make/will make/made a pizza, thats my intention.
5. We dont have to/ cant/ mustnt go to bed early on Fridays.
6. While the boys played/had played/were playing tennis, it started to rain.
7. They were already eating/had already eaten/ate the dinner by the time Lisa got home.
8. Jack has met/met/had met Louise last summer.
9. That was the goodest/best/better film I have ever seen.
10. Although he felt tired, he could/can/was able to finish all his work.
11. Lets sing, dont /wont/shall we ?
12. Theres nobody like him, is there/ isnt there/ isnt it?
13. If she knows/knew/would know the answer, she would tell me.
14. Ill meet him if he comes/ will be coming/ will come.
15. Can/ Shall/ Will I ask you a question?
16. The police is/ are/ were coming when I saw the accident.
17. He usually spends many/ a lot of /much time working at home.
18. Marys advice was/were/has been not very successful last night.
19. This book is interesting/the most interesting/the more interesting Ive ever read.
20. Students shouldnt /mustnt/ dont have to talk during the exam -its forbidden.
2. Write the correct forms of the verbs in brackets:
1) If I see Helen, I (give) her his notebook.
2) If I were you, I (go) to the party.
3) Unless Dan (come) home late, he will eat dinner with us.
4) If I got up earlier, I (not/be) late for school.
5) If she (close) the door, the dog wouldnt have run away.


3. Turn into Reported Speech:

1 Ill help you more next week, Jim promised his boss.
2. "Please, dont tell your grandma this joke now!, Mother asked Hillary.
3. Harry said: I went to this restaurant last night.
4. Do you want to watch this new film with me?, Laura asked Luke.
5. Can you answer these questions today?, the reporter asked Gill.
4. Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form:
1. That was the (hot) holiday ever!
2. This building is the .. (old) in our town.
3. That film was (good) than I expected.
4. This is the (bad) pizza Ive had in years.
5. This new sofa is .(comfortable) than the other one.



5. Complete each sentence with a word formed from the word in bold.
1) Nowadays its very important to get a good . (educate)
2) Our company helps . people to find new jobs. (employ)
3) Paul has good ideas, but writes very .. . (care)
4) Helen has become a businesswoman. (succeed)
5) I hope to leave school with some useful . (qualify)
6) Mr. Dale was my .. for ten years, and paid me well. (employ)
7) According to the .. , the French lesson starts at ten. (time)
8) Cathy has three jobs, so she has a high . (come)
9) Johns . of history is amazing for a boy of his age. (know)
10) All the in this company are given free meals. (employ)



Your name is Paul and your new British penfriend Sam has just sent you a letter in which he is
describing the most special holiday place for him; in 100-120 words do the same.
Where is that place? When did you discover it? Who were you with? What makes it so special for you?
Why would you recommend it to be seen?
NOT: Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii.
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