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Real Time: The WAP Congress Paris 2014

April 2014 / #17

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News Bulletin of the IXth Congress of the WAP
The Organizing Committee of the IXth Congress of the WAP The Organising
Committee of the XIth WAP brings to you this April, the seventeenth edition of its newsletter.
All the issues of Whats up! Are available on the Congress website: and you may join
in the preparation for the event on Face book and Twitter.


Reception and retrieval of badges on Monday, April 14 from 8a.m. on the
second floor of the Palais des Congrs*.
The Congress begins with a plenary session at 9 oclock sharp.

The welcoming committee will be waiting for you at sthe top of the second floor elevators, on the Paris side.
Youll go to the letter of your name.
Youll be given your dossier in the form of a colorful satchel full of treasures: the program, a guide of Paris, the
catalogue of the Fragments exibit, a lovely note pad, a pen
Youll receive your badge, in your name, that you will use for entree to the different rooms during the Congress.
Then youll go to the foyer Paris at the end of the hall to get bout du couloir pour prendre un head-phones
for the simultaneous translation and youll be able to enter the Congress, in the Amphi Bleu or in any of the
retransmission rooms: 241, 242 AB, 243, 252 AB.
We wish you all a great Congress!
*REMINDER: There will be no on site registrations.
Attention for all those congressists whose registration could not be completely or partially finalized, reception by the treasurors will be
right next to the reception desks, where you will be able to complete payment by bank card or cash.


The Plenary Sessions: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, April 14, 15

and 17, 2014
The entire congress will be recentered around practice in the 21st century and its specificities. These
will be examined from the angles of transference, defense, temporality, etc. The supervision will
also be at the heart of our work. Its the dimensions of the unforeseen and of contingency that
seem to prevail in contemporary analytical experience.
Contingency will also be on the program. Robust, diverse, it also reserves some surprizes! Probably
others that we dont know about as well. All the better!
The program will be on the Congress website as of Saturday, April 12th.

The Clinical Day of Wednesday, April 16th, 2014.

Inventing with the Impossible
The real of the XXIst century is not an abstraction. More than ever, the WAP of our times undoes the
boundaries and makes singularities cohabit.
The program of the Clinical Day accounts for the vivacity and multiplicity of our working community.
So many of you seized the theme of the Congress to expose your work and so shed light on the way to
handle it to renew practice at this start of the century. The result is a proliferation of singular, subtle,
diverse and rich papers
Diversity was also about languages, and with it, the difficulty of organization that preserves this multiplicity
while allowing for the possibility of exchanging. It would be illusory to not stumble there on a real, that of
the impossiblity of arranging this diversity without a remainder. So, we had to invent with the impossible!
This is why we invite you to let yourself be surprized by this Clinical Day. Because the real is also convoked
by the unexpected and the contingency of encounters at the fluke of the rooms, the sequences and the
papers that youre going to hear.
Each room has one, two or even three dominant languages, but not all the sequences answer to all the
languages of the room. Some rooms will have projections of transcribed translations, but that was not
possible in all cases. You can circulate according to your affinities, interests and your mood
Come in numbers, alert, active and receptive And take advantage of this Clinical Day!

The program will be on line at the Congress web site as of Tuesday, April 8th.

Travel all the way to Paris,
Attend the Congress
And not party afterwards
What a pity!
Register now, you still can!!!
ATTENTION : on line registration via the Congress web site ends on the evening of
Tuesday, April 8th.
After this date, you can register at the reception desk during the Congress 50 zone Europe
60 $ zone Americas.
All Congressists can also register their accompanying guests for the party.
The first part will be more lounge style, with a cocktail dinner and a complimentary glass of champagne for all

and then, the party, with a group of musicians, a Japanese singer, an oh so French-touch DJ, and so much more!

Le Pavillon Champs Elyses

34, rue Marbeuf
75008 Paris


Eric Laurent (ECF) : La bataille de lautisme
Vronique Mariage (ECF) prestents : ciel ouvert, ouvrage de Mariana Otero & Marie Brmond
Neus Carbonell & Ivn Ruiz (ELP) : No todo sobre el autismo
Jorge Forbes (EBP) : Inconsciente e responsabilidade - Psicanlise do sculo XXI
Marco Focchi (SLP) : Sintomi senza inconscio di unepoca senza desiderio
Jorge Chamorro (EOL) : La direccin de la cura y los principios de su poder

Serge Cottet (ECF) : Linconscient de papa et le ntre
Laura Sokolowsky (ECF) : Freud et les berlinois
Hlne Bonnaud (ECF) : Linconscient de lenfant
Graciela Brodsky (EOL) : Largument. Commentaire du Sminaire XI de Lacan
Antonio Di Ciaccia (SLP) prsente : Altri scritti
Santiago Castellanos de Marcos (ELP) : La transferencia, de Freud a Lacan

Mnica Torres (EOL) : Cada uno encuentra su solucin
Herv Castanet (ECF) : Homoanalysants, La sublimation / lartiste et le psychanalyste,
Pierre Klossowski. Corps thologiques et pratiques du simulacre
Stella Harrison (ECF) : Elles ont choisi. Les homosexualits fminines

Always something new on the WAP web site

5 minutes on the Air

Listen to other colleagues of the WAP unfold the theme of our Congress, A Real for the XXIst Century: Graciela
Brodsky, Herv Castanet, Luiz Fernando

Affinities video

Political and artistic figures (writers, directors, producers, elected representatives in Paris), each one talks about
their singular approach of the real, a real that resonates in so many different domains that have an affinity with
psychoanalysis .
New video inteviews, less than 10 minutes long
Claude Lanzmann Le rel lpreuve des injustes
Fermn Rodriguez crire linsupportable
Alejandro Maci Le bord rel de la scne
Dr Claude Le Louarn Oprer, de la magie au rel
Paz Corona La voix dune artiste

Bits of the real: Inspiration!

Over a hundred bits of the real shower the doors of the WAP!
Special issue of Bits of the Real on the real of sex. How does the non-relation not stop not
being written in the XXIst century?

Follow daily on the site

and on Twitter: sign up @scilitwitt!
Guy Briole and Anne Ganivet-Poumellec
Translated: Julia Richards