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One Day In The Life

We have been lucky enough to partner with schools in Taiwan and Uzbekistan and the USA.
Your job is to document a certain aspect of your life (meals/food, school day, sports/activities,
and relationships) for several days. This documentation will include text, photos, and possibly
even video! You will organize your information into a PowerPoint presentation that we will
upload to the iEarn Collaboration Centre website.
After you have uploaded your presentation you will also be required to post several comments
and questions on other students presentations. Upon completion of posting your project and
making and responding to comments and questions you will write a reflection about what you
have learned.
September 28th - October 2nd
1. Sign up for one of the four available categories: meals/food, school day,
sports/activities, and relationships (could include family, friends, and a significant other).
2. Document whichever category you chose. You should include text, pictures, and video
starting today through October 1st.
3. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes your documentation as well as
explanations of what you are documenting. You will have an hour in class to work on
this on October 2nd.
4. Upload the PowerPoint. (MUST BE UPLOADED ON OCTOBER 2ND)
October 3rd - 12th
5. Use class time to make original comments on other students presentations.
5. Use class time and as homework to reply to any comments/questions that are posted to
your presentation.
5. This process should continue multiple times as comments and replies continue to get
October 14th
8. Respond to the reflection assignment in class.