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What is ora 600 ? How do you resolve it

Summary is having ora-600 error is not normal and most of the time the
errors are due to oracle bugs , table corruption , index corruption or some other
data file corruption. The first thing you should do when handling such a ticket is to
find the trace file that gets generated whenever the ora-600 error is
can look in the alert.log to find the exact path of the trace file. Once you get the
trace file you can note down the error code and search in oracle metalink to see if
any known bug exists. If not then read the below article from oracle support that
explains how to check various possibilities to find out why the error is happenning.


Can you open database in read only mode.


alter database open read only;

3(a). Concepts of statndby database.

A: * What Is a Standby Database?

* Standby Database Modes

* Failover to a Standby Database

* Standby Database Life Cycle

* Configuration of the Standby Database Environment

* Standby Database Maintenance

* Standby Database Statements

3(b). Re-Creating the Original Primary Database After Failover.

If you activate a standby database and then solve the problem at the original
primary site that necessitated the failover operation, you have the option of recreating the primary database on the original primary site. Perform the following
steps, assuming the original primary site was on node A and the activated standby
site is on node B:

1. Make a consistent backup of the activated standby database on node B.

2. Restore the backup created on node B to node A.

3. Shut down the activated standby database on node B.

4. Open the restored database on A. It is now the primary database.

5. Make a backup of the database on node A.

6. Use the backup of A to re-create the standby database on node B.


What is dataguard?

Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster
recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services
that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to
enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions.

What are the possible reasons if archive logs from primary database are not
updating the standby database?

manually apply archivelogs to standby before managed recovery can begin.

* If primary database is startup before standby the gap sequance occer.

* Network Failure Preventing the Transfer of Logs to the Standby Site.


How do you migrate the database in the 24*7 environment.

Export/import was chosen as the way to move metadata. But for the bulk of
the 7 TB, it was quickly dropped. As most DBA's
know, export/import on 7 TB would have taken forever. Third-party tools provided a
glimmer of hope early on, but we
determined that XTTS was a better bet for this task for reasons that will be
discussed in this paper. Further, given the size and
complexity of the environment in which most major data migrations occur, having
all the tools supported by a single industryleading vendor is a desirable safety net when technical problems occur.


Querry is running slow what you look first. How do you fix it.



* the resultant trace file will contain details where time is being spent.

* The problem was resolved after turning off cardinality feedback

("_optimizer_use_feedback" parameter).

What is backup strategy of your current/previous organization.


New features of Oracle 9I


How do you take cold backup? What is the database status.


How do you take hot backup? What is the database status.


User compiling package ,but it hangs. Why?


How do you analyze database.


User unable to connect to the database .What are the possible causes?


What is Statpack? What it shows? What are the levels it has?


What is Tkprof? What it gives? How many levels are there in it?


If primary database is down ,How do you activate standby database.


What is freelists?


What were your activities as apps DBA.


Why the request is pending in concurrent manager?


Basics of adpatch utility

You are applying a patch, if one of the worker fails, what you see first? And
how do you resolve it.

What v$waitstat gives?


How to change apps password? At what level it changes?

How many Oracle Homes are in an application. Which home will be used by
concurrent manager? And which home will
be used by form server.

Why 2 homes are needed in oracle application.


What do you mean if the status is pending statndby.


How you assign a request to another manager.


Have you analyzed object? How do you analyze it?


What are locks and latches?


Database is hanging ? what are the steps to be taken to resolve it.


When should be index rebuilded


What are the top tables.


What you do when concurrent manager goes down with pending jobs?


What is page not found error? How you resolve it.


What is internal 500


What are different types of managers

If there are 2 standard managers are configured, when the request is made ,
which standard manger will pick

up the request.

What are different types of enabling the trace methods.


How do you get a SID of a particular form.


Where the log files are resides.


How do you know whether the patch is applied or not?


How do you get higher version of a patch?


In what mode you applied a patch?


How do see status of apache server?


How do you kill a session using request ID.


What you do when one manager has got 1000 jobs pending


What are raw file systems


How do you see querry is using particular index


What are the types of patches.


When adpatch is used, which file it reads.


What is adadmin?


If the user application is hanging ? how do you solve it.

1).Database installations
2).Checking freespace in Database
3).Checking no.of datafiles in a particlular tablespace
4).Function of redologs
5).Cloning of database both Hot and Cold
7).In case of Cold Database cloning are we go for alter database open or alter
database open with resetlogs
8).How controlfile is created , what is reuse and set

9).How to check whether database using pfile or spfile

10).Backup strategies you used
11)What happens when you put tablespace in begin backupmode
12)Configuring standby database
13)How can we clone Apps with and without database up in rapid clone
14)Manual Apps cloning using ADclone
15).What you will do when a patch fails and asking incase of prereq after some time
16).How to troubleshoot workflow
17).Checking free space in mountpoints
18) About Top's
19)DMZ configuration
20).What are the profiles that needs to be mapped from private URL (Reg: DMZ)
21)What is Node trust level and Responsibility trust level
22).9i to 10g upgradation
23)you have 2 days back backup today harddisk has crashed how you will recover?
24)Tellme 6 requests by the user in sysadmin
25)Concurrent Manager and trouble shooting issues
26)adpatch options

How many redo log file is required to run the database

How many control files are required to run the database

Concurrent Managers

---How to enable a trace for a particular concurrent request

---How to increase the processes of the manager
---REP 3000 toolkit error
---Workflow notification mailer setup.
---How do you handle database locks
---How do you check the version of a file
---How do you check Apache and forms version
---view output/log
---any configuaration/setup changes in apps.
---local inventory
---difference between refresh and cloning
---Pre-clone and post clone manual steps
---how do you calculate shared pool
---database buffers

1) How will you trouble shoot when user complaints for not able to connect to the
2) How will you check whether the database is running in archive log mode or non
archive log mode?
3) How will you change the database from noarchivelog to archivelog mode?
4) Can you resize a datafile? how?
5) Can you rename the datafile? How?

6) How will you clone the plain database? from production(archivelog mode) to test
environment(noArchivelog mode)?
7) What is the difference between direct export and conventional export?
8) Is it possible to trace the already running SQL session? How?

1) Where will the Concurrent Request log/out file located?
2) What are the steps involved in cloning 11i?
3) How will you trouble shoot when the patching failes?
4) Where will the patch logs located?
6) Is it possible to apply the patch without maintenance mode? If yes, What option
do you use?
5) How will you patch the shared APPL_TOP Mid Tiers?
6) Given Application Tier unix Login, Where will you find the web port details?
7) Location of the startup & Shutdown scripts?
8) How will you change the apps password?
9) How to find the patche is already applied in oracle APPS?
10) How will you add additional modules into the existing Apps environment?

1) How to check the ipaddress of the server?
2) How to check the information about the memory, CPU and etc?
3) How will you check the user limit for any given unix user?
4) How to change the password for your unix a/c?
5) How will you check the server performance like CPU, Memory, I/O utilization?

6) How to check the Filesystem information?

7) How to check disk space used by specified files and directories?
8) how will you find the name of the server?

What all issues you encountered in last project during EPB Implementation including
patching, cloning, performance.
What all Apps components/services you will check after patching/cloning an EBusiness Suite Instance.
You noticed that login page is not available after patching/cloning, what all things
you will check & how will you troubleshoot?
Explain few issues which you encounter in past during patching/cloning.
Explain broad level steps for Oracle apps patching.
What are various options available with adpatch and what all options you have used
and why?
What all things you will do to reduce patch timing?
If a patch fails what all things you would do?
Any special consideration for patching a Multi Node Instance?
What is defaults file option in adpatch & its use?

Broad level steps for cloning

Any additional steps to clone Apps Instance with SSL implementation for Web
Will Server Level Profile Options change as per target Instance after cloning or Not.
Given an option what all things you like to improve in Oracles Standard cloning
process (or you think standard cloning process is sufficient?)

How will you clone Instance with shared Application Tier to Target Instance with
shared application tier?
Explain Application Server Architecture.
Did you ever cloned application server/Portal Instance (If Yes, Explain broad level
How to apply patches on Standalone Application Server /Portal / Discoverer /
Workflow Instances.

Every question needs to answered in detail.

Cloning Database from hot backup all the steps. (coying datafiles, controlfile
all parameters in controlfile, recovery & open resetlogs)

Standby database features.

How to ship, new controlfile to new standby environment
how to add datafile on the standby environment.

Replication using Materialized views,

Different type of materialized view

troubleshooting max processes

undo tablespace

undo retention


Difference between dictionary & locally managed tbs

What are the benefits
OMF databases
ASSM (Automatic storage segent management)
initrans & maxtrans parameter (storage)
Storage parameters
How to convert dictionary managed to locally managed

Exp /import

what is the process to export 20 gig data with maxfile size 2 gig in the filesystem
How do you export data with condition attached (like exporting only one region out
of four region)

Language settings

How to you export different character set data

How to convert data from one character set to another.
Refer all nls issues details for upgrade process.


How to trace running the session

How to analyze tkprof report
How to analyze session wait events
Parallel execution processes
How to find long running sessions which is not running currently.
usage of Hints
Query tuning - what are the ways
analyze processes - validate structure, compute, estimate.
what are the different types of latches - Latch names, significance of each latch
difference between lock & latch
Partitioned tables.

Log miner features

9i new features used and indepth technical details

data gaurd
what is the major issue on &
upgrade process details with steps

(undo segment, undo retention,

nls_length_semantic,upgrade processes,

init parameter for upgrade process,

new init parameters)

Troubleshooting database issues.