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In the name of ALLAH,the BENEFICENT,the MERCIFUL

Q2:269 "and who ever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted wealth abundant"


"True diagnosis is the half treatment"

To cure any disease, we should determine the

exact nature of the disease. . Then the next step is of
its treatment and the way to treat it . Now , if I apply
the above theory to the current situation of this world
and specifically to our country , the result in my point
of view comes


And to cure it , we should establish such a system



Most specialists of different fields . scholars and even

a lay man is talking about the problem of system.

The other diagnosis of the problems may be :

• Ignorance to science and technology
• Defeciency of wealth
• Individual problem ( Evolution )
• Lack of EmAAn
• Misunderstanding of Islam

I acknowledge and believe in these diagnosis of

problems . I personally believe that we should have
wealth ; we should progress in science and
technology . It is true that there is also a problem of
misunderstanding of Islam , Lack of Emaan and most
importantly of Evolution or we can say the idea of
individual problem . I believe that we are tarpped in
the individual problem , but why ? I think we are
enforced to do this. Mostly , no body among us wants
to :
• Tell a lie
• Give BRIBE
• DO Corruption
• Capture others rights
• Do dishonesty with his profession

Hence , there are uncountable acts for which we are

enforced to do by the system of injustice and in
equality. Our system encourages all the evils as it is
based on in justice and only protects the rights of
certain class . That,s why : thinking all of above , in
my point of view the root cause of all the wrong
things spread all over is our current system and the
solution is in having a new system which stops
concentration of wealth and injustice .

IF we go in past and study the history of all

PROPHETS and especially of our HOLY PRPOPHET
( P.B.U.H ) ,we come to know that He established an
ISLAMIC SYSTEM inspite of correcting the things one
by one or by joining the system which was running at
that time . AS we know that there were many offers
made to our HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H ) , but he simply
refused to them and said that he would not confess to
there system of


One point we should deeply think is :-

There were NINETY SAHABAS with our PROPHET in

MECCA prior to the establishment of Islamic System in
THIRTEEN YEARS. This figure suddenly raised to ONE
lac and twenty four thousand at the time of HIJJAT-ul-
WIDDAH . The factor which contributed to this huge
change was none other then ISLAMIC SYSTEM which
was first developed in MEDINA and then in the whole

A new concept is wide spread that if majority

becomes MUSLIM then all the problems will be
solved . Here we should stop for a while and have a
look at our history in the sub-continent .We were
about 8 to 10 % and yet ruled for a long period . In
this golden era of our history we successfully
managed people from different religions , languages
and casts . WE were able to provide justice to the
whole society without any discrimination . This was
just because of our great

BY the simple example given below we may analyse

the effects of system on our EMAAN and life . If a
person retires from job and goes to receive his
pension , he will definitely give bribe to the
administrative staff in order to get his work done in
proper manner .Now , if he decides not to do so and
does not take his pension , as bribe is prohibited in
ISLAM and by doing this , he increases his level of
EMAAN . But the thing to understand is that the
problem is still there and will hurt many .

Today is the age of Systems. The war between

religions has ended . Various systems are putting
efforts for their survival . These systems have there
own pros and cons . But how strange , our Islamic
system which has ruled and provided justice to the
world for the longest time is no where on the scene
.The existing systems of the world are unable to
satisfy the needs of Humanity . About 50% of
humanity is living below Poverty line . A small group
of people has control over majority of the resources .
The situation becomes worse when we take a look at
our own country's economic system.

Today it is obligatory to think and to think about

changing the system . This work can done better by
the Youth but after having a decent awareness about
what is wrong and what is right. What is the Real
Problem and what is its Cure .

Think About it.

Awais Ahmed MIR